Sex Emulator Review: The Best 3D Adult Sex Game In 2024? – Find Out Here

Online erotic games can be fun and addictive. There’s nothing quite like getting creative and designing your own 3D character to create the perfect sex partner. But is it worth the subscription?

Take a look at our Sex Emulator review below.

Sex Emulator review

Online sex simulators, like Sex Emulator, can get boring fast. So what’s so different about this online adult sex game compared to others? 

Well, I tried a two-day trial to see what features this game offers and how it works. 

In our review below, I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether Sex Emulator is worth the hype and a few close alternatives.

The Good

Sex Emulator has excellent 3D graphics and isn’t tacky like other sex games. You can customize your 3D women to any ethnicity or other features. 

There is a load of variety regarding sex actions like footjobs or anal, so the game is worth it for anyone with fetishes too.

The free porn thrown in is appreciated. And you can meet real-life players worldwide.

The Not So Good

The voices in Sex Emulator grew annoying and repetitive after a while. It’s worth noting that they also charge you upfront when choosing the two-day trial. 

There is no female POV in this game, this wasn’t an issue for me, but for women game players, you will need to look elsewhere, unfortunately. 

I wasn’t impressed with the name changing every time you logged in and out, but it’s a minor detail. The ads were also quite intrusive when using the site.

The Bottom Line

Sex Emulator is one of the most realistic sex games we’ve played regarding graphics.

The game is well-made and straightforward to use. Undoubtedly, you will have fun creating your character and trying out all the naughty options.

They have access to over 400 games, and each one is as high quality as the other, which you rarely find on sex game sites.

So it’s a good choice if you want a break from classic porn.

Who Is It For?

  • You want lots of different high-quality sex games.
  • Someone who’s looking to have a break from classic porn.
  • You want to play with real-life players.
  • Those who are looking to play sex games on mobile.

Who Is It Not For?

  • Users who are looking for female or gay POV games. 
  • If you’re not willing to pay a premium price.

First Impressions Of Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator was easy to navigate when I entered the homepage. You could see the play now button in the center of the screen, which took you to your character-building page. 

Once you’re on this page, you can customize your sex doll and perform a few preview actions like anal. And this involved her taking the glass dildo from behind and using it while seductively talking. 

It’s pretty impressive, and the graphics were clear and life-like.

The game will then cut you short and ask you to sign up. 

Creating Your Account

To keep playing with your sex doll on the site, enter a few details, such as your email, name, and country. 

Once you enter this, you should also ensure the correct language is selected. All this is free if you sign up for a free trial.

Setting Up

Once you’re signed in, you can get to the fun part: designing your dream girl. 

First, if you aren’t already in the preview, choose the intensity you want in the game; this will be either soft, hard, or extreme. 

After this, you then design your sex partner. Here you can choose the name, ethnicity, and even the breast size of your sex doll. Then you will select your character’s skills, whether this be a footjob or blowjob. 

Once you’re all set, you can play with your woman, whether you want her to perform anal or spanking. You can also switch characters if you’re looking to change it up.

The Best Features Of A Sex Emulator

Realistic 3D Graphics 

When we broke down our Sex Emulator review into features, I knew the graphics had to be discussed first.

I usually have reservations about 3D adult games and how ‘real’ they feel. But, I was surprised by the high-quality graphics of the women in this simulator. 

Nothing sticks or glitches as long as you have a decent internet connection and the right browser (I used Chrome). 

The three dimension graphics allow you to see every jiggle or movement as if it were real.

Variety Of Interactive Options 

There’s no limit regarding the different actions you can do with your sex doll on this site. 

They have spanking, anal, blow jobs, and more niche fetish options like feet if that’s what you’re into. Sure, they don’t offer the broadest range of kinks, but enough for a mainstream site.

The actual gameplay narratives are good, too, and they keep it engaging, allowing you to change the game according to how your doll acts. 

Regular Updates 

One of the best features of Sex Emulator is that they keep updating the site with fresh content every week. 

And this means you won’t get bored even if you manage to play all their 400+ games; you will keep returning for more.

Mobile Optimized 

Although there is no mobile app, you can access Sex Emulator from your mobile or tablet with a compatible browser like Chrome. 

They are also working on a VR version of the game, which you can access on any device without any accessories. 

This version allows you to enjoy your sex game on the go (who said commutes must be boring, huh?).


Whether you’re into Hentai porn games, cartoons, or other niches, the Sex Emulator has over 400 games on offer, each one with their own narrative.

At around $40 a month, yes, this site isn’t cheap, but nor would I say it’s overpriced considering the graphics and customization you get with the game.

Considering all the 2D porn and access to cams you get, too, it’s a pretty good deal.

If you aren’t sure, you can try out the two-day trial but do be aware they take an upfront payment that’s refunded if you cancel before the trial ends.

Extra Add-On Content

Sex Emulator hasn’t got the most impressive add-ons, but the games are enough, and that’s what most people are signing up for. 

You will find basic sex cams and some 2D porn which is pretty good. They have over 15,000 2D porn videos, so it can be nice when you want a break from playing the games.

Sex Emulator Gameplay: How Does This Sex Simulator Work?

The gameplay of Sex Emulator is very engaging and quite addictive as you go from level to level. 

They keep you interested, and you feel like an actual participant in how the game ends rather than just mindlessly observing and clicking a few buttons. Which I’ve found tends to happen in more poor quality made games.

You start at the basic beginning level, as we mentioned earlier. Here, you can skill up your sex doll by getting used to the different actions, and then you will get to the next level. 

Each level means further customization and more options, meaning it gets hotter. The storylines are terrific, and there is a balance between interactivity and enjoying the graphics. 

You can control what the protagonist does in each storyline, and they have some cut scenes between each play so you can take a break and have fun yourself.

Throughout the gameplay, from the character creation to the more sexual parts, your woman will talk to you when you choose her to do specific actions. So this was interesting at first, but it can become repetitive. 

The adjustable angles are also great, so you can get a closer and more personal view when things get hotter. You can play the game on both desktop and mobile browsers and still have the whole experience.

I won’t lie; the higher your level in this game, the more intense it gets, so you will not get tired of this gameplay as time goes on.

My Experience With Sex Emulator – Is It As Hot As It Sounds?

First, I needed to sign up to get to the ‘fun’ levels and access the rest of the site.

After I created my sex doll and chose her name plus skills, I had to enter my credit card info to verify my age. This initially took me aback, but it made sense and seemed legit. Just make sure you cancel your free trial before it’s up to avoid being charged.

As I went through the levels in this game, they got better, and the graphics were even more intense. I appreciated the cutscenes for a small break in between each interactive part.

The number of ads on the site could have been fewer. Especially after paying for the premium, you would expect to avoid seeing these.

They have a massive collection of games. The review page was helpful on the website since it showed me which games were the most popular and gave me direction on what game to try first. Some of the most popular were Hentai Heroes and Zombie Heat.

I checked out a few more of their parody games, like the BDSM discipline. This game allowed me to customize a young girl into any ethnicity, hair color, and breast size I wanted. 

The gameplay occurs in a mansion, and the girl wears her uniform. I could pick from actions such as spanking and restraints; it was hot, especially if BDSM is your kind of kink.

One game could keep me entertained for over two hours, so considering there are 400+, the high subscription fee is worth it if you’re into sex games.

Sex Emulator Pricing – How Much Does This 3D Adult Sex Game Cost? 

When it comes to cost, Sex Emulator will cost you $20-$39.95 a month. Yes, this is expensive, but the game is premium, plus you get lots of added content and over 400 sex games to try out.

Remember, this game is updated weekly, so the subscription is worth it.

Something to note:

Just be sure when signing up that you uncheck the premium subscription box if you don’t want extras.

Otherwise, you will get charged for access to XXX HD Valut, Sex Simulator, and more which are about $20 a month.

You can pay for your premium membership with any credit card or via PayPal, and it has 256-bit SSL encryption to keep your financial details safe.

If you decide to try out Sex Emulator with a two-day trial, they will take the money upfront and refund you if you cancel your trial.

Alternatives To Sex Emulator 

Sex Emulator is undoubtedly one of the best adult porn game websites out there, but it’s not the only choice.

We’ve listed three of our favorite alternatives below if you want to try out some other porn games.

VR Fuck Dolls

VR Fuck Dolls 

VR Fuck Dolls are one of the most realistic VR sex games on the web. 

The adult game is similar to Sex Emulator. You get to customize your character, from hair color to cup size, plus play with other real-life multiplayer in the game. 

Best of all, VR Fuck Dolls is free if you want to play the basic single-player version. As we mentioned earlier, a VIP option lets you play with other players, but you must pay for this.

The game is high-quality, no installation is required, and the storylines are fully customizable, allowing you to determine how the plot ends in each game.

Like Sex Emulator, the downside is that you will need to provide your credit card details upfront so that they can verify your age. But other than this, this sex game is worth checking out if you’re into VR.

Read our in-depth VR Fuck Dolls review to learn more about this 3D virtual sex sim.

Sex Simulator

Sex Simulator 

If you’re into 2D porn, you’ve probably come across some adverts for Sex Simulator on the web. 

It’s one of the most popular adult sex games out there, and we can confirm it is very stimulating. 

Just off the homepage, there is a background porn video and a seductive-sounding voice.

This game has both single-player and multiplayer options where you can meet real people (you have to pay for this) and allows you to customize yourself and your virtual partner in the game entirely.

Plus, they include access to 450 other high-quality sex games.

A great advantage to Sex Simulator over Sex Emulator is that you can choose genders, and they even include transgender, which means you can play from a gay or female POV.

This game also works with a VR headset to get even more in the zone.

You can access Sex Simulator through Sex Emulator when you sign up for their premium subscription, giving you the best of both worlds.

Jerk Dolls

Jerk Dolls is an excellent 3D adult sex game for graphics. The visuals are very realistic and, like other games, give you complete customization over your dolls.

We think Jerk Dolls is a good choice if you’re more into locations; the game allows you to practically have sex anywhere, whether in a plane or a dungeon. 

They have both single-player and multiplayer options, allowing you to play with real-life people close to your location.

The game is also free to play.

Final Thoughts: Is Sex Emulator Worth It?

Sex Emulator is an excellent 3D adult sex game. The graphics are high quality, with 400+ games and 15,000 2D videos; you get value for your money with the subscription. 

The voices can get repetitive during the gameplay, and the site is littered with ads, but these are minor complaints. The quality of the game makes up for these disadvantages.

We recommend Sex Emulator if you’re after realistic porn gameplay. But, if you’re after female POV games and the chance to use VR, Sex Simulator might be a better alternative, or choose the premium subscription and get access to both!

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