We-Vibe Nova 2 Review: Is This Curvy Rabbit Worth the Hype? [2023]

In this We-Vibe Nova 2 review, we’ll look at how the Nova 2 compares to the OG Nova and if it’s the best rabbit vibrator you can buy right now. Read on:

we vibe nova 2 review

When I think of a rabbit vibe, too often, my thoughts jump to those awful retro models that literally look like a tiny gummy rabbit got roped into a job it really didn’t want.

Thankfully, we’ve evolved since then. The latest generation of these toys is not only sleek and sexy but also better adapted to fit a range of bodies. 

One of these is the Nova. The original version was already an amazing rabbit toy, so I couldn’t wait to try out the new and improved model – the Nova 2.

So, are the changes worth it? The answer is a resounding YES!

The Good

The Nova 2 has all the benefits of the first version, plus more. The insertable arm is bendable, so it can be adjusted to different bodies. The clit arm is also super flexible, so it stays in contact with your clit even if you’re thrusting. The vibrations are strong and rumbly and can be independently controlled. There’s so much to love!

The Not So Good

If you don’t like firm, constant pressure against your clit, you might not enjoy the clit arm, and occasionally it can slip to the side if you’re moving around a lot. It’s a relatively expensive toy, so it won’t suit all budgets.

The Bottom Line

The Nova 2 is everything I always wanted a rabbit vibe to be. It gives constant contact, even when you’re thrusting, which so many other rabbits lack. The bendable shaft and flexible clit arm mean it will fit most bodies. If you have the money to spend (or don’t mind saving up) and want dual stimulation, this is an easy choice.

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is for you if:

  • You want simultaneous G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • You’ve struggled with other rabbit vibrators
  • You have a long-distant partner(s)
  • You like powerful rumbly vibrations
  • You want a rabbit vibe you can thrust with

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is not for you if:

  • You’re on a budget
  • You don’t like firm pressure against your clitoris

My First Impressions / Packaging of the Nova 2

The Nova 2 is a toy worth gifting (that includes self-gifting!), and the packaging makes that clear. 

I chose the magenta version, and it came in a gorgeous purple box with a picture of the toy in complimentary fuchsia, making it a sight to behold!

Opening it up, I found the Nova 2 itself displayed tastefully in a molded display board (again, perfect as a gift). Beneath that was the user manual in various languages, the magnetic USB charging cable, a white satin travel bag, and a sample of pjur lubricant

I love that We-Vibe products come with lube – the devil is really in the details!

We-Vibe Nova 2 Tech Specs (What’s Changed?)

We-Vibe Nova 2

We-Vibe Nova

Body-safe silicone
Body-safe silicone and ABS plastic
Total Length:
Insertable shaft width:
App connectivity:
Magenta; Midnight Blue
Pink and white

How Does the We-Vibe Nova 2 Look & Feel?

I admit I was a bit taken aback the first time I saw this design. It was unlike any rabbit vibe I’d seen before, and the extreme curve of the clit arm had me a little confused at first. 

That was before I understood how it worked.

Because of the C-shaped curve, the clit arm is actually designed to curl back around on itself. It’s actually the outer face of the clit arm that rests against your body, which you might not realize by looking at it. 

This is seriously revolutionary in the world of rabbit vibrators, and it’s what makes We-Vibe’s promise of constant clitoral contact actually viable.

The insertable shaft had a nice bulbous end and a gentle curve, as you’d expect from a toy that targets the G-spot. It’s modestly sized, at 1.5” in width, so it’s a great toy for beginners. If you’re really looking for girth, though, you won’t find it here. 

Pro Tip

If girth will make or break this toy for you, you can always use a silicone penis extender over the insertable shaft!

When I picked it up, I was reminded of why luxury toys like this are worlds apart from cheap knock-offs. The body-safe silicone is a dream to touch, and I loved that it felt thick and almost fleshy.

I did notice that there was a slight seam where the two halves of the injection-molded silicone meet. It’s very soft though (like the rest of the toy) and, in use, I couldn’t feel it at all.

We-Vibe Nova 2 Key Functionality

Vibration Power

We-Vibe are known for their powerful, rumbly vibrators, and the Nova 2 doesn’t disappoint. With 13 vibration intensities in both the insertable shaft and the clit arm, there’s a lot of variety. 

App Control

The Nova 2 includes app connectivity, so you have the choice of controlling the toy’s vibrations and patterns from your phone. This is also great for long-distance partners or control play (or both!) since you can hand over the reins to someone else if you want.


The Nova 2 is completely waterproof, which means it just got even more versatile. If you want to turn bathtime into playtime, the Nova 2 is a great companion! It also means washing the toy is completely stress-free.

Extended Battery Life

For a toy with two powerful motors and app connectivity, the battery life on this thing is impressive. You’ll get 2 hours of playtime, and it takes 90 minutes to charge up to full power. 

Noise Level

A lot of rabbit vibes have the reputation of being noisy, so it’s very refreshing to find one that bucks the trend. The Nova 2 is remarkably quiet, getting up to 50 dB at its loudest. You’d have no issue, behind closed doors, of being heard. 

Travel Lock

As a luxury sex toy, you’d expect the We-Vibe Nova 2 to come with all the bells and whistles, and it does. For easy travel, without the vibrating luggage and awkward explanations, the Nova 2 can be locked

To disable the buttons from being accidentally pressed, hold down the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons at the same time. Use the same buttons to unlock it again when you’re ready for some fun!

We-Vibe Nova vs. We-Vibe Nova 2: What Changed?

The original Nova was already an excellent dual-stimulator – designed for constant clit stimulation, with powerful motors and app connectivity. I loved the original version, so I couldn’t wait to see how We-Vibe’s near-perfect rabbit vibe could possibly be improved.

I have good news – the best rabbit vibe (in my humble opinion) somehow just got better.

Flexible Arm

The greatest improvement from the original Nova is that the insertable arm is now bendable. Dual stimulators will always have the issue of not being able to fit every body. While I still can’t promise the Nova 2 will fit everyone, it’s the best I’ve seen in accounting for different clit-to-vagina distances.

The flexible clit arm already made great strides in making the Nova fit different bodies, and it’s been made even more flexible in this second version. With the addition of the bendable shaft in the Nova 2, the number of people this toy will work for just got WAY bigger.

Another great change is the softness of the toy.

Soft & High-Quality Silicone

The first version was quite rigid, but in its second iteration, the Nova has been fitted with lovely soft, squishy silicone over its hard core. This made for much more pleasurable stimulation and offers the best of both worlds – a rigid toy that still has considerable give to it.

The redesign also meant that the entire toy is now made of a single piece of high-quality silicone. The original Nova had an ABS plastic handle, so cleaning could be a bit tricky. That problem just doesn’t exist with the new model. 

Lastly, the Nova 2 has an extra 3 intensity levels (13 in total), so there’s even more potential for pleasure!

How to Use We-Vibe Nova 2

It might take a few tries to find the right angle for the bendable arm to hit your G-spot. The best way to figure this out is first to find your G-spot with your fingers and then bend the arm to an approximate angle before fine-tuning. 

Make sure you use water-based lube to help any time you insert the vibrating arm – it’ll make the whole process much easier.

Bending the insertable shaft takes quite a bit of force. That’s because it’s designed to stay in place while thrusting. Adjust the angle outside the body; it will keep its angle when inserted—even through vigorous thrusting sessions.

Once you have the right angle, you can get to enjoying yourself!

With the shaft inserted, the clit arm should be resting against your clit. Remember, for most people; it should be the outer face of the clit arm that’s touching you so that the whole thing is bent over on itself. 

Pro Tip

If the distance between your clit and your vaginal opening is more than 3.5 inches, you’ll find it easier to extend the clit arm all the way out and use the inner face against your clit.

Using We-Vibe Nova 2 Manually

The buttons on the Nova 2 aren’t too complicated, but they do take a bit of getting used to. 

There are five buttons in total: 

  • The ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons to control vibration strength, 
  • The ‘<’ and ‘>’ buttons to control vibration patterns, and 
  • A  fifth ‘toggle’ button to switch between motors (it looks like two arrows making a circle). 

To get started, press the ‘+’ button. This will start you at the lowest speed and with steady vibration. The default setting has both vibes going at once, but you can press the toggle button to change to just the clit vibe or just the internal vibe if you want.

Then you can play with different speeds, different patterns, and different combinations! 

To turn it off, press and hold the ‘-’ button.

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Using We-Vibe Nova 2 with the We-Connect app

Even without the app, the Nova 2 would be an amazing toy. The app connectivity just brings it to the next level

You have even more control than with the manual buttons and having my phone on hand was actually easier than trying to remember which buttons to press in the heat of the moment.

The We-Connect app is free to download on an iPhone or Android phone.

With the app open, press and hold the toggle button on the Nova 2 for about 10 seconds. It will vibrate twice when it’s in pairing mode, and you can then connect it to the app.

Then you can go crazy trying out all the cool extra features! There’s an option to manually control the patterns by sliding your finger up and down on the screen. This makes for incredibly precise vibration changes, and I preferred this to using the buttons on the toy itself.

If you prefer the preset vibration patterns, though, you can use the app to select those, too.

There was also the option of syncing the vibrations to music, either playing in the room or through your phone. This is a fun feature that I love to play around with. 

For me, it’s more for the novelty value than sexual appeal, but if I get just the right song, it can be both. Dancehall never felt so good!

Long Distance Control

If you want to give someone else control over your Nova 2, you can invite them, through the app, to take the reins. 

Something to note

If you have multiple partners, you’ll have to disconnect from one before adding another – the app only allows pairing with one other person at a time.

In the long-distance feature, you can chat with your partner over text, send photos, or engage in a video chat while you play. They’ll have access to all the same controls that you do in the app, and with the video feature, they can watch you react in real-time!

I found this feature works best when both people have newer phones and a strong internet connection, though. Keep that in mind if you’re buying the Nova 2 for long-distance fun!

How to Charge Nova 2

The Nova 2 comes with a magnetic USB charging cable, so it’s as easy as plugging the cable into your computer or a wall adapter and then connecting the magnetic ends to the two magnetic points at the base of the toy.

The same charging cable can also be used with most of We-Vibe’s other products too!

The magnets on these cables aren’t super strong, so make sure you double-check the cable is still attached after you set it to charge.

My Experience With We-Vibe Nova 2

I spent a little while fine-tuning the bendable arm. Still, it was surprisingly easy to find the right angle, especially compared to some other dual stimulators I’ve tried (looking at you, Osé 2). 

Once I had the right position, I could get to the fun part!

I actually prefer to warm up before any kind of penetration, so I started using the vibrating insertable arm on my clit. I love love love the powerful motor on this thing, and I actually had to stop myself from getting too carried away!

Once I calmed down a bit, I used the rabbit as intended and had a wonderful time exploring all the possibilities it offered.

I’m so glad you can control the motors separately – it meant I could edge by just using the internal vibe for a while before adding with the clit arm later.

With rabbit vibrators, I’ve always struggled with staying perfectly still when what I really want to do is thrust. Thank the gods that someone figured out how to accommodate that!

With the Nova 2, I could thrust to my heart’s content, and the clit arm stayed against my clit the whole time! It occasionally slipped to the side when I got very vigorous, but the vibrations were strong enough that I could still get pleasure out of it, and it wasn’t a big deal to move it back into place.

HHow to Clean the Nova 2 Rabbit Sex Toy

Because of its IPX7 waterproof rating, the Nova 2 can be fully submerged for easy cleaning. Just lather the whole thing with your favorite sex toy cleaner or mild soap, and wash it thoroughly in warm water.

Make sure you allow it to dry thoroughly before storing it away until your next play date!

What to Consider Before Buying We-Vibe Nova 2

If you have any accessibility issues, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when shopping for a sex toy.

The We-Vibe Nova 2’s vibrations are generally confined to the toy’s arms. However, you will feel some buzz in the handle that can travel into your hand. It’s relatively lightweight for a toy of this kind and can be operated with one hand. However, the magnetic charging cable can be a bit temperamental, so you’ll need a steady hand to keep it.

The buttons on the Nova 2 are pretty low, making them difficult to operate by touch alone. You’ll also need to use quite a bit of pressure to push them down.

Nova 2 Price, Where To Buy

Even though the price tag on the We-Vibe Nova 2 is in the higher range, it’s still a steal, in my opinion. The best price is from Lovehoney and SheVibe, which includes free shipping within the U.S.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Design-wise, the Nova 2 is exceptional. It’s the only rabbit I recommend due to its flexibility.


Reddit User

…it’s a great toy. Wish vibe was a tad stronger, but I like dual sensation of internal and external in one toy. Sadly haven’t been able to squirt with it, though. Still, one of my favorites overall.


Reddit User

I literally LOVE mine.


Reddit User

We-Vibe Nova 2 Alternatives

We-Vibe Nova 2 vs. Lovense Nora

Lovense Nora

The Nora is closer to traditional rabbit vibrators in that it’s not bendable or flexible like the Nova 2. It is, however, app controllable for long-distance play, and Lovense is considered the gold standard when it comes to app connectivity. The insertable arm features a circular motion—but no vibration, giving a unique sensation. 

We-Vibe Nova 2 vs. LELO INA Wave 2


LENO INA Wave 2 is for vulva-owners seeking more G-spot action on their rabbit vibrator. This vibe simulates the “come hither motion,” a beloved fingering move for G-spot stim. Plus, you can rest assured it gives you powerful, rumbly vibrations. 

That said, We-Vibe Nova 2’s body inclusivity is quite unparalleled. INA Wave 2’s clitoral arm is rigid, unforgiving, and pretty short.

We-Vibe Nova 2 vs. Womanizer Duo

Womanizer Duo

If you prefer clit-sucking stimulation to vibrations, the Womanizer Duo is a rabbit with a twist. It couples a vibrating insertable arm with air-pressure technology for clitoral pleasure. The insertable shaft is also remarkably flexible, so it offers pleasure to a wide range of anatomy (though it still has less leeway than the Nova 2). 

Consider checking out other great options in our best sex toys for women guide.


What is We-Vibe Nova 2?

This is We-Vibe’s latest iteration of their famous Nova rabbit vibe. It’s a dual-stimulating toy that gives internal vibrations with its insertable arm and external vibrations through the clit-stimulating arm. 

The Nova 2 differs from other rabbits on the market with its incredibly flexible clit-stimulating arm, designed to be in constant contact with your clit, even while thrusting.

Final Thoughts

Look, there’s no such thing as the perfect toy, but We-Vibe has proven it’s possible to come close.

Of course, this all depends on preference, but if you’re like me, you’ll love the Nova 2. It delivers deep, rumbly vibrations with individually controllable motors, is bendable to suit a variety of bodies, delivers on its promise of maintaining constant clit stimulation, and has the potential for long-distance play!

The only thing I’d like to see improved is better connectivity on the app, but otherwise, this rabbit ticks all my boxes!

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Aliyah Moore

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