Prone Bone Position: The Sex Position That Hits All Spots

This guide covers all details of the prone bone position, what’s the hype, how to do it, its variations, and why it’s hailed the best sex position of all time.

Prone Bone Position

Not many people talk about this sex position as much as the others. But the people who do? They swear by it. Me included.

Introducing: the prone bone position.

First of all, you’re welcome.

Second, if you don’t know about it, it’s time you do. To start, it’s H-O-T, and it hits all the right spots.

Third, you’re welcome again as I’ll dive DEEP into this sex position—what it is, how to do it (the basics), how to do it LIKE A PRO, and more.

What is the Prone Bone Sex Position?

The prone bone position has your partner (or the receiver) lie flat on their stomach while you (or the giver) kneel behind her and enter her from behind.

It also comes in many other names like the Flat Iron, Lazy Doggy, Flat Doggy, or Groundhog.

You might think it’s a new or complex move, but you’ve most likely encountered it before. Perhaps, you just didn’t know what it was called. Or you may have just thought it’s a similar position from doggy style.

To be fair, it’s very similar to the classic doggy-style sex position. But it’s way hotter—especially visually. The visuals are definitely one of this move’s appeals.

This sex position is a very receiver-submissive pose. It gives you dominance, and the receiver is truly at your mercy. 

You’re above your partner, pushing her down with your weight. She can’t move—not easily, at least—and you have the most control with the thrusting motions. 

Even if she wants you to go faster, her movements can be very limited. And that’s what makes it so psychologically and sexually erotic. Plus, it’s a go-to for rough sex.

Why People Love Prone Bone

Hits the G-spot

Pro Tip

The prone bone position is the P-E-R-F-E-C-T angle to hit the G-spot.

As the woman lies down on her back while you thrust into her from the back, the angle of penetration is slightly downward. It’s a bull’s eye to stimulate the upper vaginal wall in juuuust the right spot.

You should explore this if your partner has a hard time reaching a climax from internal stimulation or penetration.

Great for Clitoral Stimulation

In this position, you’re doing all the work essentially. All your partner has to do is lie down and be passive.

The benefit? Her hands are free. And she can use those free hands to stimulate her other erogenous spots, especially the clitoris.

Clitoral stimulation is a source of orgasm for many women. This tiny (at least externally) pleasure nub houses many nerve endings.

Where is it? It’s right at the apex of a woman’s labia. It’s pea-shaped, and you can’t miss it. There are internal structures to note, but that’s for a different day.

Accessible for Anal

Your partner’s butt is at your mercy. IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

So what does that mean? It’s SUPER accessible for anal sex.

Anal sex is an increasingly popular sex activity for people regardless of gender or orientation. While it’s still considered a taboo (which also adds a kinkiness to it), more and more people are getting into it.

One thing’s for sure, stimulating the anus—whether that’s using the penis, finger, tongue, or sex toysfeels good. And with the Prone Bone position being mainly a rear-entry position, it’s one you can truly explore.

Weighted Feeling

Why do many women love this sex position when they’re getting squished under?

Well, women get aroused by feeling the full weight of their partner’s body pressing against them in every thrust. It can be very erotic and super sensual for the woman.

As it’s a very submissive pose, the weight gives off a feeling of aggression, dominance, and power. It puts her in a very submissive state, which is arousing for women who fantasize about being dominated.

Plus, it’s one for rough and dirty sex. Sweat, heavy breaths, and grunts—you know, that kind of thing.

If you’re on the heavier side, you might consider not going all out so it won’t be too comfortable for your partner. Instead, try to support your weight with your arms or hands.

Comfortable yet Hot

Prone Bone is also called “Lazy Dog” for a reason.

The position can be very comfortable, especially for the receiver. All she has to do is to lie down on her front. So she basically doesn’t need to do much, which is great for people who are not as responsive or prefer to be passive in sex. 

It’s also an excellent Good Morning position to wake her up when she’s still groggy and with zero energy.

While you have to do most of the work, it’s not as strenuous. It’s a pretty natural pose to lie down on your front. You can use your knees for support and balance when thrusting. Plus, this entry is accessible and comfortable

You won’t have to contort each other’s bodies for the perfect angle. With that, you can go as long as you want without getting too tired.

Tight and With Friction

Let’s start by saying all penises and vaginas are perfect the way they are. Therefore, your partner already feels great having sex with you. That said, you don’t have to shy yourself away from having more pleasurable sex or simply exploring the options available.

For one, a tighter fit feels great for guys because it’s more stimulating, and they can really feel their partners’ vaginal muscles squeezing them. But it’s not just for guys.

Women also love it to feel more sensation, especially when preventing the peen from slipping out for guys with smaller members.

In the Prone Bone position, the woman’s legs stay closed and, thus, more tightly squeezed. As a result, you can really feel each texture, nub, and ridge along her vaginal canal when you thrust in and out.

Heightened Sensations

To follow up on the previous point, women LOVE this position because of friction.

The more she feels you moving inside her, the more aroused she’ll be. Due to the pose, the tight entry and tight canal give heightened sensations and a tighter fit. 

The result? More earth-shattering orgasms.

Visually Erotic

Most likely, you’ve seen this position done in porn before. And there’s a reason why it appears in porn videos often.

It’s incredibly EROTIC.

The position shows your vulnerability. And men love it.

It’s in men’s nature to be dominant in bed

The prone bone position gives you a great view of your partner’s body pressed down beneath you. It’s a pose that shows how she’s surrendering her body TO YOU. Her body is yours for the taking.

Engaging for Dirty Talk

The Prone Bone sex position, and its variations, allow you to talk dirty to each other—which is very arousing.

There are a lot of significant benefits to talking dirty.

For one, it allows you to communicate and be more open with your partner.

Express that what they’re doing “feels good” or instruct them to go faster or slower or in circles, and so on. The result? A deeper understanding of each other that leads to better sex and intimacy.

And with the Prone Bone position, you can just lean over her and whisper dirty talk into her ear.

Techniques for Prone Bone Sex Position

The basic technique of getting into the prone bone position is very easy. 

  1. To start, you would need a flat surface for this position where your partner can lie down without having to bend their body. It could be on a bed, on the floor, or on the couch.
  2. Have your partner lie on her stomach. She then raises her hips to meet yours, or you may prop a pillow under her pelvis for more support and less strain. This way, her butt is slightly raised while her legs are close together.
  3. Kneel behind her and enter from behind, just like you would in the doggy style position. Lean all the way forward—your chest touching her back. This also helps you support your weight with your arm.
  4. Thrust inside her. She can meet your thrusts by raising her hips and butt, but her motions will be limited.
  5. Mix things up. You can grab her breasts, pull her hair (sexually), wrap your hands around her waist, etc. (More on that later.) Incorporating other actions that feel great to you and your partner can improve this position.

Mastering the Prone Bone Position

Now that you’ve mastered the basic technique of getting into the prone bone position, it’s time to up the ante with more advanced techniques to do this position like a pro.

Push her head down

At its core, the prone bone position is a rough sex position. You can go for one if you want to engage in more aggressive f*cking. It’s really about dominance, aggression, and power.

So to play into that dominance more, you can make things even kinkier by pushing your partner’s head or chest down using your hand into the pillow or mattress.

That said, it should be done with consent and talked about outside of the bedroom beforehand.

If you’re into BDSM play, you can increase the intensity of this move by light choking. Do this by putting your hand around her neck as you’re thrusting into her vigorously. 

Of course, it shouldn’t be REAL choking—just a kinky type of choking. And again, it should be consensual, safe, and sane.

Kiss her neck

Kinky but not THAT rough? A sexy vanilla move you can do is to kiss her neck.

It won’t be too hard to reach her neck in this position. Simply lean in closer to her neck.

Her neck, especially the nape of her neck, is a turn-on for women because it’s one of their erogenous zones. In fact, it ranks together with the breasts and nipples when it comes to being “erogenous” for women.

Why? Well, for one, it’s such a vulnerable spot. It’s hidden and not usually touched.

Combining the lips and the neck is a BIG turn-on. You can vary it by starting at the sides of the neck and teasing with licking or just brushing your lips gently.

Straddle one of her legs

The great thing about doing sex is that there’s no one strict rule. You can vary it any way you want—no right or wrong.

At its basic, the prone bone position has your partner’s (the bottom) legs together. But you can switch it up by having her spread one of her legs (left or right, whichever feels more comfortable). You can then straddle this leg.

This movement variation gives you the same tight squeeze, but you get more leverage to thrust faster and hit the same spots.

Cross your legs and squeeze your thighs

Something that your woman can do this time.

Just because she’s pinned down and underneath doesn’t mean she can’t participate. One thing she can do to increase the sensations is to cross her feet at the ankles and squeeze her thighs together.

This extra movement creates more pressure in the vaginal muscles that makes it feel EVEN tighter.

YOU will appreciate it, and SHE will appreciate it as well because of the friction and stimulation. 

Have her pleasure herself

Another way for your partner to participate more and do things that feel good to her is by pleasuring herself.

At this point, her hands are free to roam around. In addition, she can pleasure herself by touching her other erogenous zones with her free hands.

These zones could be anywhere that feels great for her. Each woman is different. Some like their clit touched; others don’t. Some like their nipples played with; others don’t.

Using her own hands to stimulate these areas gives her complete control over where and how she wants it best.

Use a vibrator

Instead of having her use her hands, you can make it even more pleasurable by using a *drumroll* vibrator!

Vibrators are powerful tools for female orgasms. And a lot of women enjoy the buzzy sensations—single or in a relationship.

It’s great for women who can’t climax from penetration alone and need clitoral stimulation.

She doesn’t even have to hold the vibrator down to her clit. As she’s pressed down, she can just position the vibrator against the bed towards her clit. So it’s still pretty much hands-free!

Prop a sex pillow or wedge

Raising her hips during the prone bone position allows you to angle the move better, so you can hit the spot more accurately. Sure, she can raise her hips, but it won’t be that comfortable. Over time, she could feel strain and tiredness from the position.

This is where sex pillows help.

You may use your regular pillows because they are what’s available. Pillows are usually fluffy and soft because they’re built for comfort. However, there won’t be much support with you and your partner’s weight pressing on it.

Sex pillows are made with this in mind. It’s still soft so that it’s comfortable for your partner to lean on but firm enough not to compress under body weight.

Placing a pillow underneath raises her butt without much effort from your partner’s end. These pillows are shaped precisely to enhance the position, creating a perfect angle to hit the G-spot and allowing deeper penetration.

Variations and Similar Sex Positions

Variety is the way to great sex. Prone bone position is one of the BEST sex positions. But you can make it even better.

Mix things up to add spice to this pose. This way, you can explore more sensations and even find what feels the most pleasurable.

So if you find yourself enjoying the prone bone, then you will surely love these as well.

1. Jockey Sex Position

How to do it:

  • Your partner lies on her stomach. Her legs should be together and kept straight.
  • Then, you straddle her from behind. Your knees should be on either side of her waist.
  • From here, you can enter your partner vaginally or anally.
  • You can vary this position by leaning forward like a jockey does when riding a horse during a horse race or leaning backward.

Why you’ll love it:

You can tell that the Jockey position is easily like Prone Bone, right? 

The main difference between the two? In Jockey, your partner lies down completely flat on the bed. The hip isn’t raised. Legs are completely straight and closed together.

You can do this for a tighter squeeze. Plus, you won’t even need a pillow for this position to last as long as you want without strain.

Downside? Well, the angle doesn’t hit the G-spot as accurately on this one.

While Prone Bone is great for rough sex, you may want to go for Jockey if you like slow and romantic sex.

2. Wishbone or Open Groundhog Sex Position

How to do it:

  • Start with the Prone Bone sex position. This time, she spreads her legs open instead of keeping them close together.
  • She may raise her torso off the bed using her forearms.
  • Have your legs between hers, then position to have the right angle to enter her.

Why you’ll love it:

Basically, it’s like Prone Bone but OPEN—her legs, I mean.

This openness can be quite comfortable for you and her. There’s more space when you try to find the right angle to enter her. But that also means you’ll lose the “tightness” from Prone Bone.

Still, she can technically squeeze you if she’s been doing Kegel exercises. *wink*

3. Lying Groundhog Sex Position

How to do it:

  • You can start by going into the Prone Bone position.
  • Again, she’s flat on her stomach. Legs should be stretched out behind her.
  • You lay down on top of her. You can use your forearms to support your body as you make the motions.

Why you’ll love it:

The key difference between this move and Prone Bone is that you are completely lying on top of your partner INSTEAD of kneeling down behind her.

This position is so hot because it puts your face directly beside hers. You can easily whisper dirty words into her ear or even lick or kiss her neck. It also adds more weight to the position. Therefore, giving off a more animalistic and aggressive vibe that’s really kinky.

4. Mounted Groundhog Sex Position

Mounted Groundhog Sex Position

How to do it:

  • She lies down on her stomach with her legs stretched out behind her.
  • She may raise her torso slightly by bending her arms at the elbow.
  • You can then straddle her from behind. Your knees are at the side of her hips and then lean forward to have your face next to hers.

Why you’ll love it:

Mounted Groundhog is like a combination of Lying Groundhog and Prone Bone. However, unlike Lying Groundhog, you’re not COMPLETELY lying on top of her. 

You’ll use your knees for support. It still provides that intimacy, but you can go for this move if you’re on the heavier side, so you don’t squish your partner underneath.

5. Helicopter Sex Position

How to do it:

  • You can start by doing the Lying Groundhog position. Then, twist to a 180-degree angle—until you’re facing the opposite way. 
  • Basically, you’re attached P-to-V. You’re both lying down on your stomach but facing opposite ends. Your head is near her foot, and vice versa.

Why you’ll love it:

Okay. It’s EXOTIC, and it’s not the easiest to master on the first try.

There are some challenges. For one, your erection will point downwards, but you’ll have to enter her from an “above” angle. Your peen might even need to be flexible enough.

But hey, it’s a great position to try something new. It’s a totally new angle and, therefore, you get unique sensations. Again, it’s challenging, and it might not be for everyone, but I suggest you give it a try.

6. Leapfrog Sex Position

How to do it:

  • She should be on all fours—like in a Doggy Style position. But this time, her chest and head should rest on the bed. Her butt is pushed all the way up, and she won’t use her hands or elbows for support.
  • Kneeling down behind her, you thrust into her.

Why you’ll love it:

Not the most Prone Bone-y position, but it still offers the same characteristics.

The arch from her back in this position is *chef’s kiss*. A lot of men LOVE this position. It’s so hot and sexy, and you can quickly grab on her butt or hips to thrust in more vigorously.

This position isn’t the best for G-spot, but it stimulates another GREAT SPOT: the posterior fornix. It’s located at the back of the vagina behind the cervix—a very underrated spot but oh-so-pleasurable when stimulated.

7. Crab Sex Position

Crab Sex Position

How to do it:

  • Start with the Prone Bone position.
  • Her one leg should be straight and stretched out behind her.
  • Then, have her bend her other leg (left or right) to the side.
  • Next, you enter her from behind in this position.

Why you’ll love it:

This position gives you a mid to deep penetration. And it stimulates the G-spot well. Plus, it offers a unique angle for penetration.

It can feel more intimate while still being kinky and dominant. You can easily reach over to grab her breasts or kiss her neck.

Having one of her legs out might also feel more comfortable for your partner and would give her more leverage to support herself if she wants to raise her hips higher for a better angle.

8. Magic Carpet Sex Position

Magic Carpet Sex Position

How to do it:

  • You would need a couch with no armrests or a bed.
  • Your partner gets into position first. She should lie down on the bed on her stomach. But note: only the lower half (around her hips, preferably) of her body should be on the bed.
  • The upper part of her body should be off the bed. To position, she’ll need to use her hands to maintain a straight body pose.
  • Following the same positions, lie down on top of her.

Why you’ll love it:

From the position alone, it’s like you’re flying!

TBH, it doesn’t have a lot of practical benefits. It can be straining and heavy for your partner with you on top of her.

Why try it? For fun. It’s always nice to experiment.

9. Boat Sex Position

Boat Sex Position

How to do it:

  • Start with the Prone Bone position.
  • Her legs are straight behind her, but have her spread them wider.
  • Her torso should be lifted by having her elbows support her.
  • Next, go on her back and try to lean down.
  • Your legs should be stretched behind you, possibly slightly bent.
  • And, importantly, your legs should be IN BETWEEN her spread legs (not outwards).

Why you’ll love it:

It’s a rear-entry position that’s pretty easy to do and very intimate.

In the Prone Bone, your partner’s hips are raised while her chest is low on the ground. In the Boat position, her hips are flat while her chest is high up.

It’s not as tight because of the spread legs, but this position still hits your internal pleasure zones.

10. Plain Sex Position

Plain Sex Position

How to do it:

  • She lies on her belly, facing down. Her arms should be stretched out, straight, in front of her.
  • She can lightly lift her upper body.
  • You lie down on top of her from behind. Use your hands to support your weight.
  • Have her bend her knees and then cross her ankles. Her legs should be in between yours.
  • With your legs outwards, bend your knees and then cross or bring your feet close together.

Why you’ll love it:

The position lets you K-I-S-S!

It’s still very intimate but also very easy to do. With that, it’s a sex position perfect for some smooth, slow, and sensual sex sessions.

11. Lying Butler Sex Position

Lying Butler Sex Position

How to do it:

  • Your partner lies down on her front. She bends her legs back and pushes her torso slightly up using her elbows.
  • Her legs should be spread apart.
  • You will lie down behind her while positioning your head to face her butt. You can grab her thighs for support.

Why you’ll love it:

Yep, it’s for ORAL.

Rimming and cunnilingus fans will love this variation of Prone Bone. You shouldn’t limit your poses for penetration alone, after all. It’s a great move you can try if you want to spice things up by using the tongue and mouth instead of the penis. 

12. Kneeling Bodyguard Sex Position

Kneeling Bodyguard Sex Position

How to do it:

  • Your partner kneels down on the floor or bed. Her body should be straight (like she’s standing up, not on all fours).
  • Her knees should be close together.
  • Kneel down as well in the same pose. Position behind her.
  • Her knees or legs should be in between yours. So hers are inside, yours are outside.
  • For a better angle, she can arch her back.

Why you’ll love it:

The variation! It’s like Prone Bone, but on a vertical kneeling angle.

This is a good sex position if you want more elevation. It has all the characteristics you’ll enjoy from Prone Bone, like the rear entry, tight squeeze, and close contact. But in a different way.

Plus, since you won’t need your hands to hold yourself up on the floor, they’ll be free to roam around each other’s bodies. For example, you can easily grab her breasts or stimulate her clit in this move.


The Prone Bone sex position is one you should try and add to your sexual repertoire. 

You will definitely enjoy it, especially if you want a more dominant sex position that gives close contact and offers a TIGHT squeeze. 

And if it doesn’t feel good to you, there are tons of variations you can try. Truly, it’s a win-win.

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