How to Give Her Squirting Orgasms Like Never Before

Orgasms are O-some! What more if you can bring your girl Os as she squirts? And it’s not impossible with all the techniques we’ll share in this guide. Read on:

Men aren’t the only ones that ejaculate.

Yes, you heard that right. Turns out women can also ejaculate, and it’s a very powerful and pleasurable experience. Now wouldn’t you want to help your partner achieve such pleasure? 

Of course, you would!  But you probably have a lot of questions about it. How does it work? Where does the ejaculate come from? Can all women do it? And probably a lot more…

In this article, I’ll explain what squirting is and share a few tips and tricks on how to get your girl to squirt. 
So get ready for some fun and probably lay a towel down (because squirting is awesome, but changing sheets is annoying).

What is Squirting?

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way.

Squirting fluids are NOT urine.

I know you’ve heard myths saying the opposite. There has even been debate on the matter in the scientific community. But it turns out that while there may be SOME urine present in the liquid, these fluids are something different and don’t come from the bladder. 

Back to the question – what IS squirting?

Squirting is when the woman expels tasteless, odorless liquid from her urethra. The urethra part is what tricks people into thinking squirt is pee. However, this liquid is produced by the Skene’s gland. What’s a Skene’s gland, you ask? I was just getting to that.

What’s Making The Magic Happen?

There are two body parts involved in squirting – the G-spot and the Skene’s gland. Let’s look at both of them and see what they’re all about. 

If you haven’t squirted for the first time, check out our guide for your first time squirting!

The G-Spot

You’ve definitely already heard of the G-spot as this magic sweet spot that’ll make your girl go to the moon and back… if you could just FIND IT. That’s pretty much true.

But, you might have also heard the G-spot is magic because it’s not real. Now that’s not true at all.

The G-spot is real, and it’s awesome. And that’s why it is so important that you learn about it and how to work it. 

So, the G-spot is also known as the Gräfenberg spot (named after the gynecologist who discovered it). It is a spongy, slightly bulbous spot located on the front wall of the vagina, about 3 inches deep. It’s not a standalone organ, as many people think, but a part of the clitoral network. 

Yes, the clitoral network.

You see, the clitoris is not just that little hypersensitive numb tucked away under the labia lips at the top of the vulva. It’s a whole organ, and most of its parts are located INSIDE the female body. Some of them extend to the vagina.

The G-spot is actually a spot through which you can stimulate the clitoral roots. And when you do it, you can give your girl a mind-blowing and intense orgasm… and, most importantly – a SQUIRTING ORGASM. 

The Skene’s Glands

The Skene’s glands are located on either side of the female urethra and secrete fluids that lubricate it. That helps with urination and cleanliness.  

What’s more interesting is that they probably also provide the fluid for female ejaculation.  That makes the Skene’s glands similar to the male prostate, where male ejaculate is stored before the climax.

That’s why female ejaculate squirts out of the urethra instead of the vagina. 

What Is A Squirting Orgasm?

I think that by now, it should be pretty obvious what a squirting orgasm is. 

It’s when a woman expels tasteless and odorless fluid from her urethra during orgasm. Because of the climax contractions, the squirting can be quite strong. 

I know what you’re thinking, and yes – a woman can squirt without an orgasm. Some ladies squirt before climax. Some squirt without cumming at all.

But that’s not what this article is about. This article is about getting your girl a squirting orgasm, which is a very intense and satisfying sensation. It’s possible to achieve this even if your partner has never squirted before – it just takes some relaxation and patience. 

Also, of course – GOOD TECHNIQUE. 

Let me guide you through the whole process step by step. I promise it isn’t as difficult as it seems at first! 

Squirting Orgasms: Tips And Tricks 

Be prepared: these tips are gonna leave your bedsheets soggy. So proceed at your own risk.

Set the Mood

Women tend to need some mental preparation and getting in the mood for sexy times. 

Girls also tend to value emotional connection when it comes to intimacy. That doesn’t necessarily exclude hook-ups/”friends with benefits” situations or other casual sexual encounters.

Emotional connection doesn’t equal romantic feelings, but it does mean you need to make your partner feel good mentally

After all, you’re in bed with them, so you DO have positive feelings towards them. Make that obvious. Your partner shouldn’t feel like an object. They should feel safe, respected, and desired.  

That doesn’t mean women don’t value the physical aspects of sex; it means that they will enjoy them MUCH more when there is communication and emotional investment. 

That said, if you’re going for the squirting orgasm, you should know how to get your girl in the mood. 

Make her feel relaxed. You have to play in a safe and comfortable space. Remove distractions like phones. Make sure you won’t be bothered by anyone.

Depending on what your partner finds relaxing, you can add some personal touches – put on music, light candles, dim the lights, whatever works for both of you. If your girl is relaxed, it’s far more likely that she’ll get that squirting orgasm, especially if she’s new to this. 

Read her body language. Some people have trouble expressing themselves during intimacy, so watching her body language will help you navigate your actions. You should watch for any signs of discomfort so that you can adjust accordingly.

The most important thing is to make her feel good!

If you feel unsure about anything, talk it out with her. You can do this beforehand – talk about what she likes, what makes her feel relaxed, and if she has any worries or any hard boundaries (things you should under no circumstances do).

You can also encourage her to talk to you during foreplay – both of you might even find it very sexy! 

All of this will help you build trust with your partner. Squirting doesn’t come easy to everyone. Partners that trust each other have a better time exploring new things.

Get Her Worked Up

Many women require a bit more to get properly turned on and ready to play. That’s not true for all women, of course, but a bit of extra effort will always work in your favor. Think of things you can do to enhance her arousal before getting down to business. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Send her sexy texts and photos throughout the day
  • Watch porn together
  • Read erotic stories or novels together (a lot of women prefer that to porn videos)
  • Give her a massage
  • Tease her in public: whisper something dirty in her ear, play footsie under the table, squeeze her butt when nobody’s looking…

Foreplay Is Your Friend

Most girls don’t really like it when guys get right to the “hands down the pants” part of intimacy. Unless, of course, your partner has that kink. But otherwise, women WANT foreplay

Of course, they do – after all, sex isn’t just about your privates or penetration. Foreplay is important for getting your girl both physically and mentally turned on.

Pleasure doesn’t ONLY come from stimulating the genitals.

The body is full of sweet spots, and everyone has their own unique preferences on where and how they like to be touched. It’s fun to explore your partner’s body and find what makes them curl their toes with pleasure.  

It’s best to start things off with some kissing. After that…

Try nibbling on your girl’s ear, kissing her neck, running your fingers through her hair and along her spine, squeezing her butt, caressing her breasts, waist, and the inner side of her thighs, licking her nipples… you can also try to incorporate dirty talking if you both enjoy it. 

Every girl is different!

Some prefer sensual foreplay; others like it rough.

I suggest you start slow and build up as you go. Pay attention to her body language, and you’ll figure out the best intensity level for her. 

That’s The Spot! 

Although it’s possible to get your girl a squirting orgasm with clitoral stimulation, you’ll probably get there easier with G-spot stimulation.

How are the G-spot and squirting connected, you ask? 

Well, the Skene’s glands are RIGHT next to the G-spot. So when you play with the G-spot, you indirectly stimulate the Skene’s gland. 

If you want your lady to squirt, that’s exactly what you should be doing. 

So, how do you stimulate it exactly? 

With your girl on her back, insert just one finger in her vagina with your palm facing up. You’ll find a spot that feels spongy to the touch. Your girl will probably react when you find it – the G-spot is VERY sensitive.  

You can add more fingers if your partner is comfortable with this.

You can stimulate the G-spot with a come-hither motion or a windscreen wiper motion. You can also make circles inside the vagina.

The important thing is that you keep your fingers slightly curled upwards to the front wall of the vagina. That will put pressure on the G-spot. 

If you want to make the orgasm as intense as possible, try using double stimulation or, in other words, stimulating the clitoris and the G-spot AT THE SAME TIME. Many women are fans of this move (including all girlfriends I’ve personally had).


As I’ve always said: The wetter, the better! That’s particularly true when it comes to squirting orgasms.

When a woman is turned on, she produces her natural lubrication, i.e., she gets WET.

Some women produce a lot, some need time to get there, and some can’t get very wet even when they’re very aroused. In any case, some synthetic lubricant won’t hurt. A lot of lubes even help women produce more natural lubrication! 

What type of lube should you get? 

The most versatile option is water-based lube. It’s available everywhere, and it’s completely safe not just for your and your partner’s body but also for any condoms or toys you might want to use. The only downside is that it dries out rather quickly. The good thing is this is easily fixable – just add more! 

There are also silicone-based and oil-based lubes. They feel smoother and last longer. BUT! They will damage some sex toys and condoms. If you aren’t planning on using anything like that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Use lube when playing with the G-spot by applying some on your fingertip and then insert that finger into her vagina. Start stimulating the G-spot. Add more lube at regular intervals so the stuff doesn’t dry out, and you don’t hurt your partner. 

Something to note

Dryness is a big no-no when stimulating the female privates.

It won’t feel good AT ALL. On the contrary – it may hurt… quite a lot

If you still unsure about what lube to use, feel free to check out our lube guide to learn more.

Kegel Exercises

This tip is aimed more toward the girls, but I think guys should also know about Kegels and how they can help with the squirting orgasm.

Kegels are exercises for the pelvic floor muscles. They can prevent prolapse or urine leakage, so that’s why you may have heard of weightlifters doing them.

However, Kegels have a bonus effect – they help you get more powerful orgasms. HOW? When your pelvic floor muscles are strong, your climax contractions will also be stronger. 

Kegels also help women with squirting orgasms because women who do them have more control over their muscles and climax. Kegel exercises can be done anywhere, anytime. A five-minute workout daily is enough to strengthen the muscles.

Talk about this idea with your partner. You can even get her a kegel ball if she’s into it. 

These are little balls that you can find everywhere sex toys are sold. They help provide some resistance for Kegels. Some are even weighted – like a dumbbell, but for the vagina. So all the woman has to do is insert the ball into her before starting. 

The exercises themselves are just squeezing and releasing the pelvic floor muscle. It’s like trying to stop a stream of pee. 

Erotic Massage

As I briefly mentioned, erotic massage is an excellent option for foreplay. It will relax your partner and get you started on stimulating her sweet spots. Speaking of which… 

You can’t do a good erotic massage if you don’t know where her erogenous zones (a.k.a. her most sensitive spots) are. 

Some people say there are SEVEN erogenous zones. You might remember a particular episode from “Friends” where Monica got way too excited about them (“Seven! Seven! Seven!…”).. The erogenous zones are:

  • #1 Lips
  • #2 Ears
  • #3 Neck
  • #4 Lower back/buttocks
  • #5 Breast/nipples
  • #6 Inner thighs
  • #7 Clitoris

During an erotic massage, you should pay special attention to these zones.  

Get started with a relaxed environment and high-quality massage oil. You don’t need to buy special massage oil from the store – all-natural solutions like coconut or almond oil work wonders. And if you’re not using toys or condoms, they’re great as lube too! 

Take your time and remind your girl to breathe deeply. Don’t forget you’re doing an EROTIC massage, so let your hands explore her body. 

You’ll probably find many more erogenous zones than the 7 mentioned above. Everybody is unique, and everyone has their preferences. But this little list is a nice way to get you started. 

Introduce Sex Toys

Another thing you can do is introduce sex toys in the bedroom. They will help you by providing more powerful stimulation and also giving you and your fingers a rest. 

Achieving the squirting orgasm takes a long time, so some extra help might be good. 

Some men are nervous about using sex toys with their partners. Don’t worry! A sex toy can never replace a real-life human. They’re not meant for that anyway – they’re just toys. They’re made to make your sexual experience more fun and fulfilling. 

If you’re a newbie to the whole idea and still unsure, I suggest you get a toy that doesn’t have a phallic shape so you feel more at ease.

So what sex toys can help with a squirting orgasm? 

Try out G-spot stimulators or rabbit vibrators. They are both meant to target the G-spot and take you faster to that squirting finale.

Of course, there are so many products on the market you probably get overwhelmed by all the choices. However, it’s not hard to choose a toy if you know some basics

  • Never buy anything that’s suspiciously cheap – things that are too good to be true probably are. These toys are probably made of materials that can be harmful to your body or are just faulty.
  • Avoid buying sex toys from Amazon because there are a lot of cheap knock-offs there. Instead, it’s best to buy from trusted vendors like SheVibe, Lovehoney, or Peepshow Toys. 
  • When you buy female toys (especially penetrative ones), make sure they’re silicone. Silicone is hypoallergenic and non-porous so that it can be disinfected.
  • It’s best to buy toys with rechargeable batteries. Overall, they’re quieter (no batteries are rattling inside) and better for the environment (you don’t have to buy batteries all the time and throw away the old ones).

I have some personal favorites for sex toys meant for squirting orgasms, and I think they might become your favorites too!

I strongly recommend the Lovense Osci 2! The oscillating tip delivers strong rumbly vibrations RIGHT on the G-spot! You can also control it through the Lovense app, which provides endless vibration mode options.

Lovense Osci 2

If you prefer to get a rabbit vibrator for that sweet dual stimulation, look no further than the Lovense Nora. You again have endless vibration mode possibilities (with the app) AND  a rotating head for extra G-spot stimulation. 

Lovense Nora

Sex Positions For Squirting Orgasms

If you’re new to the whole squirting thing, you will probably prefer to get your partner off manually. That way, you’ll have more control over the entire process.

However, if you have already dabbled in sheet-soaking orgasms, you might want to kick things up a notch. 

You can make your partner squirt from sex!

It’s a bit more difficult, but it’s totally possible. How? You just need to get into the right sex position. 

Missionary Position

It’s best to start with the classic missionary. 

This position doesn’t give you a lot of depth, but it helps with G-spot stimulation.  The penis is positioned in such a way that it rubs against the G-spot with each thrust you do. That’s exactly what you need for a squirting orgasm! 

Furthermore, the missionary is great for making your partner feel relaxed and helps with emotional connection – we talked about how important that is for the outcome you’re after. 

The Cowgirl

There are two reasons that the cowgirl position is awesome for squirting enthusiasts.

Since you and your partner face each other, this is still a very intimate and emotionally charged position. Also, the cowgirl gives your partner more control, and she can target her G-spot herself. She can stimulate it with as much pressure as she needs and with just the right speed.  

If your girl is into double stimulation, the cowgirl is ideal for that.

All she has to do is reach down and stimulate her clitoris herself. Or you can do it for her – just make your thumb wet either by licking it or putting on some lube and place it right on her clit. Then, your girl will rub against your thumb while grinding and bouncing. 

The Butterfly

Have your girl lie on her back with her butt at the very edge of the bed. Place yourself between her legs, lift them and place them on your shoulders.

You may need to support her butt with your hands and lift it slightly for easy penetration. You can now begin to thrust into her. You should be able to stimulate her G-spot in this position. 

The Sandwich

This is a variation of the butterfly position. Just don’t place your partner’s legs on your shoulders. Instead, bend them at the knees and bring them to her torso.

This changes the angle at which you thrust and will put even stronger pressure on the G-spot with minimal effort.


You probably still have some questions about squirting. After all, it is kind of mysterious. So in this section, I’ll try to clear up some things in your mind. 

Is Squirting Healthy?

Yes! It absolutely is. 

Because many women haven’t experienced squirting, you may be under the impression that it’s somehow “forced.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Squirting is a natural and healthy experience.

The hormones released when a woman squirts and orgasm help release stress and lower anxiety.

Also, the fact that a woman can squirt with you is a sign that she feels relaxed, that she trusts you, AND that you’re doing a damn good job in the bedroom!

Can All Women Squirt?

All women have “the equipment” for squirting – G-spot and Skene’s glands. 

Physically it IS possible for all women to squirt. 

That said, some girls may have trouble getting there for one reason or another.

Just like some of them have a harder time climaxing, in general. That doesn’t mean something is wrong with them and isn’t really a cause for concern. Some girls may even NOT WANT to squirt. That’s ok.

The important thing is that if you have a willing partner, she will most probably achieve the squirting orgasm ESPECIALLY if you use my tips and tricks. 

Keep in mind it probably won’t happen on the first try, and that’s totally normal.

Yes, even if your girl has squirted before with other partners. Don’t take it personally – two people getting to know one another, building trust, and getting acquainted with each other’s bodies TAKES TIME.  You need patience and determination. 

What Should I Do While She’s Squirting?

First of all – DO NOT act surprised or disgusted.

Even if you haven’t planned it, at best, this is just bad manners. It’s natural and safe, so you shouldn’t react negatively – not only will that probably turn her off from squirting, but it will also do damage to your relationship.

While she’s squirting, it’s best to continue doing what brought her to climax with the same intensity and pressure. Don’t change anything, as this may cut her orgasm short.

Why Does She Say She Has Go Pee? 

A lot of women describe a need to urinate right before the climax. 

Actually, the feeling they’re experiencing is quite possibly the need to squirt. 

However, the feeling is intense. And the fear of peeing themselves can stop a lot of women from relaxing and reaching a squirting orgasm.

Reassure your partner that the need to pee is normal and it’s actually connected to squirting. Make sure to point out that even if it’s pee (it’s most probably not), it’s not a big deal at all.

But DON’T push it. Every part of the sexual act including squirting should be consensual.  

Final Thoughts

Now that wasn’t so complex, was it? I told you it wouldn’t be. 

You don’t need a lot to get your girl to squirt. The techniques are pretty easy to master. But, to reach your goal, you need a safe environment and good communication with your partner.

Now all that’s left is that you try these tips out for yourself. Even if you don’t succeed at first, you’re in for an enjoyable experience!

If you want to know more tips and techniques, check out the different courses including Squirting course from Beducated! Check out our Beducated review for more insights!

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