We-Vibe Vector Review [2023]: After 3 Month Testing & How To Use It

In this We-Vibe Vector review you’ll learn how good is this prostate massager, who is it right for & how does it fare against its top alternatives (after 3 mo testing):

We-Vibe Vector Review

Are you ready to enter the P-zone?

Vibrating prostate massagers create a whole new world of pleasure, and one of the most popular products out there is the Vector from We-Vibe.

If you’re looking for a P-massager controllable by either a remote control or phone app, the Vector might seem like it hits all the right spots — but what’s it really like in action?

Check out my complete We-Vibe Vector review below. After using it for several weeks, I’ve detailed my experiences, including what it’s made from, how it feels, and how well the control options work.

Ready to check it out? Let’s go!

The Good

The Vector does a lot right with a flexible design, ten vibration settings, and multiple control options — using the toy’s button, the wireless remote control, and through the We-Connect app. But, while it delivers amazing sensations, it’s not so overwhelmingly intense as to frighten away P-massager newbies.

The Not So Good

The app is bad, buggy, and unreliable. If app connectivity is a major must-have for you (or you and your partner), go with the Lovense Edge 2 instead.

The Bottom Line

I have no problem recommending the Vector for both new and experienced users of prostate massagers. It’s flexible, feels great in a wide variety of positions, and otherwise excels in all the key areas you’d want in a quality prostate toy – EXCEPT for app functionality, which is noticeably lacking.

We-Vibe Vector is for you if:

  • You’re looking for an adjustable and flexible prostate massager
  • You want a small, easy-to-insert P-massager
  • You want a quality prostate toy with multiple control options and vibration functions
  • You want a discreet toy for public play

We-Vibe Vector might not be for you if:

  • You want a prostate toy with a stable app functionality
  • You want more intensity and power from your P-massager

My First Impressions of We-Vibe Vector

As soon as I opened the shipping box, I was IMPRESSED.

Obvious care and thought went into the packaging. It arrived in a blue-gray box to highlight its unique shape.

You get a nice assortment of accessories, too:

  • Magnetic USB cable – It plugs into any standard USB port or power adapter
  • User guide – Easy-to-follow with clear illustrations
  • Wireless remote – I’ll dive into the details on this later on (but it’s great!)
  • Storage bag – Durable and discreet
  • We-Vibe lube – They throw in a 2 ml sample

Everything fits neatly back into the box for easy storage.

My First Impressions of We-Vibe Vector

Vector Tech Specs

Here are some quick deets!

Vibration Speeds
Charge Time
Insertable  Length
We-Vibe Vector
10 (more in the app)
90 minutes
4.13 inches
1.18 inches
Base, remote, and app

How Does the We-Vibe Vector Look & Feel

We-Vibe has a real work of art with the Vector.

It’s sleek, stylish, and even sexy. Unlike other prostate massagers that look brash and even downright mechanical, the Vector has a deep blue color with elegant lines.

Its 4-inch insertable length and 3.7-inch thickness put the Vector on the smaller side of the prostate massager spectrum.

How Does the We-Vibe Vector Look & Feel

That means users new to prostate massage won’t have difficulty inserting the toy inside.

The accessories also look quite cool, including the soft, oval-shaped remote and the storage pouch made from white satin.

I’m also surprised at how impressively gender-neutral they made its appearance.

If you’d prefer to avoid a massager that looks like a penis, you’ll find the Vector’s design appealing as it’s purely a prostate massager.

It’s made from silicone, so it feels smooth with just the right amount of flexibility. I never felt it drag or stick against my skin.

Vector’s Key Functionality

What are the main elements of the We-Vibe Vector? There are three features I want to focus on:

Vector’s Key Functionality

Adjustable Head and Flexible Base

The Vector has a C-shaped head with a flared base tip. The head’s adjustable, so you should have no problem finding your prostate.

The head is bulbous with a narrow tip that puts precise pressure on your prostate. Additionally, the base presses against your perineum. Because the base is flexible, it stays in place during both solo and partner play.

Rumbly Vibrations

The Vector has two vibration motors. One targets the prostate while the other focuses on the perineum. (Note: The perineum is the area between the anus and scrotum or labia.)

You’ll find ten built-in vibration modes, including:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Pulse
  • Wave
  • Ultra

Other modes are available via the app (which, unfortunately, makes them pretty unreliable to access).

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

All vibrations have a rumbly, powerful feel. Is it as intense as the Lelo Hugo? NO. But it’s somewhat similar to the Aneros Helix Syn Trident, both powerful enough for experienced P-fans to enjoy while remaining welcoming for first-time users. 

Lelo Loki Wave

Lelo Loki Wave

If you want it rumblier than the Vector, though, then the Loki Wave is just up your alley. 

Remote Control & We-Connect App

Remote Control & We-Connect App

There are three ways to control the toy:

  • The button on the unit’s base
  • The wireless remote control
  • The We-Connect app

Some controls are better than others. 

Noise Level

If you’re curious about using the Vector for public play, I have good news for you.

This is one of the most discreet wearable vibrators I’ve used. Its rumbly vibes make it a much quieter option than buzzier toys, and it’s impossible to hear through walls or closed doors. 

In a public place, especially with background noise, you won’t be giving yourself away with any telltale buzzing.

Connection Quality

As I mentioned before, the We-Connect app is notoriously buggy. I tested it out at close-range and long-distance to see how it shaped up.

 Close Range: Bluetooth Mode

At close range, the app works much better, though it took a while to get a stable connection established. With a bit of patience, you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of the app controls at close-range. 

Getting a connection in the first place takes a few tries sometimes, and locking your phone or switching apps can sometimes cause it to disconnect, so keep that in mind.

 Long Distance Range

The long-distance controls are a huge drawcard for We-Vibe users, so it’s disappointing that the We-Connect app doesn’t always do what it’s intended. This isn’t just for the Vector, but for all their app-controlled toys.

That said, sometimes you get lucky. And when it works, it’s a great experience. I managed to get a decent long-distance connection with the Vector, with minimal interruptions.

However, when it did cut out, it really put a dampener on our play session. Nobody wants to be doing tech support in the middle of cybersex.

Don’t rely on the long-distance feature of this toy. You might find yourself disappointed and frustrated.

How to Use the We-Vibe Vector

If you’ve never used an anal massager before, the prospect can seem more than a little intimidating. But the Vector is a good choice for first-timers, and experienced users will also have no problem.

Many people, especially new users, prefer to use it while on their back on a bed. So you’ll want to use plenty of lube. Apply it around and in the anus.

Next, you’re ready to insert. Don’t rush. Slow and steady is the name of the game here.

You’ll likely have to adjust two things:

  • The head of the toy
  • Your position on the bed

No one way suits everybody.

You know your body best, so experiment until you feel comfortable.

You can start it by pressing a button on the base, holding the left remote key down for five seconds, or using the app.

From there, you’re free to get as wild as you want. Use the remote to change the intensity and type of sensation on both your prostate and perineum. Some guys also masturbate, while others can achieve hands-free orgasms.

Buttons on the Base and the Wireless Remote

Buttons on the Base and the Wireless Remote

Let’s start with the good, which are the base control and the wireless remote.

You can cycle through 10 different vibration modes by pressing the button on the toy’s base or perineum arm. I particularly liked Vector’s cool memory function.

It remembers the last vibration mode you used, so you don’t have to cycle through all 10 patterns to get to it.

The base buttons work fine. But let’s be honest, they’re not always easy to reach. So most people will prefer using the four-button wireless remote.

Now, Vector’s wireless remote controls the intensity (up and down buttons) and the vibration modes (left and right buttons).

You have to use the app, though, if you want to control the vibrating motors separately.

The remote’s comfortable to hold and well-sized — large enough that you won’t accidentally drop it but small enough that you only need to use your thumb and finger to operate it.

Plus, you can even start the Vector with the remote by holding down the left arrow for five seconds. I found that useful because you can insert the toy when it’s off.

The We-Connect App

The idea of an app-controlled sex toy is nothing new, but it is still exciting. So much of We-Vibe’s marketing around the Vector is focused on the app controls and there’s good reason for that. 

Any toy that gives you the ability to change your vibrations, program them at will, and even hand over controls to a partner is amazing. If it delivers, that is.

It’s no surprise what the bad is here.

In theory, the app allows you to do three things:

Create custom patterns (or select from preset patterns)

Along with a bunch of preset vibration patterns, you can program your own patterns for more control over your Vector experience. You have two vibration controls – one for the plug and the other for the perineum.

You can change each of these individually and then save it as a vibration pattern.

Control with Touch Mode

For a novel experience, you can use Touch mode to increase or decrease the vibrations. You do this by moving your finger on your phone screen – the faster you move, the stronger the vibrations get.

Unfortunately, this gets pretty annoying. Unless you have a very particular finger-wagging fetish, this probably won’t do much for you.

Control with Beat Mode

For the music lovers, the Vector can be synced to vibrate along with your favorite song. I really love this setting, since it brings a whole new dimension to the musical experience. 

Unfortunately, you can only use music saved to your phone, which I’m pretty sure nobody does in the age of Spotify. However, you can set it to microphone mode so that it picks up ambient sound.

To be clear, it does deliver on those promises — WHEN IT WORKS. But, unfortunately, pairing the app with the toy is difficult. Even when it does connect, the connection often drops frequently and for no apparent reason.

My Experience with We-Vibe Vector

My Experience with We-Vibe Vector

So, how does the Vector feel in use?

Even though I’ve used many prostate massagers before, I still approach new ones with apprehension. Will it feel comfortable? Will it hurt?

Honestly, I didn’t feel much anxiety about using the Vector. Its sleek shape doesn’t look particularly intimidating.

Of course, I still used lots of lube, as I always do with a P-spot massager. The Vector includes a 2-ml sample of We-Vibe lube, which I decided to try out. Hey, who doesn’t like free lube, right?

The flexible head makes insertion comfortable and easy. I had to shift my hips and knees around slightly, but otherwise, it was in WITHIN MINUTES.

Like most users, I preferred using the toy with the wireless remote over the other methods. I love the ability to get into the perfect position and then turn it on.

At first, I didn’t feel too much, but the sensations became more and more powerful as I relaxed.

Alternating the vibrations between the prostate and perineum created waves of warmth across my groin area and eventually my entire body.

It felt AMAZING – not too intense, but with lots of variety.

Charging the Vector

Charging the Vector

Keeping the Vector powered up and READY TO GO was no problem.

It’s magnetic charging. Not sure what that means? Instead of plugging the charger into a port on the device, it uses magnetism to attach it to two flat rectangles on the base.

The advantages of a magnetic charger over a port are increased waterproofing and a reduced risk of broken components.

The Vector also has a low battery alert.

If you’re new to the world of “male G-spot” vibrators, a low battery alert might not sound like much, but it’s rare to find, and it’s a life-saver. Nothing’s worse than the batteries in your toy conking out right in the middle of an intense session.

If the battery’s drained completely, a full recharge takes about 90 minutes. And then, you can use the massager for up to 2 hours.

How to Clean It

I had no issues keeping it clean. It’s COMPLETELY WATERPROOF, so you can put it entirely underwater when washing it (or using it).

Also, the silicone is easy to take care of.

I usually use hot water and sex toy cleaners. While We-Vibe doesn’t specifically say to avoid soap, I’d avoid it anyway. Detergent, dish soap, and similar materials can wear away at silicone over time.

I’ve owned the Vector for a while now and never had much of a problem with dust. The silicone doesn’t attract it in any noticeable way.

And the storage bag helped A LOT.

When you have as many toys as I do, some of them can gather dust, often due to the materials used instead of the frequency of use.

Check out this guide to learn more cleaning and maintenance tips for your sex toys.

Vector’s Price & Where to Buy

We-Vibe Vector is available on We-Vibe’s official online store.

Yup, you can buy the toy directly from the manufacturer. We-Vibe sells the Vector for $139.

When buying an anal vibrator, don’t forget about other products such as lube, an anal douche, and toy-safe cleaning agents.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Redditors have both good and bad comments about the We-Vibe Vector:

“We sell a good number of WeVibes on our site and haven’t heard any complaints. It is a great product, and a solid company, so if the price is a factor, I’d go for that.”


Reddit user

“I find in some positions it doesn’t do much for me, best results when I’m on my back, legs raised (liberator wedge is awesome for this), or if I’m in an almost downward dog position when I wear it while going down on the gf.”


Reddit user

Vector Alternatives

If you’re considering the Vector, here are three other toys you’ll also want to know about:

Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo

If you’re an experienced prostate player, or you just want to dive into the deep end, I recommend the Lelo Hugo.

It’s one of the most powerful P-spot vibrators on the market today.

The Hugo is large with a long reach. As a result, it can deliver heavy vibrations — a big step up in intensity compared to the Vector.

Like the Vector, the Hugo has two motors, a remote control, and lots of flexibility.

Lovense Edge 2

Lovense Edge 2

The Vector works great for most users, but not everybody. If you struggle to find the sweet spot with We-Vibe’s massager, try the Lovense Edge 2.

The Edge offers more precision than the Vector so that you can massage your prostate from a greater variety of angles.

Many people think that the Edge does a better job conforming to an individual’s physiology for a more comfortable fit. Otherwise, it offers similar features as the Vector, including two motors, a remote control, and a superior app.

Nexus Revo Stealth

Nexus Revo Stealth

The Nexus Revo Stealth is comfortable, discreet, and orgasmic.

However, it’s a milder alternative to the Vector. The vibrations are not as powerful, but the toy’s pressure is much stronger. And it’s a great overall option for hands-free pleasure. 

It also has a remote control feature, so it’d be the perfect choice for some couples’ play. 

Then again, if you prefer maximum vibrations to physical motion, the Vector would be much more advisable. 

To know more, check our complete breakdown of the Stealth in this Nexus Revo review

Check out other great sex toys in our best male sex toy guide.

Final Thoughts

First, know this: the Vector is the toy to avoid if you’re mainly interested in something you can control remotely with an app. The We-Connect app is buggy and loses connection easily. (I’d recommend the Lovense Edge 2 instead.)

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a vibrating massager with a remote control, the Vector is worth checking out.

It’s flexible enough to fit many different body types comfortably, and the ten vibration speeds create a richness of pleasure types.

Hopefully, my in-depth We-Vibe Vector review has helped you out.

Read more about this P-spot vibrator, and learn more about the experiences of real people who own it by visiting the official site for We-Vibe Vector.

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