Tenga Flex Review [2023]: Which One Should You Get? (Rocky Black vs Silky White)

In this Tenga Flex review, we take a look at how this discreet masturbator performs, how the black and white variations compare, and which one’s right for you. Read on:

Hands up who’s bored of their hand? 

It’s just…the same as it always has been for the last 15, 20, even 40+ years.

I’ve had a chance to test both the Tenga Flex Rocky Black AND Silky White (they’re very different, more on that later!), and they have spiced up my alone time and given me new ways to get off.

So pull up a chair, sit back, and allow me to introduce you to the Tenga Flex, tell you what’s great about it, what’s not so great, who will like it, and which one you’ll prefer. 

The Good

The Tenga Flex is an affordable, discreet non-sexual-looking masturbator that feels awesome (like a portable blowjob), is easy to clean up, and is a fun way to mix things up alone or with a partner.

The Not So Good

For all my thick-dicked buddies you might find the Tenga Flex too tight. So unless you’re into constriction I’d suggest sitting this one out and trying the Tenga Flip Zero.

The Bottom Line

If you’re new to the penis masturbator game and want to try it out this is a great place to start. However, if you’re thick AF or pretty experienced in the sex toys department you might not enjoy this so much. 

Tenga Flex is for you if: 

  • You want an affordable toy
  • You want a sex toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy
  • You’re bored of your hand

Tenga Flex might not be for you if: 

  • If your member is on the girthier side
  • You prefer to spend more on a more luxurious toy
  • You want a more realistic looking toy

Getting started…first impressions

The Tenga Flex leads a double life. Artsy and classy on the outside, sexy and naughty on the inside. It does not look like a sex toy, at all. Your parents could come over for coffee and see your Tenga Flex displayed on the shelf and be none the wiser. It totally blends in as an ornament or even a wireless speaker!

It comes in Silky White and Rocky Black, with the Silky White option being gentler than the Rocky Black which is tighter and more intense. 

Tech Specs, Design & Features

Ok, let’s get specific. Because if you’re gonna put (ahem) yourself inside something, you want all the deets first!

As I’ve mentioned, the Silky White and the Rocky Black have different internal textures and specifications, so we’ll review them side-by-side to help you decide which one is right for you. 

Here are the official specs.

Tenga Flex Silky White
Tenga Flex Rocky Black
Size (D × W × H inches)
6.93 × 2.89 × 2.89
6.93 × 2.89 × 2.89
Insertion Length (inches) 
Insertion Width (inches)
Weight (lbs)
Elastomer, PP
Elastomer, PP
Internal texture
Gentle spiraling ribs with a delightful suction 
Strong spiraling ribs with a dynamic suction

What does it look and feel like?

The Tenga Flex is a good-looking and good feeling toy!

The external shell is soft and thick. It feels quite squidgy (and is actually pretty fun to squeeze). I prefer using two hands when I get down to business. 

It’s very discreet and doesn’t look like a sex toy, which is great if you flat-share or just prefer a more lowkey look. 

Silky White vs Rocky Black – Which Flex is better?

The battle royale! In one corner we have the Silky Flex, champion of gentle ribs and smooth suction. And in the other, we have the Rocky Black, master of intense ribs and dynamic suction. 

So, which one is better?

That depends on you. 

The Silky White is more laid-back. When you first insert yourself it can even feel a little “Meh” until you get going and start using the suction option and twisting the toy. Then you feel it! This is also better if your member is on the thicker side, as it’s a little more forgiving in the gripping department. 

The Rocky Black feels more intense and feels a lot tighter. The internal ribbing grips you more tightly, and giving it a twist or using the suction can even feel like too much! If you’re a girthier person it may well feel too tight and be hard to get your piece into. 

I’ve found the Rocky Black is great for when I just want to cum. Now. Whereas the Silky White is ideal for when I have more time, and want to play and really enjoy the sensations. 

For me, the Silky White is like sex and brunch on a Sunday morning, while the Rocky Black is more “tequila and getting nasty on a Friday night”. Your call!

How to use it?

Ease of use is vital when it comes to toys. Ain’t no one got time to be fiddling around or getting confused when they’re trying to get off. 

The Tenga Flex is very user-friendly. Just remove the cap, add your favorite lube to the sleeve and insertion hole, and insert your member.

I’d recommend using more lube than you might think you need, especially if you’ve gone for the grippier Rocky Black. 

Once you’re in you have a variety of ways to enjoy yourself. 

You can go for simple, up and down strokes, and enjoy the internal ribbing. This is how I like to use the Rocky Black.

Pro Tip

Or you can use the suction option! Just cover the air hole at the top with your fingers to create a strong (and pleasurable) internal vacuum. This makes the whole thing twist, tighten, and almost suck around your penis.

Would definitely recommend doing this with the Silky White. It actually feels like being deep-throated!

My Experience With Tenga Flex 

I’ve had about 6 months to get to know the Tenga Flex. All 3 of us (me, Silky White, and Rocky Black) are now firm friends. 

I enjoy the Silky White when I have some time. It’s nice to go a little slower, and enjoy the moment and feel the sensations. While the Rocky Black is my go-to if I have less time and just want to bang it out, so to speak. 

My first time using the suction on the Rocky was a bit of a shock! It’s intense! I’ve also found that more lube is always a good idea. 

It’s pretty durable, and while the shells have a few scratches it’s not a big deal to me. 

I also found it’s better to pull out gently. The material is delicate so pulling out too forcefully can cause damage. 

How To Clean Your Tenga Flex

Does anyone enjoy cleaning their masturbator? I’m guessing not! You’ve just “arrived” and now you’ve gotta clean. What a post-climax anti-climax.

Fortunately, the Flex is easy to clean. You just remove the inner sleeve and wash it under running water. Remember to turn the sleeve inside out to clean the now-full inside too. 

Drying it is a piece of cake too. Just pat it dry with a towel, and then the cap turns into a drying stand, which is very smart. 

And that’s it. Takes about the same time as washing your hands. 

Looking After Your Tenga Flex

You’ve gotta look after your sex toys! Once the sleeve is dry it’s best to put it back inside the shell, and put the cap back on. The inner sleeve is quite delicate and you don’t want to leave it out. 

In terms of durability and how long it lasts, both of mine are still good after 6 months and maybe 25-30 uses each (but who’s counting?!). Just make sure to look after it, not pull out too quickly which can damage the sleeve, and wash it after use. 

Where To Buy Tenga Flex

The TENGA Flex retails at $39 USD, which I would say is a steal. Given the price, it’s a wallet-friendly option. You can buy direct from Tenga (Silky White and Rocky Black).

What Do Other People Think About It?

Redditors have some strong opinions…

“Got that thing as well, it’s brilliant! Even more intense than the Flip 0 in my opinion, and I really didn’t think that was possible”


Reddit user

“…it is one of the most marvelous feelings I’ve ever gotten from a toy.

The first time I used it I had to take breaks because I was close to cumming almost instantly. Once you get used to it, this thing can provide hours of fun”

Final Thoughts

Time to wrap it up!

Tenga Flex is a great budget-friendly masturbator. You’ll enjoy it if you’re new to the masturbator game or want something that doesn’t look like a sex toy. 

At $39 it’s affordable, the design is very discrete, and it’s really fun to play around with the suction option!

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