113 Sexual Ideas That YOU Need For Your Sex Bucket List (2023)

Looking for ideas to spice up your sex life? Check out our sex bucket list ideas that will surely add more fun and excitement to your sex life!

sex bucket list

Are you ready to liven up your sex life? Are you prepared to get as freaky and experimental as you can get? 

Look no further, buddy!

Here are 110 ideas you might want to put on that sex bucket list today.

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The SexualAlpha Sex Bucket List Ideas

1. Elevator Sex

Still at the office for work? Well, any place is a good place for sex. 

So why not try doing it in the elevator? 

Yes, it’s risky. But possibly getting caught by your boss is WORTH all of the thrill. 

2. Masturbate in Front of People Without Them Knowing

Do you suddenly feel the urge to masturbate in public? Then go on ahead. Just be discreet about it. 

Maybe do it sitting down with a table covering your act. Or maybe behind a tree. 

Or maybe you could try to be more creative.

3. Put Frozen Berries In Your Mouth While Performing Cunnilingus

It’s all about letting her feel the ICE COLD SENSATION baby.

There. Enough said. 

4. Make Some Amateur Porn With Your Partner

Making some good ol’ homemade porn is always a good thing to spice up your bedroom. Just talk it out ahead of time. 

Something to note

A sex tape is always a classic. But so is consent

5. Do Resistance Roleplay

Speaking of consent, you could always go for some resistance roleplay.

Do you like being dominated? Does she like being dominated? Well then, you’ve got your answer.

Just make sure both of you get that ‘safeword’ ready. 

6. Use Mind-Altering Substances

You could go for mind-enhancing substances if you want to stimulate your brain. 

Just do it in moderation. You don’t want to go numb. Or worse, passed out. 

7. Have Sex With Someone Smaller

Having intercourse with someone smaller (in height) can be a kink. There’s no shame in it. 

So if you’re into that kind of stuff, go on ahead. There’s no judgment here. 

8. Finger Your Partner’s Ass

A woman can also feel pleasure in their anal area. You just need to make sure that you do it right. And that you stimulate her as much as you can. 

And of course, use LOTS OF LUBE!

You can check our anal fingering guide for the best tips and techniques to do it.

9. Have A Threesome With Two Girls

Every guy has at some point thought about having sex with two girls. So why not fulfill that fantasy right now? 

Talk to your woman. Ask her if she’s interested. 

10. Don’t Wear Underwear While Going Out On A Date

Not wearing underwear in public can be freeing. And it can be sexy too. 

So try going out on a date without them. Let your manhood free. Who knows, having a visible bulge might increase your chances.

11. Beach Sex

Want to do it on hot white sand? Or how about in the water? Well, beach sex is your option. 

Just make sure to bring some sunscreen. You never know how long you’ll stay under the sun. 

12. Use A Cock Ring

A cock ring is good to have yourself get more pent up. Want stronger erections? Then no problem. 

Pull this bad boy out. And you’re good to go.

For the best cock rings all in one place, check our top-rated ones here

13. Bring In A Male Friend

You also want to accommodate your woman’s needs. If she likes having a threesome with two guys, why not try it. If you want to know what to do if your partner suggests a threesome, check our in-depth guide on threesomes.

Keep an open mind when it comes to these things. There’s no harm in trying it at least once, right?

14. Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are great for those who like to stimulate their nipple area. You can have your woman try it. Or you can have yourself try them on. 

15. Have A Date Inside Your Home Wearing Only 1 Article of Clothing

Do you want to get more risqué in the comfort of your own home? Then plan out a date inside. 

Simple, right? Well, there’s one catch. You and your partner get to choose only 1 type of clothing to wear on this date. 

Ooh, La La

16. Have Sex In A Changing Room

Out for some shopping? Then cross this idea out by going to the nearest changing room you can find.

The risk factor is there, but so is the excitement. 

17. Do Some Spanking

Stimulate her ass with some light spanking first. Sometimes, it’s nice to get a little rough. 

So if you want to introduce her to something more intense, then spanking is the way. 

18. Deep Tongue Your Girl

Don’t just go light on your licking skills. If moaning intensely from pleasure is what your partner wants, then get in there. 

Don’t make the experience a taste test. GET YOURSELF IN THERE!

You can check more cunnilingus tips and techniques here

19. Ben Wa Balls

Try introducing some sex toys in the bedroom. Heard about Ben Wa balls before? If you haven’t, then look it up.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Just pick what you prefer. And voila, you’ve got your kegel balls ready. 

20. Try Vibrators

If your woman needs something more stimulating, then try vibrators. They’re a classic staple for couples. And your partner can go as INTENSE as they want.

If you’re unsure which vibrator to get, read our review of the best vibrators for women

21. Going Anal

Anal sex may be the experience she’s waiting for all this time. So if she’s ready to commit to that, try penetrating her in that area. See if she likes it.

Something to note

But don’t go all out. Go slowly first. See how she reacts.

Make sure that you’re not hurting her. Here’s a crash course on how to do anal comfortably and safely. 

22. Do Intense Kissing

Turn your kissing game up to a whole new level. Don’t be vanilla. 

A good and intense make-out session can already be an experience in itself. 

23. Try A Chastity Device

Do you and your partner like to tease each other? Do you like holding out? Then try chastity devices.

Yes, this may not be for everyone. But it certainly helps in giving stronger orgasms. 

24. Do A Little Teasing With Some Strip Poker

In the end, just have fun when you have sex. It’s not all about being sanitary. It’s also about the experience. 

Introduce a few games here and there. Want to tease them? Strip poker’s got you covered. 

25. Go for More With An Orgy

Introducing more people into the bedroom can be a sensitive subject. So talk to your partner first if you’re interested in having an orgy. 

She may get uncomfortable with the idea. So make sure to get her full consent

26. Have Intense and Loud Sex

Loud moans are a definite turn-on to several folks out there. So try being more vocal in bed. Tell her that you want to have her as loud as she can. 

27. Try A One-Night Stand

There’s nothing wrong with being a single man. If you’re by yourself, then one-night stands are great for you. 

You don’t have to worry about commitments. Just revel in all the pleasure you get to enjoy. 

28. Use Restraints For Sex

Unlock your inner Christian Grey

Introduce a little BDSM into the bedroom. Does she like being all tied up? Is she into the feeling of being powerless? Then using cuffs might set her in the mood.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

29. Have Sex With An Escort

Having sex with strangers is something worth experiencing. If you can afford it, try hiring an escort. Sometimes, the girlfriend experience just hits different. 

You get both emotional and physical company. Yet, there are no commitments. 

30. See A Strip Show

Go out with the boys and see a strip show. 

Remember, men are visual creatures. So it’s all about seeing the assets in action. Put yourself in the right setting. And just let all the magic happen. 

31. Dildo Foreplay

Help your woman out with her foreplay methods. Does she like dildos? Then, give her a helping hand. 

Something to note

Sometimes, it’s about getting herself in the rhythm.

Check out our best dildo guide so you can choose and have fun together. *wink* 

32. Give A Footjob

Ask your woman to give you a footjob. You may want to try something different with foreplay. So lube her feet up. 

Have the sensual touch of her toes make your erection hard. 

33. Suck Your Partner’s Toes

If you admire her toes so much, try sucking them. Your tongue can do so much to any part of her body. So, you’re bound to give her a newfound experience once you try it. 

34. Masturbate With Porn

Turn on some classic porn. Lie down on your bed and then masturbate. 

Try doing it simple this time. If your partner likes to get off, then try masturbating with them.

35. Have Your Woman Give A Blowjob While You Drive

WARNING: Always be alert when you drive!

Having said that, a blowjob on a night drive can be good. So try it. Experience it even if it’s only once. 

As long as you don’t lose yourself in the pleasure too much, then you’re good. 

36. Desert Sex

Is the heat of the desert getting to you? Then have yourself rest and lose some steam off with your partner. 

37. Finger Your Partner In the Morning

Wake your partner up with a good fingering session. Surprise her a little bit.

Sometimes, a good wake-up call is all about giving her pleasure. So, let her start her day GOOD!

38. Use Anal Beads Or A Butt Plug While You Masturbate

You can also enjoy the benefits of sex toys. And you can do it YOURSELF as well.

The next time you masturbate, try inserting a butt plug. Or, if you’re more adventurous, try using anal beads instead.

Check our in-depth review for more anal toy options for solo fun. 

39. Have Sex With Someone Taller

As mentioned, having sex with someone smaller can be a kink. 

But having sex with someone taller can ALSO be a kink. It’s all about preferences at the end of the day.

40. Try Having Sex In Every Room In Your Home

The home is your private space. It’s you and your partner’s sanctuary. So, utilize every part that’s available to you. 

Don’t limit yourselves to the bedroom.

Try the kitchen. Try the living room.  Try wherever makes both of you feel hot and heavy. 

41. Finger Your Anus

Sometimes, a sex toy is too much for first-time anal players. If that’s the case, use your fingers. 

You have them, so use them. You never know; you might get anal orgasms from them!

42. Have Sex With An Internet Personality or Celebrity

Ever had a celebrity crush? How about someone you admire? They could be from the internet. Or they could be from social media. 

Wherever they are, if you get the chance, take it. The once-in-a-lifetime experience is there right in front of your eyes. 

43. Have Sex Under the Rain

The weather can be a great mood setter as well. So get ready to soak those clothes wet. 

Try having sex under the pouring rain. 

44. Do Some Sexting

Foreplay is not all physical.

Sometimes, you can do a mental game with it. 

Leave her a few teases before having sex. Text her some naughty messages.

Send her some nudes. Don’t shy away from it. 

45. Have Sex In A Club

Having sex in a club can get quite uncomfortable. But if both of you like the atmosphere and music, then who says you can’t. 

Just make sure you don’t get caught. The last thing you want to think of is showing indecent exposure. 

46. Try An Abandoned Building

For those that like it more grungy, try abandoned buildings. 

It can get unsettling. But other than that, you can be as loud as you want with your girl. 

47. Use Specially Designed Furniture

There is some specially designed furniture for sex. Just do a little digging around the net. 

And you’re bound to find a few options you might like. 

48. Use A Vegetable Or Fruit For Penetration

Bring in some edible items in the bedroom. An eggplant? How about a banana?

There are plenty of alternative food items for penetration. Just pick out which one your partner is comfortable with doing.


Always use a CONDOM with these for safety and hygiene! And I don’t recommend you eat them after.

49. Fantasy Roleplay

Are you more out there with your fantasies? Like to roleplay as Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson? (For more ideas, read our sexy roleplay list.) 

Then get as crazy as you can. Embrace your inner desires. A little fantasy roleplay can’t hurt anyone. 

50. Go With Your Partner to a Sex Club

Like to have the proper tools and set-up? Then invite your partner to a sex club.

You have everything you need there. Sex toys? Check. Swings? Check.

And private rooms. Check. PHEW!

51. Ejaculate ON Your Partner’s Ass

Want a good place to climax? Try it on your partner’s ass.

Some women like to feel the texture of their man’s juices. So give her what she wants. 

52. Record Your Sexcapades On A Private Blog

Recording your intimate moments online can be exciting all on its own. You’re all about keeping track of your sexcapades.

Were the experiences worth it? Is she good at bed? 

53. Use Your Parents’ Bed

Do you still live at home with your parents? If you are, then try having sex in their bed. 

Do something a little naughty in their space.

54. Be A Spectator While Your Woman Has Sex With Someone Else

Are you up for embracing your inner Peeping Tom? Then see if your woman likes the idea.

Ask her if she’s comfortable with having sex with another person. 

55. Do The Reverse: Have Your Partner Watch You Have Sex With Someone Else

We’re all about equality here. So why not let your woman see the fun instead?

A woman can also be the spectator. As long as she consents, then everything’s good. 

56. Suck Your Partner’s Nipples

The nipples are a sensitive area. It’s a fact.

So stimulate them with your hands. Or better yet, play with them using your mouth. 

57. Have Your Girl Swallow Your Load

Does she spit? Or does she swallow? It’s an age-old question in sex. 

But if she’s up for an adventure, have her swallow your juice.

You can let your girl read our guide on how to swallow cum without gagging.

58. Foreplay at The Movie Theaters

The movie theater is a great place for public foreplay.

It’s DARK… It’s LOUD…

And you can have her moan in pleasure as much as she wants. 

59. Use A Gag

Want to feel more dominant in bed? Try using a ball gag on her.

Let yourself do all the talking. And make your woman feel all the sensations. 

60. Have Sex Without Using Your Hands

The hands do so much in having sex. Without them, it could be a challenge. So try taking on that feat. 

Explore them using your other body parts. 

61. Have Sex In The Dark

The total darkness can be scary. But it doesn’t mean you can’t rely on your other senses. 

So explore your other options. Use your touch to pleasure them. 

62. Fondle With Her Vagina

Tease her around her genital area. Put in a few kisses on her inner thigh. Lick her legs. 

Fondle with her pubic area with your mouth. Tease the vagina as much as you can. 

63. Have Sex Under The Sun

The heat can get you as much pent up as the night air. So try having sex during the day. 

Get your car out and let your woman lay on the hood.  

64. Use Every Kama Sutra Position

Not every couple can perform the positions available in the Kama Sutra. If you like the challenge yourselves, then do as you please.

Put both of your flexibility skills into action. 

65. Get A Lap Dance From Your Partner

Have your partner perform a lap dance. Turn her favorite sex music up. And have her do a little tease for you. 

One thing could lead to another. And BOOM, you’re in bed together.

66. Early Morning Sex

Have you done foreplay already? Then go a little further early in the morning with some full-on penetration.

Remind her of that experience. Then, let her soak in the morning afterglow.

67. Have Sex In A Different Country

Seeing new places can be exciting. Likewise, having sex in new places is exciting.

So, expand on your travel options NOW. Travel abroad. And enjoy having intimate moments along the way. 

68. Climax Together

It takes perfect unison to climax together in bed. So make sure you know your partner’s triggers.

Know what makes them tick. Practice having the pleasure be in-sync. 

69. Try Using A Whip To Tame Your Naughty Girl

If spanking is not enough for her, then use a whip. Again, there are many options available for your choosing.

So make sure the one you buy is up to her tastes. 

70. Let Your Partner Experience A Facial

Is your partner’s face too attractive to resist? Then give her that FACIAL.

You know, ejaculate on her face. 

Let her see how much she makes you horny. 

71. Have Sex With A Clergy Member

Having sex with someone from the church is another kink you might want to cross out of your bucket list. Does it make you feel guilty?

Think of it this way. You’re also fulfilling their inner desires. So it’s a win-win situation.

72. Roleplay as A Butler For A Day

You could also try being more submissive as well. For example, try roleplaying as your partner’s servant. 

Be their butler for the day. Serve their every need.

73. Use the Metronome’s Rhythm as Your Guide 

Use a metronome to time your rhythm during sex. Yes, this might seem unconventional. But you can get a good kick out of it at the end of the day. 

74. Go Rough

Be rougher with your partner during sex. Pull their hair. Playfully bite their back.

Hold their neck. Try to get as aggressive as you can.

For more information on rough sex, you can read our in-depth guide here.

75. Balcony Sex

Are you staying at a high-rise building? Then try to take your sexcapades outside.

Go to the balcony and have sex with your partner there. 

76. Have Sex with Someone From the Senate or Local Council

An elected representative can have so much power in the community. But you could always have them bring that dominant power to the bedroom. Or vice versa. It’s your choice.

77. Use Remote Controlled Sex Toys In Public

Keep your partner on her toes by playing with the remote control.

Have her insert a sex toy inside of her. Then playfully surprise her with a few clicks here and there.

Here are a few wearable vibrators to get you started.

78. Have Sex In Front of A Fireplace

Do you like to keep warm and comfortable during sex? Then do it in front of a fireplace. Bask in the heat. And comfort yourselves with the sound of the firewood burning. 

79. Bite Their Lips When Kissing

A few playful bites couldn’t hurt them. So give your kisses a whole new spunk. Try biting their lips in the heat of the moment. 

80. Use A Yoga Ball

A yoga ball can have multiple uses. And this includes having sex on them. So whip that ball out and get into position. 

81. Playfully Bite Some Parts of Your Woman’s Body

Playful bites aren’t limited to the lips. You could also do it on other parts of your partner’s body. Just don’t get too aggressive with it… unless your girl’s into it. 😉

82. Have Sex With A Foreigner

Language barriers can be a hindrance. But it can also be a kink as well. There’s just something about hearing other people talk in their native language that makes people all pent up. 

83. Use the Art of Sensory Deprivation

Blocking one sense is said to heighten other senses. So try some sensory deprivation with your partner. 

Use a blindfold. Use some restraints.

84. Try TWO Hours of Foreplay Before Sex

Can you hold out for two whole hours of foreplay? If you can, then you’ve crossed an achievement. 

The ORGASM that follows after will sure be worth it. 

85. Experience A Sex Show

Try heading out to a sex show with your partner. You might learn a thing or two from other couples. 

86. Do A Quickie

Are you a much busier person nowadays? Then, doing a quickie with your partner can do the trick for you. 

87. Ejaculate Onto Your Partner’s Neck

We’ve tried the butt. We’ve tried the face.

And now, try unloading onto your partner’s neck. See if that is more up to their speed.

88. Train Sex

A long train ride can get boring. So liven up your free time. And try having sex in one of the carriages.

89. Try Burning Incense While Having Sex

Do you want to keep bad juju away from you? Then try burning some incense. Let that smell linger as you feel all the good sensations. 

90. Have Your Woman Grope You In Public

Don’t you want to have your woman be more aggressive in public? Then have her grope you from time to time. 

91. Have Your Woman Use Her Mouth to Put On the Condom

Sometimes, it isn’t all about the hands. You could also have your partner use her mouth to put some protection on you. 

92. Have Sex On The Couch

Your favorite couch may just be the right spot to have sex. You can spoon as much as you want. And you can cuddle as much as you want.

If money is not an issue, there are also couches and sofas made just for SEX. 

93. Ask Your Woman If She Likes Double Penetration

Are you in a threesome? Then try asking your woman if she’s ready for some double penetrating action. If she’s not, move on. If she is, then go on. 

94. Eat Aphrodisiacs Before Sex

You have plenty of aphrodisiac options to try before sex. Examples include:

  • oysters
  • chocolates
  • strawberries
  • chili peppers
  • ginger
  • artichokes

95. Try Some Sex Games For Foreplay

Do a round of sex games as your foreplay. Try some Truth or Dare. How about Spin the Bottle?

Get creative with it. Have fun. 

96. Hot Tub Sex

The hot tub is a widely-known spot for couples to have sex. So if you like to keep it under expectations, go to the nearest jacuzzi. Then, enjoy your time with your partner there.

97. Shower Sex

After the hot tub, go to the shower next. Bring your passion over to that area. 

98. No Penetration, Just Kisses

Kissing can be just as intimate as actual penetration. So skip the latter. And put those lips in action.

99. Have Sex After Hitting the Gym

After-gym rush can get some people horny. So why not relieve yourself in the company of your lover. 

100. Do A Little Endurance Challenge

Want to have better and stronger orgasms? Then try edging each other. See who can hold out the longest. 

101. Birthday Sex

Is it your birthday? Is it your partner’s birthday? Then celebrate it with a SURPRISE.

102. Go Bold and Naked For An Entire Day

Try being a nudist with your partner for one whole day. See how that turns out. 

103. Try the Spitroast

Do you and your friend like to tag-team a woman? Then try the spitroast position with them. Have both of you enjoy the pleasures of her vagina and mouth. 

104. Have Your Woman Massage Your Prostate

A prostate massage can give so much pleasure to a man. So don’t shy away from asking your woman for some help.

Using the right prostate massage toy also makes a HOLE lot of difference.

105. Post Explicit Pictures Online

Want to share your sexy photos online? Then do as you please. No one’s stopping you.

Just remember. Everything on the internet stays on the internet

106. Try Crossdressing

Crossdressing has become much more common nowadays. So if cosplaying is your kink, then get that outfit ready. Embrace the fantasy.

107. Use A Sex Dice

Are you out of ideas to do in bed? Then try incorporating a sex dice to liven up the whole experience. 

108. Strip Each Other Using Only Your Mouths

Do a little strip in front of each other. But strip each other off. 

And, use ONLY your mouths. 

109. Let Your Partner Squeeze Your Ass As You Climax

Do you like to have your ass stimulated when ejaculating? Then let your partner do the honors. Let them squeeze your buttcheeks as you clench them from the pleasure. 

110. Have Your Partner Take Your Virginity Away (If You Haven’t Yet)

And finally, have someone take your v-card away. But don’t get pressured into losing it. It’s not the be-all and end-all.

111. Try CBT

That’s cock-and-ball torture for the uninitiated. If you’re into pain (and pleasure) and your partner has a sadistic side, you can try out slapping, pinching, squeezing, or using a chastity cage. 

Just make sure it’s all safe, sane, and consensual, and decide on a safe word and aftercare beforehand.

112. Use Hot Wax

Having melted wax poured on your skin can be an exquisite form of sensation play. There are candles made specifically for this that won’t burn your skin but will still give you an intense sensation.

113.  Sex On A Camping Trip

The stars are out, the moon is high, and the night is quiet but for the sounds of you and your partner doing the deed like rabbits. Just the way nature intended.

Final Thoughts

And that’s about everything.

Are you feeling adventurous from reading all of these yet? If you aren’t, then why not talk to your partner?

See how they feel. Listen to what they have to say. 

Remember, keeping an open mind helps relationships last longer. Yes, there can be disagreements. But, in the end, it’s all about establishing honest communication with each other.

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