LELO Beads Review [2024]: Are They Worth The Hype?

Easy to use, fun to play with, and pleasure guaranteed! Welcome to our Lelo Beads review. Find out how to use it and why you should get into Kegel exercises.

lelo beads review

Exercise is important! You probably already know that, right? You may jog, dance, go to the gym, ride a bike…

But do you exercise your vagina? 

If you’re staring at your screen with a puzzled look on your face, let me explain:

Yes, vaginas need exercise too. No, it’s not hard at all. Yes, exercising your vagina will improve the quality of your orgasm, among other things, like bladder control. Yes, there is exercise equipment for this. 

Speaking of equipment, I’ve been using LELO Beads for my exercises and couldn’t be happier with the experience. In this review, I’ll tell you a bit more about it and why you, too, should get into Kegel exercises.  

The Good

LELO Beads has 3 different beads sets, which differ in size and weight, so there are combinations for different experience levels. The balls and harness are made from body-safe materials, so they are non-toxic and can be disinfected properly after use. Not only will these balls help you with your Kegel exercises, but the weight rolling around in them cause very gentle vibrations that can be quite arousing.

The Not So Good

LELO’s bead options are pretty middle ground in terms of weight, so people with extremely weak pelvic floor muscles might find them hard to use, while experienced ladies might find them lacking. The balls themselves are made of ABS plastic, which is not as soft or silky as silicone – some people might find that off-putting.

The Bottom Line

LELO Beads are great for beginner to intermediate Kegel exercises that will benefit not only your health but also your overall sexual experience.

LELO Beads is for you if:

  • You are a beginner to intermediate level in Kegel exercises
  • You want to buy a high-end Ben Wa ball product
  • You are looking for a Kegel ball set with different weight options

LELO Beads might not be for you if:

  • Your muscles are extra weak and need to start with the lightest ball possible
  • You’re a pro in Kegel exercises and need a challenge
  • You prefer silicone for all insertable toys

My First Impressions of LELO Beads

LELO never ever disappoints when it comes to making a good impression. Their packages reflect the luxurious products inside them. From the moment you have your hands on the box, you know you’re getting something good. 

LELO Beads come in a simple and elegant black box with a big window through which you can see the colorful Kegel balls inside. The presentation is beautiful. I felt like I was opening a box of new jewelry. 

If you bought the Mini or Classic set, you would get 4 Kegel balls; if you bought the Plus set, you would get 6 Kegel balls

They’re different in weight, so you can mix and match your ideal exercise set. The balls are colorful, and the colors correspond to their weight, so you can differentiate them at a glance. 

You also get a silicone harness for the balls. You can wear 2 balls at once and increase the weight you’re playing with.

We also shouldn’t forget LELO’s staple extras they include in almost all of their products. 

You’ll find a black satin storage pouch to keep the product safe from all kinds of nastiness and a small sachet of their personal moisturizer so you can use your new toy right away. 

There is also a user manual, so you can use the Beads safely, and a warranty registration card – if there are any defects (which is highly unlikely), LELO has your back!

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

Let’s take a look at the product details, so you can get a better picture of what they’re all about.

LELO Beads

ABS / Silicone
1.14″ (Mini), 1.3″ (Classic and Plus)
Number of beads:
4 (Classic & Mini), 6 (Plus)
Mini and Classic – 0.06 lb. & 0.08 lb.Plus – 0.06 lb., 0.08 lb., & 0.13 lb.

Now that you’re familiar with what we’re talking about, let’s find out how these specs benefit you.

How Do LELO Beads Look & Feel?

The Kegel balls are a simple quality product. 

The balls are color-coded, so you can always reach for the right one. 

The pink balls are lightest (0.06 lb), the blue ones are a bit heavier (0.08 lb), and the purple ones are the heaviest (0.13 lb). 

They’re all made from non-porous body-safe ABS plastic, so they’re absolutely firm to the touch – this might feel hard for some users but also offers more resistance for your muscles. 

Inside every ball, there is a smaller weighted ball that rolls around freely, causing gentle vibrations. The outer shell is ever so slightly transparent, so you can actually see the weighted ball inside.

Three of the balls (one of each color) have a withdrawal string attached to them, so you can pull them out along with the harness and the second ball you’ve used (if you decide to use a second one, that is)

The harness has 2 loops to put the Kegel balls in. One side has a small hole through which you should pull the withdrawal string of one of the balls. 

Don’t worry, the balls won’t slip off the harness and get stuck in you. If you look closely, they have a small track on them, so they can latch onto the silicone harness and stay there. 

Key Functionality

Ultrasonic Welding Seal

Since the outer shell has a smaller ball rolling around inside, it’s possible that it will open, right? 


These balls are sealed with ultrasonic welding – nothing gets in or out. That means you don’t have to worry about moisture or germs building up inside the shell. 

Withdrawal Cord 

The withdrawal string some of the balls have works pretty much like the cord on a tampon – it makes removal safer and easier. 

The string is attached to the ball itself, so you can choose to wear only one ball without the harness instead of 2 at once, thus getting a lighter workout. 

Not all balls have strings – just one from each color. The other ones are meant to be used with the harness only.

Always make sure you’re loading the harness with at least one ball that has a withdrawal string. 

Different Weight Combinations

Depending on which set you buy, you get 2 or 3 different types of balls, so you can combine them and exercise with your ideal weight.  

Use them separately or combine 2 with the harness

The lightest option you can go for is one pink ball and the heaviest – two purple balls. 

Start light and work your way up, like you would with any exercise. Don’t go straight for the hardest option, especially if you’re a beginner

You won’t get better results, you’ll just have trouble keeping the balls inside you and get more and more frustrated. Not to mention you might cause yourself some pain. 

Choosing proper weights will feel more comfortable and will let you wear them for extended periods of time, achieving better results.

Noise Level

The weighted balls rattle a bit inside the hard plastic shell, but the noise is virtually undetectable, especially if you’re wearing them. 

Three Bead Sizes

Vaginas differ in size and elasticity due to age, sexual experience, or just plain genetics. That’s why the balls come in 3 different sizes.

LELO Beads Mini offers smaller balls and is great if you don’t have much (or any) sexual experience or are just naturally extra tight. 

LELO Beads Classic ones are great for women under 30 who have never experienced childbirth. 

Meanwhile, LELO Beads Plus has 1 more pair of balls. The diameter is the same, but it’s heavier at 0.13 lbs. 

The bigger options are perfect for getting your pelvic floor and vagina walls back in shape after birth or to make your vagina more elastic and flexible. 

There is also a LELO Beads Noir version which only has two balls in black. Its diameter is 1.1 inches, and it weighs 0.08 lbs. EACH.

How to Use LELO Beads 

Inserting The Beads

First, choose your desired weight

If you want to train with two balls, put them in the harness and make sure they fit securely and that there is a withdrawal string through the hole at the bottom of the harness. 

Put some lube on the balls and yourself for easy insertion with no discomfort. 

Try to put them in deeper, like you would a tampon. Otherwise, you would feel uncomfortable. 

Using the Beads 

You can do some vagina muscle tightening exercises while wearing the beads. 

Just squeeze your vaginal muscles like when you’re trying to hold your pee in. Hold this for a couple of seconds, and then release.  

Repeat for about a minute.

You can also just walk with your LELO Beads around the house. 

The gentle rattling of the weights not only works your muscles but also feels pleasurable. Now that’s a workout you can smile through!

Removing the Beads

Removing the beads is easy! 

Just grab onto the withdrawal string and pull them out slowly. Try to relax your muscles while doing so. If you clench, removal will be more difficult. 

How Long Can I Wear The Beads? 

Wear them for as long as you like and feel comfortable. I would recommend you start with short sessions and then go on wearing your Beads more and more.

Are there other times when you should take the balls out? 

Let’s talk about the 3 Ps – peeing, pooping, and periods. 

You can comfortably wear your beads while going number 1, so don’t stress about getting them out. 

For number 2, however… I would advise you not to risk it. The pushing will probably also push the beads out of you and into the nastiness of the toilet bowl.

When it comes to wearing them during periods… I haven’t tried it myself

However, I also don’t see serious issues with it. 

Keep in mind the blood might permanently stain the string and that you won’t be able to wear tampons while having the beads inside you.

My Experience With LELO Beads

I loved the LELO Beads from the very first time I used them and continue to use them regularly. 

I pick my desired weights, make sure they’re clean, and put them in the harness (which should also be clean).  

I add lube, slowly insert them into my vagina like I would a tampon, and go about some house chores or make conscious kegel exercises. 

I should say the first time I used them, all the lube I needed was the small LELO personal moisturizer sachet that came in the box. 

LELO always adds a lube sachet to their boxes. I think it’s too small for anything else, but it’s perfect for the beads! There won’t be any excessive friction, so a small amount of lube goes a long way.

Brag time – I’m already up to 2 blue balls (there is an obvious joke in here, but I’m going to ignore it just because I’m classy like that).

Sometimes, I even put the beads inside me during a solo play session. I focus on stimulating my clit, while the beads give me a very pleasurable full feeling and rattle slightly when I move. It’s an awesome technique for when you want to add some internal stimulation without the hassle of getting a vibe or dildo out. 

How to Clean It

Clean-up is easy because there are no mechanical parts the water can damage. What’s more, the balls are sealed, so moisture won’t enter. 

Dismantle your beads before washing them – the balls and harnesses should be washed separately. Just use warm water and soap – that should be more than enough for disinfecting everything. You can also use a toy cleaner if you prefer. 

Always dry them thoroughly before storing them anywhere because moisture is a bacteria breeding ground.  

LELO Beads Price, Where To Buy

It’s always a safe bet to buy products directly from the manufacturer – you get the best deals, and you are guaranteed to avoid any scams.

The Beads are sold on LELO’s site for about $69 (the Classic set).

LELO has many other amazing products, so check the site out – you might like another toy. 

What Do Other People Think About It?

You should always take a look at more than one user review when getting a sex toy. So let’s go to Reddit! 

Although you can wear them to work, while going a walk, or doing your day to day chores (it makes vacuuming much more fun!) I would definitely wear a good pair of supportive underwear when starting off until you get used to the feeling and work up your pelvic floor muscles into keeping them in by themselves.


Reddit User

I freaking LOVE my ben-wa balls! My boyfriend sent them to me last year, and I can’t even tell you how much I love them! If you stick them inside right on your g-spot and then rock your hips, the sensation is like nothing else.


Reddit User

LELO Beads Alternatives

LELO Beads vs. Je Joue Ami

Je Joue Ami

The Je Joue Ami exercise set is a bit cheaper than the LELO but has just 3 weight options, so you won’t be getting any customization with it. On the bright side, it is very well made and simple to use. 

LELO Beads vs. CalExotics She-ology Interchangeable Kegel 2

CalExotics She-ology Interchangeable Kegel 2

The CalExotics has 2 harnesses – one for a single ball and one for 2 balls. 

Each ball has a different weight, so you can gradually increase the resistance for your exercise sessions. The two heaviest balls in this set are a tad bit heavier than LELO’s, so if the Beads set is too light for you – this is where to turn. 

All the balls are made of silicone, which is softer and silkier than the ABS plastic LELO’s balls are made of. If you prefer a softer sensation, CalExotics might be more suitable for you. 

However, they don’t have rattling weights inside, so you’ll miss out on the gentle, pleasurable vibes of the LELO. 

LELO Beads vs. Blush Wellness Kegel

Blush Wellness Kegel

The Blush Wellness Kegel balls also come with two harnesses – for a single weight and double weights. They offer 9 different weight combinations for exercises.

Everything is made of silicone, so they feel softer and smoother and provide less resistance for your muscles. You’ll also miss out on the gentle vibrations LELO Beads’ internal weights offer. 

Want to learn more about female sex toys? Check out our guide here.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your pelvic floor and vagina wall muscles toned is important – you’ll better your sex life, have stronger orgasms, and have more control over your bladder …. What’s not to love about this? 

Get yourself wet and start combining healthy habits and pleasure.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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