The Vice Chastity Review: Is It An Inescapable Cock Cage?

Locked in Lust The Vice Chastity device is known as the only genuinely inescapable cock ring in the world.

the vice chastity review

The Good | It has an amazing anti-pullout system that truly works and makes it almost impossible to escape this cock cage. 

The Bad | The plastic it’s made of is very lightweight and can break easily if you handle it roughly, so you need to be more gentle than with some other chastity devices. 

The Bottom Line | Locked in Lust Vice Chastity device is a good quality toy that is comfortable to wear and delivers on its promise to be an inescapable cock cage. 

In this The Vice Chastity review, I’ll discuss all the things you need to know before buying this device. Also, I’ll share my personal experience using The Vice Chastity Standard one and whether I think it’s worth your money. 

Let’s jump in.

The Vice Chastity Device Overview

Vice Chastity Device Overview

So, to start, let’s take a look at some general specifications of The Vice Chastity. 

There are three different sizes: The Vice Mini, The Vice Standart, and The Vice Plus, so men of all sizes should find something that fits them. 

It is made of plastic, that’s very lightweight, which is great for long-wearing, but you do need to be more careful when handling it. 

Also, The Vice comes in four different colors: Clear, Purple, Pink, and Chrome. So, your keyholder has some options to choose from.

Sadly, the black color was limited edition only, so while they have images on the product page, they don’t offer the black option anymore. 

What’s truly great about The Vice Chastity is that it comes with a pack of different parts included in the price, and you don’t have to buy them separately like with some other cock cages. 

All the parts included are:

  • 1 Cage
  • 4 Rings
  • 3 Anti-Pullout
  • 1 Anti-Pullout Cap
  • 4 Spacers
  • 4 Locking Pins
  • 1 Brass Padlock 
  • 1 Velvet Carrying Case

I think it’s great that you get rings and anti-pullout pieces in a few different sizes and don’t have to pay for them extra. 

As I mentioned, there are three different The Vice Chastity sizes. So, here’s is the table comparing all the different models:

MeasurementsFull part listColorsPrice
The Vice Mini1.5” x 1.4”1 Cage, 4 Rings
3 Anti-Pullout, 1
Cap, 4 Spacers,
4 Locking Pins,
1 Brass
Padlock, 1
Velvet Carrying
Clear, Purple,
Pink, Chrome
The Vice Standart2.75” x 1.3” – 1.4”1 Cage, 4 Rings
3 Anti-Pullout, 1
Cap, 4 Spacers,
4 Locking Pins,
1 Brass
Padlock, 1
Velvet Carrying
Clear, Purple,
Pink, Chrome
The Vice Plus3.5” x 1.4”1 Cage, 4 Rings
3 Anti-Pullout, 1
Cap, 4 Spacers,
4 Locking Pins,
1 Brass
Padlock, 1
Velvet Carrying
Clear, Purple,
Pink, Chrome

Price, Where To Buy

If you’re not new to men’s chastity thing, you know that cock cages are not a cheap pleasure. The Vice Chastity is not an exception. 

The Vice Chastity devices at all different sizes cost around $138. This price includes all the parts I’ve mentioned before, so it is not a bad deal, in my opinion. 

You can buy The Vice Chastity directly on Locked in Lust website here.

Oh and you can get 10-15% off if you use code SEXUALALPHA on checkout. We negotiated this one specially for you guys.

Now listen, I know that it might be tempting to go and get yourself a cock cage off Amazon or eBay that costs a fraction of The Vice, but I don’t recommend you do that. 

The chastity device is something that goes on the most sensitive part of your body, so you want it to be the best quality material and design to ensure it’s safe and comfortable to use.

So, I think it’s not a good idea to try and save money. 

Design, Features & Discreetness

Vice Chastity Design Features and Discreetness

Now, I’m not going to lie; The Vice Chastity design is not the sexiest one on the market. It looks good, but it’s not as sleek as I would like. 

But, I have to say that the way they integrated the anti-pullout detail is genius. It does not make the cock cage bulkier, and it doesn’t stick out uncomfortably.

The anti-pullout ring just hugs the cage snuggly and looks very great. 

This is because, as they claim on their website, they designed it with wanting it to be something important and not an afterthought. And I like this attention to detail. 

Also, The Vice anti-pullout design makes it that the longer you wear it, it gets harder to escape it. The texture that anti-pullout caps have does make it hard to move around the cage. 

While this chastity device is famous because of its anti-pullout design, you can actually wear it without that part if you don’t want to, and it still works just fine. So, it’s very versatile. 

Let’s briefly talk about the lock:

The lock on this device is not internal. It comes with the external, normal-looking brass lock, as many other cock cages do.

Now, it is a nice and good quality mechanism; however, if you’re like me and like to wear your cock cage in public, it might be difficult with The Vice. 

This is mainly because of two reasons – it makes the sound when the lock hits the cage and can be seen if you’re wearing something other than jeans. 

If you like going to the office with your cock cage, it might be an issue.

While the clicking sound is not the loudest, it’s still there, so the whole office might wonder why your crotch is making noise while you’re walking. 

Now, good news – Locked in Lust offers a discreet plastic lock version, which will allow you to be in public easier, and you can even travel with it as it won’t trigger the metal detector. You can find the plastic padlocks here.

In Use: Fit, Comfort & Security

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve personally tried The Vice Chastity Standard model as I thought it’s going to be the safest bet for my average size penis. 

I let my partner pick the color as she’s the one who is in charge of my pleasure when I wear the device, and she picked the pink one. It is not a see-through pink, so keep that in mind. 

When I was putting it on, it was quite a hassle, I’m not going to lie. The Vice Chastity comes with many details, and you basically have to assemble everything yourself.

Now, they have the guide on their website, on the product page, and there is even a video that shows how to put it on yourself or someone else, so it’s a very easily solvable issue. 

Once I got it on and secured, I actually enjoyed the feeling. It’s light and comfortable.

The cage is snug, but not too snug where you feel a bit uncomfortable, and as you get a few different size rings, you can really choose which one fits your balls the best. 

I wanted to try the anti-pullout thing and see if it’s really as inescapable as they claim that it is, and I have to say, I wasn’t able to escape from it.

The anti-pullout ring doesn’t let your penis move backward, so you’re safely locked inside until your keyholder says that you’re free to go. 

One thing I enjoyed about The Vice Chastity design was the fact that it has a rounded hole for peeing, and it’s way easier to do so with this device than with some others I’ve tried in the past. 

Also, there are many different holes around the cage that leave a lot of space for your penis to breathe and minimizes the risk of getting rashes and infections.

How Easy To Clean & Ensure Hygiene?

The Vice Chastity is not a cock cage that you can keep on for long periods of time and clean it while it’s on. You need to take it off when washing. 

I personally recommend you do it every 2 to 3 days to ensure that you’re clean, and there are no infections or rashes or anything of that sort. 

Washing your cage with warm water and soap should suffice and always dry it before putting it back on so that there is no moisture left to prevent the infections. 

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

I personally think that The Vice Chastity device is great, and I would recommend it as my top choice for cock cages.

It is a lightweight, inescapable, and reasonable price device, knowing how much you get for that price. 

Who is it for?

  • Men who want an inescapable cock cage for extra safety. 
  • Men who want a long-lasting experience as you can wear The Vice Chastity for long periods of time.

Who is it not for?

  • Men who don’t like plastic chastity devices or want one with the internal lock.

What do Other People Think About It?

So, I went to see what other people on the internet say about this chastity device and found some useful feedback and reviews. 

What men on Reddit are saying:

“I actually just bought it and am trying it out for the first time tonight. Too early to give an accurate review so far, but no major complaints yet. As with an device, the experience will be different for everyone, but for me, it’s claims about security hold true. I definitely can’t slip out without unlocking it.

Although I haven’t noticed any major discomfort yet, my holy trainer knockoff that I previously used was much more comfortable. However, it was easy to get out of if I really wanted to. So far i’m liking the Vice better, but I can probably provide a better review in a few days once I’ve had a chance to break it in more.”



Vice Chastity Alternatives

If, for some reason, you don’t think that The Vice Chastity is the right option for you, don’t worry, I have you covered. 

Here are a few of the alternatives I recommend:

  • The best budget pick is Steel Cage by Oxy (currently running 20% sale so $40 only if you’re fast). It’s a stainless steel cage, a great starter option.
  • CB6000 is another very popular chastity device that has a very similar design to The Vice but doesn’t have the anti-pullout option. It cost around $150 for the device, so it’s at a similar price point. Get more details in our CB6000 review.
  • Holy Trainer V4 is another good option if you want a sleeker design and an inverted lock. It’s a bit more expensive, coming at around $165. Read our Holy Trainer review for more information.

Still need some more options? Check out our complete guide on the best chastity cage in the market today.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

As you can see, The Vice Chastity device is a good quality device with a unique design, making it stand out in the crowd of cock cages.

If you’re struggling with containing yourself, it might be a good option to get The Vice as it’s almost impossible to escape it. Don’t be shy to try it and see if you enjoy the experience it has to offer. 

I hope that you enjoyed this The Vice Chastity review and it helped you determine whether this chastity device is right for you.

The Vice Chastity Review

Dainis Graveris

vice chastity cage


If you’re struggling with containing yourself, it might be a good option to get The Vice as it’s almost impossible to escape it. Don’t be shy to try it and see if you enjoy the experience it has to offer. It has worked for most men and worked for us.


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