6 Best Sex Toy Apps That Let You Control Vibrators [2024]

Control your favorite vibrating toys in close range or long distance with the best sex toy apps! We give you a detailed review of the best features these vibrator apps have to offer. Read on:

Sex toys have come a long way since they were first invented. From being only available at a few select stores, they’re now available and controllable at your fingertips via your smartphone.

Sex toy apps give you the power to use your smartphone to control your toy and even create that personal touch. Heck, you can even have your partner control the vibes near or far.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 6 of the best sex toy apps out there that allow you to control vibrators. Plus, some practical tips on choosing the right toy that goes with the right app.

But first, our TOP THREE.

SexualAlpha Top Pick

The Lovense Remote App is BY FAR the best sex toy app for app-controlled vibrators with the most reliable connectivity. It offers the most compatible sex toys for different types of pleasure, allowing you to play around, customize, save, and share different vibe settings. You can use it for short-range and long-distance control and even connect compatible toys that relay movements, whether near or far.


The We-Connect App runs a close second, offering a good range of compatible vibrators in its arsenal. It comes with customizable vibration speed and intensity settings, wrapped in fun touch-screen controls, plus in-app messaging features. You can even customize the vibrations to specific elements of the music you want to sync with your toy.

Best App For Male Masturbators

For the most interactive sex toy experience for men, the FeelConnect App is your best bet. You can sync different types of sex toys from the app’s partner brands for a more personalized partnered sex experience. You can even sync your toy’s strokes and vibrations to adult content and feel what’s happening in real-time.

Top Sex Toy Apps That Control Vibrators in 2024


We-Connect App

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Lovense Remote App

Best App For Male Masturbators

FeelConnect App

Device compatibility:
iOS, Android
iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac
iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac
Device compatibility:
Compatible sex toys:
iOS, Android
Close-range/long-distance control, touch-screen adjustments, customizable vibrations, syncs to music beats/ambient sounds, in-app messaging
iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac
Close-range/long-distance control, customizable vibrations, in-app messaging, syncs to music, sound-activated controls, long-distance sex, webcam interactions
iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac
Close-range/long-distance control, in-app messaging, interaction between two devices, watch interactive 2D/3D adult content in real-time, webcam interactions

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Lovense Remote App

Device compatibility: 
iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac
Compatible sex toys:
Close-range/long-distance control, customizable vibrations, in-app messaging, syncs to music, sound-activated controls, long-distance sex, webcam interactions
  • Unlimited vibration patterns and customizations
  • Real-time relay of movements between toys
  • Reliable connectivity
  • Can’t sync to audio erotica and adult films

Lovense has been leading the interactive sex toy pack for quite some time now. It’s no surprise why it offers the most compatible number of sex toys for different types of pleasure.

Now, let’s talk about the Lovense Remote app.

All 22 Lovense toys are compatible with this remote app. That means you can play around with different pre-set vibration settings, create custom vibes, save them to your toy, share them… You can also explore a wide array of vibes created by other Lovense users. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

You can even sync the toy’s vibrations to your favorite music beats, background noise, and your (your partner’s) voice for a unique solo-play experience.

Playing with a partner? You can chat, call, and video-chat while controlling your partner’s toy’s vibrations in real-time and vice versa. You can also use the app for short-range control of your partner’s wearable device for some discreet public play action.

But what really sets Lovense toys apart – specifically the Nora rabbit vibe and the Max 2 masturbator – is their ability to interact with each other. Connecting both toys through the app means relaying each toy’s movements.

And the BEST PART about the Lovense Remote app? The company updates the software based on real user feedback, giving you a reliable connection each time.


2. We-Connect App

Device compatibility: 
iOS, Android
Compatible sex toys:
Close-range/long-distance control, touch-screen adjustments, customizable vibrations, syncs to music beats/sounds, in-app messaging
  • More customizable music syncing
  • Turn the toys on and off through the app
  • Most We-Vibe toys come with a physical remote control for versatility
  • App not compatible with some devices
  • Toys don’t interact with each other through the app

Coming in second place is the We-Connect app from We-Vibe.

Like the Lovense Remote app, you can control compatible We-Vibe toys in both close range and long distances.

You can customize the speed and intensity of vibrations with fun touch-screen adjustments – the vibes intensify when you press your phone screen harder. You can stay in touch with your partner through in-app messaging features. And you can take control of your partner’s pleasure in real-time.

Depending on the number of motors included in your We-Vibe device, you can control each motor separately and customize each motor’s vibes.

While most sex toy apps on our list sync to music beats, We-Connect takes this feature further if you get the We-Vibe Sync dual stimulator.

You get additional Beat and Touch mode options that let you customize which elements of the music you want to sync to your toy’s vibrations.

Although there are only 14 We-Connect compatible toys, it’s a good enough range to cater to vulva- and penis-having users. They even come with a physical remote as backup controls if your smartphone runs out of juice.

We’re putting We-Connect in second place because they don’t have compatible couple toys that can interact with each other’s movements through the app, unlike Lovense.

Best App for Male Masturbators

3. FeelConnect App

Device compatibility: 
iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac
Compatible sex toys:
Close-range/long-distance control, in-app messaging, interaction between two devices, watch interactive 2D/3D adult content in real-time, webcam interactions
  • Wide range of connectible sex toys
  • Syncs to an array of adult content
  • Real-time virtual stimulation
  • Limited vibration customizations
  • Male-focused pleasure

For men looking for the most interactive sex toy experience, the FeelConnect app is your best bet along with its wide range of connectible sex toys.

Thanks to Kiiroo’s partnerships with other sex toy brands, you can control different sex toys through the app. Plus, sync different types of sex toys for a more personalized partnered sex experience.

Okay, here’s what I mean.

If you have a penis-having partner, you can sync their stroker or vibrator to your G-spot, clit, or rabbit vibrator through the app. You can mix and match different toys that fit your pleasure best, so no partner should ever compromise with the other’s pleasure.

And if you get off from watching adult films, you can use the FeelConnect app to sync your toy’s strokes and vibrations to what’s happening on-screen in real-time. Pair that with some VR goggles, and BOOM!

The only downside to the FeelConnect app is the limited vibration customizations and in-app messaging controls. But I don’t think you need to worry about those things when you get a lot of enjoyment from adult videos and websites with regular updates.

Best Orgasm Tracker

4. OhMiBod Remote App

Device compatibility: 
iOS, Android
Compatible sex toys:
Close-range/long-distance control, customizable vibrations, in-app messaging, log/track/share your orgasms, syncs to music/ambient sound, heartbeat biofeedback vibrations
  • Can sync your (your partner’s) heartbeat to the toy’s vibrations
  • Sync music beats along with your SO
  • Track and share orgasms
  • Mostly compatible with newer operating systems

The OhMiBod Remote app offers similar close-range and long-distance controls as the Lovense Remote and We-Connect apps. You can play around with its pre-set vibration speed and patterns or customize them with a touch or tap of your fingers, respectively.

Plus, you can connect with your partner no matter the distance – chat with them through video or text, send some sexy photos, and hand over the vibration controls. 

But what sets the OhMiBod Remote app from all other sex toy apps out there is its built-in Oh!Dometer feature. It logs and tracks your orgasms and shares them with your partner. It’s perfect for couples who are into orgasm control or sharing intimate details with their partners.

And it works for both iOS and Android compatible devices. Now, if you’ve got an iOS device, the app’s features just keep getting better.

Through the app and your iOS device, you can create playlists of your favorite songs, sync your toy’s vibrations, and listen to them with your partner. If you’ve got an Apple Watch, you can take advantage of OhMiBod’s PULSE function, where your (or your partner’s) heartbeats sync to your vibrator. 

The faster the heartbeats, the faster the vibrations!

Just make sure to check your device’s operating system as the OhMiBod Remote only supports Android 5.0 and iOS 10 devices or newer ones.

Best for Erotic Audiobook Lovers

5. Vibease App

Device compatibility: 
iOS, Android
Compatible sex toys:
Syncs to erotic audiobooks, close-range/long-distance control, in-app messaging, interactive touch controls, customizable vibrations, syncs to music and nature sounds
  • Simple app interface
  • Only app that syncs to audio erotica
  • Toy vibration intensity matches the story intensity
  • Limited number of compatible toys
  • Female-focused pleasure

One of the unique features of the Vibease app that you can’t get from other apps is its ability to sync your Vibease toys to hundreds of erotic audiobooks. Your toy’s vibrations synchronize with what’s happening in the story.

So, if it says stop, the vibes stop; slow, the vibes slow down; FAST… Well, you get the idea.

Aside from that, you get the usual close-range and long-distance controls that you can enjoy solo or with a partner. You can customize the vibrations through its easy-to-use app interface AND chat, call, and video chat with your partner.

It also comes with a fun interactive touchpad that lets your partner take control of the intensity and speed of vibrations.

The only downside is the limited number of connectible toys to the app. You can only use the app with Vibease’s wearable vibe, rabbit vibe, and lipstick vibe.

As you can see, they’re all for female-focused pleasure, opposite to most connectible toys to the FeelConnect app.

Most Customizable Vibrator App

6. MysteryVibe App

Device compatibility: 
iOS, Android
Compatible sex toys:
Countless downloadable pre-set vibration patterns, customizable vibrations, Bluetooth short-range live control 
  • Preview vibe patterns before download
  • Create 5-min custom vibes to save on your device
  • All compatible toys come with 2/6 individually-controlled motors and 16 levels of intensity
  • Can’t control the toy through the app over Wi-Fi (long-distance)
  • No interactive and music syncing features

Like the Vibease app, the MysterVibe app can ONLY connect to 3 MysteryVibe vibrating sex toys – namely, the Crescendo, Tenuto, and Poco. But unlike Vibease vibrators, these vibrators work across genders, providing different types of sensations.

Each vibrator comes with 2 or 6 individually-controlled motors with up to 16 intensity levels that you can play around with and customize with different vibe pattern combos! You can create up to 5 minutes of custom vibrations that you can save on your device.

If you don’t have the time to customize ‘em, you can always choose from a wide array of pre-set vibration patterns. Simply preview the vibes and download them for free and straight to your device.

Rearrange the vibes on your vibrator for the most personalized experience.

The only downside is you can only use the app as a Bluetooth remote to control your device up to a 30-feet (10-meter) range. You can’t use the app to control toys over Wi-Fi or give your long-distance partner control. There are also no in-app messaging and interactive features yet.

Buying Guide

If you’re a techy pleasure seeker, you should start looking at the remote app’s capabilities and features before finding a compatible vibrator that works for you.

Mobile Software Compatibility

When it comes to sex toys and software, compatibility is vital for a seamless wireless experience. If you’re unable to download the app because it’s incompatible with your smartphone, you’re going to feel frustrated and ripped off!

Mobile devices are pretty common and easy to use. But depending on your type of phone and how old it is, it might not handle specific software. You need to make sure that your app is compatible with your phone (or PC) and the newest version of the software available.

App Functions and Capabilities

Today, sex toy apps are designed to make your vibrators even more fun to use. Some of them are designed for solo and couples’ play. When alone or with a partner, most of these apps will let you control your toy’s speed and intensity from anywhere.

You don’t have to worry about getting up from your bed or chair to increase your toy’s speed. You can even customize your vibrations, save them, and share them for others to see and use.

Also, you can use these apps to control your toy even when you’re out and about and live miles apart. *All hail, long-distance sex!* Some of the best apps even have virtual sex simulations!

Different types of vibrators offer different speed and pulsation options. You can say the same thing for sex toy apps providing you with different functions. If you want variety to get off, it’s best to choose one that has lots of functions to offer.

Interactive Features

Sex toy apps let you explore a new fetish or kink you might not have known about. It’s also a great way to stay connected with your partner. When choosing an app, make sure that it offers interactive features you and your partner can make the most use of.

Apps with in-app messaging features let you take photos, videos, sext, video chat, and record your voice to send to your partner. You can create patterns for your lover and even live-control their vibrators. You can even pair your toy with your partner’s and relay each other’s movements. That’s as close to having real-life sex as possible!

Other Features

Aside from customizable vibrations for solo use and long-distance control for partnered play, vibrator apps also come with additional features.

Most apps let you sync your toy’s vibrations to your favorite music, ambient sound, and background noise. Even one app (Vibease) syncs your toy’s vibrations with audio erotica – matching the vibe intensity with what’s happening in the story. Some apps sync your toy with 2D/3D adult content. There are even some apps that let you interact with live cam models and tip them.

Again, choose an app with features you know you (or your partner) will enjoy for a long time.

Now, Choose Your Vibrator

Once you’re figured out what you need from your sex toy app, find a compatible vibrator that works best for you. One of the great things about experiencing sex toys is that everyone enjoys pleasure differently.

For example, some vibrators focus on stimulating a person’s G-spot and others on stimulating the clitoris. Then you have others that offer a fuller overall body experience. For penis owners, some toys stroke your penis while some give squeezing and sucking sensations.

Think carefully about your preferences so you can find the toy best suited to your pleasure.

Also, don’t forget to consider where you want to use your vibrator and control it through your remote app. If you’re taking it out for public play, make sure it’s wearable, comfortable, and quiet. For some splish-splash fun, make sure that your vibrator is waterproof.


How to connect apps to your phone and sex toys?

First, you need to download the sex toy app compatible with your vibrator on your smartphone, laptop, or desktop. Most apps will prompt you to create an account. So, make sure to do this if you don’t have one yet to take advantage of all the app’s features.

Also, ensure that your app-controlled vibrator’s got a full charge before taking it to O town. Some toys can hold a charge overnight. But I recommend charging the toy the same day you want to use it, especially for the first time.

Next, turn on the Bluetooth on your sex toy and smartphone. Make sure the toy’s indicator light is blinking so the app can locate it. Use the app to scan for your sex toy and link your device. After the initial pairing, you only need to toggle on/off your preferred toy to use the app.

You can now explore various features and functions the app gives to your vibrator.

How to make the most of your sex toys using their apps?

App-controlled vibrators are one of the most versatile sex toys on the current market. You can use them solo and for close-range and long-distance partner control.

Solo play

Use your smartphone for some hands-free action while at home. Play around with the different controls and change the intensity and speed of vibrations. Customize vibrations for a unique orgasmic experience every time. Synchronize the toy’s vibrations to music, audiobooks, and adult content.

With sex toy apps, gone are the days of getting messy fiddling with your vibrator’s settings and controls.

Discreet public play

App-controlled vibrators are a great way to spice things up a little bit and add a little thrill for both you and your partner while out. Choose a wearable vibrator that’s discreet, easy to use, and fits inconspicuously into your undergarments. Give your partner control through the app while you’re out on a date or even while you’re miles apart.

You’ll be able to satisfy all your public desires discreetly with those around you none the wiser – as long as you can keep from moaning too loud!

Long-distance control

Sex toy apps with compatible toys give LDR couples a chance to connect and be intimate with each other. Take advantage of the in-app messaging features like chat, video call, and live-controlling your partner’s sex toy vibrations.

Your partner can slow things down, stop mid-action, or switch it up entirely as they please, essentially giving them complete control over the situation depending on what they’re hoping to happen next. You can even synchronize compatible toys to relay movements in real-time.

Cam sites

App-controlled toys are also great for cam models. You can give your clients control over your toys to get precisely what they want. In the process, you’ll make a lot of dough, too!


There aren’t many companies that make app-controlled vibrators as of this writing. The big hitters are the ones we’ve included on our list.

But even though the market isn’t crowded with these toys yet, the smart sex toy market is evolving and here to stay. We hope our article has helped you find the right mobile app that goes with your vibrator for your (and your partner’s) pleasure.

Now, get those fingers busy and start exploring your sexuality today!

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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