Sexual Health Apps: Innovative Tech for Improving Intimacy

Since the rise of the smartphone, apps have become a part of everyday life. From ordering takeout to literally French-kissing your screen (yes, that’s real), developers have made apps for just about everything.

Sexual Health Apps: Innovative Tech for Improving Intimacy

It should come as no surprise that some of these apps are focused on sexual health, but this can mean many different things. Some are focused on sexual education, others help you improve intimacy, and some even function as calendars that let you log your sexual trends and behaviors.

It can be tough to know which apps to use, what they do, and which ones are worth your time. Luckily, we’ve done that research for you. Here’s a rundown of what sexual health apps are and which ones are best.  

What Are Sexual Health Apps

Generally speaking, a sexual health app is an app that’s designed to benefit your sex life or reproductive health (the two are often linked). It might help you relieve physical pain or increase pleasure, improve communication with your partner, reduce sexual dysfunction, learn about your reproductive organs, track your sexual habits, and more.

  • A 2019 World Health Organization Survey found that about one-third of healthcare providers have referred a patient to a sexual or reproductive health app
  • Some apps help you improve your libido, orgasms, erections, pain, and other physical problems related to sex. 
  • Other apps can help you overcome sexual insecurity and build human connection; however, they can’t replace an actual therapist.

Sources: Global Health Action, BBC, Sydney Morning Herald

The Best Available Apps Right Now

There are dozens of sexual health apps on the market, but not all are created equal. When making our list, we filtered out apps that get consistent negative user reviews, are incomplete, or are unavailable on most app stores. 

After that, we picked the best of the remaining apps. These apps don’t all do the same thing, so they aren’t ranked in any particular order. 

1. Rosy


Designed by female doctors with a passion for sexual wellness, Rosy is one of the most comprehensive apps available. 

Rosy uses a personalized approach involving behavioral change tools, support thought reframing, and more to help women overcome sexual problems.

Rosy’s methods are designed to aid women with mental sexual issues such as body image and religion-based insecurities, as well as physical issues like sexual pain, hormonal changes, and difficulty reaching orgasm.

As of 2022, over 6% of Ob/Gyns in the US were recommending Rosy to patients.

A study by medical experts scoured popular app stores for female sexual health apps and, after intense review, found only Rosy provided comprehensive info on all types of female sexual dysfunction.

Sources: Medium, Sexual Medicine Reviews

2. Coral


Coral focuses on the mental aspects of sexual wellness, like communication and sensual awareness. It aims to help you better connect with your partner and your sexuality.

Coral’s main goals are to help users experience more confidence, deeper connections, and enhanced pleasure.

Using Coral with your partner is a playful way to build positive communication habits that can improve your sex life.

Source: FemTechInsider

3. Ferly


Though its audio format may not be for everyone, Ferly aims to provide inclusive content for trans and nonbinary people as well as ethnic minorities. This means that Ferly is more likely than other apps to have content specifically tailored to individuals of all backgrounds.

Ferly uses audio guides and cognitive behavioral therapy to help users improve their sexual experiences.

The app was designed by sexual assault survivors aiming to combat distraction, sexual pain, orgasm struggles, insecurity, and more.

Ferly integrates theory with practical exercises and reflection.

Sources: The Guardian, Fashion Journal

4. Lover


Unlike the apps we’ve mentioned so far, Lover is designed to help people of all genders improve their sexual pleasure and function.

Lover claims to treat low desire, boredom, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, orgasm difficulty, and more.

Lover uses a personalized combination of scientifically proven exercises, videos, and activities to address common sexual problems.

The app has been accepted into the FDA’s Safer Technologies Program, which is intended to help with the authorization of medical devices.

Sources: Healthnews, Fierce Healthcare

5. Dipsea


While other apps focus on the medical or therapeutic aspects of sexual health, Dipsea approaches sexual wellness in an explorative and sensual way – it uses stories to help you unlock your desires. 

It’s not quite as science-centric as other apps, but it can be more fun, engaging, and sensual. If you have trouble meditating or concentrating, it may even be more effective than other options. 

Dipsea aims to stoke desire and empower its users through erotica.

The app allows its users to peruse audible erotica between different partners (e.g., him + her, they + him, etc.). It offers stories for sleep, wellness, or simply for pleasure, as well as several unique guides.  

Users who have trouble meditating with other apps may find that Dipsea helps them build healthy habits through stories.

Sources: Well + Good, Fashion Journal

6. Senses


The Senses: Kegel & Intimacy Coach app is a well-rounded approach to sexual wellness that emphasizes your connection with your body on every level.

The app uses a combination of meditations, physical exercises, educational lessons, and even games to improve your sexual health.

Senses aim to enhance body contact, nurture understanding relationships, and deepen their user’s knowledge of intimacy.

Source: Sex Tech Guide

7. Sequoia


Sequoia is an app specifically designed for the sexual health of anyone with a penis and/or prostate. There are very few apps that focus singularly on men’s sexual health, but Sequoia is leagues ahead of any competition. 

The app helps you test yourself for sexual dysfunction, tracks sexual activities, and provides you with a personal training program. It also has several educational lessons.

Sequoia has partnered with the United Nations Population Fund to improve men’s access to reproductive and psychological health education.

Sources: United Nations Population Fund

8. Eve by Glow

Eve by Glow

While Sequoia is only for men’s health, Eve is specifically designed for anyone with a period. Its parent company, Glow, is considered one of the best fertility trackers around. Eve is primarily a period tracker, but its user-friendly design has several other sexual health functions. 
Glow’s first period tracker was called Ruby, but that app is no longer available, and Eve has taken its place. The app doesn’t focus on intimacy like some others on this list; instead, it’s all about health.  

In addition to period tracking, Eve helps you track your sex life, behaviors, and even gym habits.

Eve gives its users educational info on women’s health and daily insights. It also allows access to a community of other users.

Sources: Women’s Health Mag, Medical News Today

Picking the App that’s Right for You

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a sexual health app (not from this list, anyway), so don’t be afraid to try one and see how it feels. Most of these apps aren’t competing with one another – rather, they offer their own unique approach to sexual health that may or may not work for you. 

Lover, for example, has a little something for everyone and is a great place to start. If you know your problems are penis-related, though, Sequoia is likely the best place to start. Likewise, Eve is better suited than most apps to help with menstrual health. 

If you’re a vulva owner with mental hangups about sex, Rosy has the most tools available to deal with insecurity and trauma. It’s probably the best combination of medical and therapeutic advice available. If you’re nonbinary or trans, then Ferly is more likely to have content tailored for you. 

If you don’t know what you want or feel sexually bored, Dipsea is a one-way ticket to sensual discovery. Do you have trouble connecting with your partner? Try Coral. Do you have trouble connecting with yourself? Try Senses. 

Human sexuality is a wide spectrum of varying needs and desires, and sexual health apps reflect that. There’s a sex app for everyone – you just have to find what works for you.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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