7 Best Lovense Toys For Men (2024): Male Lovense Experience

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At-A Glance: First Look At Our Top Recommended Lovense Male Sex Toys

FPS games and cryptocurrency aren’t all the things guys love talking about lately. Our Discord chats also reserve a channel for—you guessed itmale sex toys.

Lovense is a reliable and popular brand when it comes to sex tech. And as a fan of technology, innovation, and sex toys, I have a lot of Lovense products in my collection.

I accumulated most of them over time as a sex toy reviewer and during the quarantine.

My partner and I wanted to stay connected while staying at home (and we were away from each other for a while), so we invested in some teledildonics. 

We gravitated mostly to Lovense as it has the most stable app connectivity among other sex tech toys.

So… I compiled the best Lovense toys for men in this list to help you find your next kinky gadget.

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Hush 2 is a remote-controlled vibrating butt plug with the strongest rumbly vibrations you’ll ever feel on your backdoor. It has four sizes available, whether you’re an anal newbie or a pro-pleasure-seeker.

This smart tech sex toy checks most, if not all, your boxes from solo play to couple play in public or LDR setups with its reliable app connectivity.

Best Lovense Male Masturbator

If you’re looking for a male masturbator you can use for virtual play, Max 2 is the best one yet. Control it through the app to sync its movements and vibrations to your partner’s Lovense sex toy.

Plus, it contracts and vibrates AROUND your penis, giving you a pleasurable suction experience.

Best Lovense for Men Glans Massager

Gush is a hands-free massager you wear around your penis. Your partner can control the vibrations via the app, making a no-touch play extra exciting.

It can also be used as a stroker with an optional band if you want to increase its grip and intensity. 

Best Lovense Male Masturbator

Lovense Max 2

Max 2

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Hush 2

Best Lovense for Men Glans Massager


TPE (sleeve), ABS plastic (casing)
Body-safe silicone
Body-safe silicone
TPE (sleeve), ABS plastic (casing)
3.33” (around 1.9” insertable)
Body-safe silicone
From 4.72”, 4.78”, 5.31” and 5.91”
1”, 1.5”, 1.75” and 2.25”
Body-safe silicone

Best Lovense Sex Toys For Men In 2022

lovesense male

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Lovense Hush 2

Body-safe silicone
From 4.72”, 4.78”, 5.31” and 5.91”
Insertable length:
3.86”, 3.94”, 4.45” and 5.16”
1”, 1.5”, 1.75” and 2.25”
Use time:
Up to 2 to 11 hrs.
Yes, IPX7
  • 4 size options
  • Vibrating anal plug for LDR play
  • Connects to the app
  • Quite loud on higher settings

Lovense Hush 2 is a toy you’d want to add to your ARSE-nal.

It’s not just your run-of-the-mill butt plug. It’s a vibrating one. 

Plus, it has smart features you can enjoy—control it remotely via the app, connect it to your partner’s toy, give your toy’s control over your partner, and so much more.

Have you ever loved a toy but wished it was available in other sizes? It happened to me a couple of times. A sex toy checked all my boxes, but it didn’t fit me well.

That’s not a problem with Lovense Hush 2 because it’s available in 4 sizes

Beginners can really start small with it, while intermediate anal players can go for its larger sizes. 

Since the butt plugs come in different sizes, they can also accommodate different battery sizes. The largest one could even last up to 11 hours of use time!

And its motors are S-T-R-O-N-G. The rumbly vibrations could get me off like no other.

But with great power comes great… noise.

Yes, it’s built to be worn for an extended period. And you can even wear it in public. 

However, be cautious of going into the highest settings as that buzzing sound could be heard. And I don’t think you can easily pass it off as a passing bee.

lovense male

Best Lovense Male Masturbator

2. Lovense Max 2 

TPE (sleeve), ABS plastic (casing)
Insertable length:
around 6.5”
3.33” (around 1.9” insertable)
Use time:
Up to 3 hrs.
Yes, IPX6
  • Adjustable suction on its air vents
  • 360-degree contractions around the penis
  • Control its vibration patterns and settings
  • Sleeve is made of TPE
  • Could feel tight for some

Masturbating with your hands is like flying coach. It gets you to your destination (orgasm), but boy, does flying first class give you the ultimate experience.

Lovense Max 2 is your first class ticket. It ELEVATES your masturbation session.

This male masturbator contracts AROUND your penis. The combination of its adjustable air vents and contraction feels like your penis is being sucked.

And, of course, Lovense Max 2 has its vibrations where you can control its intensity and patterns right from the app.

It’s not an automatic stroker. You need to hold the masturbator and do the stroking, which I don’t mind as I like being in control of how fast or deep I go.

But when you close your eyes, you can almost picture your SO riding you just from the sensations.

That’s also why it works so well for LDR. It syncs with other Lovense toys (like Nora) by responding to the other toy’s movements and vibrations.

Its sleeve is made of TPE, though, which I know some sex toy owners don’t like. But, it’s also what makes it have a soft, skin-like feel.

Plus, it feels quite snug. So if you’re girthier than average, it might be too tight for you.

You might want to shell out a bit more for its flesh-colored sleeve. It looks more skinlike (like the vag) and has a softer material.

lovesense for men

Best Lovense Glans Massager

3. Lovense Gush

Body-safe silicone
Insertable length:
Use time:
1.5 to 2 hrs.
Yes, IPX7
  • Use as a male stroker or hands-free masturbator
  • Virtually fits any size
  • Can be tightened with its band
  • Might pinch the penis skin

Looking for a sex toy you can use hands-free? Lovense Gush is a great glans massager.

Position it to your penis shaft and let the vibrations do their thing. While it doesn’t move, its vibes sort of simulate motion.

This works excellent for me when I wear it as I’m going down my partner. It gets me off from its consistent patterns without other stimulation.

But the BEST way to use it? I recommend having your partner control the toy for you.

You get to sit back, relax, enjoy the sensations, and leave the vibrations to your partner. COMPLETELY. 

It’s especially exciting when you do a no-touch rule. *wink*

Lovense says you can also use it as a stroker. But I prefer my hands-free methods for this massager.

Lovense Gush has a slap-bracelet design.

The good thing? You can adjust it to fit your penis shaft regardless of its girth.

The downside… its design leaves a little gap between each end. This gap could get a little pinch-y, especially as you go flaccid to erect or erect to flaccid while wearing it.

But you can fix that with a good amount of lube.

And if you want to increase its intensity or tightness, it comes with an optional band.

Best Lovense Perineum and Prostate Massage

4. Lovense Edge 2

Body-safe silicone
Insertable length:
1.38” (insertable)
Use time:
1 to 1.7 hrs.
Yes, IPX7
  • Double stimulation for P-spot and perineum
  • Wearable for extended periods
  • Adjustable neck for different angles
  • Lacks girth for some users

Sometimes, the holes less traveled come (ahem) with many surprise centers of Pleasure.

That’s with a capital P because I’m referring to the Prostate and Perineum.

I know you’ve heard about it. And their secret treasure trove of orgasmic fun.

So if you’re looking for a sex toy to start exploring prostate play with, Lovense Edge 2 is the perfect one for you.

It’s not too girthy—it only measures around 1.38 inches wide.

That said, if girth is what you’re looking for, Edge 2 might underwhelm you. But don’t chuck this anal toy into your abandoned cart just yet.

What Lovense Edge 2 lacks in thickness, it compensates with STRONG vibrations. It has some of the most powerful vibes from a prostate toy I’ve ever experienced.

It’s wearable, so you can engage with prostate stimulation hands-free. Edge 2’s external arm anchors itself safely and securely out of your body to ensure you don’t get accidental trips to the ER.

And while it does that, it also stimulates your perineum with vibrations.

Yep, you’re getting two vibrating motors from this prostate massager. Internal and external stim on your backdoor has never been this good, mate.

You just have to be careful when wearing it in public. It gets quite loud.

Best Lovense Cock Ring

5. Lovense Diamo

Body-safe silicone
Insertable length:
Use time:
Up to 2.5 to 3 hrs.
Yes, IPX7
  • Can be worn in different ways
  • Stretchy material, but still applies pressure
  • Can be worn during sex
  • Attracts dust easily

Lovense Diamo is a cock ring that would make you get down on one knee.

Some penis rings are tricky because if it doesn’t fit your anatomy, it’s pretty useless. But Diamo is different because you can wear this cock ring in four different ways.

You can pretty much do trial and error on which feels good and comfortable for you. And you’d need that because this sex toy is super stimulating.

Its vibrating motor rests at the tip, which has raised dotted texture that makes the vibes MORE INTENSE. You will feel its rumbly residual vibes travel down the ring itself. 

The silicone material is pretty stretchy, so it doesn’t fall into the “extreme” range of male chastity devices.

It’s quite snug at 1.75 inches of diameter since it’s built to provide PRESSURE, after all. I suggest wearing it when you’re semi-erect.

We wore this during sex, and it works well. It doesn’t get in the way, and it sends vibrations to my partner as well.

Storage can be crucial for this sex toy as it’s not very tiny compared to other cock rings in my collection. Also, its material collects dust quite easily. 

It’s visible because of Diamo’s black color, so make sure you store it in its pouch when you’re not using it.

Best Lovense Pocket Pussy

6. Lovense Calor

Body-safe silicone (sleeve), ABS plastic (casing)
Insertable length:
2.76” (insertable opening: 1.18×1.79”)
Use time:
1.5 to 2 hrs.
Yes, IPX7
  • Sleeve is made of silicone
  • Vibrating pocket pussy
  • Squeezable handle, depth control and warming function
  • Open-ended to fit any penis length
  • Smooth sleeve, no texture that some find underwhelming

Calor is one of Lovense’s newer toys. It was only released early this year, so not many people have gotten their hands into it yet.

But.. you should, especially if Max 2’s TPE sleeve bothered you. Calor’s sleeve is made of silicone. (Yes!)

While both are masturbators, I use them for different reasons. You can still consider getting this one even if you have Max 2.

Max 2 works great for its contractions, suctions, and vibrations. Meanwhile, Calor has different features up its sleeve.

It gives you compression control as you can squeeze the case and adjust the sensation manually. So if you ever feel like it’s too spacious in there for you, just squeeeeeze.

Depth control is a feature where the deeper you thrust, the more intense its vibrations are.

Then, it has heating functionality. It’s optional (don’t worry) if you want more warmth in your masturbator for it to feel like you’re thrusting into a real, warm person.

Calor has an open-ended design. That’s why it fits most sizes. Plus, it’s super EASY to clean.

The sleeve has no textures, though. 

Some pleasure-seekers might find this underwhelming. But then again, it has so many stimulating features going on that the texture isn’t a big deal for me.

It’s a pocket pussy you can bring anywhere. You can’t put it in your pocket, but it’s definitely more compact than Max 2.

Calor is almost the size of a large mug or water bottle. 

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth Lovense Calor review here.

Best Lovense Thrusting Sex Machine

7. Lovense Sex Machine

Body-safe silicone (dildos), metal, ABS plastic
Insertable length:
5.43” and 6.3” (dildos it comes with)
Use time:
Plugged in
  • Double-sided thrusting
  • Easy to assemble and comes with storage bag
  • Adjustable settings
  • Can be controlled long-distance
  • Quite heavy
  • Needs storage space

Let’s start by saying sex machines aren’t for everyone. (Just like any other toy is.)

But if you’re in the market for a fucking machine, the Lovense Sex Machine—simply named as is—is a serious toy to consider.

Like any sex machine, it’s pricey, and it needs its own real estate for storage.

That said, the Lovense Sex Machine is quite compact for a sex machine. You can disassemble it and keep it in its black case.

Now that that’s out of the way…

This is, as you can expect from Lovense, a sex tech that enables long-distance control.

In fact, it’s popular among cam models as their audience can control and interact with the toy via tips!

Yep, you can use this with your lover, one-on-one, as well.

This automatic sex machine can thrust as fast as 300 minutes! The person with the strongest stamina could NEVER match that.

You can adjust the thrusts on how deep or shallow you want. This is essential because you’d want to be in control of just how much you want to test your limits.

The machine is adjustable for different positions as well! You can do almost any anal penetration play you fantasize about.

It even has a double-sided thrusting design, so you can use it WITH your partner to be penetrated by this toy AT THE SAME TIME. Woah.

Here’s the full Lovense Sex Machine review of this beauty. 

Lovense for Men: A Buying Guide


Lovense’s sizes sit on the “average” spectrum

Average-sized? Lovense products are great for you.

Meanwhile, some users find Max 2 fit “snug” for them even if they’re average-sized. It has adjustable air vents, so playing around with it could modify its tightness.

Beginners can also explore Lovense’s inventory as most of them are friendly to newbies.

Hush 2 even comes in four sizes—suitable for whichever stage you are in your anal training.

How about if you’re a size royal?

Lovense may not be your choice if you’re into extra-large sex toys. Instead, its arsenal of toys shines in other features—particularly its close-range and long-distance control, powerful vibrations, and more.

That said, Lovense does have Hush 2’s biggest size built for size queens and kings of anal.


Lovense is a premium brand that only uses body-safe materials for all its products.

That is why most Lovense sex toys are made of silicone. It’s a nonporous material, so you can clean and sterilize the material without worrying about it accumulating bacteria.

Hence, it’s great for many pleasure-seekers, especially vulva-owners who are more sensitive to infections. 

Penis-owners are NOT as susceptible, but some still prefer silicone over other materials.

They also use ABS plastic for some parts of their toy, like the handles or casing. But they don’t get in touch with your 

You might recall Max 2 uses TPE for its sleeve, which is a common material for most masturbator sleeves as it’s super soft and feels the most skin-like.

Lovense’s sleeve is generally body-safe as it’s toxic-free and phthalate-free. 

Still, TPE is a porous material, so make sure to clean it carefully before and after every use.


The features of Lovense sex toys vary based on what it’s specifically for. But what they all share is its smart technology.

Lovense is King in app connectivity. Its remote-controlled functionality is SUPER reliable compared to similar sex toys.

You can use it with your partner across the room OR even from afar, just as long as you have a stable internet connection.

It bridges the distance and makes sex interactive. 

Plus, you’re never limited to the settings on your toy, as you can customize patterns and settings right from the app.

It also has cam model functionalities, sound-activated vibrations, music-synchronized stimulations, and more.


Lovense products don’t fall into the “budget-friendly” category.

Understandably so.

With smart tech features come premium price tags.

So in THAT category, Lovense sex toys are pretty reasonably priced. There are many products that are way more expensive with similar, or even less, features.

Long story short: You get a lot of value for its price.

And what’s great is that Lovense often hosts discounts on their site.

The price range is usually around $100 to $200.

BUT you can often get them for less than $100 with their discounts.


Can men use the Lovense Lush?

Yes, men can use Lovense Lush.

But can men (or even women) use it for anal penetration? The answer is no.

That pink toy with a tail is popular, especially among cam models. So I understand why you’re curious.

How-e-ver, Lush is not built for anal play.

The biggest risk is that it doesn’t have a flared base. That means your ass could suck the entire toy into your rectum to the point of no return, which needs to be removed medically.

Anal toys have a flared base to anchor the sex toy out of your body.

You can say that you can just hold, so it doesn’t go deep… well, that could be tricky considering it’s at your back.

Plus, you are more likely going to use lube (as you should). That makes holding on to it challenging.

That said, you can use Lush as a penis or anal vibrator. Just no insertion, please.

You can place its vibrating shaft against your penis and scrotum! Lush’s strong rumbly vibrations feel good.

Another way to use it is by pressing it against your anus. This area is full of nerve endings that you don’t need to put the toy in for you to feel good in your backdoor.

And Lovense has many toys that you can actually use safely for anal play, like Hush 2 and Edge 2. So it’s best to stick with those.

Can the noise from Lovense sex toys be adjusted?

Not really…

You don’t have much control over Lovense sex toys’ “noise.”

What you can adjust are its vibration settings and levels.

With Lovense sex toys (and most sex toys, TBH), they are usually louder the higher their settings are. So if you want to be more discreet, opt for the lower vibration settings.

Can Lovense for men sex toys sync for gay partners?

Some of them, yes.

For example, you can use Calor and Max 2 for long-distance sex. When you move or adjust your toys’ settings, your partner’s toy reacts as well!

You can also sync Calor with another Calor and Max 2 with another Max 2 toy.

Unfortunately, you can’t sync Max 2 with toys like Edge 2. So, what others do is sync Max 2 with Nora, a rabbit vibrator, and use Nora for their anal play.

That said, Nora is not an anal toy. But it has a more “flared base” than Lush 2 because of its clitoral arm, so it’s a tad safer.

Final Thoughts

Lovense products for men run the gamut from penis to anal sex toys.

There is AT LEAST one out there for you, whether for solo play or couple play—especially for long-distance

So crack those knuckles, push those sleeves up, and ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi game going.

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