Lelo Tor 2 Review [2024]: Best Couples’ Vibrating Cock Ring?

In this Lelo Tor 2 review, we’ll look at how the Tor 2 compares to its predecessor and if it’s the best couples’ vibrating cock ring you can buy right now.

lelo tor 2 review

I have tested quite a few LELO masterpieces, and I have never been let down by their quality and style, so I figured it was time to try some classics.

The Tor 2 is a high-end vibrating cock ring intended for couples. That means men can get harder and longer erections, while women can experience more vibrations during sex.

They say it’s an improvement over its predecessor, which critics praised as one of the best cock rings on the market.

So, I had to test it to believe it, and I was in for a surprise.

In this article, I’ll give you some of the deets on my personal experience. Does it live up to the hype? Or is it all just marketing talk? 

Read more to find out!

The Good

The Tor 2 offers great vibrations and a comfortable, secure fit. With six stimulation settings, you’re sure to find something you and your partner will like. It is also waterproof and, all in all, simple to use. 

The Not So Good

The Tor 2 is pricier than the usual cock rings, so you have to consider that. The secure fit may also cause discomfort to those with girthier penises. And when in use, it can be challenging to change the settings. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to experience more prolonged and intense stimulations with your partner during sex, this cock ring is for you. I recommend the Tor 2 to any couple out there, as its versatility can make any sex session much more adventurous and orgasmic.

LELO Tor 2 is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a toy with a very high vibration strength.
  • You’re looking for a vibrating cock ring that is comfortable and easy to use.
  • You want a toy that can also stimulate your partner during sex. 

LELO Tor 2 might not be for you if:

  • You’re on a budget.
  • You have a wider penis. 
  • You want a toy that your partner can trigger remotely. 

My First Impressions of the Lelo Tor 2

I chose the black-colored model since I thought it was the most classic-looking, although it’s also available in dark green.

The toy comes in a discreetly-packaged box, which is excellent for those that like to keep it on the down low. LELO consistently puts a lot of work into making the items in the box presentable. 

And while the effort itself may cause the product to be more pricey, the result aesthetic-wise is still worth the buck. 

You have everything you need there!

LELO’s packaging gives the toy a sophisticated vibe. It’s sleek, and it’s packed with all the necessities. These include:

  • the Tor 2 vibrating cock ring (of course)
  • a USB charger
  • a moisturizer packet
  • a warranty registration card
  • a detailed instruction manual
  • a satin storage pouch

LELO Tor 2 Tech Specs (What Changed?)

Tor 2
Body-safe silicone
ABS/body-safe TPE
Black and Green
Black and Purple
2.36” x 1.65” x 1.65”
2.20” x 1.77” x 0.79”
Li-Ion 70 mAh 3.7 V
Li-lon 70 mAh 3.7 V
2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA
2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA
User Time
Up to 1.5 hours
Up to 2 hours
Standby Time
Up to 90 days
Up to 90 days
120 Hz
150 Hz
Max. Noise Level
50 dB
< 50 dB
2 buttons
Variable speed buttons, 6 modes

How Does the LELO Tor 2 Look & Feel?

The functions, design, and features are a big part of why people declare this one of the top vibrating cock rings. The Tor 2 just looks and feels luxurious.

You can also tell manufacturers made so much effort to make it comfortable and easy to use.

You can simply clean with antibacterial soap and water since the toy’s material is body-safe silicone. The material is sufficiently slick and can slip over the penis quickly. But if you want to ensure smooth insertion, you can apply some water-based lube to the ring.

When I initially saw the ring, I was concerned because the hole didn’t seem big enough.

Yes, LELO claims that the Tor 2 can fit all sizes. But we all know that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in the world of sex toys. So keep that in mind when it comes to cock rings. 

Although, as per experience, guys of average size should have NO ISSUES fitting into the Tor 2. In particular, if you have a penis circumference between 3 and 6 inches, you should be able to use this toy with no problem.

But if you know you are on the girthier end of the dong spectrum, then maybe stretching it out can help. You can try using a water bottle to readjust the size before inserting it. 

Keep in mind that silicone is both resilient to heat and stretching. The cock ring will become more form-fitting after a few runs, making it much easier to put on. 

All-in-all, the Tor 2 should be just up your alley if you’ve previously had problems with inexpensive cock rings and felt they were uncomfortable or not doing much.

LELO Tor 2 Key Functionality

Now, if the thought of controlling a vibrator attached to your penis terrifies you, you’ll like experimenting with Tor 2. Although there’s almost no learning curve, it hits hard on the vibrations and the overall satisfaction you may expect from it.

It’s not similar to a lady’s vibrator, which could have extra features that some people would find distracting. Men like me, who want to keep things as simple as possible, were in mind when LELO made the Tor 2.

For this reason, it only has two buttons (+ and -) on either side. These turn the device on and off to regulate the various vibration modes.

The vibrations are the main selling point of this product. While thrusting, you can switch between six distinct stimulation settings. There is a wide choice of pulses, sporadic vibrations, and constant sensations, so you find the setting that works for you and your partner.

And lastly, the toy is 100% waterproof. Use the Tor 2 in the shower, the pool, or even outside with sprinklers on; it will keep rumbling until you, your partner, or both can get off together.

LELO Tor vs. LELO Tor 2: What Changed?

LELO Tor 2 has many improvements over its earlier iteration. Yes, it now has more power. And yes, it is now made out of body-safe silicone.

But, they had to sacrifice the purple model for the green one. So I guess that balances it out. 

The plus and minus power buttons are still on either side of the vibrating portion and require a little finesse to push. At its core, the ring’s design hasn’t altered; it’s still wide, but the vibrations have increased significantly. 

So yes, I can confirm that the Tor 2 is at least twice as powerful as the Tor 1. 

I’ve tried many vibrating cock rings, but this one is undeniably one of the most effective to enjoy with my partner. Though, I don’t feel compelled to say it is the “most powerful.” But it’s up there.

How to Use LELO Tor 2

The Tor 2 is one of the most straightforward toys to use on the market. Let me get that out of the way first. 

For context, here’s a quick step-by-step rundown for using it with your partner:

  • Make yourself hard. Let yourself or your partner do it. Maybe watch porn, indulge in foreplay, or look at some sexy pictures. Do whatever is necessary.
  • Put lube on. Specifically, use a water-based lubricant. You want to keep the satiny smooth finish of the toy intact.
  • Stretch the ring if necessary and put it on your erect penis. Straight to the base. Ensure that the large portion is at the top as that is where your partner will get to pleasure themselves.
  • The side buttons control the settings and power of the toy. Have a go at them.
  • Then, have some naughty fun with your partner. Get a little wild. Stimulate them with your cock ring.
  • After finishing, simply take the ring off and wash it. Ta-da. Good as new.

My Experience With LELO Tor 2

Of course, my review of the Tor 2 would not be complete without sharing my personal experience. Fortunately, I had a more-than-willing partner to assist me with this.

I wanted to first experiment with a few settings without putting the ring on. So I placed the Tor 2’s vibrating component on my girl’s clit while holding it in my hand.

After a few minutes, boom! She was already holding the cushion pillows so firmly to avoid climaxing. Those pulse vibrations were her favorite. She then made me move to the constant vibrations, which turned her moans up a notch. 

Then, I wanted to try the Tor 2 to see how it works during sex.

So we jumped right into it. I slipped the ring over my erect penis, which immediately became significantly harder. After navigating the settings to find the one that works best for us, I had the vibrating motor position itself on her clit. 

This toy is truly for couples since it gave my girl and me simultaneous pleasure during sex. 

For instance, when we were in the missionary position, it worked best when I was grinding on her. When pressed against her like that, I can shift my focus on her clit for maximum enjoyment.

We also tried it in different positions, and her on top was even more pleasurable. While she was moving up and down, I could see how the ring was doing its wonders on her.

However, it was not all fun and games.

Changing the settings was bothersome. Seriously, I can’t even reach the buttons in certain positions. We had to pause for a moment just to make things more intense with the ring.

Maybe this is why I’ve taken a liking to those remote-controlled apps. It makes it that much easier to cycle through the different vibrations. 

But, this shouldn’t be much of an issue. You could always plan out the best setting that works for you and your partner beforehand. Talk it out first, and keep things interesting by being creative in the bedroom.

Get as experimental as you like. There’s no limit to trying out different positions.

How to Clean It

You can clean this toy in a few simple steps. First, rinse using mild soap and warm water. Don’t use a brush or an acid cleaner. While washing, make sure the water does not go inside the charging port.

Now, pat it dry with a lint-free towel or cloth afterward. Then pack it back in the satin bag. Make sure to store it in a cool, dry place.

LELO Tor 2 Price, Where To Buy

You can now order the LELO Tor 2 from their official website for $139.00. Yes, it’s on the pricey end, but there’s a 20% discount offer as of this writing. So try to check it out.

They also have a warranty that covers you up to 1 year after purchase, guaranteeing you a free replacement if a problem occurs. Just make sure to SAVE the receipt. And you’re good to go!

What Do Other People Think About It?

I own this one. I think it’s really nice… The pattern vibrations are ones that either increase/decrease in a wave pattern (think of a sin wave), Jump in increments (kind of like a piano chord playing one note at a time), a random one that randomly varies the vibration levels, and a couple other patterns. I really enjoy using it, and it certainly is enjoyable for your partner as well…


Reddit User

I am at 5 1/4 and have no problems once I get it on. Lube is a must here, without lube I would not have a chance. It does take a minute to actually get in on, getting it stretched and over the head of my penis takes a few seconds with practice. Trying to get it on the first time did have my wife giggling, though.


Reddit User

LELO Tor 2 Alternatives

If you want other options similar to the LELO Tor 2, I have three suggestions: (1) the Hot Octopuss Atom Plus, (2) the JeJoue Mio, and (3) the We-Vibe Pivot.

Here’s a quick comparison of the toys.

LELO Tor 2 vs. Hot Octopuss Atom Plus

Hot Octopuss Atom Plus

The Tor 2 and Atom Plus share several similarities. Aside from the waterproof silicone material, both products have a broad top surface, enabling the woman to feel the toys’ vibrations more on their clit area. 

It also helps that both rings can offer remarkably high vibrations, making them suitable for couples who like to be more intense in the bedroom.

Although, do keep in mind that the Tor 2 only has one motor, concentrating the sensations into a single area. The Atom Plus, meanwhile, has two. And while the consistency of vibrations is the same for the most part, the difference in sensations can still be noticeable.

On the flip side, the Atom Plus can only last you 40 minutes vs. Tor’s 2 hours of continuous play. If you want to go for extended periods during your sexcapades, then the latter option may be preferable. 

LELO Tor 2 vs. Je Joue Mio

Je Joue Mio

As for the Je Joue Mio, it has similar material to the previous two options. It’s comfortable, has a very high vibration strength, and can last up to 2 hours.

However, it has fewer vibration modes – five settings vs. Tor 2’s six. So if you want a one-up on your variety, I suggest going for the Tor 2. 

Looking for more options? Check out our best vibrating cock ring guide.

LELO Tor 2 vs. We-Vibe Pivot

We-Vibe Pivot

The Pivot is also made of waterproof silicone. But it has a smaller battery life (90 minutes), with weaker vibrations than the Tor 2. If you’re more into foreplay or short-time experiences, then the Pivot may be for you. 

But if your woman likes to feel more sensations during sex, I’d go for the Tor 2. It is a much more effective toy for clitoral stimulation. 

You can’t trigger the Tor 2 remotely, though. So if you like to switch your settings consistently, then Pivot provides an associated smartphone app or remote control for your needs. 

You can read more about We-Vibe Pivot here.

Final Thoughts

Doing reviews for sex toys does have its perks. And you know what, I had a great time testing the Tor 2. I am ecstatic that it works just as advertised and that my partner was just as satisfied.

Yes, it may be pricey. But in all fairness, it does live up to its hype based on my personal experience with it. This vibrating cock ring is a definite 10/10 and would recommend to beginners, pros, and couples alike. 

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