VRBangers Review [2024]: High-Quality VR Porn On-Demand

VR porn on-demand? In this VRBangers review, we’ll take a deep dive on its 8K content and interesting storylines. And if it’s worth your time and bucks.

VRBangers Review

When it comes to porn, I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy. Does the pizza delivery guy get a “special tip”? Yep! Plumber checks the “plumbing” on a hot MILF? Yes, please! I love these cheezy setups.

So, when I started researching for this VRBangers review, imagine how happy I was to find that they’ve taken cheezy setups to a whole new level! I promptly watched a female soccer team suck and fornicate the coach to victory in gorgeous, immersive virtual reality! The best part? I got to be the coach!

I’m saying VRBangers lets YOU be that plumber, pizza delivery guy (or coach or horny roommate) who gets lucky!

But with so many online options, how does VRBangers stack up with the best VR porn sites? Is a VRBangers subscription worth your hard-earned money?

After spending most of the week going through all its offerings, I’m here to tell you The Good, The Not-So-Good, and everything in between in this VR Bangers review.

The Good

Great storylines give you an active role in what’s going on in the video. This immerses the VR experience since you are not just a random male lower-half body. Many categories, famous pornstars, and regular content updates mean you will never run out of videos to watch.

The Not So Good

It can be expensive, and the 1-day trial option is only sometimes available. There are also some other websites with bigger content libraries. The need for more sex-toy-compatible videos is also a slight bummer.

The Bottom Line

If you’re watching it in VR, you enjoy high-quality porn. VRBangers is one of the best places to get that high-quality VR porn. With many categories, niches, and pornstars, it is an excellent combination of quality and quantity.

Who Is It For?

  • You want high-quality 8K VR porn
  • You enjoy watching pornstars as well as amateur porn talent
  • You like long porn videos and movies with a storyline

Who Is It Not For?

  • You want quick wham-bam videos with no buildup
  • You are looking exclusively for kinks, fetishes, or hentai
  • You want free or shaky “homemade” porn (trust me, some people really like this kind of stuff!)

First Impressions with VRBangers

Ok, first things first. The free experience on this website is just sad. But I won’t cut any points for that because this is a PAID SITE. You can get some short free previews to help you decide if you want to subscribe, but that’s about it.

Now for the fun stuff. 

When you enter the website, you are surrounded by delicious options for VRB’s exclusive VR movies. So forget scrolling through and looking for something specific. You won’t even make it past the first page the first few times you visit this site!

When you get the chance, you’ll notice a helpful menu bar on top that lets you browse through videos, categories, and pornstars. There are LOTS of options under each of them. There is also a button for the interactive sex game you can access but more later.

Hooking up your VR device is simple, and you can start playing the video in up to 8K quality right away on your headset. Use any browser compatible with VR through your PC, smartphone, or if you have an Oculus Quest, directly on the headset. 



Ok, so there’s excellent porn here. But is there more? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what else VRBangers offers.

Huge VR Porn Library

As of writing this review, VRBangers has over 600 full-length VR porn videos and features over 450 VR porn models. This might not sound like a lot compared to websites with thousands of videos, but this is where quality counts! 

Every VRBangers video is full-length, high-quality, and compatible with all popular VR headsets. So you won’t have to jump from one little porn clip to another looking for the perfect scene.

Every video also has a helpful information tab that tells exactly which positions the video features and what resolutions you can watch.

There are also weekly updates, so expect new content every few days.

All Your Favorite Porn Categories

You’ll get all the usual porn categories you are used to seeing on most other porn sites. There’s nothing too crazy going on here, and no extreme fetish categories are available. I counted just over 100 categories, which is typical for a porn website like this. 

Lots of Porn Models

From famous pornstars to amateur models, you will find them all here. Head to the Pornstar page on VRBangers, and you can even browse models according to categories like “Babe,” “Tattoo,” “Skinny,” etc. It makes finding what you’re looking for easy and even discovering your new favorite sex goddess.

One thing I enjoyed about VRBangers is that many videos feature group sex. So you get to watch lots of these models in action together. So let’s sit and think about that for a second, shall we…

However, something I missed was the kind of fresh-faced first-timer talent you get to see on Casting and Czech videos. Unfortunately, there is only “experienced” talent here.

Great VR Headset Support

VRBangers is compatible with almost all popular VR headsets on the market today, including: 

Oculus Rift S, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest 2, PSVR, HTC Vive Pro, Gear VR, and Microsoft Mixed Reality. You can also use the PlayStation VR headset (PSVR), but it’s a little more complicated.

Videos are available at 2K to 8K and 3D resolutions at 60 FPS. Most of them have a 180-degree viewing angle. There are a few 360-degree viewing angle videos, but you still look in one direction.

If you don’t have a VR headset, you can still watch VRBangers titles on your PC or smartphone. To get a feel for VR porn on an absolute budget, give Google Cardboard a shot. However, these options don’t justify how much fun VR porn is.

VRBangers Free Play’a App

VRBangers Free Play’a App

Now, watching videos directly through the VRBangers website is possible, but the free Play’a app makes things so much better! It gives you great browsing control, and playing videos is quick and effortless, but I haven’t even reached the best part yet.

The app lets you navigate to specific video parts depending on what you want to watch—interested in the “money shot” without waiting around? The app enables you to jump right to it!

The Play’a app can be used with your VR headset, smartphone, or PC. You also need the app to access the two free full-length VR videos that VRBangers currently offers.

VRBangers Membership Subscription Options

VRBangers usually doesn’t offer single-day trials, and you can sign up for monthly, annual, or lifetime membership. A VR bundle that includes a subscription to VRTrans is also available for a small extra charge.

VRBangers Promotions, Discounts, and Free Interactive Sex Game

We’ll get to the price soon enough but let me tell you now — a VRBangers subscription is not the cheapest one around. It’s not expensive; frankly, I think it’s a steal for the quality of porn you’re getting. But, if you’re used to getting your smut for free until now, prepare to loosen those purse strings a little.

The good news is that the website has promotions and discounts at the drop of a hat. From New Year and Christmas discounts to Mother’s Day discounts, these guys will drop the price for any reason. So look out for these promotions, and you might catch a good deal.

I’d also like to add that you can access a few free interactive sex games when you sign up for VRBangers.

They’re not as good as the best sex simulator games I’ve played, but it’s still an excellent add-on to your VRBangers subscription.

My Experience With VRBangers

My Experience With VRBangers

On my first visit, I started with the VRBangers World Cup (remember that frisky female soccer team I mentioned at the start?). Then I enjoyed a porn parody of Desperate Housewives and, finally, a long scene with two smoking teenie bisexuals and a plumber. 

This was all even before I downloaded the Play’a app. I wanted to see how the website worked without the app, and everything went smoothly. The media player is responsive and doesn’t lag, the videos load fast, and you are immersed in VR porn less than a minute after opening the website.

Once I started using the app, things got even better. Browsing through porn titles using gestures is excellent because you can change videos without coming out of the VR experience. 

I also tried the app’s “Panic Mode” feature, which quickly blanks your screen if someone walks in on you. However, I’d still suggest locking your door while watching VR porn.


Yes, I know some of you might be wondering whether it’s worthwhile to pay for porn but hear me out! This is not just any porn. This is Best Ultra HD 8K 3D VR Porn! It’s like watching a movie in a movie theater or on a phone screen.

Incidentally, VRBangers will cost you about $20 for a 1-month subscription (around the same as 2 movie tickets.) As usual, things get relatively cheaper with longer subscriptions, and a 1-year subscription costs around $100. 

Or, if you enjoy the site, get a lifetime subscription for $250 and enjoy limitless access to all their future content.

For a small added fee, you can also opt for the VR bundle, which includes a subscription to VRTrans.

Alternatives to VRBangers

So you want to look around before getting a subscription to VRBangers? Here are a few websites that also offer great VR porn and a few other naughty perks.

VR Fuck Dolls

VRBangers Vs VRFuckDolls

VRFuckDolls is for the “hands-on” porn viewer. This website is all about interactive porn, and it does that well. With VRBangers, you get to find your perfect pornstar. With VRFuckDolls, you get to CREATE your ideal pornstar!

That’s right; you can design your ideal sex partner and go on erotic adventures with them. The animation is smooth, and you can choose from a long list of positions, situations, and locations. You can also hook up with characters being controlled by other live players.

If you were slightly bummed out about paying for VRBangers, you’d be happy to know that VRFuckDolls is free. You do have to enter your credit card details to verify your age, though.

Interested to learn more? Dive into the immersive world of virtual reality pleasure with our VRFuckDolls Review.


VRBangers Vs VRPorn.com

Now this is probably the most challenging choice you’ll have to make between two virtual reality porn platforms. Both VRBangers and VRPorn are at the top of their game, offering some of the best virtual reality porn on the internet.

VRPorn is the oldest virtual reality porn site with a massive content library. It draws porn videos from over 200 studios, meaning you can find almost any virtual reality porn here. Like VRBangers, you will also get interactive games when subscribing to VRPorn.

However, VRPorn is also more expensive than VRBangers and will cost you an extra $5 per month for an average monthly subscription.

Both these websites will give you hours of virtual reality pleasure. Still, they both also have the same shortcoming—a lack of sex toy-compatible content. VRPorn has some content you can sync to your smart sex toy, but it’s not much.

Does VRPorn sound like your scene? Check out our full comprehensive VRPorn.com review.


VRBangers Vs SexLikeReal

Now this is where you come if you’ve got a smart sex toy that can sync up to compatible porn videos. With a VR headset and an interactive sex toy, you’ve got the most immersive and realistic porn experience possible.

With about 500 videos, SexLikeReal has a smaller content library than VRBangers. However, it is also not as well organized, and the maximum resolution you’ll get is 6K. 

However, its real strength is that most of these videos are encoded to sync up with smart sex toys. You will have to pay extra, though, and a monthly subscription to SexLikeReal is about $30 compared to VRBangers’ $20.

The videos on SexLikeReal are compatible with several interactive sex toys from manufacturers like Kiiroo, Lovense, and Vorze. If you want to spend a little extra and have the ultimate porn experience, check out SexLikeReal.

VRBangers Review: Final Thoughts

VRBangers continues to be one of my favorite websites for virtual reality porn, and now you know why. The quality of videos, content library size, and membership price make it a fantastic deal. You can even watch content without a VR headset. So if you want to get into virtual reality porn, you can’t go wrong with VRBangers. 

Be sure to look out for their special subscription offers!

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