Oxballs Review [2024]: Which One Should You Get? (Cock Rings, Ball Stretchers, & Cock Slings)

Oxballs creates one of the best silicone stretchy cock rings, slings, and ball stretchers on the market. Learn more about the brand, what to expect, & tips:

Deciding to stretch your balls or do a bunch of other things to your junk is HARD.

But finding different toys that do a good job at it and more? HARDER.

Okay, we’re here to make it easier for you. Try the Oxballs brand.

WHY? Well, I’ll answer that question in this Oxballs review and share a bit about the brand and their products, what ball stretchers, cock rings, cock slings, and butt plugs do, and how to make the most of them. Plus, my experiences with some toys in each category so you can decide if Oxballs products are for you.

Don’t fancy a long stretch? Here’s the TL;DR:

The Good

From cock rings and ball stretchers to cock slings, Oxballs offers a variety of premium sex toys to satisfy different types of pleasure seekers. You can choose toys with different functions, materials, designs, and colors. Plus, the company has great customer service.

The Not So Good

First-time buyers might feel overwhelmed by Oxballs’ sex toy selection.

The Bottom Line

You’ll never run out of high-quality sex toy options when you buy from a brand like Oxballs that stands behind its products. The number of choices might scare you, but you know you’re getting your money’s worth whichever toy you get from them.

Oxballs sex toys are for you if:

  • You’re looking for a variety of premium sex toys with different materials and functions 
  • You want quality ball stretching products
  • You want a company that stands behind their products

Oxballs sex toys might not be for you if:

  • You’re a first-time buyer easily overwhelmed by different kinds of sex toys

Intro to Oxballs

Oxballs is a US-based sex toy brand popular for creating a variety of premium body-safe toys that often look intimidating for folks new to sex toys.

But as intense as they might look in pictures, most of them are surprisingly comfortable. Take, for instance, their beginner-friendly ball stretchers.

I wasn’t ready to go all-in on ball stretching. (AKA putting metal weights on my balls.) So, I went digging for ball stretchers that give a temporary stretch, and I came across the Oxballs brand.

Many ball stretching enthusiasts recommend Oxballs for their high-quality ball stretchers.

If you check their website, you will find ball stretchers of different sizes, designs, and colors. PLUS cock rings, cock slings, butt plugs, and any toy for your meaty pleasure.

But whatever product you get from them, the twisted guys at Oxballs are committed to giving their customers only quality products.

Cause let’s be real. At some point, these stretchy things will wear out from all the stretch-insert-stretch-remove routine.

And Oxballs guarantees that we can still access their products any time we need them.

Also, their customer service is superb. Why so? One time my silicone ball stretcher snapped on me. I contacted them about the issue, and they sent me a new one.


In this review, we’ll focus on the following Oxballs sex toy categories: ball stretchers, cock rings, and cock slings. So, you’ll get a better feel of which one to get.

Oxballs Ball Stretchers

Oxballs ball stretchers range in designs, sizes, and colors. All of them are made from body-safe, phthalate-free materials. There are around 80 products in this category. I’ll share three that I’ve tested and liked.

Neo-Stretch Tall
Inside Diameter
Under 1″
Outside Diameter
Not specified
1.6 oz.
1.5 oz.
2.57 oz.
Flexible TPR
Platinum-cured silicone
Platinum-cured silicone
Color Choices
Black, hot pink, clear, red, steel
Black, red, blueballs metallic, neon yellow, neon orange
Black, red, blueballs

Oxballs Squeeze

The Squeeze instantly stretches your balls up to 2 inches, giving you instant (but temporary) low-hanging results.

It has a curved design with two raised rings inside the chamber that secure the balls and give them a good squeeze without being uncomfortable.

Both ends of the toy are layered with squishy padding so they don’t dig into your skin.

Oxballs Balls-T

Balls-T might look like your run-off-the-mill ball stretcher, but Oxballs concocted this stretcher with a unique silicone blend.

So, you’re getting a ball stretcher that grips your balls well with just the right stretch while not being too tight that you want to get rid of it after some time.

Balls-T is around an inch long and best for folks new to ball stretching or those who have smaller balls or a tighter sack.

Oxballs Neo-Stretch Tall

The Neo Stretch line comes in three sizes/types: short, tall, and angle. Neo-Stretch Tall is the tallest (duh), so it’s best if you have a longer sack or if you want to get a visible stretch.

What makes this ball stretcher line unique is the stretch gets tighter right in the middle without feeling uncomfortable, so you really feel it squeezing your sack.

Plus, it comes with comfy padded ends like the Squeeze for comfy long-term wear.

Oxballs Cock Rings

These cock rings are more on the larger side. So, even if we technically call them “cock” rings, they’re perfect for wearing over your penis and balls for maintaining an erection, lasting longer, and *BONUS* packing a bulge.

5.1 oz.
1 oz.
1.5 oz.
1.2 oz.
Platinum-cured silicone
Platinum-cured silicone
Platinum-cured silicone
Flexible TPR
Black, blueballs metallic, smog
Black, red, rainbow, police blue, fluorescent yellow, fist red, military camo, bleacher, blueballs metallic blue, smoke metallic
Smoke metallic, blueballs metallic blue
Black & clear; Black & blue; and Steel & red

Juicy Cock Ring

Juicy has a thick and wide squishy base to give both your cock and balls a comfy squeeze plus an angled, narrow entry to push both of them forward and out, so you get that bulge effect.

It’s made from thick and smooth silicone material with the right squish and stretch so that putting it on is super easy but still firm enough to grip your whole package just right.

You can also use this cock ring if you’re a fan of pumping to add more suction, sucking sensations, and girth to your dong.

Pig-Ring Super Soft Silicone Cock Ring

If you like the simpler things in life, then design-wise, you’re gonna want to get the super-soft and smooth Pig Ring with 11 different color choices.

It’s made from stretchy silicone material, so it’s super easy to put on and remove and wear for an extended period.

Though it has a smooth interior and exterior, it feels firmer and is slightly more intense than Grunt.

Grunt Cock Ring

Unlike the Pig Ring’s smooth interior and exterior, Grunt has a rough, textured exterior (think truck tires).

Though it looks tough on the outside, it’s more flexible and comfortable that it doesn’t feel like it’s strangling the meat out of you so you can wear it longer.

Of course, you can turn the “tires” inside if you’re looking for intense sensations around your penis and balls.

Oxballs Ultraballs

Ultraballs might look intimidating and muscular, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. It can be worn over or under the testicles, depending on your size and how much of a squeeze you’re looking for.

Those two balls on the ring are soft and squishy, but they press on the shaft just the right amount to stimulate a little and keep everything super hard and powerful. It also helps keep the ring securely in place so it won’t slip around during sex.

And if you feel like it, you can always wear the Ultraballs underneath your clothes for an ego boost – the balls and thickness of it push everything up impressively, which can do wonders for your confidence during the day.

Oxballs Cock Slings

Cock slings are cock rings with more holes. They’re all about separating the penis and balls. THE RESULT? Two separate squeezing sensations that not only feel pleasurable overall but also help you last longer when worn during sex.

2.5 oz.
1.5 oz.
1.7 oz.
Flexible TPR
Flexible TPR
Flexible TPR
Black, clear, red, ice blue, steel, smoke, night black
Black, police blue
Eggplant, black, clear

Oxballs CockSling 2.0

The OG CockSling was a favorite among Oxballs fans for many reasons — for example, it does one hell of a good job separating the penis and balls. 

Now, Oxballs took all the bad stuff from the OG and improved on 2.0’s material with padded ends for a better fit and feel. While it may look intimidating to put on for first-timers, the flexible TPR material ensures that you can stretch it to separate your penis and balls COMFORTABLY.

Note: Unlike nonporous silicone, TPR is slightly porous that could harbor bacteria over time. However, since it’s not insertable, just make sure to clean it before and after use thoroughly.

Ballsling CockSling With Splitter

Ballsling is like a slightly thicker version of the CockSling 2.0, but with a splitter or “sack-ring” at the base to push the testicles down and away from each other. That gives you more stretch and pleasurable sensations. If separating your penis and balls is not enough, then this one’s for you.

How to Use Oxballs

Putting on an Oxballs ball stretcher and cock ring is pretty easy. Just apply water-based lube on your balls (for ball stretchers) and balls and penis (for cock rings). Then, apply some lube to the product too.

Stretch the product as far as you want it to go and then put it over your balls to get a good stretch for pleasurable sensations. OR over your balls and penis to last longer in bed. 

WARNING: NEVER, EVER release the product instantly, or all hell will break loose.

Get used to the new sensations and try playing with your balls and penis 2-3 times before using the toy with your partner during sex.

Now, putting on a cock sling is a bit trickier. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to wear it. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Know the right orientation to wear the cock sling. (For example, with CockSling 2.0, the Oxballs lettering should be on top and readable when you look down at your junk.)
  2. Let gravity assist you by putting the cock sling on while standing.
  3. Position the sling with the angled side toward your body and the ball hole downward.
  4. Stretch it by placing your fingers through the angled hole and then to the ball hole.
  5. Stretch the sling wide enough until your balls can fit through the vertical hole.
  6. After securing your balls, place your fingers through the angled hole and then to the penis hole.
  7. Stretch the penis hole enough for your penis to fit through.

More ninja tips?

If you’re new to ball stretching or cock rings, start small and leave the product on for 10-20 minutes maximum. Apply lots of compatible lube on the product and yourself to avoid chaffing.

If there’s a forest down there, it’s best to trim or shave them off.

If you have tighter balls, take a warm bath. Let your balls sag, and your mind relax. Then, gently push your balls downward before putting any ball stretching product.

My Experience with Oxballs

All of my Oxballs products came with minimal packaging — a clear plastic for some and a ziplock plastic bag for others that doubles as a storage pouch.

There’s also the tough-looking Oxballs logo with minimal info on the product you have.

So, if you have roommates unfamiliar with Oxballs, the ball stretcher/cock ring will just pass off as a random rubber ring or a thick baller band.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any instruction manuals on using and caring for your ball stretcher or cock ring.

That’s fine with me because using these products is super easy.

Just keep a few safety precautions in mind, like removing the stretcher ASAP if you feel some pain in your balls.

Looking at the Squeeze, Juicy, and CockSling 2.0, I see that they’re pretty solid and well-made. I initially felt scared of the idea of stretching them over my dong and balls.

But when I finally touched them, they felt squishy, soft, and smooth to the touch.

The silicone Juicy cock ring was the least stretchy of the three. But I’m glad that it still stretched good enough around my penis and balls.

The Squeeze and CockSling 2.0 have more stretch because of their flexible TPR material, yet they haven’t given out or changed shape after multiple uses.

Of course, with constant wear and cleanup, they will lose their OG shape at some point. But so far, after 4-5 months of use, my Oxballs toys haven’t given in. So, that’s a good sign of quality.

Oxballs Squeeze (Ball Stretcher)

As I mentioned, I’m no pro at ball stretching. So, when I put on Squeeze for the first time, I was surprised by how stretchy it was.

I was also amazed by the almost 2-inch drop it gave my balls after putting it on.

And the sensations? The product felt surprisingly comfortable. But feeling a gentle tug and squeeze on your balls will take some getting used to, especially for noobs.

The padded ends felt good on the skin; no pubes got stuck on each end (thankfully). And the inner middle part gave my balls a gentle squeeze. So I can use my Squeeze for extended periods like straight 5-6 hours at home.

And removing the Squeeze was a breeze. 

Juicy Cock Ring

I’ve tried a bunch of cock rings in the past. And out of curiosity, I tried putting them over the base of my penis, including my balls. It did help me last longer in bed.

However, I never got the “packing-a-bulge” feel with traditional cock rings.

Juicy’s different, though.

The curved bottom part really helps push the balls and penis up and forward. It’s like a push-up bra for your junk.

So, when I was wearing it under my boxers, BOOM!

It looked like I was packing twice to thrice my size. I didn’t test it outside, but if my woman’s suggestive stares gave any signs… Well, I’d say that this cock ring is a people pleaser.

Unlike cock rings that block the circulation off the penis, I felt some pressure on the Juicy but not to the point that it’s cutting my skin. Again, it’s super comfortable.

Though I did not like wearing it while having sex because my balls going in the same direction as my penis was just getting in the way.

But I know that some folks are into that thing. So, YMMV.

Oxballs CockSling 2.0

CockSling was the last product I tried because I was intimidated by its look and had no idea how to put it on.

It took me 2-3 tries to figure out how to put it on. (Check the How to Use section for some tips.) But, once I did, the whole separating the penis and balls thing felt really good.

In use, I felt that this 2-in-1 cock ring focuses more on the penis and not the balls. So, you’re not really getting a lot of stretch on your balls. Keep that in mind if you’re after more stretch.

While my balls on Juicy were getting in the way, CockSling 2.0 felt good during penetrative sex. Plus, during foreplay for giving your partner better access to your penis or balls only.

My partner loved how my whole package looked thicker and ready for action. I loved that it felt comfortable and stayed in place the entire time.

And keeping the balls and penis separated from each other was a plus to lasting longer.

I did last longer than usual with the CockSling on, but we had to stop and finish at some point, or else I won’t bring this review to fruition.

Oxballs Prices and Where to Buy ‘Em

There’s a whole bunch of Oxballs products waiting to be explored. And the best place to get them is at Peepshow Toys.

For ball stretchers, the Squeeze starts at an $18 price tag and the Balls-T and Neo-Stretch Tall at $22 and $24, respectively.

You can also get the Pig Ring and Grunt cock rings there for $23 each and Juicy for $42 each.

What Do Other People Think About Oxballs Toys?

“I would say Oxballs has a good variety of cock rings; not all are made of silicone (just an FYI). Since he already owns metal rings, you can base silicone rings off of that and run one smaller or bigger depending on the flexibility of the silicone. Thus far, I haven’t had an issue with Oxballs cock rings and ball stretchers being that they have stretch and are easily adjustable.”

axle-ace, Reddit

“Oxballs cock sling (love it/great orgasms) – wonder if the colored ones have less of a stretch than my clear one”

stlguys, Reddit

“My husband repeatedly buys Oxballs every time he loses one or abuses one. Very much an amazing brand and fantastic products.”

ahchava, Reddit


If you’re looking for alternative ball stretchers from a different brand, you might want to check this Tantus Super Soft Ball Stretcher Kit

For just $31, you’ll get two ball stretchers of different sizes, so you can figure out which size works for you better. And as you make more ball stretching progress, you can stack these two together for more length.

These smooth silicone ball stretchers have a simple round design if you’re a bit scared to try Oxballs’ more textured toys.

Final Thoughts

You’ll never run out of sex toy options when you buy from Oxballs.

If you want a comfortable stretch to your balls, go with the Squeeze or any ball stretcher from Oxballs that you prefer. If you want to pack a bulge, go for the Juicy cock ring and wear it around your cock and balls. And if you really want to have some long slappin’ action with your boo, get the CockSling 2.0.

You can check more options here:

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