Tantus Feeldoe Review: Everything You Should Know [2023]

Everything you should know about the famous Feeldoe & Realdoe strapless dildos…The only Feeldoe review you need to read.

feeldoe review

The Good

Feeldoe started the strapless strap-on market. The firm silicone works great for woman to woman play.

The Not So Good

Anatomy is tricky. It works great for some, completely doesn’t work for other couples.

The Bottom Line

It’s a fun sex toy to experiment with, that may or may not pay off. If you’re experienced pegging enthusiast, a worth giving it try, but keep in mind you may need harness with it.

The First Impressions & What Is Feeldoe Backstory?

What you must know is that Feeldoe started in 1999 and originally has incorporated the brand under the name of Erogonics.

There seems to be some controversy around it as Tantus initially bought the rights to sell both Feeldoe and Realdoe under their brand.

But recently you may notice that Tantus has removed all Realdoe and Feeldoe mentions, and on the official site (Feeldoe.com) Erogenics say they are the ONLY official sellers of their Feeldoe strapless strap-ons.

However, on Tantus Inc site you can still buy strapless strap-ons that look very similar to original Feeldoe.

Looks like Tantus evolved the original brand, they had copyright issues and now Tantus sells their strapless strap-ons and Feeldoe brand sells their own.

tantus feeldoe reviews

To me it looks like it doesn’t matter where you buy it, but at least on the Tantus Inc site the whole experience seems more trustworthy.

And since I got the Tantus Feeldoe Classic when it was still the brand, that’s what I’m going to review:

Tantus Feeldoe’s Tech Specs

While the guide focuses on Tantus Classic model, here’s how it compares against other strapless strap-ons:

Wearer Side’s Length
Receiver’s Dildo Length
Tantus Classic
Tantus Slim
Tantus Real
Wearer Side’s Length
Receiver’s Dildo Length
1.25 – 1.5″
1.5″ – 1.6″

As you can see the bulb length is the same on all 3 models, and Dildo length is only smaller on Slim model.

The biggest different between the models is that Tantus Slim has 1.25″ dildo diameter and Tantus Real has 1.6″ dildo diameter.

All the bulb diameters for wearer are the same girth – 1.5″.


All of the Feeldoe models are made from firm platinum silicone material, which has many other people say that it’s too rigid and uncomfortable.

This really depends from your anatomy and you must keep in mind that original Feeldoe strapless strap-ons were created for woman-to-woman play.

NOT with pegging – woman to man action in mind. For some women the anatomy will simply not work no matter what, but for some a harness could save the experience.

Price, Where To Buy

Here is where it gets a bit confusing.

Feeldoe.com site says that the only place to buy their strapless strap-on dildos is their site, but the site really doesn’t look trustworthy.

As for prices all Feeldoe strapless strap-ons are in $100 range.

I would suggest to buy those strapless strap-ons from Tantus Inc website.

The prices as of now are from $87 (Slim) to $130 for the biggest Tantus Real model.

It comes with included bullet vibe.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

As I discussed before all strapless strap-on feel quite firm.

Both Slim and Classic models doesn’t have any texture, just a defined head, while Tantus Real has defined veins.

All of them have a few ridges at the intersection of bulb and dildo area supposedly giving extra clitoral stimulation.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

It really depends on your preferences. For most wearers the bulb feels too hard and anatomy doesn’t work out.

Also no matter how strong Kegel muscles you have many positions won’t work without a harness. Yes, the vision of no straps is attractive, but it simply doesn’t work in reality.

When the anatomy works – the experience feels great. The bulb presses the G-spot and the dildo feels just right for the receiver.

The bullet vibe could be better quality, but it adds the extra sensations. Some love vibrations, some hate it – but you have option to choose to use them or not.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning is easy and since Feeldoe is made from firm silicone it’s also durable.

Only Tantus Real version will be a bit more challenging to clean because of the ridges and veins, but it’s dishwasher safe.

You can bleach it, boil it – just remember to remove the bullet vibe.

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

I would recommend it for woman-to-woman action. It’s a lot harder to work it for pegging man-to-woman play.

Then if you’re new, this is definitely not a beginner’s toy. It can work and it also can be wasted money if anatomy or size don’t work out.

Who is it for?:

  • For lesbians
  • For advanced pegging players who want to try something completely new

Who is it not for?:

  • Not great for breaking through ass sphincters.
  • Not recommended for beginners, try simple harness + strap-on first.

What Other People Think About It?

This was our experience, but here’s what other people thought about it:

“I have a few Share dildos from Fun Factory which are very similar to the Feeldoe and I have to wear a harness with them. While they are designed to work without a harness, they weigh so much that unless you have really strong pelvic muscle, it will slip out or move to much.”


Reddit user

“The feeldoe is the most well known. The Fuze Tango is the best, IMHO. The vibe placement in the feeldoe is not good, the material is too hard and not flexible – it was designed for lesbian strap-on sex so this will limit the positions you can comfortably do because the angle is not quite right.

Best bullet vibe – We-Vibe Tango. Do the Tango-Tango two-step – it’s worth it! And yes – harnesses are essential for 95% of the women out there.”


Reddit user

“We have both the feeldoe and the fun factory share. The share is a better material but honestly I like getting pegged by the feeldoe more, I like the shape. The share is larger all around and sometimes the bulb is a little too big for my girlfriend, but she claims to like it more than the feeldoe when it is working out. We pair this with a Sasha harness.

Go with the normal size would be my recommendation. With the feeldoe it will be an average diameter by a little longer than average. You should also get a great water or oil based lube, no silicone. And clean yourself out a bit, trust me.”


Reddit user


While Feeldoe started this market, they are not necessarily the best strapless dildos right now in the market.

A lot more couples have had better success with:

feeldoe toy

Fun Factory ShareVibe

Fun Factory ShareVibe – a better ergonomically designed and softer strapless strap-on with a quality bullet vibe

feeldoe reviews

Vixen Peacemaker

Vixen Peacemaker – a super realistic and one of the best dual-density dildos that has lots of give. Keep in mind it’s quite big though.

Read our Best Strapless Strapon Guide for more.

Then you should consider a more simple strap-on dildo + harness combo that works 100% of the time.

While both partners receiving pleasure at the same time sounds attractive – it rarely works successfully with strapless strap-ons.

You can easily waste lots of money by trying to find the right strapless dildo.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good sex toy IF it works for you. But it doesn’t work a lot more times than it works so be cautious.

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