How To Use The Penguin Vibrator In 2024 (Satisfyer Pro Penguin Review)

Find out if this cute little clit sucker is for you! In this Satisfyer pro penguin review review, I will share ALL my experiences with it and how it fares against its alternatives.

satisfyer penguin pro review

At first glance, I thought the Satisfyer Penguin Pro was just another air-suction toy, but with a cutesy gimmick. I already owned a few clit suckers, and I wasn’t going to buy a whole new sex toy just because it was wearing a bowtie.

But the rave reviews made me realize I needed to take a closer look.

I caved and tested out this dapper little guy to find out once and for all – is the Penguin all it’s hyped up to be? Or do people just really, really want their sex toys to be dressed in formal wear?

Honestly, the results surprised me.

The Good

So many things! It’s comfortable in the hand and on the body, has a larger mouth to fit more clit sizes, can be used during penetrative sex, and is incredibly affordable. And it has a 15-year warranty! Great for newbies and aficionados alike!

The Not So Good

The motor is a bit weaker than some other clit suckers, so if you want more intense sensations, this might not deliver. The head size might not offer enough stimulation if you have a smaller or recessed clitoris.

The Bottom Line

There are very few reasons not to own this toy. If you know you love air-pressure toys, or you want to try one for the first time, this is an excellent choice at a very reasonable price.

The Satisfyer Penguin Pro is for you if:

  • You’ve never tried a clit sucker before.
  • You like gentler clitoral stimulation.
  • You want to use it during penetration.
  • You’re on a budget.
  • You like cute toys.

The Satisfyer Penguin Pro is not for you if:

  • You like more powerful clitoral stimulation.
  • You have a very small or recessed clit.

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Vibrator First Impressions & Packaging

satisfyer penguin

I have to admit, it took me a little while to warm up to the Satisfyer Pro Penguin’s cutesy design. I prefer my toys to be sleek, elegant, and understated. The Penguin, with its black and white tailored tux and pink bowtie, is anything BUT.

Then I started to think about all the times laughter has turned good sex into great sex, and I had a change of heart.

Far from taking itself seriously, the Pro Penguin is proudly silly. And with it, I began to be proudly silly too. 

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin leans so heavily on its cute design that the packaging is simply decorated with a life-sized picture of the toy itself. In the background is a mesmerizing series of concentric white and gray circles, hinting at the pulsations that awaited me.

Opening the box, I was a little surprised to see that there wasn’t much included compared to other clit suckers I’ve bought. It contained a plastic shell holding the Pro Penguin, its magnetic USB charger, and the instruction manual.

I was also hoping to get a travel pouch, but for a toy this price, I can’t complain!

Satisfyer Penguin Pro Tech Specs

penguin vibrator

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Body material:
ABS plastic
Head material:
Body-safe silicone
4.3″ (L) x 2.2″(H) x 2.3″(W)
3.2 oz (91.3 g)
Black and white
Other features:

How Does the Satisfyer Penguin Pro Look & Feel?

Despite its budget price tag, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin is still made of luxurious body-safe silicone for the head and body.

The head is quite soft, with thin walls, which makes it easier to position and get a secure seal. The ‘belly,’ which features the power and intensity level buttons, is made of sturdy ABS plastic

Pro Tip

Even the little bowtie is stretchy high-quality silicone, so if you’re a snob like me, you can take it off and pretend the Pro Penguin is a ‘serious’ sex toy.

At 4.3” long, it’s small enough to use as a travel toy (another reason I was disappointed it didn’t come with a travel bag!) This little guy will easily fit in a handbag too.

I liked that the mouth of this clit sucker was quite large – something lacking in many other models. This means it’s more likely to fit a wide variety of clitoris sizes. If your clit is smaller or recessed, though, you might not get as much stimulation as you’d like.

I also noticed that the mouth is more of a rounded square than a circle. I didn’t have any issues with this myself, but I know some people prefer the round or oval mouth shapes of toys like the We-Vibe Melt or any of the Womanizer range.

What I really loved about this clit sucker was its shape. The Satisfyer Pro Penguin is quite a compact toy, but the rounded body makes it easy to hold. The product description even calls it ‘ergonomically shaped.’ I can confirm they’re doing something right in that department!

Not only that, but the tilted head makes it really comfortable to use. It’s even great for partner play. Unlike its predecessor, the Satisfyer Pro 2, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin tapers at an angle that makes it much easier to maneuver. It makes it possible to use during penetration as well.

I can’t overstate how much of a benefit that is! Apart from the We-Vibe Melt, which is specifically built for it, I haven’t seen any other clit suckers that are this comfortable to use during PiV sex.

Satisfyer Penguin Pro Key Functionality

satisfyer penguin review

Power and Intensity Levels

This is where, for some people, the Penguin Pro toy will fall short. Compared to other clit suckers, the motor in the Penguin is noticeably less powerful. Don’t expect deep, thuddy sensations from this little guy.

On the other hand, if you like lighter, shallower sucking stimulation, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin toy will be perfect for you. Overall it has a ‘buzzier’ feel to it.

Rather than throwing you right in the deep end, it builds up slowly, which, in my opinion, is a great thing. 

At least for the first few levels. Then things get intense. With 11 different levels, there’s plenty of room for varying degrees of stimulation. 

Even with a less powerful motor, the Satisfyer Pro Penguin definitely delivers on pleasure, and for most users, it will be more than enough to get you there.

If you’re brand new to the world of pressure wave technology, this is a great place to start. These toys can be a little intimidating if you’ve never tried a clit sucker before. Luckily, it’s impossible to be intimidated by a penguin wearing a bowtie. 

If you want to dip your toes into the world of air-suction technology with an approachable (and affordable) toy, this is the perfect place to start.

Noise Level

I’m really happy to say that the Penguin Pro is incredibly quiet. It doesn’t get any louder than 48 dB, which is low enough to be undetectable through walls.

If you need to be really discreet or don’t like the distraction of a motor running, a thick blanket will drown out any audible buzzing.


Just like its antarctic namesake, the Pro Penguin thrives underwater. If you enjoy your me-time in the bath or shower, this clit sucker is the perfect companion.

How to Use The Satisfyer Pro Penguin Sex Toy

pro penguin

Button Control

The two buttons on the Pro Penguin are on its ‘belly,’ which means they’re on the underside of the toy, with the ‘-’ button closer to the head of the toy and the  ‘+’ button closer to the base.

While it might not make sense initially, you’ll use the Pro Penguin upside-down. THAT MEANS you’re up should increase the intensity level and the lower button to decrease power.

To turn on the Satisfyer Pro Penguin, you press and hold the ‘+’ button. This will get you started on the lowest setting.

Pro Tip

It’s always best to have the toy in position before you turn it on and after you turn it off. Otherwise, you could experience some weird or painful sensations!

From there, you can switch up and down between different intensity levels with the two buttons. Just hold the ‘+’ button to turn it off.

Charging and Battery Life

Straight out of the box, you should charge it for 4 hours, so you might need some patience! This will make sure your Pro Penguin lives a long and happy life. The next time it will only take 90 minutes to charge up.

Unfortunately, the magnetic charger on Satisfyer products is a little bit weak. Make sure it’s securely attached, the cable is supported, and you should have no issues.

When you plug in the Pro Penguin for charging, you’ll see its ‘belly’ light up and start blinking, telling you it’s connected. When it’s fully charged, the blinking will stop.

I have to admit, I did really like this feature, simply for the cuteness factor. I guess the penguin gimmick got me after all!

At full charge, the battery will last about 90 minutes, which is more than enough time to make the most of it! However, there’s no low battery warning, so it’s best to charge it after every two or three uses. Nobody wants their sex toy to die right at a critical moment!

My Experience With Satisfyer Penguin Pro

Like I would with any clit sucker, I used a generous amount of water-based lube around the mouth of the toy and on myself. I positioned the mouth over my clit and moved it around until I got a nice seal so the suction could work its magic.

At its lowest setting, it was just barely noticeable, so I had to concentrate a little to sink into the feeling. Once I turned it up to the second level, though, things really got going.

It really didn’t take much time at all to get me there, and even the middle settings were plenty powerful for my needs!

What I love about air-pressure toys is that the clit stimulation is touchless. That means after the first orgasm, I’m still highly sensitive, and if I want to, I can go for another round. That was definitely the case with the Penguin toy, maybe even more so than with a thuddy clit sucker.

Even though I usually prefer deeper sensations, I have to say, the Penguin toy really broadened my horizons. I’m a BIG fan of this little bird!

How to Clean The Satisfyer Pro Penguin

penguin clit sucker

I like that the Penguin toy has a removable head. This makes it easier to clean the whole toy thoroughly. Just make sure you don’t lose it!

Pro Tip

If you do misplace the silicone head, never fear! You can buy replacements for around $9.

After removing and cleaning the head with mild soap or sex toy cleaner, you can submerge the whole toy in warm soapy water and turn it on. This is great for cleaning all the nooks and crannies. 

Let it run underwater for a minute or so, then take it out and shake out any excess water. Keeping it on for a few seconds after you take it out will help with this.

To make sure the whole thing is dried thoroughly, leave it to rest for a while.

I found it was best to leave it upside down so any excess water could run out. Once it’s dry, just pop the head back on and store it away!

Satisfyer Penguin Pro Price, Where To Buy

One of the best things about the Satisfyer Pro Penguin toy is the incredibly low price tag. You can find it at  SheVibe for $52.99, which is currently the best price anywhere. With a 15-year warranty, this is an absolute steal!

What Do Other People Think About It?

I was on the fence whether or not I would like a clit sucking toy like the Penguin Pro. I ended up LOVING IT. I’ve recently been a fan of a lot of clit specific toys (MWR or the Tango), but this was a sensation that only a partner could replicate. Plus, it’s rechargeable, waterproof, and super cheap.


Reddit User

My husband was in the bed next to me with his jaw on the mattress, completely shocked! Lol He couldn’t believe how loud and vocal I got, as in our 32 years together he’s never seen me like that, and he said it was the hottest thing he’s ever seen!

…it’s adorable! I wish more toys had playful, but not overly girly designs like that.


Reddit User

Satisfyer Penguin Pro Alternatives

Satisfyer Penguin Pro vs. Next Generation Satisfyer Pro

penguin satisfyer

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

If you know you prefer more intense stimulation, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the Penguin’s noticeably more powerful cousin. Its head is slightly smaller, so this is great for people with smaller clits, but its design is a little bit clunky compared to the Penguin.

It’s still great for solo play, but its shape makes partner play quite difficult. It’s another great budget option, though, so if you want a solo pleasure toy and power is important, the Pro 2 is a perfect choice.

Satisfyer Penguin Pro vs. Womanizer Classic 2

While the Penguin does everything a good clit sucker should do; the Womanizer Classic does all that and more. It has two interchangeable heads of different sizes, which makes it even more versatile for different bodies. 

It also has something called Afterglow technology, which lets you switch to the lowest setting quickly during orgasm, letting you ride out the experience with gentle sensations. At 42 dB, it’s also slightly quieter. For all that, though, you’ll be paying more than twice what you’d spend on the Penguin.

Satisfyer Penguin Pro vs. We-Vibe Melt

penguin sex toy

We-Vibe Melt

The We-Vibe Melt has all the features of the Penguin, just… better, if that’s even possible.

While the Penguin is great for partner sex, the Melt is specifically designed for that purpose, and it shows. It also has the option of app-control for long-distance play and a significantly more powerful motor if you want deeper, more intense sensations. With those premium features, though, comes a premium price tag.

For more great options, check our best vibrators guide.

Final Thoughts

The Satisfyer Pro Penguin proves that you can’t judge a book by its cover. When I gave this little guy a chance, I had no idea it would quickly become one of my favorite toys!

If you want a satisfying clit sucker that gives the option of enhancing penetrative sex, all without spending a fortune, I have good news for you. Whether you’re new to this type of toy or you’re experienced in the world of clit suckers, the Penguin is an easy choice.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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