Can You Squirt from Anal Sex? How It Works & How To Do It

Can you squirt from anal? Short answer: YES! And we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty on how it works and how to make it happen on your own and with a partner. Read on:

Squirting is real. But have you heard of squirting from anal sex?

It might be a new concept for you—whether or not you have tried squirting from vaginal stimulation.

But yes, it happens. Does it feel better? Well, that depends from one woman to another.

If you’re curious about how it works, how to do it, and if YOU can do it, then read on.

How does squirting from anal work?

Squirting refers to the expulsion of fluid from the vagina during sex or masturbation. It shouldn’t be confused with “female ejaculation,” while they’re always used interchangeably, as these two are technically different.

Anal squirting is pretty much similar to other types of squirting, like those from stimulating the G-spot, clitoris, or dual stim.

Basically, when a woman or vulva owner squirts, it’s when liquid is expelled from the bladder and exits via the urethra.

With vaginal squirting, the most effective way to squirt is through G-spot stimulation

With anal squirting, well, the membrane separating the vaginal canal and the rectum is pretty thin. So when the vaginal canal isn’t stimulated inside, it collapses thinly (imagine like a shirt material).

So during anal penetration, it’s easy to access the G-spot via the backdoor.

For people who find direct G-spot stimulation intense, stimulating it from the anally is more pleasurable because of the extra layer of tissue.

And so, with that G-spot + anal stim, a woman could squirt. Yey!

What can intensify squirting from anal?

The anus is dense with nerve endings. It’s super sensitive, so any extra stimulation in this area can heighten the sensitivity and sensations overall.

For many people, the higher the sensitivity, the higher chances to squirt.

Remember: Squirting only happens when the female is verrrrry aroused.

Furthermore, anal penetration doesn’t only stimulate the G-spot. It also activates the entire CUV (clito-urethro-vaginal) complex. These are structures responsible for sexual pleasure.

When you’re aroused, your internal CUV complex swells up together with the Skene’s glands and urethral sponge. That means they press into the walls of the vaginal canal, particularly the anterior wall—which is where squirting orgasms are often associated.

So any type of anal play and stimulation can intensify anal squirting.

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How to squirt from anal

Step 1. Start with anal hygiene

Anything anal could be uncomfortable for some people because of the “mess” (and maybe even smell) associated with the backdoor. And that’s normal.

As you’re planning to do some anal play, you can start by prepping the anal.

It’s easy. You can do your bowel movement beforehand so you won’t worry that you’ll poop (which you rarely will, TBH).

Cleaning with antibacterial soap and water can do the job.

If you want to go the extra mile, you may douche 1 to 2 hours before.

It’s not a good idea to do this frequently, so only douche or enema when really needed.

Step 2. Experiment on your own first

No one knows your body like you do.

The anus isn’t used to being stimulated and penetrated so that it can be uncomfortable during the first few times.

Explore on your own first before you bring your partner into the partner. Try to figure out which sensations feel good, which don’t, and so on.

From there, it will be easier for you to communicate this to your partner and for your partner to understand what you like and don’t like.

Step 3. Relax and take a deep breath

It’s essential to relax and get comfortable.

So set up your environment appropriately. Get rid of any clutter and distractions in your space that might take you away from the moment.

Taking a deep breath also helps release the tension from your body.

You might also want to waterproof your area by putting towels in your bed if you squirt. It’s an essential step so you won’t worry about wetting the area. Or do it in the shower.

Why is that important?

When you’re worried, your body and muscles will tense up. That means the muscles in your anal sphincters will tighten too. As a result, it will close up from any stimulation, much less penetration, making it uncomfortable and even painful.

Step 4. Take it slow

When it comes to anal, taking it slow is I-M-P-E-R-A-T-I-V-E.

Never rush things, especially NOT penetration. This is essential to reduce the risk of injury. Instead, take it slow and steady. You’ll get there.

Step 5. Use Lots Of Lube

When you think you’ve used enough lube, add some more.

Something to note

Lubes are non-negotiable when it comes to anything anal sex. It’s simply A-MUST.

Unlike the vagina, your anus doesn’t self-lubricate. So no matter how turned on you are, things just won’t glide in as quickly as when it’s in the vag.

There are lots of lubes available for anal play.

Water-based lube is the safest choice. You can also use it with toys, especially if they’re made of silicone.

If you’re using fingers or penis or metal dildos, then you may go for silicone-based lubricants. They are thicker, longer-lasting, and slide in more easily.

Step 5. Do anal training

Your anus doesn’t go from zero to penis in a day.

If you haven’t tried any type of anal play before, you should start with anal training. These are steps that prep your anus to stretch gradually over time.

The anus has two anal sphincters. One you can’t control (the inner anal sphincter), and the other one you can train to relax and open up for penetration (the outer anal sphincter)

Anal training should be done REGULARLY, especially if you want to engage long-term in anal play.

If you stopped anal training for days or weeks, you’d experience resistance again when you insert the exact size of toy or penis that you managed to handle from your previous training.

Step 6. Fingering

Fingering is one of the most pleasurable AND effective ways to squirt from anal. 

It’s easy to control the fingers, and it’s just the right size, even for the anal newbies. The finger is neither too long nor too girthy.

Locate your G-spot similar to the way you do it in the vagina—curl your fingers upwards toward the belly button. Once you find it, find the correct pressure, rhythm, and speed that feels good to you.


Trim your fingernails and wash your hands before inserting a finger into the anus.

Step 7. Incorporate a sex toy

Feel free to add in a sex toy. If you want to use it to stimulate the G-spot anally, get one like the njoy Pure Wand. It’s a stainless steel dildo with the right weight and curvature to hit the G-spot.

njoy pure wand

You can insert it anally and make the same motions to “milk” the G-spot via the backdoor to squirt.

Aside from the anal stimulation, you can use any sex toy that feels good to you. For example, you can use a vibrator or wand massager for clitoral stimulation.

For other great options, see our best anal sex toy guide.

Step 8. Experiment with different sex positions

It’s also possible to squirt from anal sex via penetration. But, again, the goal is to aim for the G-spot or belly button, so that’s something to keep in mind when your partner thrusts in your anus.

Some positions to try are:

  • Doggy style – You go on all fours while your partner enters you from behind. Raise your hips and lean down to better hit your G-spot.

  • Girl on top – Squat on your partner as he inserts his peen into your backdoor. This position’s quite tiring as you support your weight, but you get to control the angle and rhythm.

Step 9. Practice, practice, practice

It’s normal NOT to squirt from it the first few times as you’re still exploring this new type of play. You can always practice with what worked and what did not.

Importantly, you gained knowledge about your body that you can apply next time and add to your sexual repertoire.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

If you got some pleasure from it, who cares if you squirted or not? It still “worked” if you enjoyed it.

It’s fun to try and explore new things in sex because there are a lot of activities out there to do.  But you shouldn’t pressure yourself into achieving a specific goal pleasure-wise, as you’ll be setting yourself up for disaster. It takes away the fun in the equation.

One isn’t better than the other.

Note that squirting isn’t the same as orgasm.

Orgasm can occur with or without squirting. And squirting can occur with or without an orgasm.

So, it shouldn’t be your primary goal, nonetheless.


There’s always a new technique coming up in the world of sexplorers. And anything about butts is all the rage these days.

It’s easy to see why—maybe it’s the taboo nature of it, the dense nerve endings, or the thrill of stimulating a body part not commonly explored.

There’s no denying playing with the tush is IN, and anal squirting should definitely be on your next to-do list.

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