7 Best Foot Fetish & Footjob Toys (2024): Foot Masturbators

Foot fetishes are more common than you might think, with 1 in 7 people curious about them at some point.

Foot fetish toys, made from materials like silicone, offer a lifelike experience. These toys can look and feel like actual feet. Some even have features like movable toes, anal and vaginal orifices, and skinlike sole textures for extra fun.

The challenge is finding these foot fetish toys at a good price without compromising quality. This roundup will help you find realistic, easy-to-maintain, and wallet-friendly toys. Whether you’re new to foot fetish toys or adding to your collection, you can find one that best fits your preferences.

Key Considerations In Buying Foot Fetish Toys

  • Realism: Opt for foot fetish toys that closely mimic real feet, focusing on accurate toe shapes, arches, and natural skin tones. The texture should feel like real skin, enhancing the authenticity of your experience.
  • Material Quality: Choose medical-grade silicone or body-safe TPE for their durability and lifelike feel. These materials are essential for a realistic and safe foot fetish experience.
  • Additional Features: Consider foot fetish toys with movable toes or flexible soles for enhanced realism. Also, look for models with integrated vaginal or anal openings if you desire a more versatile and interactive experience.
  • Price: Ensure the toy’s price aligns with its features and quality. While higher-priced models may offer better realism and material quality, there are affordable options that satisfactorily meet the key requirements for a genuine foot fetish experience.

Top 3 Realistic Foot Fetish Toys In 2024

Alice's Feet

Alice’s Feet are a dream come true for foot fetish enthusiasts, especially those just exploring this interest. Their flexible TPE material feels incredibly lifelike and has detailed toes and arches, enhancing your sensory experience. While they require some maintenance, their realism and optional vaginal feature make them an irresistible choice for newcomers and seasoned fetishists alike.

Warm Doll Silicone Feet

If you prefer a more diverse experience, the Warm Doll Silicone Feet offer a good blend of foot fetish delight and traditional sexual pleasure. Crafted from durable silicone, these feet provide a realistic touch, complete with a textured vaginal feature. They’re a bit heavier, but for foot fetish lovers seeking versatility, these feet are unmatched.

Abby's Feet

Abby’s Feet cater to the connoisseur of foot fetishism, offering a luxurious, custom-made experience. Meticulously crafted based on real people, they provide unparalleled realism. While they come with a higher price tag and longer wait time, for those dedicated to the pursuit of the ultimate foot fetish experience, Abby’s Feet are the pinnacle of luxury and authenticity.

Best Foot Fetish Sex Toys

footjob sex toy

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Alice’s Feet

Foot Size:
EU 35 / US 6
1.3 lbs. per foot 
Vaginal entrance in the top of the ankle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can buy a single foot
  • Easy to hide
  • Vagina isn’t very deep

If you’re still dipping your toes in foot masturbator territory, it’s best to start small and affordable. And Alice’s feet give you just that.

It’s molded after real-life Alice’s size 6 sexy feet with a vagina in the top of the ankle that you can penetrate. OFC, Oxy’s foot fetish shop gives you the option to choose a foot or a pair of feet or one with or without a vagina, so you can explore how far your foot fetish goes.

Although the vagina part isn’t very deep, it looks and feels super-realistic – thanks to its super soft and flexible TPE material. Just make sure to clean and dry your foot masturbator thoroughly as TPE is porous.

Also, remember that these feet are made to order. Order preparation takes 3-12 days because of the amount of care and detailing that goes into creating every Oxy foot.

BUT the wait is worth it.

Warm Doll Silicone Feet

Best Foot Fetish Toy With Vagina

2. Warm Doll Silicone Feet

Foot Size:
EU 39 / US 6.5
3 lbs. per foot
Vaginal entrance in the top of the ankle
  • High-quality silicone feels great
  • Handcrafted and detailed. Toe lovers will love it!
  • Realistic looking vagina
  • Single foot not available
  • Vagina doesn’t feel realistic

The Warm Doll Silicone Feet will give you precisely that if you’re hunting for some of the best-looking and feeling foot masturbator. This pair of dainty women’s feet are incredibly detailed, down to the wrinkles on the heels and ridges on the soles. In addition, the medical-grade silicone they are made of is very soft but durable enough to give you many hours of pleasure.

Best of all, you don’t need to miss out on the perks of a traditional sex toy because these foot masturbators come with an equally well-crafted vagina on top. The feet are sturdy and can take a pounding, but you’ll never guess that from the way they look. If you’re into specific parts of the foot, it doesn’t matter which position. You will find it accurately recreated on these. 

Unfortunately, the vagina’s internal texture is not the best, and it doesn’t feel as good as it looks. But, for one attached to the ankle of a foot, it certainly feels good!

Abby’s Feet

Best Luxury Foot Fetish Toy

3. Abby’s Feet

Foot Size:
EU 37.5 / US 7
Hyper-realistic foot masturbator with customizable detail level
  • The most realistic silicone feet you can buy
  • Optional skeletal version for positioning
  • Single foot is also available
  • No openings, these are just feet
  • Expensive for a silicone foot sex toy

Welcome to the top of the realism pyramid. All jokes aside, Abby’s feet by Oxy are so well made you’ll have a tough time telling them apart from actual feet! These feet will blow your mind from creases to veins to the different textures of skin.

The realism doesn’t come cheap, though, which is understandable as each piece is molded from a natural person’s foot and individually detailed by hand. Fortunately, you can choose the level of detail you desire, which helps bring down the price a little.

 If you’re a foot worshipper and love the look and feel of feet, it doesn’t get better than this. These models have no orifices, just hyper-realistic feet you can have your way with. Still not enough? Then check out their top-of-the-line overall shapeable model with an internal skeleton that can be bent and positioned like an actual foot!

foot fetish accessories

Best Double-Orifice Foot Masturbator

4. Patricia’s Feet

Foot Size:
EU 39 / US 9
2.2 lbs. per foot
Vaginal opening on the sole and anus at the top
  • Best value for money
  • With two usable holes – vagina & anus
  • Comes in pairs
  • One hole is deeper than the other

For the best value-for-your-money purchase, I can’t recommend this sexy pair of feet enough.

Unlike most foot masturbators on the market, this one comes in a pair with two holes for each foot – a VAGINA at the sole and a BUTTHOLE at the top of the ankle.

That’s 4x more foot enjoyment!

And if you just like looking at realistic-looking women’s feet, you can get them without any holes for $20 less. But why would you want to settle for less?

Patricia’s feet are molded after a pro-domme who “knows what she wants and speaks confidently to whoever she addresses.”

If you don’t know how to make the most of Patricia’s feet, you can start by putting them on your face, licking ‘em, feeling ‘em on you, using both holes, and finishing off on her feet.

Just make sure to clean her feet thoroughly after, so you can use ‘em for a long time.

footjob toy

Best feet sex toy for Leg and Feet Lovers

5. Silicone Half Sex Doll With Legs, Ass, And Feet

3 feet, 5 inches
38 lbs.
Vaginal and anal openings
  • With sexy feet, legs, and usable vagina & ass
  • Made of premium silicone material
  • With metal skeleton for different sex positions
  • Expensive

If your foot fetish goes up above a lovely woman’s feet – let’s say her legs – then this silicone half sex doll with legs, ass, and feet is perfect for you.

It’s made from premium medical-grade silicone plus anti-fouling material that’s sure to last you a long time. It also comes with a vagina and butthole orifices for a more realistic experience.

This silicone half sex doll is equipped with a metal skeleton and flexible joints so you can explore a wide range of positions – missionary, doggy, standing sex positions. Plus, this doll only weighs 38 lbs., making it easy to move around and store.

If you love dressing up sexy feet with stockings, pantyhose, and lingerie, then this half sex doll is worth your investment.

foot sex toys

Most Realistic Vajankle

6. Isabella’s Feet

Foot size:
EU 36 / US 5
1.8 lbs. per foot
Vaginal entry in the top of the ankle
  • Super realistic feet
  • Deep vaginal orifice
  • Can add bone structure for visual pleasure
  • A bit challenging to hide

Isabella’s Feet are the epitome of the perfect vajankle – soft in the right places and stiff in others, so it’s not that flabby. Plus, it’s SUPER REALISTIC.

I was amazed at how Oxy paid particular attention to every detail of Isabella’s foot, from the lines, wrinkles, creases, color… and her vag.

You can find a vaginal entrance at the top of the ankle that’s around 9 inches tall – just the right size for most men. And it’s ribbed for a more intense experience.

Of course, like all other masturbators from Oxy, you can opt for a foot or a pair of feet, with or without a vagina. And now you can choose to get these feet with or without a bone structure if you’re more for visual pleasure over sexual gratification.

footjob toy

Best Male Feet sex toy

7. Andy’s Feet

Foot size:
EU 41 / US 8
1.3 lbs. per foot 
Usable anus at the top of the ankle
  • Butt hole is super tight
  • Realistic male foot features
  • Soft and squishy texture
  • Not as compact as other masturbators

This foot fetish roundup wouldn’t be complete without the best male feet out there, and that’s Andy’s. It’s molded after the 28-year-old flight attendant – a pretty outgoing and funny one.

Fun Fact

Andy approached Oxy to mold his feet for his boyfriend’s use while he’s away.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise why his feet have an anal opening. It’s very tight upon entry, but its texture is satisfyingly soft and squishy. It gets the job done even if male feet aren’t your thing.

Honestly, male foot masturbators are hard to come by. I hope Oxy will start creating more.

Just remember that Andy’s feet are bigger than most women’s feet, so you have to find a good place to stash them. But I’m not so worried about putting them out for display because the buttholes aren’t that realistic looking.


What kind of lube should I use with a feet Toy?

If your foot masturbator is made of TPE, then you can only use water-based lube. Other types of lube will damage and degrade the material over time. However, you can use whatever lube you wish with good silicone foot masturbator.

How do you use foot Toys For Foot Fetish Sex? 

Lots of ways! You can dress them up in sexy heels, pantyhose, and stockings… Kiss ‘em, lick ‘em, or have sex with ‘em (obviously). For that last one, you’ll want to get them nice and lubed up before penetration. Too much friction is a great way to wear out the material. 

How to clean feet Toys?

Wash with mild unscented soap and water, making sure you get all of the fluids out. Once you’re done, use a drying stick – it’s a white stick that absorbs the moisture left inside. Leave in a well-ventilated place until completely dry.

Remember to take into consideration the material of your foot fetish sex toy. While silicon models are easier to clean, those made out of TPE (which is a porous material) need more care while washing. For professional cleaning tips to ensure your TPE feet toy feels good for as long as possible, check out our onahole cleaning guide.

And always check the manufacturer’s instructions about cleaning. 

Final Thoughts

Armed with our pick of the 7 best foot fetish sex toys, you are ready to explore the world of foot kinks. Whether you’re a beginner or a foot fetish veteran, any of these recommendations will give you many hours of pleasure. Then, if you’re still in the mood to browse, check out the best male sex toys available right now!

An important thing to keep in mind is just how easy to store you need your feet toys to be. Thankfully, some nice realistic feet that are pretty small and still check all the pleasure points are available. And talking of easily concealable feet sex toys, have you seen our rundown of the best pocket pussies?

The perfect foot fetish sex toy is out there waiting for you. We wish you lots of kinky pleasure on your foot fetish adventures!

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