The Womanizer Duo Review: The Clit-Sucking Vibrator (2024)

In this Womanizer Duo review, I’ll share my thoughts on this dual-pleasure clit sucker & G-spot vibrator. Is it really ‘the best of two worlds; let’s find out.

womanizer duo

There’s always something exciting about buying a new sex toy, especially one that’s intended for solo play. It feels like an investment in my pleasure.

Nothing is more pleasurable to me than having all my buttons pushed in just the right way at the same time. So when Womanizer came out with the Duo – a dual-pleasure clit sucker and G-spot vibrator – I knew I needed to get one.

If ever there was an investment in my pleasure, this was it. And as a luxury sex toy, the Duo has the price tag to match.

So, does it live up to its promise of being ‘the best of two worlds,’ or is this just another failed attempt at a clit-sucking rabbit?

The Good

The Duo packs all the best things about clit suckers and G-spot vibes into a single toy. The controls are incredibly versatile and give total control over every aspect of stimulation. Its bendable vibrator and interchangeable heads mean it’s much more likely to fit a variety of bodies.

The Not So Good

This toy is not cheap – at over $200, it’s not accessible if you’re on a budget. A dual-pleasure toy will never fit everyone, so there’s a chance it won’t work for you. It’s bulky, a bit awkward to use, and its many buttons can be confusing. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a luxury self-pleasure toy with all the bells and whistles, plus ultimate control over your pleasure, this is it. Unfortunately, there’s no way to be sure it will work with your body before you buy it, and with a luxury price tag, that’s quite an investment.

The Womanizer Duo is FOR YOU if:

  • You’re a fan of clit suckers
  • You love clitoral and G-spot stimulation at the same time
  • You want to take your self-pleasure sessions to the next level
  • You want precise control over intensity settings
  • You like rumbly vibrations

The Womanizer Duo is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You want a toy for partner play
  • You want thrusting sensations
  • You’re on a budget

Womanizer Duo First Impressions / Packaging

womanizer duo

A luxury toy like the Womanizer Duo should come with luxury packaging, and that’s exactly what I found when I got my hands on it.

This dual-pleasure toy comes in four colors – the original Black Gold and Bordeaux and the recently-added Raspberry and Blueberry.

The two newer colors include an extra-special something, so I went for the Blueberry.

The box itself featured a cutout with the Duo proudly displayed inside. The packaging was the same luxurious deep blue, with a wide streak of shimmering gold cutting across the middle.

I was so excited to open it up and see all the goodies inside! I found, alongside the Duo, its magnetic USB charging cable, user guide, and extra interchangeable head

Now the part I was really excited about – the Raspberry and Blueberry versions of the Duo come with a clitoris keychain! Call me easily impressed, but I love this little extra. The Duo is all about self-pleasure, and these little touches reflect that.

The cherry on top was the lovely satin travel pouch, printed with the phrase, ‘Go. Love yourself!’ That sounded like excellent advice, and I couldn’t wait to put it into action.

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

womanizer duo

Womanizer Duo

Head Materials:
Medical-grade silicone
Body Materials:
Phthalate-free silicone, ABS plastic
Insertable dimensions:
4” (L) x 1.3” (W)
1.96 lbs
Other features:
Waterproof, Smart Silence Technology

Womanizer is really expanding not just their range, but the sex toy industry as a whole with this sleek silicone toy. Pressure wave toys are still the newcomers on the market, and Womanizer has gone one step further in innovation by coupling that with a 4-inch-long vibrator.

Add to that their Smart Silence Technology that ensures the toy won’t turn on until it touches your skin, and this is seriously a high-tech piece of equipment.

How Does the Womanizer Duo Look & Feel?

The Womanizer Duo—with its sleek oblong body, extended vibrator, and decorative silver chevron—reminded me a little of a sci-fi phaser at first. I kind of liked that, though. 

It also had six buttons. Yes, you read that right. It wins the prize of being the most complex sex toy in my collection so far.

The power button is positioned at the base of the Duo, right near the charging point. 

On the body, I found the other five buttons – two each for controlling the suction and vibration, respectively, and another for cycling through different vibration patterns. Talk about high-tech!

I felt like I was about to embark on a futuristic mission of pleasure. 

For a toy that combines a clit sucker and a vibrator, the Duo is surprisingly streamlined. The vibrator feature is intended to stimulate the G-spot, and its shape makes that clear. 

It’s also (thankfully) bendable to make sure you can position the insertable arm just where you want it. 

Sex toys are never one-size-fits-all, and that includes the Duo. But Womanizer has definitely made a real effort to make sure the Duo fits as many bodies as possible. 

Almost the entire toy is made of silky-soft silicone, which proves that you get what you pay for. It felt amazing against my skin, and, like any good sex toy, all the materials that make up the Duo are non-porous and body-safe.

Womanizer Duo Design & Key Functionality

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Comfort & Fit

As always, one size does not fit all when it comes to sex toys. What works for me might not work for you, and that’s okay! That said, toys like the Duo tend to work with average clit-to-vag distance in mind, so if other rabbit toys have worked for you in the past, there’s a good chance this one will too. 

The insertable vibe also has quite a bit of give in it, so you can adjust one way or the other. The arm itself is a pretty unintimidating 4 inches long and 1.3 inches wide, so if you’re comfortable with other vibes that size, this should be a good fit.

The whole toy is pretty bulky, so it can be pretty awkward to use at first. But once you get used to it, you’ll be happy for the extra power a toy like this provides.

Pleasure Air Technology

If you know Womanizer, you’ll know that they basically invented the clit sucker with their patented Pleasure Air Technology. They’re the original and, in my opinion, the best air-suction toys on the market

That definitely translates to the Duo. 

The clit sucker part of this toy follows in the footsteps of the rest of the Womanizer range. Because of the added insertable vibrator, though, it approaches the clit from the opposite angle to other Womanizer products. It’s something to get used to, and it can be tricky to get the angle right, depending on your anatomy. 

If you do, though, you can expect powerful touchless clit stimulation with an impressive 12 levels of intensity.

Dual Motors

Unlike a regular rabbit toy, the Duo has two very distinct sensations – air-suction in the clit stimulator and vibration in the insertable shaft. 

Womanizer teamed up with We-Vibe a few years ago, and the result is next-level sex toys. We-Vibe has always been known for its powerful, rumbly vibrators, and Womanizer is known for its intensely pleasurable clit suckers. The Duo is the absolute best of both worlds.

It would have been easy for Womanizer to offer just one control for both these elements and call it a day. Instead, they’ve gone above and beyond with separate controls for each part of the toy. This gives you ultimate control over your pleasure and pretty much guarantees that you’ll never get bored.

Smart Silence™ Technology

This is a very cool feature in the Duo that you can also find in a few other Womanizer clit suckers, like the Premium, Premium 2, and the Premium Eco. 

Most air-pressure toys get significantly louder when they’re not in contact with the body. 

To combat this, Smart Silence Technology means the Duo won’t turn on until it’s in contact with your skin. 

It also goes back to standby mode if it loses contact. In this mode, the head of the toy lights up, so you always know what the Duo is doing.

Pro Tip

By default, this feature is turned on, but you can also disable it by holding down the two buttons that control the clit sucker at the same time.

Two Sizes of Stimulator Heads

To make sure the Duo will fit as many clit-owners as possible, the toy comes with an interchangeable head in a different size. 

I love this about Womanizer products – so many of them are built with various clitoris sizes in mind.

You can pretty much be sure that whatever your clit size, the Duo will offer focused, touchless stimulation

Charging and Battery Life

Charging the Womanizer Duo is as easy as connecting the charging cable to the two magnetic pins at the base of the toy and then plugging it into your computer or a wall adapter.

The Duo’s charging time is about 2 hours, and you’ll know it’s done when the blinking light in the toy’s head becomes steady. 

On a full charge, you have between 2 to 4 hours of playtime, depending on the settings you’re using. 

For a toy with two powerful motors, this is really impressive. It’s also more than enough for several self-pleasure sessions!


The Duo is IPX7 waterproof, which means it’s completely safe to submerge in water without risk of damage. Bathtime just got a lot more interesting…

How to Use Womanizer Duo

womanizer duo reviews

Because of the dual purpose of the Womanizer Duo, it’s necessary to first insert the vibrator and then position the clit sucker. Use a little bit of water-based lube both on yourself and on the vibrator and air-suction mouth to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

It may take some patience to find the right-sized suction head, the right seal over the clitoris, AND the right angle for G-spot stimulation all at the same time. 

Unfortunately, rabbit toys will always be a bit difficult to position, and there’s no way to make a toy that will suit everyone’s anatomy (at least, not yet – I’m holding out hope). 

That means the Duo won’t fit everyone, but its bendable arm does mean there’s more leeway than most other dual-pleasure toys.

Once it is in place, turn it on with the power button on the toy’s base. You can then use the two sets of buttons to control the intensity of the clit sucker and the vibrator separately. 

Even though there are a lot of separate buttons to keep track of, the controls for these two are smack-bang in the middle of the toy’s body, so they’re the easiest to find. 

The ‘+’ and ‘-’ controls for the clit sucker are closest to the toy’s base, towards the magnetic charger. The vibration controls are actually closest to the clit sucking head.

You can also tell them apart by the icons on each of their ‘+’ buttons.

To turn the air suction on (or up), press the button that looks a bit like a speaker icon (or like air pressure waves, I guess!) 

The vibrator button features a vertical bar with self-explanatory vibration lines coming out of its head. 

Each of these has a corresponding ‘-’ button to turn down the intensity.

There are also 10 different patterns to choose from, and you can cycle through these with a separate button (the one on its own, covered in little dots.) 

It sounds complicated, but in practice, it doesn’t take too long to figure out where everything is. Then you can get onto the more important task of enjoying yourself!

My Experience With Womanizer Duo

womanizer duo review

Unlike a single-purpose sex toy, the Duo required quite a bit of set-up before the fun could begin. But once it started, I didn’t want it to stop

I began by getting the toy in place, which took quite a while to get right. 

Once I got the vibe hitting my G-spot, I couldn’t get the clit sucker to sit right. So I’d adjust it, and then the vibrator would feel weird. 

It took quite a bit of back and forth and a lot of fine-tuning the bendable vibrator, but eventually, I got it!

Usually, I like to start with clitoral stimulation before I have anything penetrating me. The Duo, unfortunately, doesn’t really allow for this, but the vibrator’s size meant that it was noticeable without feeling intrusive. 

I started off by playing around in the lower settings of the clit sucker. 

With all those buttons, it did take a little while to get the controls right – I had to keep looking to ensure I was hitting the right button. Once I got used to them, though, they weren’t too hard to navigate. 

I really enjoy thrusting sensations, but because the Duo is one single piece, it was impossible to thrust without totally dislodging the clit sucker. I found it possible to rock the vibe back and forth a little, though, which offered more stimulation on my G-spot. 

After I got nice and warmed up, I started with the vibrator. And WOW, does this toy hit the spot. 

ALL the spots, in fact. 

I played around with different combinations of soft sucking and strong vibrations versus strong sucking and soft vibrations. It genuinely felt like the possibilities were endless. 

When you add the 10 different patterns, it’s an absolute world of pleasure.

I enjoy the kinds of orgasms I get from clitoral stimulation alone, especially from a nice thuddy clit sucker. But couple that with deep rumbly vibrations against my G-spot – the pleasure felt like it spread much further and deeper into my body, and the orgasm lasted for ages without being overwhelming.

How to Clean the Womanizer Duo

Cleaning the Womanizer Duo is just like cleaning any waterproof vibe or clit sucker – just in the one package. 

The best way is to remove the suction head and clean it with mild soap or a toy cleaner and warm water. 

Then you can spray some sex toy cleaner into the head of the clit sucker and submerge the toy in warm soapy water, washing it thoroughly. Let the clit sucker run underwater for a minute or so to move the water around in all the small crevices.

Afterward, let the whole toy dry before replacing the head and packing it in its satin bag.

Womanizer Duo Price, Where To Buy

As a luxury sex toy, the Duo comes with a luxury price. But for $219, you’re getting what you pay for. You can find the best price at Womanizer.

What Do Other People Think About It?

I always loved the idea of air pulse toys but could never fully “get off” from one before…The duo changed that – it did give me the combination of the internal pressure against my G-spot I needed in combination of the clit action as well, and it was the first air pulse toy that truly did it for me.


Reddit User

It didn’t work for me due to the angle of how the “suction” portion is placed in comparison to the inserted portion… I think it will be hit or miss depending on your body and how you like to have your “suction” toys angled when you use them.


Reddit User

It’s a beautiful machine, honestly. I don’t even like rabbit vibrators, and this is the only all-in-one dual stimulator that always gets me off really well and multiply.


Reddit User

Womanizer Duo Alternatives

duo vibrator

Womanizer InsideOut

The Duo is a new and improved version of the InsideOut. Both toys feature independently adjustable clit suckers and vibrators, with 12 levels each, but the Duo’s vibrations are significantly stronger. It also features Smart Silence Technology, which the InsideOut doesn’t have. 

However, if budget is a consideration, the InsideOut is less than half the price of the Duo, making it an excellent alternative if you don’t mind an older model.

the womanizer duo

Womanizer Premium 2

If you like clit-sucking stimulation but don’t want to be obligated to use a vibe at the same time, the Premium 2 is a single-purpose clit sucker. It has 14 intensity levels, plus an autopilot mode that randomly cycles through different levels. It also includes the same Smart Silence Technology as the Duo, so you can enjoy your pleasure sessions in privacy. 

If you want to know more about the Premium 2, check out our Womanizer Premium 2 review!

womenizer duo

Lelo Enigma

Compared to the Womanizer Duo, I find the Enigma much easier to hold. Its curved handle makes it easy to get a good grip on the toy without keeping your arm outstretched. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t give the option of individual motor controls, so you just have to hope that you like equally intense clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

If you want to learn more about G-spot vibrators and clit suckers, consider checking out our ultimate list of female sex toys in this guide.

Final Thoughts

As a dual-stimulation sex toy, the Duo is every bit as luxurious as it looks. The combined sensations, plus the absolute control over intensity, make this toy a divine self-pleasure companion.

The only real downside is that it won’t fit every body, but the interchangeable heads and bendable vibe go a long way in making this accessible to many users. There’s also a bit of a learning curve in positioning and controlling the Duo, but once you figure that out, it’s a straight shot to intense pleasure.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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