11 Best Sex From Behind Positions for Deep Penetration

The doggy style is a classic position for a reason. If you want to know its benefits, techniques, and more sex from behind positions, we got you covered.

sex from behind

There’s a better way to ask for what you want in bed!

If you think missionary sex isn’t going to do it for you tonight, tell them. Use the power of your words. It’s not that hard.

You should be comfortable with your partner. So, don’t be afraid to tell them that you want to get EXTRA FREAKY tonight.

Live a little. Be experimental.

Lucky for you, this article’s got all the hip sex positions you could try out from your partner’s behind.

Why Having Sex From Behind Works?

Here’s the hard truth. Many couples like to do it from behind.

The doggy style is called a classic for a reason. 

It stimulates the woman’s G-spot well. The angle is just right for the penis to hit the goal. And it also gives a good view.

What more could you want?

If you think you lack the girth or length to hit her spot, then doing it from behind is your answer!

There are many ways you could stimulate her from the back. You could use your hand, hers, or even a toy. All you need is a sex position that could do the trick.

Well, we’ve got you covered in that area.

Here are 11 sex positions to try from behind for deep penetration:

Best Sex Positions From The Back

1. Teaspooning

Let’s start with something intimate. Teaspooning is one variation of Spooning.

How-to Guide:

  • The guy gets onto his knees on the floor or bed. Then, he opens them wide.
  • The woman would also do the same. Her body would be facing the same direction as her man’s.
  • The man positions himself from behind. Make sure that the knees are together with hers.
  • Then, slowly enter from the back. The guy could wrap his arms around the woman for support. And if they want, they could even play with their breasts.

Things to Consider

  • This position is very intimate. So, it is better to reserve it for people you have had sex with a few times already. 
  • You could easily transition to other positions. For example, moving from the Basset Hound to the Teaspoon.

Other Similar Positions

  • The Bent Spoon
  • The Bouncing Spoon
  • The Books Ends
  • The Acrobat

2. The Leapfrog

A common variation of a sex position from behind is the Leapfrog.

Here’s the breakdown.

How-to Guide

  • Assume the regular doggy style position. The man kneels upright while the woman is on all fours. But instead of relying on the elbows for support, the woman rests her upper body against the bed. 
  • Have her push her ass in the air afterward. Then, let the man gently enter. His legs would be closed together inside hers.
  • Have him place his hands on the back while thrusting. For rougher sex, grab their hips instead for more force.
  • Let the woman take control of how much she raises her butt. Put some cushions or pillows under to provide support. And adjust accordingly.

Things to Consider:

  • The thrust can be done stronger by having the woman push back against the wall to her man.
  • Women have found it more comfortable to have a pillow under the head.
  • This position makes it possible for deep penetration. So, this could get uncomfortable for some ladies out there.
  • Keeping your legs together can make your vagina feel tighter.

Other Similar Positions:

  • Teaspooning
  • The Basset Hound
  • The Turtle

3. The Bodyguard

This position is a combo between the Standing position and the classic Spooning.

It’s great for people who like to have intimacy and naughtiness mixed in.

How-to Guide:

  • First, both the man and woman must stand upright. They must be facing the same direction.
  • Then, the man behind slowly enters. He can bend his knees to match the woman’s height.
  • From there, it’s all about the thrusting motion. 

Things to Consider:

  • You could change the motion of the man’s thrust. For example, you could also have him thrust up and down instead of pushing and pulling.
  • Keeping your legs close together provides more friction and stimulation. As a result, you would provide your man with the sensation they wanted.
  • The man can embrace the woman’s body at maximum contact.
  • The woman can just lean back and have gravity take all the work. 

Other Similar Positions:

  • Teaspooning
  • Standing
  • The Slow Dance
  • The Pearly Gates

4. The Jockey

You might wonder why this one’s got a weird name? Well, to put it simply, the position’s all about being a jockey.

And no, it’s not about being a disc jockey. Instead, it’s the horse riding kind.

To learn more, here’s a step-by-step process on this fun sex position.

How-to Guide

  • The woman lies face down on the bed. Her legs formed together and straight.
  • Then, the man straddles her from the back with his knees positioned on both sides of her waist.
  • He can then start penetrating her. The man doesn’t need to lean forward like a jockey when riding. He can just also lean back and let the motion do the work. 

Things to Consider:

  • The Jockey is versatile. You could use this position for romantic and slow sex. And you could also use it for passionate and intense nights.
  • This position is also great for anal. So, if it’s your first time, then why not try this out.
  • The woman can use the wall or floor to push back against her man. Doing so lets her control how deep the penis can go.
  • The Jockey is for dominant men and submissive women.

Other Similar Positions:

  • Spooning
  • The Leapfrog
  • The Rear Entry

5. The Burning Man

This one is for couples who like to experience a fiery and intense night.

All they need is a table or countertop.

How-to Guide

  • The woman starts with her body facing the countertop. She then lays her stomach over, keeping her feet on the floor.
  • The man behind can then start entering her through the vagina or anus.
  • Have the woman make sure she plants her feet firmly. Intense penetrations can slip her out of place. So, have the man hold her on her hips to provide some support.

Things to Consider:

  • The woman is not able to move as much. So, make sure that the man isn’t being too forceful in the position.
  • The Burning Man can lead to some kinky sex all over the house.
  • Have the man do different angles when penetrating. They have much more freedom to experiment around in this position.

Other Similar Positions:

  • The Washing Machine
  • The Triceratops
  • The Superwoman

6. The Pump

The Pump is a variation of Doggy Style where the man pumps you from behind.

How-to Guide:

  • Have the woman position herself on a chair or sofa. Her legs must be slightly bent.
  • Then, the man can proceed with penetration. Whatever entrance works as this position is perfect for both vaginal and anal sex. 
  • For more support, place the woman’s arms in front. Have her elbows hold her weight. Let the man hold her hips and have him do all the work.

Things to Consider:

  • The position is for men who like to take control. 
  • At the same time, it also feels sensual and intimate.
  • The Pump is also great for multitasking. The man can penetrate while reaching around to rub the woman’s vulva or clit.

Other Similar Positions

  • Sitting
  • The Lazy Wheelbarrow
  • The Frog Leap

7. The Pretzel

This position has the man do all the work. So ladies, sit back and relax! Let him get his skills into practice.

How-to Guide

  • Let the woman lie on her side in a recovery position. 
  • Then, raise her top leg. Lead it towards her chest. And put her arms on either the front or behind. Keep the other leg straight. 
  • The man then straddles the straightened leg. He must be on his knees, where he could then start thrusting. 

Again, the woman can’t do much. So, have them just get comfortable.

Things to Consider:

  • The man can do all the work in this position. So if your woman feels tired, then let her relax.
  • The Pretzel is a sensual position from behind. Although, the man could still very much penetrate her vigorously. 
  • You can do anal quite easily with this position. But maybe start with an intimate massage first.
  • The woman can grab their top leg closer to their chest. Doing this would make it easier for the man to penetrate her deeper.

Other Similar Positions:

  • The Leg Glider
  • The Flatiron
  • The Deckchair

8. Stairway to Heaven

The Stairway to Heaven is the closest to the classic Doggy style. The only difference? There are stairs involved.

A Little Piece of Advice

Try this position on carpeted stairs first. It may get rough on your knees and elbows. So, start with something comfortable.

How-to Guide:

  • Have the woman position herself on the stairs. The hands must be pressing on a higher step while the knees are on a lower. 
  • The man then follows behind her. He’ll stand behind one step, positioning his penis near the woman’s crotch and anus. Finding the right height might get tricky. So, make sure to adjust accordingly.
  • Once at a comfortable height, the man can start penetrating her vaginally or anally. 

Things to Consider:

  • Be careful with doing this position on non-carpeted stairs. The rough surface may hurt your elbows and knees.
  • This position works for both vaginal and anal sex.
  • The Stairway to Heaven is perfect for couples that can’t wait any longer. So, have a little quickie on the stairs. Nobody’s going to judge that.

Other Similar Positions:

  • Doggy Style
  • The High Chair
  • The Speed Bump

9. The High Chair

The High Chair is one of the interesting ones on this list. It mixes both fun and furniture. Sex and a barstool? One could only imagine. 

How-to Guide:

  • Let the woman sit on a bar stool with her ass exposed over the edge. The underside of the thighs would then be the one sitting while the butt hangs out. 
  • Then, have the man enter from behind. The woman can lean back and forth to make sure he can find the right angle.
  • Use a stand if the man’s height is not enough. Not every male is born tall. So, adjust with whatever you can find around. 

Things to Consider:

  • This position is suitable for those couples who are into anal.
  • The stool should preferably have no back support. It might get in the way as the man starts to penetrate from the back.
  • The woman must remember to sit on her thighs. Not her butt. 
  • Couples can use a towel on the seat. Doing so will make sure that everything stays nice and tidy.

Other Similar Positions:

  • The Stairway to Heaven
  • The Lazy Wheelbarrow
  • The Sybian

10. Spooning

Spooning is one of the classics. It is on par with other widely known sex positions: the Cowgirl, the Missionary, and of course, the Doggy Style

This position is not intense or hardcore. Instead, spooning takes things slow and soft. It’s all about lovers being intimate and close with one another.

So, it’s fair to say that this position should be easy to do.

How-to Guide

  • Both the man and woman must first lie on their sides. They must be facing the same direction.
  • Then, have the woman bring her top leg forward. Doing so will make it easy for the man to penetrate her.
  • Then, proceed with the man inserting his erect penis into the woman. He could wrap his arms around her torso to embrace her. 

Things to Consider:

  • Spooning can do wonders for couples who are exhausted. They can just go near each other and let everything fall in place.
  • This position is perfect for getting up and close with your partner.
  • Anal sex is also very much possible.

Other Similar Positions:

  • Teaspooning
  • The Bent Spoon
  • Sofa Spooning

11. The Brute

The last position we have is the Brute. This one’s an oddball for sure. 

How-to Guide:

  • The woman lies on her back. She then brings both her knees close to her chest and stomach.
  • In the opposite direction, the man kneels. His head must be facing away from where the woman is. As he goes down, his legs will straddle her hips. 
  • Then, the man gently squats in and out to penetrate her. 

Keep in mind: Getting into this position needs to be done carefully. The man’s penis is pushing deep into the woman. So, this puts a lot of pressure on the suspensory ligaments. One false move could result in intense pain or injury.

Things to Consider:

  • This position is not that intimate or romantic. That’s probably why the name suggests calling it the Brute.
  • The man can watch porn while having sex with his woman. Again, not that romantic. But it gets the job done.
  • Doing the Brute takes careful practice. Thrusting too hard may just hurt the man in the end.

Other Similar Positions:

  • The Deckchair
  • The Launchpad
  • The Anvil

What She Can Do

There are many things a woman can do during sex from the back.

One, they could pleasure themselves using their hands or a sex toy. If their breasts or clit are free, then they could stimulate it.

Using a pillow or object to grind on could also work.

Just remember to keep the back arching downward. And also, try pushing the tummy down. Doing so will make it comfortable for you.

Move your hips as well. It will provide some aid to the man’s thrusts. 

Finally, do some dirty talk with one another. Warm up those sweet nothings. One of you would for sure be bound to like it. 

Many women like having sex from behind because it allows them to be submissive. It makes them feel powerless at the moment. It makes them feel like they are being pushed and pulled.

But not everyone enjoys these kinds of things. So, it’s better to talk with one another first!

Doing It From The Shower

The shower is a great place to test out different doggy-style positions. 

Usually, shower sex has the man penetrating the woman from behind. While not always, many couples tend to lean in that direction.

Just make sure to get as comfortable as you can. For example, rest your foot on a stool or the bathtub’s edge. You could even kneel if you like. 

Prioritize comfort and safety!

You’ll surely enjoy the experience more after taking care of those. 

Safe Shower Sex Tips

Keeping it safe is always crucial in shower sex. So, here are some tips to take note of:

  • Have something on the floor that prevents slipping.
  • Don’t be afraid to lean on counters or handlebars.
  • Use silicone-based lubricants. Water-based ones will just wash off with the running water.
  • Avoid spilling lube on the floor. You might slip. So be careful in using it. A minor leak could send you packing to the hospital.
  • Make sure the appliances and furniture you lean on support your weight. For example, don’t use the faucet. That could barely keep you stable. 
  • Try installing footrests or suction cup handles in the shower. Doing so will make it safer for you to stand up during sex.

Go Wild And Crazy!

Any couple can have sex from behind. The straights can do it. The gays can do it.

It doesn’t matter. Everyone could do it.

But, keep in mind that there are people who also don’t enjoy it. So, it just depends. 

Sex from the back is great because you’ll get a front-seat erotic view of your partner’s behind. 

You could also multitask as well. Use your free hands to play with your S.O.’s erogenous areas. Touch their breasts, butt, or anything you could reach. 

Stimulate them as much as you can. 

If you want to go wild, then spanking is one solution. Use a paddle or a hand. Leave some red marks on their butt. Don’t be afraid to spice things up in the bedroom. 

You could even go crazier if you like.

Try playfully biting their shoulders. Then, slide your fingernails on their back.

Pull their hair or give them a chokehold. Get some roleplay in that room. Make the experience more exciting. 

This will for sure snap your boredom away. 

Taking it from behind is expecting the unexpected. So, always have that in mind when doing sex positions from the rear.

Get Things Done Right

Of course, not every position can work out for everyone. Some may require a few adjustments. That is why couples must learn to adapt to what they have. 

For example, women with big butts may not get satisfied by men with smaller penises. But then, there are also height differences to consider. So, a lot of things can pretty much come into play. 

Now, don’t get too discouraged. You could always find other ways to keep things spicy. 

Have trouble raising your hips off the bed? Then use a pillow under the hips. Some sellers can provide you with memory foam pillows designed specifically for use during sex.

Other companies have doggy-style straps or slings. These keep the body in a position that makes thrusting better. 

FAIR WARNING! People might tell you that sex from behind is less intimate. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many things to keep your sex life personal and steamy.

For one, facing your partner directly already works. If it doesn’t, then a mirror could do the trick. 

Face a mirror in the bedroom while you have sex. Then, look at each other’s eyes. Feel them gazing at you. You’ll likely fall in love with them even more.

The man could also rest their body on top of the woman. Then, they’ll be able to wrap their arms around her torso. From there, they could kiss her neck or do some dirty talk. 

Now, what exactly makes sex from behind appealing?

Well, many men orgasm quickly doing the doggy style. Though, longer sex sessions may require slower yet shallow thrusts. Doing so avoids any discomfort and makes sure that the woman doesn’t easily get bruised during penetration.

Oral Sex

A lot of the positions mentioned above are great for vaginal sex. But, they are used for other means as well.

There’s using it for oral or for eating her out.

Now, it’s difficult for a woman to do oral on her man from behind. The female body is just not built that way. But, men could do it no problem.

The woman just has to kneel, stand, or bend over. Maybe even spread her legs a little. Then, have the man put his tongue to good use. They can also stand, kneel, or sit while doing this. 

Just make sure that you two are comfortable enough

Having said that, oral is not limited to the clit or vagina. There’s also the anus. 

People nowadays refer to it as rim jobs. You could also call it analingus if you want.

What’s this? You ask. It’s the act of stimulating the butthole with a partner’s tongue. It’s that simple.

Since everybody has a tongue and anus, anyone can do this.

But not everyone is comfortable with doing it. Some have boundaries regarding this topic. So, respect the person’s limits. 

Next, what are some safety measures for oral sex?

Well, here’s a brief rundown.

Oral Safety in Anal

  • Use dental dams or small plastic squares. Doing so helps in the prevention of getting an STI.
  • Add lube between the dam and anus. It keeps it in place and increases the sensation.
  • You could use plastic wraps as an alternative. If DIY is more your style, then a cut condom also works.

Any of these devices make cleanup easier. So, it’s a win-win situation. You get protected. At the same time, you also get the experience. 

What is there not to like?

From Vaginal to Anal

Moving from the vagina to the anus during sex is natural. After all, what works for the clit also works for anal.

Of course, DON’T just double dip all of a sudden.

Get some stimulation going first. Work your way using your fingers or using a sex toy. Don’t just go for an ambush.

Who knows, you could have your partner experience their very first DOUBLE WHAMMY. 

If they’re into it, then that’s the invitation you need. Insert that toy in one hole while you insert your penis into the other. Doing so would double the pleasure and orgasm. 

The rule of stimulation also applies to anal intercourse. Remember, the anus doesn’t lubricate itself like the vagina. So, make sure you have the best fisting lube on your bedside. 

Thicker lubricants typically last longer. But silicone-based ones are thinner. What this means is that they can’t easily wash away with water.

Though some couples still do use oil-based lubricants as well. If you like massages, then this choice is definitely to your liking.

The Height Difference

Differences in height are always an issue in doing rear entry sex positions. That is why there’s a use for different settings or furniture. 

If things don’t work out as planned, then do some tweaking. Do a full-on experiment. EXPLORE. 

You could do so much with many ideas. 

But before you forget, here are a few to recap:

  • Use a stand or furniture around your home. Make sure it can support your weight and make sure it is stable.
  • Sex tools such as sex swings and harnesses can also work.
  • Have you and your partner kneel on all fours instead of standing. Doing so puts both of you on equal playing fields.
  • Place memory foam sex pillows beneath the body to increase height and comfort levels.

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

Of course, you don’t have to buy all these fancy things. You just have to find something similar around your home.


It’s not only a man’s world in here. The woman could also do the penetrating. 

That is how pegging comes to light.

What is pegging? You wonder.

Well, it’s a sexual practice in which a woman performs anal sex on a man with a strap-on dildo.

Hmmm. Sound too scary for you?

Then, you better read these three facts first:

  1. Getting penetrated doesn’t mean you are gay. You may like it from behind but remember, your partner is still female. So, don’t get too caught up in it. It’s natural to get anxious and confused about the subject. You’re human, after all.
  2. The prostate (or P-spot) is the man’s G-spot. Stimulating it can lead to some intense orgasms. So don’t be afraid to have the woman do the work in giving their partner pleasure.
  3. The anus can’t make itself wet. So that’s why you better get that lube ready at all times.

These aside, men have it different when they orgasm with their prostate.

It’s a newfound experience. So why not try it out for once? We’ll never know if you’ll like it unless you try, right?

Final Thoughts

All of these have got your BACK covered. 

So, if you like to switch things up in the bedroom, talk to your partner. Open up. Let them know you want to try something new.

That’ll for sure give you a good night’s rest ahead. 

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