Rose Sex Toy Review [2022]: The Clit Vibe That Blew Up TikTok

In this Rose sex toy review, I’ll share with you my experience, how to use it, and its features. Is this clit vibrator worth the hype? Let’s find out!

rose sex toy review

If you’re here after The Rose vibrator kept on showing up on your FYP on TikTok, target market reached!

At this point, everyone in the neighborhood—from your neighbor’s mom to the local tabby cat a few towns over—has heard about this “soul taker” clitoral vibrator.

But is it worth the hype?

Of course, I tested it to find out.

The Good

The Rose is a clit vibrating powerhouse. It has strong suction with its air pulsations, AND it vibrates too! Plus, it’s affordable, made of body-safe silicone, and compact. This can make you orgasm—fast and hard—if that’s what you’re into.

The Not So Good

The Rose is strong—too strong, in fact—that it doesn’t give you options to build up the intensity. The speed range is quite limited, and the single-button control makes it difficult to cycle through all its 10 functions.

The Bottom Line

The Rose goes for the triple kill with strong vibrations, an adorable look, and an affordable price tag. It’s not perfect—it could be TOO powerful for some users and not the most intuitive with its single-button control. But for its price, it’s the most powerful clit vibrator out there you can find.

The Rose by INYA is for you if:

  • You’re an intensity-lover who wants the strongest power.
  • You want a cute and discreet sex toy.
  • You want a suction-y air pulsating toy that vibrates.
  • You want a budget-friendly and powerful clit vibrator.

The Rose by INYA is NOT for you if:

  • You enjoy gentler intensities or starting slow.
  • You don’t want a limited speed range.
  • You’re looking for a toy with easy controls.

My First Impressions of The Rose by INYA

I was excited to get my hands on this vibrator. So when I saw the mailman arrive, a discreet brown box in his hand, I was running to meet him at the door pronto because I KNEW THAT’S IT. 

The toy I was waiting for.

So finally… I tore through it like a Christmas present.

Out of the packing box is the toy’s white box. Nothing special there, TBH.

Opening it… again, nothing special. Which I don’t mind. I wasn’t expecting any fancy packaging or a whole unboxing experience for its price.

Inside… there are only two things:

  • The Rose vibrator, and
  • The USB charger.

I tried turning it on just to test out if it works. And it did. So yep, it comes charged.

BUT, I made sure to charge it first before using it just to make sure it doesn’t die down on me mid-sesh.

Now off we go to Orgasm La-La-Land with The Rose…

INYA The Rose: Tech Specs

The Rose by INYA

2.3 inches (width) x 2.6 inches (height)
Suction hole width:
1.5 inches
Silicone, ABS
Vibration modes:
10 settings
Power type:
USB rechargeable
Usage time:
Up to 2 hours
Charging time:
1.5 hours

The Rose Design: How It Looks and Feels

The Rose is discreet.

Some sex toys SCREAM, “I’m a sex toy!!!”

But not The Rose vibrator. It’s cute and pretty.

It just looks like an oil diffuser or random home decor. You’ll be confident enough to leave or accidentally leave it on your nightstand.

As the name implies, it IS rose-shaped. It has a pinkish red, budding color with a blooming petal design.

The Rose is pretty compact, around the size of a tennis ball, so it’s easy to grip.

The toy is made of silicone that feels smooth to touch. There is a softness to it, but it’s not squishy and doesn’t have any “give.”

It only has one button on its body (which we’ll go into depth later), and that’s it.

No fuss, just buzz.

Key Functionality

Vibration Power and Intensities

The Rose’s ultra-powerful intensity makes or breaks the toy.

Depending on what you prefer.

It has 10 functions.

The 3 settings are steady speeds. Meanwhile, the remaining 7 settings are patterns or rhythms.

The Rose doesn’t start slow. There’s no buildup.

It’s like immediately going for the higher settings of other clitoral vibrators like Lora DiCarlo Baci or Womanizer Premium.

You can feel The Rose’s vibrations, but it’s not overwhelmingly intense. Don’t get me wrong—it’s RUMBLY and STRONG.

But its greatest power really lies in the suction-y of its pulsations.

Quality Pulsations

The Rose is a clit suction toy that pulsates air.

Some clit stimulators only blow out air, but The Rose does a good job of sucking air inward too.

It doesn’t pull in for an airtight fit on your vulva, though. But it can if you try—and if you like the ticklish feeling of the toy tugging on your labia.

And like I said, its air pulse power is 10/10.

Ultimately, The Rose vibrrrates and pulsaaates.

Comfortable to Hold

The Rose has a round shape. But it’s surprisingly easy to hold even though it doesn’t have a handle. It just fits right on the palm.

Most clit vibrators are designed to have a handle. In some cases, they’re handy. But in others, like The Rose, it actually works even when there’s none. Its body is enough to give you a good grip.

It’s also compact enough to not get in the way when you use it during penetration—whether with a sex toy or a partner.

Noise Level

This vibrator isn’t whisper-level, for sure. 

You can expect The Rose to be quite loud, considering its lowest setting is on par with other vibrator’s highest settings that tend to get louder.

It’s quieter when it’s in contact with your body, though, compared to when you’re just holding it in your hand.

How to Use The Rose Vibrator

Using The Rose is straightforward.

It only has a single button that does everything on its body, after all.

  • Press the button quickly to turn on the vibrator.
  • Keep pressing the button to cycle through its 10 total functions.
  • Press the button again to turn it off.

Here’s how to charge The Rose…

It has a charger base that lets you prop The Rose upright while charging… Like a toy stand.

You can find magnetic prongs at the bottom of the vibrator. Simply line that up with the charging base’s nodes. 

It sort of “clicks” together when you align it right since it’s magnetic.

If not, twist the vibrator a bit and check if the power button aligns where the cord emerges from the charging base. Also, the button flashes on and off when it charges correctly.

My Experience With The Rose Vibrator

The best way to share my experience with The Rose by INYA is by starting with my first use…

I turned it on and thought… Woah, it’s STRONG.

But I’m not one to back down. So off it went to the clit-landia.

And, again, WOAH.

It happened so fast. 

60 seconds? 


Before I knew it, I was gasping. 

It didn’t give me an orgasm—it STOLE my orgasm from me. Snatching my soul on its way.


So, I went in again for another round. (Heh!)

That’s how you learn: from practice.

The Rose’s pulsations and vibrations are deep and rumbly. It travels pretty deep into your soul, which is quite surprising for a toy at this price range. I find the vibes feel deeper in the lower settings, personally.

At times of the month when I’m too sensitive (especially at the clit), I wouldn’t pick up this toy, though.

Sometimes, you’d want that nice buildup. Start slow and gentle.

With The Rose, the range is limited. The pulsations are STRONG, even at the lowest setting.

When you go to the next, the bump isn’t subtle. It’s a LEAP.

The third setting? You’d have to collect your soul off the ceiling.

This is a toy for you if you want the stimulation focused on your clit, and you want to be blown away during it.

Its suction mouth is wide enough to suck your clit in, TBH. It situates PRECISELY around the clit—really not for anyone who’s clit-sensitive or prone to clitoral overstimulation.

Something to note

I recommend you switch to the patterned settings if the steady settings feel too intense and overwhelming.

The patterned rhythm lets you take a breath of relief for a moment.

Cycling through The Rose’s intensity is easy—ONLY if you go up, that is.

If you go down, you can’t just easily press the (-) minus button like on other toys. Instead, you’ll have to cycle ALL the way through.

Oh, the petals add a nice touch as well. They’re not just for design!

They’re near the toy’s opening, so I can feel the subtle ridges when I move the vibrator. (Its rounded shape makes it so easy to do.) The vibrations travel down the petals all the way to my clit.

But they don’t protrude too much that you’ll feel them poking you or getting in the way.

Even though The Rose has no handle, its rounded bulb body is easy to grip. I even use it hands-free.

I just position it between my thighs, keep it close, and rock my hips.

I also like using it on my clitoral hood (to take a break when it gets too intense for me), over my labia, and even my nips!

Most clit vibrators try to mimic oral sex. 

So did The Rose by Inya emulate cunnilingus for me?

Yes… if it involves intense sucking and slurping. TBH, it’s not the most “oral sex” sensation. No human can replicate that intensity. But it’s good in its own way.

How To Clean The Rose

I read some people say The Rose is waterproof. And some say that it has “a high level of water resistance.”

Waterproof and water-resistant don’t mean the same.

Using The Rose in the shower (or dunking it in water every now and then) should be safe. It’s splash-resistant, after all. But I don’t recommend submerging it DEEP and LONG in the water, to be sure.

But you can always try.

When cleaning, it’s a bit tedious.

The petals may be cute, but you’d have to thoroughly get in between the gaps to clean the toy fully. They are flexible enough for you to easily push through them, though.

To be fair, it’s not the most annoying thing in the world and only takes a few seconds longer than other clit vibrators.

The suction mouth is wide enough for you to stick a finger in to wash it and get the excess lube and natural juices out.

Oh, and use mild soap and water when you clean it. 

The Rose Price + Where To Buy

Many “rose vibrators” popped out after getting viral on TikTok. But they’re not all made equal.

Some people might think their rose vibrator isn’t as “powerful” as what people hyped about. It turns out they didn’t get the right toy.

Make sure you get the Inya The Rose vibrator by NS Novelties.

Many rose vibrators you can find on Amazon or eBay are from drop shippers. 

They’re not all bad. But you wouldn’t want to risk getting a sex toy from sketchy sources because it might not be body-safe, or you might end up getting a counterfeit product.

That’s why I highly suggest you purchase your Rose vibrator at SheVibe. It’s currently priced at $45.99.

What Other People Think About The Rose

The Rose will be much more focused and intense (it has no chill but is very powerful), and the Satisfyer will be more nuanced and have a greater range of sensations.


Reddit User

Mine made me squirt for the first time. It was shocking the first time I used it, but it’s not as overwhelming.


Reddit User

Try it, you won’t be disappointed. If the suction doesn’t get you, then the vibration will.


Reddit User


If you find The Rose not the best vibrator for you, you can check out these alternatives:

The Rose vs. Womanizer Starlet 2

You might be familiar with the popular clit vibrating toy, Womanizer Premium. But it’s called Premium because it does come at a more premium price tag.

So for a more relevant comparison with The Rose, you should meet Womanizer Starlet 2Womanizer Premium’s smaller and more affordable cousin.

Womanizer Starlet 2

Starlet 2 has the benefits of more speed range than The Rose, allowing you to start slow and build your way up. 

Its nozzle is bigger, so it’s better if you prefer a wider stimulation over your clitoris.

But then again, it’s a bit more expensive than The Rose.

The Rose vs. Satisfyer Pro 2

Satisfyer Pro 2 is another well-loved budget-friendly air pulse toy.

Satisfyer Pro 2

I recommend you get it if you’re looking for a toy at a closer price with The Rose. And if you want one with the + and – buttons for easier navigation through its different vibrating functions.

Satisfyer Pro 2 also has a handle, which might be something you like to hold the toy easily. (For me, the handle-less design of The Rose works too, surprisingly.)

The Rose has stronger pulses than Satisfyer Pro 2, though. But Satisfyer Pro 2’s more ideal if you prefer gentler intensities.

The Rose vs. Lora DiCarlo Baci

Now, let’s say you’re NOT on a budget.

If so, you can definitely get the Lora DiCarlo Baci.

Lora DiCarlo Baci

It mimics oral sex waaaay better. 

It’s not all about power like The Rose. Instead, it uses airflow technology to mimic the sucking and stroking movements of the mouth and tongue during oral.

The coverage is bigger, not just in the clitoris. Its smooth ridges stimulate all the way to your outer labia.

You can build up intensity better with Baci. Using The Rose is like immediately jumping to Baci’s 8th to 10th intensity levels—which is HIGH.

Then again, Baci costs SO MUCH MORE than The Rose.

And if you’re the type to skip lower settings for the highest ones, then the Rose should be better for you.

Final Thoughts

IMO, the powerful vibrations combined with an affordable price tag are the main selling points of The Rose.

I recommend this if you’re looking for a clit vibrating toy that’s ALL ABOUT POWER while being easy on the wallet. And you’re willing to oversee everything else in between.

With its lower price tag, you can expect there are some tradeoffs. 

For The Rose, it’s the limited speed range and only one button for all its functions.

Would I purchase The Rose again? Sure. Would I use it every day? Nope. For me, it’s one of those toys I’d want to pick up when I’m in the mood for intensity

In the meantime, it sits on my nightstand. Thank God it’s beautiful to display right there.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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