Lovense Quake Dolce Review 2024: The MOST POWERFUL Dual Vibrator?

In this Lovense Quake Dolce review, I will discuss in detail this wearable dual vibrator’s features, how to use it, and my own experience using it. Let’s go!

lovense quake dolce review

We all love multifunctional products, don’t we? It’s 2024, after all! The more things a product can do, the better. 

The same goes for sex toys. Why get something that pleasures you in just one way when you can get something that gives you different kinds of pleasure at the same time.

Well, Lovense heard us loud and clear and introduced the Quake, which they later renamed Dolce (sounds fancier, right?). The Dolce is a wonderful little gadget that packs a punch and hits the sweet spot…s. Plural. And in multiple ways too.

What am I talking about? You’re about to find out because I’ve been using Dolce for quite some time now and can’t wait to share all its exciting features with you.

The Good

The Dolce offers both G-spot AND clitoral stimulation, and its dual motors can be controlled separately – amazing for those who love a blended orgasm. It’s very strong for its tiny size and has a wide range of intensity levels, so it’ll satisfy you no matter if you’re sensitive or a power queen.

It comes with its free app, which gives you virtually endless vibration patterns, so you can customize it however you like. It can also be controlled from anywhere in the world for those of you in a long-distance relationship. 

The Not So Good

Although it has the shape of a couples vibrator, it’s too large to be used like that comfortably. It’s not very discreet for public play because of the clitoral stimulator. It’s also a bit pricey, so maybe consider other options if you’re on a budget. 

The Bottom Line

The Dolce is a high-quality product with MANY features that make it fun for both newbies and experienced gals, but it isn’t fit for a couple’s vibrator and isn’t the most discreet for outdoor fun.

Lovense Quake Dolce is for you if: 

  • You want something that offers both external and internal stimulation.
  • You’re looking for a highly customizable vibe.
  • You’re in a long-distance relationship and want to engage with your partner.

Lovense Quake Dolce might NOT be for you if: 

  • You’re looking for a couples’ vibrator.
  • You want a very stealthy vibe for having fun while out and about.

Lovense Dolce Packaging

Receiving new toys is always a treat; this time, it was no different. I have already played around with some of the Lovense products and couldn’t wait to try this one. 

Dolce comes in a sturdy, mostly white box with its name and picture on the lid. Nothing too luxurious, just simple, good, quality packaging. Some customers get confused that their box says “Quake” instead of Dolce. Don’t panic – there was no mistake, it’s the same product. 

You’ll see your new Lovense Dolce dual vibrator and some other goodies when you open the box. 

You get a magnetic USB charging cable (the same one used for the Lush 3, so if you have it, you should know they’re interchangeable). 

You also get a user manual and a quick setup guide

There is also a black storage bag, which will protect your toy from germs and debris in your drawer or wherever you store it. It can come in handy if you decide to travel with your new buddy. 

Speaking of your new buddy, let’s take a look at what that’s all about.

Let’s Talk About Lovense Dolce’s Tech Specs

Lovense Quake / Dolce
Run time
Up to 2 hours
2-button interface; app controls 
Insertable arm – 2.99″ x 1.5″
Clitoral stimulator – 3.54″ x 1.07″
7 modes of vibration with the button controls, virtually endless with the app controls 

Those specs look good, right? Let’s dig a little bit deeper and see how they work in your favor. 

How Does the Lovense Quake Dolce Look & Feel?

Lovense is known for its quality products, and the Lovense Dolce/Quake is no exception – you can see and feel that just by holding the toy in your hands. 

The toy is in a very fun and candy-like bright pink – a staple of Lovense products. It’s quite compact, like most wearable vibes, and has a nice weight. 

The Dolce is covered in very smooth and soft silicone, which makes it very pleasant to the touch. At the same time, it feels quite firm when you squeeze it in your hand. 

This is a dual vibrator, so it has two stimulation arms – one is the insertion part of the toy, and the other is for clitoral stimulation.

The insertion arm is bigger and with a bulbous tip. It’s shaped to target and stimulate the G-spot easily. The clitoral stimulator is roughly the same in length but less bulbous. Both ends have a bit of texture for extra stimulation – some small ridges. 

The two stimulation arms are connected by a very flexible and adjustable neck that lets you customize the toy’s shape, so it fits your body’s curves. 

There are also 2 buttons on the external stimulation arm to control the toy. 

Lovense Dolce Key Functionality

Ok, but what does Dolce DO exactly? 

This toy is pretty multifunctional, and I’m sure you’re bound to like it whether you’re a newbie or a sex toy pro. Let’s look at its features and why they’re so GREAT. 

Flexible Neck

I already mentioned the flexible neck of the toy that helps you adjust it to your curves. The folks at Lovense know that everyone’s body is different and that you need just the right angle to hit your sweet spots. 

I recommend adjusting the toy before you insert it because adjusting it while it’s inside, you can feel uncomfortable.

Just don’t unfold it all the way – the manufacturer warns that it might break your toy. Don’t go beyond 120 degrees.

Vibration Power and Patterns

The Dolce doesn’t just have the design to hit two of your most sensitive parts at the same time. It also has 2 separate motors (one in each stimulation arm), so it can deliver sweet vibrations right where you need them. 

And OH BOY, what vibrations indeed! This rascal packs a punch! 

The vibrations are SUPER powerful. They’re both strong and very rumbly, so you can feel the stimulation deep inside your body. If you squeeze it in your hand while turned on, you’ll feel Dolce’s vibrations all the way up to your elbow. Now that’s powerful! 

Vibrations as deep and intense as these are extremely hard to find in a toy this size, so that really makes the Dolce worth the hype. 

Truth be told, the external stimulation arm is just a tad bit weaker than the internal one, but it’s still pretty strong compared to most toys out there. Also, a gentler clit stimulator might actually be a good idea – the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female body, after all. Stimulation that is too intense might lead to a painful experience.

If you control the toy via the buttons on it, you will get 3 constant vibration speeds and 4 built-in patterns. The two motors work in sync with the manual controls. There are more than enough built-in options for you to find a favorite mode. 

If you decide on connecting your toy to the free Lovense app, you’ll get even more control and customization – we’ll talk about it in just a second. 

Noise Level

The toy is fairly quiet, but not more than most vibrators on the market. It isn’t the stealthiest out there. The good news is it gets quieter once inserted, so when you play, there will be almost no annoying buzzing to get you out of the mood. 

App Control

The Dolce is compatible with the Lovense Remote app, which opens up a world of possibilities! App connectivity is one of my favorite things because it brings any toy to a whole new level. 

The app gives you virtually endless customization of vibration patterns by using a bunch of different features. The only limit is your imagination; I’m sure that even the pickiest of you will be satisfied. 

The app also turns your phone into a remote for your toy with close and long-range control for different couple’s games.

Lovense shines when it comes to connectivity! Among the many brands that try out app controls, Lovense is the one with the most stable connection. (Keep in mind that connectivity problems with sex toys are a normal thing – remember where we put the receiver?  The Bluetooth connection is bound to be less than perfect. )

Cam Site Toy of Choice

Why is Lovense so far ahead in terms of connectivity? Because it produces the favorite toys of the camgirl community. 

You have probably seen camgirls with wearable vibes that react every time the audience tips them – that’s all possible thanks to Lovense.

All sorts of toys can be connected to the tip systems of multiple cam sites, making the audience’s experience far more interactive and intimate. The performers can set how long and how strongly toys react to different tips and incorporate multiple toys in their shows. 

That said, if you’re a sex worker and want to add a little something to your show, the Dolce would be a fantastic choice. It will do its magic anytime there is a tip, while your hands stay free to chat with your audience. 

Solo and Couple Play

This toy is more than perfect for hands-free solo play sessions – you just need to adjust it to your preferred angle. Once it fits snuggly and targets both your G-spot and clitoris, you can just lay back and relax. Better yet – use your hands to caress other parts of your body and intensify your pleasure. 

The Dolce is also a fun choice for couples. Put it inside you and let your partner take control of your orgasm by controlling it with the app. This type of powerplay is a massive turn-on for a lot of people. Try it out; it might be yours too. 

I wouldn’t recommend using the toy in public, but if you want to, here are some hints.

Do it only as long as you wear a skirt or a dress. The external stimulation arm would be visible through tighter clothes. Pants can even change your toy’s pressure and position, ruining your customized fit. You also have to go to a nosier bar if you decide to experiment like that – as I said, the Dolce is not the stealthiest. 

I wouldn’t recommend using this toy as a couples vibrator.

The insertion tip is too bulbous and doesn’t leave much room for a penis. If you use it during penetration, you risk experiencing very unpleasant moments, and your partner’s penis might get chaffed. The friction could also damage the toy, especially if your partner wears a condom.

IPX7 Waterproof

The Dolce/Quake is COMPLETELY waterproof. That means you can clean it under the sink and even submerge it in water without worrying that you’ll damage it. 

Make use of the water or feature by taking your Dolce to the shower or bathtub. The combination of the water relaxing you while the toy is pleasuring you might become your new favorite thing.

Magnetic Charging and Battery Life

The Quake/Dolce is rechargeable, like any other high-end toy. That means it can be ready for you in a jiffy (it has just about an hour of charging time). Not only that, but Dolce’s charger is magnetic. It’s one of the things that makes it completely waterproof – no charging holes you have to try and not get water into.

Keep in mind magnetic chargers can disconnect easily if you push your toy by accident, so be careful. You don’t want to wait an hour only to find out your Dolce wasn’t charging in the first place. 

This vibe also has quite a decent battery life – up to 2 hours! It’s the perfect opportunity to ride out multiple orgasms – the dual stimulation makes them more powerful and easier to achieve anyway.

How to Use Lovense Quake Dolce: Using It Manually and With The Lovense App

Manual Controls

Playing with your Dolce manually is quite simple. There are only 2 buttons for you to work with, which lets you focus more on your pleasure and less on the controls themselves.

Long press the start button to turn it on. Then use the two buttons as a navigation interface and cycle through the 7 vibration modes. Long press the start button to turn your toy off.

Close Range Control With the Lovense App

The free app is where things get interesting. Just download and install the app from your online store, turn on your device’s Bluetooth, and connect it to your Dolce.

Your smartphone will turn into a smart remote with a bunch of new fun features.

The software will allow you to create your own vibration patterns. With it, you control the two motors SEPARATELY, so you’ll get just the right kind of stimulation on each of your go spots. You can also tweak the intensity level more precisely than manual controls. 

Best of all – you can save your patterns and use them later. You can even share them with an online community to help someone else reach the same toe-curling orgasm you had. You can also browse through the library of user-generated patterns and find if something works for you too!

If you’re not feeling particularly creative, you can synchronize the toy to music on your phone and get off to the beat of your favorite sexy song.  Or just synchronize your toy to ambient sounds around you – maybe even your partner’s voice. Wouldn’t that be a fun addition to dirty talking?

This means your choice of patterns is practically infinite. Whatever you’re in the mood for – Dolce can provide it. 

For those who like to wake up with a smile, the app can set the alarm for Dolce to wake you with sensual vibrations.

Having a remote has some nice advantages in itself. You can give up the controls to your partner. Spice up your foreplay by letting your partner give you an orgasm before they even touch you.  

Long Distance Control With the App

If you’re interested in long-distance play, you’d be glad to hear that with the app, this toy can be controlled from anywhere in the world – as long as you and your partner have WiFi. You can both still feel close even when you’re miles apart and have fun together.

Both of you have to install the app on your phones, and you can grant your partner access to your device at the beginning of every play session. 

My Experience With Lovense Quake Dolce

I love trying out new toys, especially when they’re as exciting as this one! 

I needed some time to figure out how to adjust the neck of the Dolce to suit me. Through trial and error, I finally got it; it was only smooth sailing. I recommend getting the adjustment part out of the way before you get in the mood to play with it properly. 

I used plenty of water-based lube and put it inside me – it felt smooth, and the bulbous head gave me a nice full feeling. The manual controls were easy to find and use, but I was more excited about using the app and trying out all the features. I made a custom pattern that was just right for me. 

Oh, what a ride! 

I just let the toy do its thing while I enjoyed the sensations. The vibrations were super strong, and I could feel them very deep inside me. I was done in around 5 minutes, but the feeling was so good I decided to go for round two.

I also tried the Dolce during partner play. Giving up control to my partner was very arousing. Also, I had already saved my personal pattern, so they knew what to choose to drive me over the edge. 

I should also say that the Dolce was very comfortable as a wearable. It stays in place while you’re walking around naked or changing positions, so you can focus on playing rather than keeping the toy where it needs to be.

How to Clean It

Clean-up is super easy when it comes to waterproof toys like this. Just use warm water and soap. If you wish, you can use a special toy cleaner, but it’s unnecessary. 

Don’t forget to dry it thoroughly with a lint-free cloth because moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Keep it in a dry and cool place and clean it before and after each use to avoid getting an infection or allergic reaction. 

Price, Where To Buy

It’s better to get your Lovense Quake/Dolce right from the source – the manufacturer’s official website. The product is listed at 199$, and I promise you the quality and features are worth every penny. Plus, Lovense has sales regularly – you might get lucky and get it at a discount.  

What Do Other People Think About It?

Reddit is also a fan of Quake/Dolce. Here’s what they have to say:

As far as the app and connectivity, I’ve had great experiences with all three. Lovense toys have always had the most reliable connectivity compared to other brands I’ve tried – especially in long-distance mode.

Essentially, I think the Dolce is only worth it if you really need a wearable toy with both clit and G-spot stimulation but only have the budget for one toy.


Reddit user

I’ve had mine for a while, and I absolutely love it. It has given me tons of orgasms, and with the different levels, it’s a great tease on the clit. Only problem I have is it is quite noisy, and that makes it a bigger risk than the Lush.


Reddit user

Lovense Dolce Alternatives

Love the idea behind the Dolce, but there is just something missing? Don’t worry – there are plenty of alternatives to choose from.

If you like the functionality of the toys but want something more discreet for public play, go for the Lovense Lush 3.

It’s basically as big as Dolce’s insertable part. It’s slightly less powerful than the Dolce but still very strong. It’s virtually completely silent when inserted, and no clitoral stimulator will show under your thighs or pants, making it great for getting naughty in public.

If you like all these benefits but prefer a clitoral stimulator, consider the Lovense Ferri.

It’s a panty vibrator, extra quiet, and the smallest of all Lovense products, making it very stealthy and public play friendly. 

Both the Lush 3 and the Ferri work with the Lovense App, so you’ll still get all the fun functions it provides. 

Maybe you’re not a fan of public play but are just looking for a nice couple’s vibrator, and the Dolce is too big for your needs. Consider  We-Vibe Sync or We-Vibe Chorus.

They’re specifically designed to be worn during intercourse and sync up to an app much like the one by Lovense. 

They also have a remote you can use, so you don’t have to worry about Bluetooth connectivity. The Chorus’ remote can even be controlled by squeezing it and moving it around for a more intuitive experience. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Lovense Quake/Dolce, like all Lovense toys, is a great product guaranteed to make you shiver with delight. So hop on the powerful motors, start your earthQUAKE below the belt, and live out your DOLCE Vita

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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