We-Vibe Chorus Review: Is It The Best Couples Sex Toy?

IIn this We-Vibe Chorus review, you’ll learn why it’s my new favorite couple’s sex toy and how to use its long-distance functionality to get the most out of it.

we vibe chorus review

We-Vibe is known for their couple-focused sex toys, and the Chorus is the latest in their ever-evolving line-up of couples vibrators. It comes hot on the heels of the We-Vibe Sync but with some significant upgrades!

I took the Chorus for a test ride to see if it lived up to the hype.

So, does the Chorus deserve an encore? 

The Good

It’s very adjustable to fit different body types and is super comfortable! The Chorus can be used for solo play, PiV sex, or public play, so it’s very versatile. The number of controls is unbelievable – I don’t think I could ever get bored of this toy!

The Not So Good

It’s expensive, so it won’t suit all budgets. Despite all attempts, it still can’t be guaranteed to fit all bodies. If you’re using it for PiV sex with a girthy partner, it might be too filling or hard to fit both. The long-distance connectivity leaves a lot to be desired.

The Bottom Line

For PiV dual stimulation, this is one of the toys I most recommend. It’s got a ton of bells and whistles, and it’s great for fitting many different bodies. It’s a luxury toy, though, with a price point to match.

The We-Vibe Chorus is for you if:

  • You want a toy to use during PiV sex that can also be used alone
  • You love clitoral and internal stimulation at the same time
  • You enjoy discreet public play
  • You want or need clitoral stimulation to come during sex

The We-Vibe Chorus is not for you if:

  • You’re on a budget
  • You’re relying on the long-distance feature

We-Vibe Chorus Review: First Impressions / Packaging

We-Vibe always has a strong packaging game, but I think they may have outdone themselves on this one!

I’m a sucker for anything purple, so I went with the classic We-Vibe Purple for my Chorus. I’m so glad I did. 

The large, sturdy square box was decked in luxurious gold and royal purple. I seriously felt like a queen receiving a specially-commissioned royal sex toy!

The box opened up to reveal more lush purple inside, with the Chorus and remote displayed in a molded plastic cover. 

Alongside the toy itself, I also found the sleek white carry case/charging station, a USB charging cable, the manual, and – the finishing touch – a sachet of We-Vibe lube by pjur.

LeLet’s Talk About The Tech Specs

We-Vibe Chorus

ABS plastic and Body-safe silicone
1.73” (H) x 1.3” (W) x 3” (L)
App-enabled, Squeeze remote
Cosmic blue; Cosmic pink; We-vibe purple; Crave coral

How Does It Look & Feel?

Firstly, I really love the design of the Chorus and its predecessor, the Sync. For dual-stimulators, they’re both small and sleek – completely unintimidating.

The purple version of the Chorus is a rich, deep purple, so it feels more luxurious than garish, which I really like. It’s both refined and fun at the same time (a little like me). 

The high-grade body-safe silicone is soft and smooth to the touch, and there’s a decent amount of squishiness in the heads of both ends of the sex toy. Both ends are also partially textured with diagonal raised lines for extra stimulation. 

Key Functionality

Adjustable and Comfortable Fit

Like many of the latest dual-stimulation toys, We-Vibe’s Chorus is adjustable to fit more body types

This is excellent news if, like me, you’ve struggled to find a good fit in the past! 

The Chorus bends at two points, so you can angle both the clitoral vibe and internal shaft to suit your exact anatomy. 

I still can’t guarantee it’ll fit perfectly for everyone, but it’s certainly better than its predecessor, the Sync, and many other dual-stimulators on the market.

Properties and Aesthetic

I was honestly a little surprised when I first saw the Chorus – it’s so petite! It’s only 3 inches long and weighs 4 oz, so it really is a sleek and lightweight sex toy.

Compared to many of my other dual-stimulators, the Chorus is lovely and compact, fitting its use as a PiV toy. 

It comes in four colors – Cosmic Pink and Cosmic Blue, both of which have a shimmery, almost glittery, finish; and We-Vibe Purple and Crave Coral, which have a more matte finish. I love to see a sex toy with a good variety of both colors AND finishes!

It also comes with a modern white case for carrying, storage, and – delightfully – charging!


The Chorus comes with 10 intensity levels and 10 vibration patterns, and they tend toward the rumbly end of the spectrum. 

The best part, for me, is that the clitoral vibrator and the internal vibrator are individually controllable, so there’s practically an endless amount of sensations you can experience with this thing. 

While it’s not as powerful as a standalone vibrator might be, the Chorus is still impressively powerful for a wearable sex toy.

The only gripe I have with it is that the internal vibe isn’t as intense as the external one, so I had to use it during PiV sex or with a dildo to get the more intense internal sensations.

App Controlled

While I still laud Lovense as the master of app-controlled sex toys, We-Vibe isn’t a bad alternative. 

If you don’t feel like using the remote, you want more precise control over the toy’s vibration settings, or if you simply want to hand over control to your partner, the We-Connect app is a fun alternative.

It can also be used for long-distance play, though there are still some connectivity issues, which seem to depend greatly on how new your phone is. 

Better Connectivity

We-Vibe has attempted to iron out some of the connectivity issues that so often put a dampener on app-controlled sex toys. To do this, they’ve developed AnkorLink technology, which is supposed to ensure no drop-outs in connection when controlling the toy via the We-Connect app. 

Instead of connecting directly to the toy, your phone connects, via Bluetooth, to the remote, and then your remote connects to the toy. This also means you have to have the remote on hand if you want to use the app connectivity. 

For public play, make sure you bring the remote with you!

In practice, this doesn’t quite live up to the promises, but more on that later.

Touch-Sense Mode

This is one of the coolest innovations I’ve recently seen in a sex toy. The We-Vibe Chorus has the option (activated through the app) to control the vibrations in time with your and your partner’s movements

The clitoral stimulator can be set to act kind of like a touchpad. In this mode, it will feel the pressure of your partner’s pelvis or your hand pressing against it and respond accordingly. This is not only useful in the missionary position, but also it is a really fun extra feature!

There are three modes to choose from here, so each touch can have a different effect depending on the mode you’re in.

The first mode steps up the intensity of the vibrations every time the sensor is touched. When it reaches its maximum setting, it starts from the bottom again.

In the second mode, it will vibrate with a slowly increasing and decreasing intensity. When it’s touched, it will hold at whichever intensity it was on at the time and then continue its wave pattern when contact is lost again.

The third mode is a simple on/off function – it will vibrate when the sensor is touched. Without any contact, there will be no vibrations.

Squeeze Remote

Another incredibly cool tech perk! 

The Chorus comes with a remote, with all the buttons you’re used to seeing. That’s not all, though. 

This remote also has a soft, squeezable handle that can be set to control vibration intensity depending on how hard you’re squeezing. This makes for some very pleasurable feedback loops!

Noise Level

The Chorus is unbelievably quiet. I mean, really, I could hardly believe it. 

For a toy with two vibrating motors, I was expecting a bit of noise. But even outside my body, it only peaked at about 48 dB.

When worn, it’s even quieter. As an insertable toy, your body ends up absorbing a lot of the sound, so if you’re the type to get easily distracted by buzzing sounds, you shouldn’t have much of an issue here.

It also means public play can be very discreet, as long as there’s a bit of background noise. In a completely silent environment, you’ll still hear something like a phone vibrating, so maybe don’t take it to your office job…


The Chorus is IPX7 waterproof rated, meaning it’s fully submersible up to 3 feet. I love that the newest generation of sex toys is so water-friendly. It opens up a world of possibilities! 

Want to take a bath while your partner sends you pleasure from the next room? Go for it! Want to make shower sex even hotter? Bring the Chorus along for the ride! Just enjoy getting messy in the bedroom. Go nuts!

I certainly did!

How to Use We-Vibe Chorus

There is a lot packed into this one toy, so give yourself some time to explore each of its features. 

Adjusting the Joints

Because of its two adjustable hinges, the Chorus is remarkably customizable. Finding the right shape for your body will take some patience, but the payoff is worth it!

Take some time moving the adjustable joints in the toy’s ‘neck.’ Don’t be afraid to use some elbow grease! They’re designed to stay in place once you’ve found the right position, so they’re intentionally hard to move. 

At its extreme, the whole toy can be bent out to 120°, so there’s plenty of room to get the right fit. 

Pro Tip

If you know you have a particularly long clit-to-vagina distance, I could see this potentially being tricky to use since there is still some limitation to how many configurations it can make.

Using We-Vibe Chorus Buttons

The controls for the We-Vibe Chorus are kind of spread out across three different platforms – the toy itself, the Squeeze remote, and the phone app

Each one, in turn, gives more and more versatility until, with the app, you have pretty much an endless amount of control, plus a ton of other features.

The toy itself is equipped with only one button, which is used as both the power button and to cycle through vibration patterns.

Most of the time, using the remote for different vibration settings makes more sense.

Using the Squeeze Remote

At first glance, the Chorus Squeeze Remote looks like any other vibrator remote. It has five buttons: the first four are ‘+’ and ‘’ for vibration intensity, and the ‘<’ and ‘>’ can be used to cycle through vibration patterns.

The remote’s fifth button is where things get interesting.

This button, at the top of the remote, can be used to toggle from regular mode to squeeze mode. When you switch to squeeze mode, you can control the intensity of vibrations entirely by how hard you squeeze the remote!

I loved this feature, especially since I tend to grab onto pillows, the bedsheets, or my partner when things start to get intense! 

Pro Tip

If you find an intensity you like and don’t want to get tired from all that squeezing, you can press the toggle button again while squeezing the remote. Doing so will lock the vibration level in that setting.

Using We-Vibe Chorus with the We-Connect App

For ultimate control, plus a bunch of cool extra features, the We-Connect app is the best option.

You can pair the app with the We-Vibe Chorus remote (remember the phone and toy connect through the remote, rather than directly). In the app, you can choose between 11 preset patterns or create your own patterns in real-time or as a saveable preset. 

Like this, you can control the two motors separately! This is really a must-have for dual-stimulators, especially one designed for PiV sex, and I’m so glad the Chorus includes it.

It can also be synced to music if you like to keep things unpredictable. One cool thing I hadn’t seen before was the option to sync to bass, mid, or treble, so there are many ways to enjoy your favorite song!

You can also use the app to hand over controls to a partner, whether they’re in the same room or on the other side of the globe. If you’re into public play, it’s perfect for that too! 

Unfortunately, the app can be pretty buggy, especially in long-distance mode. Keep that in mind if this is going to make or break the toy for you.

Close Range Play

The We-vibe Chorus provides several control features that you can use at close and far distances. 

So to help you get acquainted, here’s a quick in-depth look at those notable close-range features: 

Preset In-app Patterns

For the We-Vibe app, you can choose from over 10 set patterns. And you can change how strong each one is. As for most people, finding one that best suits them is not that hard of a challenge.

You can go to the Single Vibe screen to take control of the settings one at a time. Or, go to Multi-Vibe to set favorites and switch between those at your pace.

If you want, your motors can also vibrate in two different ways. In the app, you can control each motor on its own. You can have one move stronger than the other, giving you more spontaneity in the experience. 

You can also make a customized pattern with the Chorus. However, its interface could’ve been more user-friendly like other brands, such as Satisfyer or Lovense. 

Using the Touch-Sense Mode

To use the Touch-Sense mode, go to the settings tab in the We-Connect App. Once you’ve toggled the option to ‘on,’ you can play around with the feature! 

For solo play, you can use your hand to press against the clitoral stimulation head. If you’re using it for PiV sex, you’re dependent on your partner’s body. I found this was best for slow, grinding sex in the missionary position.

Using the Beat Mode

The Beat Mode comes with two main settings: Music and Mic.

If you choose Mic Mode, the Chorus’ vibrations will get stronger or weaker as the sounds around you get louder or quieter. So if you’re in a club or noisy environment, this could be a suitable option. 

As for Music Mode, you can play a song you’ve stored on your phone and sync it with the toy. And as far as I can tell, it will only play files you have saved on your device. So streaming services are a no-go.

You can even turn down the volume. Although, the vibrations are synchronized with the audio file, making it much more unpredictable, which is more up my style. 

Long Distance Play

Connecting the toy to your partner’s phone is relatively simple. Each of you will make a profile and add the other to your list of partners. You can then text them an invite, giving them a link to click on to accept your request.

Once you are each other’s saved partner, you can connect directly through the We-Vibe app. You can see your partner’s icon and know if they are online. Then, just send them an invite through the app to have them control the toy.

We-Vibe Chorus Connectivity

As the Chorus is a more recent model, it didn’t have as much of a problem as its predecessors.

But as We-Vibe kept updating their app, their toys have become more accessible to connect to over time. And even though the Chorus didn’t have as many problems, its connecting ability has also improved.


I don’t usually have trouble connecting the Chorus to the app. It was a sounding success for me, having been able to pair 9 out of 10 times without any issues. 

However, the We-Vibe Chorus differs from other app-controlled vibrators as you need to pair it with your phone through the remote. Connecting it directly to your device won’t work. 

So, you need to have that in mind when pairing. 

Close Range Connectivity

Most of the time, I can play for about 30 minutes without getting disconnected. Usually, I can open other apps or lock my phone without the Chorus connection dropping.

When testing the toy in my house, the Chorus stopped working a few rooms in between with an estimated distance of 20 feet. But while I was upstairs, my partner could still control it from the first floor. However, the Chorus lost contact if I moved to a different level in the other direction.


Most of the time, if the Chorus gets disconnected, it will reconnect itself. So if that happens, just walk back into range or open the app to have yourself get back in the fray. 

If all else fails, simply do the pairing process again. And you’ll be back without a hitch. 

Long Distance Connectivity

Sharing controls with the toy over long distances has become a much more convenient process. All that’s needed is for the parties involved to ensure that the two of you are still visible on the long-distance screen.

So, talk to your partner beforehand. Or tell them to keep an eye out for your invitation.

Battery Life & Charging the We-Vibe Chorus

I absolutely love that the Chorus comes with a charging station! It’s very modern-looking and sleek and lets me present my beloved royal sex toy with the pomp and splendor it deserves!

Pro Tip

If you prefer to be discreet, you can put the lid on the charging pod and it will be disguised as something like a lamp or speaker. No one will know!

To charge the Chorus and remote, place them both in their dedicated holders, and plug the charger into a wall adapter with the provided USB cable. The light will blink while charging and remain steady when the toy is fully charged.

The toy takes 2 hours to charge, and you’ll get up to 90 minutes of playtime, depending on the strength of vibrations you’re using.

My Experience With We-Vibe Chorus

I loved Sync, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new and improved version!

I started with some solo play to get a feel for the toy before launching into a session with my partner. With some water-based lube to help, I spent some time adjusting it to my body. It took a bit of fiddling but didn’t take too long to find the right shape.

Once it was in the right position, I played around with the different settings. Mostly I was using the remote for this – I found it gave me more than enough control for most things, and I found two or three presets that I really enjoyed right off the bat. 

I also enjoy the Squeeze remote feature – it was an unexpected extra in an already wonderful toy!

When I wanted more control over the separate motors, I tried out the app. It’s really powerful and fun to use, but when I’m enjoying me-time, I don’t really like staring at my phone.

The vibes were enough to give me a good time, but the internal sensations weren’t quite strong enough for a blended orgasm.

That’s where my partner came in.

Using the Chorus during PiV sex is where it really worked its way into my favorite toys category. I used it by itself to warm up a little before penetration, which made it much easier to fit both the Chorus and my partner.

The feeling of both was wonderfully filling, and the extra stimulation had me tingling all over! It managed to give great G-spot stimulation, and the vibes gave my partner a new level of pleasure as well.

We had a lot of fun with the Touch-Sense feature, but in the end, we defaulted back to the presets. While I really liked this feature, it was occasionally a bit distracting and required some concentration. 

It’s definitely a toy that deserves plenty of long, intentional play sessions. I could imagine locking myself away in the bedroom for days to make the most of all the features!

Wearing it by itself for solo sessions is incredibly comfortable. It took me quite a while to get the fit right, and I had to keep readjusting. Once I got the right shape, though, it was really snug!

During PiV sex, it took a bit more patience and warming up before my partner could fit in, but it felt good for both of us once he did. He’s average-sized, so it was filling but not uncomfortable, and he enjoyed the extra stimulation from the internal vibe. 

Pro Tip

If you have a girthier partner, it could get a bit too filling or potentially not work for you at all. If it’s still something you want to try, take your time, use plenty of lube, and be kind to yourself.

One thing I will say is that the long-distance feature still doesn’t quite deliver unless you’re using a brand-new phone with stable WiFi. We tried it a few times, but it was buggy enough that the flow of our session was too often broken. 

That said, though, in the same room, via Bluetooth, it was stable enough to enjoy!

How to Clean It

Because of its waterproof rating, it’s super easy to wash the Chorus. I just submerge the whole thing in warm, soapy water and give it a good clean.

Be sure to let it dry thoroughly before storing it away or charging it.

The remote, unfortunately, is only splashproof, and getting it wet would put a swift end to your fun. It’s best to clean the remote with a damp cloth and mild soap or sex toy cleaner.

We-Vibe Chorus Price, Where To Buy

The best price I’ve found for the We-Vibe Chorus is $189 from SheVibe.

What Do Other People Think About It?

…what I love about it is the versatility. It’s easy to wear out while shopping. Not too loud with plenty of background noise. It’s great on its own, fun with toys.


Reddit User

My wife loves it! I have no complaints either.


Reddit User

I got used to the Chorus pretty quickly after getting it properly fitted, noting the fitting process can be a bit fiddly. I now find it awesome, and it gets a fair bit of use.


Reddit User

We-Vibe Chorus Alternatives

We-Vibe Sync

The Chorus is the updated version of the Sync, so it’s hardly a fair comparison. The Chorus is much better fitted because of the improved second hinge, and the internal shaft is slightly slimmer, making it more comfortable. It also has the Squeeze Remote and better connectivity.

If, however, you’re on a real budget, and the extra $50 will make a difference to you, this could be an option. Just know that there’s more of a risk that you won’t find the right fit.

We-Vibe Unite

At half the price, the Unite is much more accessible. However, you’re giving up a lot of features. Unlike the Chorus, the Unite is not adjustable, making it much less likely to work for many users. It also has a weaker motor and doesn’t feature the Squeeze remote or app connectivity.

Lovense Dolce

The Dolce (previously named the Lovense Quake) is a dual-vibrator with powerful motors and strong G-spot stimulation. However, it’s not intended to be used for PiV sex like the Chorus is. One huge advantage, though, is the app connectivity. If long-distance play is important to you, the Lovense Dolce really shines in that department. 

For more vibrating content, check out our best vibrators guide.


Can you orgasm with the We-Vibe Chorus?

Yes, you can orgasm with the We-Vibe Chorus. But it may not be as straightforward as you think. 

Most people have their preferences. So to some, it may involve extra stimulation to other erogenous zones. And for others, more foreplay may have to be done beforehand.

So it all depends on the person. 

How does it feel for the penetrating partner?

The Chorus is a neutral experience for the partner since the toy’s G-spot arm is much softer. So while there’s a bit of sensation, it’s not as stimulating or pleasurable to the body.

On the bright side, you won’t have to worry about ejaculating early. So you can have those doubts and worries all go to rest.

Final Thoughts

For a wearable PiV toy, the We-Vibe Chorus is almost flawless. Adjustable, powerful, and incredibly versatile, this toy also has a ton of extra features that will keep you occupied for hours.

If you’re looking for other couples sex toys, better check out other products in the We-Vibe product lineup like the Match in the We-Vibe Match review.

The only real letdown is the app connectivity, which is still not good enough despite all claims to the contrary. If your partner is nearby, though, don’t pass this one up!

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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