Lush 2 vs. Lush 3 [2024]: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

In this Lovense Lush 2 vs. Lush 3 review, we’ll clarify any confusion about the two, their similarities and differences, and which is better. You choose!

lush 2 vs lush 3

Are you torn between Lush 2 and Lush 3?

I was too.

I had the Lush 2 (as well as the original Lush), and I loved it. So when Lush 3 was released last year, I wondered if it was worth upgrading.

I don’t upgrade my iPhone every year, even when Apple always has something new to offer. 

Why? The updates are mostly SUBTLE. (And that’s just NOT being financially practical.)

But Lush isn’t an iPhone. So you know what I did?

… I upgraded to Lush 3.

Was it worth it? Let’s find out.

Here’s a TL;DR:

Lush 2 is for you if:

  • You want the more affordable option.
  • You prefer a bendable tail to do different angles.
  • You want a vibrator that really targets your G-spot.

Lush 3 is for you if:

  • You prefer stronger residual vibes to your clit.
  • You prefer a fixed tail for better, more secure, and comfortable wearability.
  • You want a quieter toy.
  • You want a toy with more reliable connectivity, especially for LDR play.

The Lovense Lush

Ahh, the Lush that started it all.

It was 2015.

Fifty Shades of Grey shattered box office records. Kylie Jenner started her media takeover. And, of course, Lush was launched!

It was a BOOM, to say the least.

A small vibrator with super powerful vibrations?! And you can control it via an Apple Watch?!

Plus, this wearable egg vibrator is pretty discreet—it’s mostly quiet, so you can wear it for public play.

Just connect it to the mobile app, and you can control its vibrations on the go.

It was revolutionary.

Every pleasure seeker with a vagina wanted it. And so it sold 300,000 units in total, which was. A. LOT.

The Lovense Lush 2

Lovense is covetable not only for their sextech but also for how they listen to customer feedback.

They ACTUALLY take their customer’s suggestions and complaints and use them to improve the product.

After all, what the actual users think matters, right? And Lovense understands that.

Many people loved Lush 1, but there were areas for improvement.

So Lush 2 was rolled out in 2018.

It retained the features that made Lush 1 great and enhanced it.

Lush 2 still has a similar shape, color, and size to its predecessor but with better connectivity, stronger vibrations, and longer battery life.

The Lovense Lush 3

Finally, Lush 3.

The latest version is a no-brainer. 

Lush is a wearable vibrator loved by many. 

New innovations in the sextech world are coming even faster. But you don’t need to fix what’s not broken.

So Lovense kept Lush and updated it to keep up with better sextech.

The result?

Improved connectivity, a more convenient charging port, deeper vibrations (thanks to its new design: a fixed tail), and so much more.

There is much to talk about its changes, so we’ll go in-depth on each one below.

Lush 1, 2 & 3 Comparison Table




App & Manual
App & Manual
App & Manual
Yes, IPX7
Yes, IPX7
Yes, IPX7
7.12 inches (straightened)
(Insertable bulb: 3.14 inches, Tail: 4.8 inches)
7.12 inches (straightened)
(Insertable bulb: 3 inches, Tail: 5.2 inches)
3.77 inches (curved)
(Insertable bulb: 3 inches, Tail: 5.3 inches)
1.4 inches and 1.37 inches
1.5 inches and 1.37 inches
1.5 inches and 1.37 inches
Noise level:
Up to 45.5 dB
Up to 45.5 dB
Up to 43 dB
Battery life:
2.5 hours (continuous use)
2.5 to 3 hours (continuous use)
4.5 to 5 hours (continuous use)
Charging time:
1.5 hours
1.5 hours
1.42 hours

Lush vs. Lush 2

Lush 1 was good. But Lush 2 is better. 


Visually, Lush 1 and 2 look very similar. Except for the tail.

Lush 2 has a rounder tail tip, while Lush 1 has a slimmer tip with an extra small rounded bulge.

You can use both on your phone via Bluetooth for shorter distances or app control for longer distances.

Perhaps the best upgrade of Lush 2 is moving the On/Off button on its tail

It used to be on Lush 1’s underside portion of its insertable bulb. You’d have to take it out or fumble inside your vag to turn it on or off—NOT DISCREET if you’re in public.

Having this button on the tail, which dangles outside your body, is super convenient.

Lush 1’s Bluetooth transmitter on the tip of the bendable antenna was also quite risky. It could break if you bend it too much.

With Lush 2, Lovense redesigned the antenna, and it uses a Bluetooth chip. Not only does this reduce that breakage worry, but it also improves connectivity.

The Bluetooth chip is still located outside the body to ensure a good connection, but you don’t have to worry as much about breaking it during more vigorous use.

Lush 1’s remote and app control was innovative, but it wasn’t the best. It frequently disconnects, taking the fun out of the sesh.

Lush 2 improved that Bluetooth connection. 

Again, it’s not perfect. 

You’ll experience connectivity issues when wearing a couple of layers of clothes. But it’s definitely better than Lush 1.

Another thing to note is that Lush 2 has a bigger vibrating motor than Lush 1.

Its vibrations are even more powerful without sacrificing noise or battery life. In fact, Lush 2 has longer battery life.

I could use Lush 1 for around 2.5 hours. But with Lush 2, I could push it to 3 hours!

The original Lush is still available on the Lovense site for a low price.

But Lush 2 definitely wins for the better value of its price and features, though. And if I were you, I’d definitely go for Lush 2. Hands down.

Now, the tougher decision is between Lush 2 and 3. 

And it’s time to dive into that… 

Lush 2 vs. Lush 3 Similarities

Let’s kick off with the similarities. You’ll get these whichever you choose to buy, so you can at least remove a few thorns from your buying decision.

Design & Materials

Looking at Lush 2 and 3, you’ll know they’re in the same family.

Identical twins, in fact. With subtle differences here and there.

Both have the same general shape with a key difference (but we’ll tackle that later).

They’re both made of silicone material. Soft, a bit squishy with little give, and body-safe.


When it comes to size, there is practically no difference.

The largest width of their insertable bulbs is the same! Both are 1.5 inches wide vertically and 1.37 inches wide horizontally.

You won’t be losing out on the girth, whichever you choose. And both are manageable if you’re a beginner.

Their insertable bulbs are also around 3 inches long.

App Control

Lush 2 and Lush 3 use the same app: Lovense Remote.

You’ll access the same features and functionality regardless of which one you use. (The reliability of THAT connection is another thing, though. And we’ll talk about that below.)

You can unlock a whole new world of your Lush through the app.

For one, remote control.

Maybe you enjoy public play, or you want to relax and lie down watching Netflix. You don’t want to bend down or take out the vibrator to switch settings.

You literally get to sit back, tap the app’s buttons away, and enjoy.

But perhaps the best thing about its app control? Couple play.

You can give your toy’s control to your partner, which is so much hotter. That element of surprise of which vibration settings or patterns your partner chooses just hits different.

Your SO could be across the room or *drumroll* in another country!

Yep, you get to have interactive virtual sex with your boo through the app. Controlling each other’s toy UPGRADES video chat sex.

Key Features

These are the key features of the two Lushes you should note.


Lush 2 and Lush 3 are G-spot vibrators. They only have one vibrating motor, so you get very little clitoral stimulation (if any, at all) from these sex toys.

(Then again, you can always pair it with vibrating panties, particularly Lovense Ferri, for some clit action.)

These two are the MOST POWERFUL wearable vibrators you can get. Their vibrations are both rumbly, which travel deeper into your vag.

But both also tend to go buzzier in the higher settings. Pretty much the same quality.

Pleasure Patterns

From the get-go, there are 10 vibration patterns you can cycle through. But when using the app, there are basically UNLIMITED patterns for you to play around with.

You can draw or tap your own pattern.

Plus, you can “Loop” your custom pattern when it ends so it automatically repeats. If you find a vibe that feels great, you can also “Float” to hold it at constant power for a while.

Can you get more customizable than that?

Music Sync

And speaking of vibration patterns, Lovense has a cool feature of syncing the vibes to your favorite tunes.

Sync it to your locally-stored music or your Spotify Premium account.

It sounds gimmicky, but it’s fun.


Some love to be woken up by breakfast-in-bed, while others with morning sex.

Lush does the latter—even when you’re alone.

You can set a vibration alarm.

Pull down your sleeping mask, get under your cozy sheets, and be woken up with vibrations in your vag.

That’s one alarm you won’t want to snooze.

Cam Site Compatibility

If you’re a cam model, either Lush is great as a tip-controlled vibrator.

Both toys connect to popular cam sites, and you can activate tips for your audience to control your device.

All settings are under your supervision, of course.

It makes your cam session more interactive, making your viewers feel like they’re actually engaging with you physically.

Plus, it means more income for you as well, thanks to the tips!


You can’t tell which one is which just by looking at the color.

Both have the same exact shade of HOT PINK—an identifying feature of Lovense Lush.

That pink vibrator with a tail.


Lush 2 and Lush 3 are completely waterproof.

You can wear them in the shower, bathtub, and pool! Splish splash for water plays all you want.

It also means they’re very easy to clean—wash in water, soap, and rinse. Done.

Lush 2 vs. Lush 3 Differences

Finally, it’s time to move to the differences between the two that could make or break the deal for you.

Look and Feel

While Lush 2 and Lush 3 look similar, they actually have one MAJOR difference: their antenna or tail.

Lush 2 has a bendable tail. You can bend it to any angle or shape you want.

This could be better for others to fit their anatomy.

The con? It jostles around more, especially when changing positions from standing to sitting.

Lush 3 has a fixed curved tail. It’s meant to hug your vagina more securely.

It’s NOT rigid. You can adjust it when wearing it, but it bounces back to its original U-shape.

With this design, you also get to feel more residual vibes from the internal bulb to the clitoral tail. But that may vary from person to person.

Some love it, while some don’t. Both have comfortable and ergonomic designs, but it really boils down to preference.

Lush 3 is also slightly lighter at 2.45 oz., while Lush 2 weighs 2.57 oz. That’s another reason Lush 3 feels more comfortable for extended wear.

Bluetooth Connection

TBH, Lush 2’s connectivity wasn’t bad at all. I very rarely encountered connectivity issues with it.

But Lush 3 has newer and better tech.

It has a redesigned PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for a more stable connection. Basically, it transmits signals better.

Wearable vibrators go inside your vag, and the layer of clothes and flesh could interrupt the signal. That’s not going to be a problem with Lush 3.

It could be something worth noting if long-distance play is crucial for you.

Noise Level

Lush 2 was already pretty quiet when worn.

You can hear the vibrations when you hold it out and turn it on.

But during actual use—aka when it’s inside your vagina—it’s almost inaudible

Your flesh dampens the sound, so you really can’t hear it. Especially when there’s any ambient noise in your surroundings.

Lush 2 reaches up to 45 dB. Like I said, really quiet. It’s only slightly above a whisper (30 dB).

In numbers, Lush 3 is even quieter—43 dB.

The difference is slight and wouldn’t really be my deciding factor.  But it’s still a great update, nonetheless.

Battery Life

The more impressive update of Lush 3 comes in battery life.

You can use this vibrator for up to 4.5 to 5 hours! That’s LONG.

Of course, you might not use it that long in one continuous sesh as you’ll probably orgasm by then. 

But this is a good option if you like to wear your Lush throughout the day in public. You’ll never know when traffic strikes your commute longer.

Lush 2 isn’t bad either. You can use it for up to around 3-ish hours. 

That’s still really looong, and it lasts me enough. 

These two Lushes are definitely some of my vibrators with the best battery life.

When it comes to charging time, the difference is subtle.

I found Lush 3 fully charged 5 minutes longer than Lush 2. Like I said, subtle. But impressive when comparing their usage time.

Charging Cable

Speaking of charging, Lush 2 and Lush 3’s charging ports are different.

Lush 2 has a plug-in charging port. You need to push the charging port into the pinhole on the toy.

This hole is self-repairing, but it might wear out over time. It could affect your toy’s waterproof-ness, especially if you accidentally break it when you put it in too aggressively.

Thankfully, Lush 3 has a more modern charging system: a magnetic charging port.

The charging ports snap together, making it very easy and convenient.

It tends to jostle free more easily, but it’s not a problem if you charge it somewhere safe. Plus, it’s a better design in the long term.

Storage Bag

A little something-something: Lovense added a satin storage bag for Lush 3.

It’s a small touch, I know. But I like that Lovense added it.

This just makes it easier and safer to store the toy. Its hot pink color surely doesn’t help make it fade in the background.

Plus, it keeps dust and lint away.

My Experiences with Lush 2 and 3: Which One to Buy? Should You Upgrade to Lush 3?

I have all versions of Lush, so you can say I actually love this egg vibrator. (Because, yes, I obviously do.)

The differences could be minor, but I didn’t regret upgrading.

The longer battery life and quieter noise level of Lush 3 are great. But those didn’t make me convert.

For me, it’s the fixed antenna.

I know some vulva-owners prefer the reshapable tail of Lush 2. 

But, for me, Lush 3’s fixed tail is more form-fitting. It hugs my vagina securely, and wearing it feels comfortable because it wraps and sits against my pubic bone nice and well.

Lush 2’s tail is flexible, yes, but it’s also stiff because it stays in the shape you formed it. But then it could hit my clit uncomfortably when I sit down or stand up.

Lush 3 spells comfort to me. I could wear it for a longer time than Lush 2.

Another plus for me is the residual vibrations. Since it’s curved, it puts pressure on my clit, making the residual vibrations from the internal shaft travel more effectively.

With that, the vibes feel more intense and rumbly.

I often experience faster and stronger orgasms with Lush 3. 

Which one should you buy?

If you’re starting from zero, meaning you neither have Lush 2 nor Lush 3, I recommend going for the Lush 3.

  • It lasts longer with its better battery life. You can enjoy more extended sessions and be comfortable wearing it in public.
  • Its charging system is more reliable for longevity—you won’t risk damaging the toy’s waterproof functionality.
  • It has more stable connectivity, especially for long-distance sex. 
  • It’s also more comfortable to use with its form-fitting fixed antenna. Wearing it for a longer period won’t feel uncomfy for your vag.

Go big or go home while you’re at it.

But if you’re on a budget, you could also go for Lush 2. It’s more affordable, after all.

It might also be the better option if you think the flexible tail fits your needs better. Especially if comfort is not really a priority for you.

But then again, if budget is a concern, Lovense often hosts discounts. Sometimes, Lush 2 and Lush 3 even fall into the same price bracket.

Should you upgrade to Lush 3?

If you have Lush 1, then I immediately say YES.

But if you have Lush 2, you can weigh your options first.

To start, answer these questions:

  • Do you find yourself wanting to play longer than the capability of Lush 2’s battery life?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable at Lush 2’s antenna? Especially for extended wear?
  • Do you want to feel more residual vibrations in your clit?
  • Do you wish Lush 2 is slightly quieter?
  • Did you encounter connectivity issues with your Lush 2 and want a more reliable connection?

If you mainly answered YES to these questions and you have the budget, then you can consider upgrading to Lush 3.

Final Thoughts

Lovense did great with Lush. It’s their most popular toy for a reason!

And the best thing is that either choice is good—both have their own pros. And I wouldn’t really say they have “cons” as that only depends on your personal preference.

Whether it’s Lush 2 or Lush 3, I say go get it. You’d have a good, pleasurable time with one.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore (she/her) is our resident sex expert at SexualAlpha. She’s a certified sex therapist with a Ph.D. in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Aliyah is a proud Black, bi-sexual femme passionate about empowering minority voices to embrace their sexuality and identity. She loves to write about everything sexual wellness and gives no-nonsense sex and relationship advice.

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