Tenga Air Tech Review: Which Model Should YOU Get? (2023)

In this Tenga Air Tech review, I’ll share all of my experiences after testing different models of each category, so you know which reusable Tenga cup is best for you.

When people say Tenga, it automatically switches to me thinking about Tenga Eggs. But of course, there’s more to the brand than those cute little ovular goods. 

You have a variety of sex toys to choose from, from Tenga Spinners to the Tenga Flip Hole and many more. Though for this review, it’s all about Tenga’s Air Tech series that we’ll be focusing on. 

This reusable vacuum-like toy comes in various intensities and models. And they’re there to offer different functions and modes of stimulation to keep your experiences satisfying and orgasmic. 

So are you ready for this?

If you are, let’s start with my overall thoughts on the product. 

The Good

It has many options with varied textures and intensity. It’s reusable AND affordable, so you can explore and experiment without breaking the bank. Even though it’s not automated, its air vacuum cup feature gives good suction that you can control.

The Not So Good

You need to clean your toy well or It could trap dirt and smell foul. The Air Tech’s are not available for purchase in the US.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a good bang for the buck if you liked the Tenga Vacuum Cup and you’re looking for a reusable version. 

Tenga Air-Tech is for you if: 

  • You’re looking for an affordable reusable masturbator.
  • You prefer masturbators that don’t look like a body part.
  • You like having various options in texture and intensity.
  • You’re bigger than average (congrats!). It has an Ultra variant.

Tenga Air-Tech might not be for you if: 

  • You need to use it quietly. It makes squelchy wheezy sounds.
  • You live in the US. It’s not sold on the US online store.

Info For US & UK Readers

As of the moment, Tenga Store US has renamed their “Air-Tech” series into “Air Flow” however Tenga Store UK & EU still has “Air-Tech” products.

Unpacking the Tenga Air-Tech: First Impressions

Each masturbator toy comes wrapped in a plastic wrap coating. And I tore through them like a Christmas present!

Air-Tech comes in three colors representing its intensity variant: white for Gentle, red for Regular, and black for Strong. This applies to Air-Tech Standard and Air-Tech Squeeze.

The Air-Tech Twist has a black body with a red base cap (Tickle) or blue base cap (Ripple).

All models have a cylindrical tube body with an hourglass shape. This curvature gives you a good grip as you’re going at it.

When you open the base cap, you will be greeted by — wait for it — a gaping hole! This is where your penis goes in to receive all sorts of sucking pleasure. But that’s for later. 

For now, it’s where the manufacturer inserted its complimentary water-based lube, aptly named Hole Lotion.

Tenga Air-Tech: Techs Comparison

Air-Tech (Regular, Strong, Gentle)
Air-Tech Squeeze (Regular, Strong, Gentle)
Air-Tech Twist (Ripple, Tickle)
Air-Tech Ultra
Size (DxWxH)
Insertion Length Approx.
Insertion Width Approx.
Air-Tech (Regular, Strong, Gentle)
Case: PE
Cap: PP
Internal sleeve: TPE
Air-Tech Squeeze (Regular, Strong, Gentle)
Elastomer, PP, PS, PE
Air-Tech Twist (Ripple, Tickle)
Case: PE, PC, POMCap: PEInternal sleeve: TPE
Air-Tech Ultra
Case: PECap: PPInternal sleeve: TPE

Tenga Air-Tech Series – Which One is Best For You?

In total, Tenga’s Air-Tech range is up to 9 Tenga products. I tested a couple under each category (with pleasure) so you don’t have to.

Tenga is a Japanese brand that values hygiene. So much, in fact, that many of their products are single-use only. But after the popularity of the Original Vacuum Cup, they *thankfully* created a reusable version. 

I mean, some of us want to have good orgasms while not destroying the planet.


The Air-Tech Standard is very similar to the Original Vacuum Cup. This time, they removed the internal sponge, and it’s not pre-lubricated. 

It comes in three options with varied textures and intensities. It’s best for you if:

  • Regular – You prefer a snug stroker.
  • Strong – You like varied (and non-realistic) texture and intense stimulation.
  • Gentle – You want a natural sensation. 

Air-Tech Ultra

The Air-Tech Ultra is designed for the well-endowed. It’s 1.2x larger than the Tenga Air-Tech Standard. 

Definitely more comfortable if you have a thicker girth and longer penis. You can stroke deeper using this even if you go over 5.5 to 6 inches.

Inside, it has more pronounced nubs and ridges in varied sizes. This should give a dynamic sensation that feels close to going deep in a vagina.

Air-Tech Squeeze

The Air-Tech Squeeze is just like the Air-Tech Standard but upgraded.

The case is improved to have a polygon-like design. As a result, it gives you a better grip — even with a lubed hand!

“Squeeze” refers to its malleable case that you can, literally, squeeze. So if you want to give your length a good knead, just grip the masturbator sleeve harder as you stroke up and down.

Similar to the Standard, it also comes in three variants:

  • Regular – The good balance between Strong and Gentle. Not too loose, not too tight.
  • Strong – The most intense — and can get you to come the quickest. 
  • Gentle – The softest and most natural. It’s unlikely to cause chafing for longer play sessions. 

Air-Tech Twist

If I must say so myself, Twist is the most innovative out of the Tenga Air-Tech Series.

It has a simple yet clever idea that is executed really well: when you twist the cap, its internal passage gets tighter.

Imagine this: You’re deep into your partner. You’re going at it, meeting each other’s thrust passionately. Suddenly, your OH clenches with you inside. THAT’S WHEN EVERYTHING EXPLODES.

Air-Tech Twist mimics that clenching quite effectively. You can even control the tightness – up to 5 levels!

  • Tickle – Best if you’re a texture fiend.
  • Ripple – Best if you like a good suction.

Price, Where To Buy

The Tenga Air-Tech Series available on Tenga’s website. Unfortunately, it’s not sold on the US site.

Air-Tech Regular
Air-Tech Ultra
Air-Tech Squeeze
Air-Tech Twist

My Experience With Tenga Air-Tech


For the Standard, I went for the Regular toy. Its interior has a mostly smooth channel with a cluster of round bumps. The rounded ridges feel firm, so it felt a little uncomfortable to me.

As I was getting more aroused, though, the mild discomfort went away. Its internal structure felt really good in stimulating the frenulum and underside of my penis’ head.

Though I didn’t try the Gentle (I tried it on the Squeeze edition, though), I can make educated observations from my previous experiences using strokers.

Strong has the most interesting internal structure. Its ridges are varied — textured squares, tight rings, and twisty pockets. It doesn’t feel “natural.” And it’s exactly designed that way. I mean, what’s the point of using a toy, right?

Since the sleeve is made of TPE, it warms to body heat well. The warmth added to the sensation of having a good blow job, along with the sucking vacuum cup.


I opted for the Gentle this time.

Immediately, I enjoyed how smooth and soft it felt on my penis. Gentle feels the most natural. Its texture feels subtle — not too flat but not too pronounced. It’s also the quietest — the rest make louder whistle noises.

Having more control of my grip by squeezing the case enhanced the suction experience. Honestly, I think it’s worth it to skip the Standard and jump right into the Squeeze versions.

Twist (Ripple vs. Tickle)

I had to try the difference between Ripple and Tickle, so I tested both.

When using Tickle, I enjoyed it most on the lowest setting because it’s VERY textured. The nodules felt good as I eased my penis in-and-out of the sleeve. But when cranking the cap to its higher settings, it almost feels painful.

Ripple has a more pleasant suction. Since its internal structure and texture feels more natural, I can increase the suction’s intensity and tighten the cap. Before I knew it, I was shooting loads into it.

Hold on! Be warned: of the base cap. It’s not a screw cap lid, so opening it can be tricky (and infuriating). Especially if your hands are lubed.

Also, something to note: for comparison, the Twist’s size is somewhere in between the Standard and Ultra. Don’t worry, it won’t choke your dick dry. (It WILL suck it dry, though.)

How to Use Tenga Air-Tech

It’s easy: lube up your penis and the sleeve. Then, insert! Find your own drift and rhythm.

(Tenga includes a free lube, which they claim is bespoke to work really well with their masturbator sleeves. Some find lube too sticky, while others are pleased with it.)

Of course – don’t forget Tenga’s air vacuum technology. As you stroke up and down, cover the vent hole. It creates an air vacuum in the cup that emulates getting a blowjob.

Squeeze and Twist have a few bells and whistles:

  • Using Squeeze, grip the masturbator sleeve’s case as you’re stroking for a tighter sensation.
  • Using Twist, twist the cap so the internal sleeve tightens its grip on your shaft. It goes up to 5 intensity levels, so you can go as firm as you want.

These strokers are not just for solo play. I recommend you to use it with your partner too. 

Pro Tip

When giving you a handjob, your partner can use the masturbator sleeve or get a handjob machine instead of the plain ol’ hand. With you not in control, receiving pleasure is more heavenly.

How to Clean the Tenga Air-Tech

Simply take the sleeve out and wash it with warm water. You may also use antibacterial soap.

The internal sleeve is made of TPE. It’s a porous material, so you’d want to wash it CAREFULLY. It could smell foul if not washed and dried well.

Since it’s very soft, twist the sleeve as you insert it back into the case.

What Do Other People Think About It?

“I actually picked up … the Ripple since I tend to prefer subtler textures. Overall really impressed – easier, lighter and less unwieldy than the Flip Hole, which I use only very rarely – the Twist is much better and I find easier to clean.”

“The Airtech regular is my all-time favorite masturbator out of the… (god knows… 60+ toys) I’ve reviewed. Mainly because ease of cleaning ends up playing a huge part in how much most people actually use a toy.”


Reddit user


Tenga has a well-stocked inventory of masturbators. Here are other toys:

Tenga Spinner – Firmer than Air-Tech, so it can be more stimulating. It’s made of a hard rubber spiral which “flexes” as you stroke it over your penis. This toy achieves a unique, unpredictable motion, so you don’t know what to expect — in a good way. But because of its material, you can’t turn it inside-out so it’s harder to clean. Depending on your sensitivity, it might also feel uncomfortable.

Tenga Flip Hole – It’s the more premium version of Tenga’s masturbators. It has an easy-to-clean, easy-to-drip flip-open design for hygiene. Compared to Air-Tech, it has more features like a control pad so you can pinpoint the stimulation right at your fingertips. These added features, however, come at a higher price point. At £69.99, it’s twice the price of Air-Tech.

Final Thoughts

Tenga Air-Tech Series are simple products done well. It’s a great value for its price and the sensation it provides. With many options, you can find the right stimulation, price point, and size for you. 

You can check out the product’s entire collection and read about what other people think about them on their official website.

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