Njoy Pure Wand Review (2024): Stainless Steel G-Spot Sex Toy!

The Njoy Pure Wand is one of the people’s favorites for G-spot & P-spot play. Is this stainless steel dildo worth it?

njoy pure wand review

We’ve all heard of the G-spot and how it is sometimes notoriously difficult to find. Unfortunately, the male P-spot also likes to play hide-n-seek, and people have sprained their backs trying to bend themselves to find it (no joke!).

The Njoy Wand can help you “magically” find your favorite spot (the G or the P). However, you first need to learn the spell to unleash its power! Thankfully, we’re here to give you all the tips, tricks, and lessons to get the most out of this curvy beauty. We’ve also got a lowdown on the best and most mysterious Aneros prostate massagers if you’ve got a thing for beautiful sex toys.

Now, first things first, the Pure Wand is only for some. It is for experienced users. If you’re starting, you must head to our pick of the best prostate massagers. Some great prostate dildos could give you the big O much quicker.

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However, if you’re a purist and want to unlock the mysteries of The Pure Wand, then stick around because you’re going to learn A LOT! This metal beauty can be heated and cooled, and its smooth rounded feeling is unlike anything else. Ready to learn the secrets? Please take a deep breath, and let’s get into the Good and Not-So-Good of the NJoy Wand.

The Good

It’s a one-time investment that will last you a lifetime if you maintain it properly. It can be used for both P-spot and G-spot stimulation as well as temperature play.

It is super easy to clean and comes in premium packaging that you can use to store it after every use.

The Not So Good

As it has a steep learning curve, some might find it a little intimidating. You might end up disappointed if you don’t take the time to learn how to use it properly.

The Bottom Line

The nJoy Pure Wand is not the cheapest sex toy out there, but it’s worth every cent.

It has gained a cult following over the years by delivering more P-spot and squirting G-spot orgasms than any other toy.

NJoy Wand is for you if:

  • You want to have prostate orgasms
  • You want to have a squirting G-spot orgasm
  • You want to enjoy anal play with your partner
  • You don’t mind spending some time learning to use the toy properly

NJoy Wand is not for you if:

  • You don’t want an expensive sex toy
  • You don’t like hard metal dildos
  • You are a total beginner at prostate stimulation
  • You prefer a vibrating dildo

Njoy Wand’s Packaging

If I’m spending more than a hundred dollars on a dildo, the least I expect is good packaging. The nJoy Pure Wand doesn’t disappoint. Its packaging is simply luxurious.

In fact, I liked the understated, minimalist design of the box. It is clean black in color and has a rough texture to it with a neat silver nJoy embossing on it.

But the moment you open the box, subtlety takes a back seat.

You’re greeted by the sparkling silver Pure Wand laid on top of silky pink satin cloth. It almost feels like unboxing a royal crown jewel!

The box is simple, sturdy, and practical. You can use it to store the toy after use.

Now, enough about that! Let’s get to the main deal.

When I picked up the nJoy Pure Wand for the first time, the very first thought I had was, ‘whoa! That’s heavy.’

It felt more like a self-defense weapon than a sex toy, although you will mostly use it for self-pleasure. It’s so smooth that it might easily slip out of your hands, so be careful with it.

I almost dropped it on my foot and cracked a tile in my bathroom. Nothing happened to the toy, though. The point is, it’s heavy!

In hand, the toy feels exceptionally smooth and polished. 

It’s made out of high-quality medical-grade stainless steel, with a gorgeous shine to it. Only downside? This also makes it a fingerprint magnet.

Apart from the little nJoy logo in the middle, the toy has a completely clean design and looks premium.

njoy pure wand unboxing

Njoy Wand’s Design & Size

The nJoy Pure Wand is about 8” long. But if you measure it along the curve, it’ll be around 10″. That full length is MORE THAN ENOUGH for G-spot or P-spot stimulation.

The sex toy has well-rounded, bulb-shaped ends. One of the tips is 1” in diameter, while the other is 1.5”.

I like how the girth gradually increases in size as you go from the smaller end to the bigger bulb instead of bending suddenly. The curve itself looks beautiful and natural and not aggressive, making it safe and comfortable for both G-spot and prostate stimulation.

The Pure Wand weighs around 680 grams or 1.5 pounds, but you only feel the weight when you slide it inside yourself.

As my girl described it, the toy made her feel “‘really full.” She uses the larger end more often, while I find the smaller bulb more comfortable for my P-spot needs.

In terms of material, the nJoy Pure Wand is made out of 316 medical-grade stainless steel.

In simpler words, it is very smooth, extremely durable, and will never degrade or corrode. It’s non-porous, body-safe, and hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s compatible with ALL types of lubricants.

As long as you clean it well and sterilize it before use, this steel sex wand should be with you for life (uhm, sex life). You might as well get married to it!

Njoy Wand’s Weight & Curve

In my opinion, the weight works in your favor as it actually increases the pressure on your sensitive spots when angled correctly. BUT the heaviness can also tire you out quickly.

While playing with the nJoy Pure Wand, I often switched hands because it felt too heavy to hold after a point.

This is also why it works better as a couple’s sex toy, as your partner can give you a hand and make it more comfortable.

My girl says that the weight complements the curved design, as it helps her rock it back and forth with precision. The curved shaft itself is pretty precise in finding your G-spot (or P-spot) and staying there. No more awkward angles with a straight dildo!

The high-quality solid medical-grade stainless steel gives the Pure Wand its smoothness. That means you ONLY need little lube, unlike with silicone toys.

It glides inside without any effort, and the bulbous ends ‘pop’ in and out very easily.

The larger bulb will make it easier to hit your G-spot. So if you like it quick, you know which end you should be using.

Because it’s solid and heavy, it won’t bend no matter how hard you hold it. That lets you keep the bulb tip in place exactly where you want it to be.

njoy wand in hand

My Experience With the Pure Wand

TBH, although I had some experience with my P-spot before, the nJoy Pure Wand made me a bit nervous. The solid metal piece looked intimidating, and it was really awkward to use at first.

Prostate play isn’t complicated. It’s just difficult to figure out initially. The feeling of a rigid metal entering my hole felt alien at first.

The learning curve (yes, the curve) was steep even for me, and I had to spend several days figuring out the style and intensity that made me feel good.

But let me tell you, nothing can beat a prostate orgasm once you know how to get it. I was so happy when I finally had my first P-spot intense orgasm with the Pure Wand. It was wild and felt never-ending.

Once I got used to the smaller end, I switched it around and tried playing with the bigger bulb. It was certainly MORE INTENSE and felt TIGHTER, but it’s not for everyone. Anyway, the smaller tip is enough to make you go crazy. 

I used the Pure Wand with my girl, and I liked that it performed nicely as a couple’s toy.

As the toy is not exactly light, it’s always better when someone else takes care of it while you relax and lay back. If you’re letting your partner pleasure you with the Pure Wand, make sure they take it slow and listen to your feedback to avoid damaging your rear.

Needless to say, the nJoy Pure Wand is one of our all-time favorite G-spot and P-spot sex toys. We often return to it when we can spare the time and attention it needs. 

njoy pure wand in light shot

Price, Where To Buy The Njoy Wand

where to buy

There’s no other way to put it. Yes, the nJoy Pure Wand costs $100+, and you can get it on SheVibe here.

I know, I know. Paying over a hundred dollars for a dildo might sound crazy, but the Pure Wand is totally worth it.

It has remained the most popular G-spot/P-spot dildo for so many years for both men and women. Simply no other sex toys can match it!

You might come across many cheaper knockoffs of the Pure Wand. Although they might look and feel the same, they are often made with cheaper materials and nickel-plated to look like steel.

These knockoffs could contain toxic metals that could cause allergies and serious internal complications.

More Njoy Pure Wand Reviews

I have heard nothing but great things about the nJoy Pure Wand, which is what made me buy it in the first place. It is a toy that has remained on top of the charts for many years now, which is why word of mouth about it is so strong.

“Only bad thing i can say is it’s heavy and your hands, arms can get tired after sometime.”


Reddit user

“First time I tried it, I had my first hands free orgasm so it’s definitely worth a shot!”


Reddit user

Here’s a review that perfectly sums up the ‘beginner’ experience:

“It took me months to figure this out, but as soon as I did, it became one of my clear favorites, a literal prostate orgasm machine!”


Reddit user

You will have to be nitpicky if you want to find faults in this toy. It simply has none, except the fact that it could take you some time to master it.

How to Use The Pure Wand: Ease Of Use

I don’t want to be the spoilsport, but this is the tricky part where patience is the key. With a toy like the nJoy Pure Wand, technique is everything. You can’t expect it to feel fantastic if you’re not doing it right.

Before using the Pure Wand, you need to clean it. You can wash it with soapy water and dry it with a clean towel. Make sure you have a lube handy before starting.

Since it’s already very smooth, you can use ANY LUBE with this sex toy. However, I recommend using a good oil- or silicone-based lube as they don’t dry up quickly like other lubes.

If you’re into temperature play, you can heat or cool the Pure Wand. Trust me. it gives you a whole different kind of sensation. I like to heat it up a little for extra warmth.

Ready for the act?

For P-Spot Stimulation:

If you haven’t already found your prostate, it’s about 2 to 3 inches inside your anus on the anterior wall. It is shaped almost like a walnut. You can find various tutorials online that show you how to locate it.

Before using the nJoy Pure Wand, you might want to relax as much as possible to loosen up your muscles. For a cleaner, stress-free experience, empty your bowels beforehand. Use an enema bottle if you wish.

Lubricate the smaller tip of the Wand because you don’t want to make it painful by starting with the bigger end. (Trust me, I’ve been there, and it isn’t sexy.) For added measure, also apply some lube to your hole.

Now, slowly press the smaller tip against your anus and keep increasing the pressure until it gently pops inside. But don’t rush in yet. Instead, use a light hand to push the toy and slowly guide it inside.

Once the metal ball touches the prostate, apply gentle pressure on it and see what feels good. Light twisting and grinding motion will help you find a movement that works for you.

Allow the sex toy’s weight to press against the prostate and apply tender thrusts, sliding it in and out.

Even though prostate play alone can feel heavenly, you can also stimulate your penis simultaneously to heighten the sensation. In fact, many people can’t have prostate orgasms without stroking their penis.

So try both methods, and stick with the one that helps you reach orgasm.

You can also use the toy while lying on the side; many people say it gives them more leeway in terms of thrusts and movements. (Don’t bend your back too much, though, or you might end up with back pain instead of an orgasm.)

After you have mastered the basic technique, you can then introduce more vigorous play into your prostate with longer thrusts.

You can also try rocking on the wand, using it as a freehand lever to achieve a more versatile massaging motion.

Try teasing your nipples or massaging your testicles to add more sensations. Contract your pelvic floor muscles (Kegels exercises) and see if that does anything for you.

Listen to your body and repeat what feels good. Prostate orgasms are wild and can last for several minutes, so make sure you’re not in a hurry.

on-hand njoy pure wand

For G-Spot Stimulation:

If you haven’t played with your G-spot much, you might want to take it slow.

Warm yourself up with a bit of foreplay (or vaginal play) to make it easier for the nJoy Pure Wand to slide in. Then, gently insert it into your vagina while keeping it angled upward towards your belly button.

At first, you might want to slowly tug the toy to get used to it.

When it feels comfortable, gently press the other end of the wand to push it further inside. Guide the smaller bulb towards your G-spot.

When you find your ‘sweet’ spot, you can try different movements to see what works best for you. For example, my girl found circular movements very effective along with medium-paced rocking motions.

You can go fast, but don’t hurt yourself by being too rough.

If you’re doing it right, you should feel intense G-spot sensations and might feel like ‘going to the loo’. Rub your clit gently with your other hand, and it might lead to you squirting!

You can then switch to the bigger bulb to make it even more ‘njoyable.’

You can switch hands during solo play if the Pure Wand’s weight will tire you easily. You can also position the toy on the bed in a way that allows you to rock back and forth on it.

Still, keep a hand on it so that you can control it and don’t poke yourself accidentally. Avoid thrusting it too hard unless you want a visit to the gynecologist. 

Pro Tip

You can turn the Pure Wand into a precise G-spot vibrator by using a Hitachi Magic Wand.

By the way, if you’re into anal, don’t be shy to put this toy up the back alley. It feels equally amazing. Or you could just use a butt plug during G-spot play with the wand to spice things up a bit.

You might also want to consider checking out our guide on how to use a G-spot vibrator for more interesting knowledge.

How To Clean The Njoy Wand

The nJoy Pure Wand is one of the easiest sex toys to clean since it’s a solid piece of metal with no openings or moving parts. After use, you simply run it under warm water with a bit of soap. Let it air dry.

If you share the toy with your partner or use it for both vaginal and anal play, it’s a good habit to sterilize it every once in a while.

You can do that by letting it sit in boiling water for a few minutes. You can also soak the Pure Wand in a 10% bleach solution for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly with water.

However, bleach is a harmful chemical and needs to be handled carefully using gloves.

WARNING: NEVER use bleach in boiling hot water, as the chemical will vaporize and release toxic fumes that could be deadly. I suggest you use one method or the other.

Once the toy is dry, you can simply put it back in the original packaging. The box is well-made and should last a few years. If you have damaged the box, you can store it in any other box or drawer.

Just make sure you clean it with water before every use to avoid getting dust inside you.

Njoy Wand Alternatives

It’s difficult to think of any other toy that comes close to the Pure Wand in terms of sheer pleasure. It’s just tough to match the precision with which this wand delivers intense full-body orgasms.

Nexus Revo Stealth

Nexus Revo Stealth

The Nexus Revo Stealth is a remarkable combination of form and function that gives any good anal toy a run for its money. The sleek black silicon toy features a rotating shaft that expertly massages your prostate at two levels of intensity that you can choose from. To add to that, it also vibrates!

Now, let’s all take a moment and think about that beautiful combination. First, a gently massaging motion, and as things get intense, the toy can vibrate as well (with 6 different levels to choose from). The possibilities here seem endless, but you can combine the massaging and vibrate into 34 distinct pleasure combinations. You can also control it with the included remote.

It is slightly more expensive than the NJoy Pure Wand. Still, the amount of functionality the Nexus Revo offers makes it an excellent alternative worth your attention.

Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo

If we talk about gorgeous sex toys, how can legendary Swedish sex toy maker Lelo be left out of the picture? Sure enough, they’ve got a contender, and it’s a good one. Lelo Hugo is a sleek remote, controlled prostate massager that even beginners can try. 

The luxuriously soft silicone casing houses two powerful vibrating motors (one at the base and one at the tip) to make all kinds of exciting sensations. The remote control is also a great add-on because you can control your toy without reaching around. Or, you can even hand over power to your partner!

Once again, the Lelo Hugo is a little more expensive than the NJoy Pure Wand. Still, it also has that incredible dual-vibrating functionality going for it. We suggest you take a long hard look at this baby.

Njoy Eleven

njoy Eleven

But, if you’re looking for something longer and girthier, the nJoy Eleven might be worth a look.

The Eleven is, yep, 11 inches long and — wait for it — 2.75 lbs heavy! I’m not sure about a G-spot orgasm, but you would surely get a good arm workout while using this toy.

It has bigger bulbs and measures 2 inches at its thickest. It is more straight than curved and has a few bumps and ridges along the narrower side for added stimulation. Also, it is priced at $400 on the official nJoy website at the time of writing this review.

Having said that, it would be unfair to compare the nJoy Pure Wand and Eleven.

They are made for totally different people.

While the Pure Wand focuses on your P-spot/G-spot precisely, the Eleven does the same while also filling up your insides more tightly.

Unless you can handle a thick steel dildo inside you, I suggest you stick to the Pure Wand.

You may also want to consider checking out our best steel metal dildos guide and extreme sex toys guide for more options.

Final Thoughts

I have spent a lot of time with the nJoy Pure Wand, and I can tell you this. It grows on you.

If you spend some time exploring your prostate (or vagina) with this toy, it will keep getting better with every use.

I use it every few weeks for solo as well as couple sessions, and it’s one of my favorite sex toys in our collection. I never realized that a gift for my girl would also turn out to be a gift to myself. 

I think EVERYONE, regardless of gender, should try this toy at least once. I’m not guaranteeing it, but you might end up finding your favorite sex toy like me.

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