Lelo Billy 2 Review [2023]: How Well Does This Massager Work?

I’ve had this vibrating prostate massager for a few months now. In this Lelo Billy 2 review, we take a look at its improvements from the OG Billy and if it’s a good newbie option.

hand holding lelo billy

If you’ve only recently begun your quest for chair-breaking prostate orgasms, congratulations! You’ve come to the right place.

The new Lelo Billy 2 is a much-improved version of the Lelo Billy prostate massager, as you’ll discover why later on. 

It’s the perfect starter pack for beginners, with a friendly size and eight exciting vibration settings.

I’ve had this baby for a few months, and I can’t wait to tell you the juicy details on this luxurious yet no-frills device. After reading this, you’ll know whether this P-spot massager is the right fit for you as it was for me.

The Good

The Lelo Billy 2 comes in a beginner-friendly size and shape, perfect for guys new to prostate play or intimidated with bigger toys. It’s waterproof, quiet, discreet, and powerful, with eight vibration settings to write home about. The easy-to-grip handle allows you to pinpoint your P-spot better, and the construction materials are luxuriously soft and completely body-safe.

The Not So Good

The buttons on the handle become challenging to press once it gets all lubed up and slippery. While the handle targets the P-spot beautifully, it’s not a hands-free prostate massager, and there’s no remote control option. It could also be too small for experienced users.

The Bottom Line

The Lelo Billy 2 is a good starter device for guys on a fixed budget and just want to give vibrating prostate massagers a try. It has made significant improvements from the first version, but if you have a hundred dollars to spare and want even better quality, go for the Nexus Revo Stealth instead.

Lelo Billy 2 is for you if:

  • You want to find and locate your P-spot
  • You want a small vibrating prostate massager that’s powerful enough
  • You’re looking for a quality device that’ll last long
  • You prefer a quiet toy that you can bring with you to the shower

Lelo Billy 2 may not be for you if:

  • You want thicker toys
  • You’re looking for a hands-free experience
  • You prefer super intense and powerful vibrations

My First Impressions Of Lelo Billy 2

I’m no stranger to Lelo’s toys. I’ve always loved their quality and luxury experience. The Lelo Billy 2 was certainly not the exception.

Size aside, it’s a sophisticated-looking toy with a matte finish that’s satisfying to touch. The silicone tip and ABS plastic handle feel “expensive,” making any second thoughts about purchasing it vanish.

The insertable length and handle are partitioned by a ring, providing an excellent grip and a safety measure against pushing the toy inside wholly. The buttons all look easy to use and navigate.

Oh, and the box is fab too, for people who mind (or first-timers who haven’t tried any Lelo toy). It comes with a fancy satin bag to store the Billy, plus a USB charger and a warranty card.

Overall, it’s a posh and well-designed toy with plenty of useful accessories.

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs (What’s Changed?)

The Lelo Billy 2 is a much-improved version of the original Billy for many reasons. To keep it brief, I’ve prepared a table to give you a quick look at the specs:

Lelo Billy 2
Lelo Billy 
Silicone, ABS plastic
Silicone, ABS plastic
Diameter/insertable length
Single motor, 8 vibration settings
Single motor, 6 vibration settings
Battery Life
Up to 4 hours
Up to 4 hours
Up to 50 dB
Up to 50 dB
Color choices
Deep blue/ black
Deep blue/maroon

How Does the Lelo Billy 2 Look & Feel?

The Lelo Billy 2’s soft and smooth silicone tip feels soothing. I got the blue one, and I won’t lie that the clean matte finish feels incredibly satisfying to look at.

The tapered end looks exquisitely plain and minimalist (my style!). If it weren’t a massager, I’d almost consider it professional-looking (weird, I know). 

Looking at it up close, you’d have no doubt you were buying from a luxury brand that pays exquisite attention to the details. From the 3.9-inch insertable portion down to the handle tip, the construction materials all scream quality.

It has a slightly curved design to fit most men’s anatomy and hit the prostate (P-spot).

Furthermore, the toy’s small size feels compact and non-intimidating, somewhat refreshing from the toys I’m used to.

The ABS plastic on the handle gives it an excellent grip, and the buttons are easy to access, though it got challenging to press when the going got lubed and slippery. 

I took the pain (lol!) to explore the eight vibration settings. They range from constant to rhythmic vibrations with variable speeds and pauses.

But so far, it’s the random setting that’s doing it for me. 

The intensity/speed levels are particularly impressive for a device of this size. You can definitely feel a significant difference between the lowest and highest speed settings. I usually go with the middle-speed setting with my fave random vibrations.

Key Functionality


LELO Billy 2’s discreet size is perfect for those new to prostate play.

It has an insertable length of 3.9 inches, which is shorter than the average penis, and a little longer than the average middle finger.

Moreover, its diameter only measures 1.1 inches, comparable to a dollar coin’s width. 

This feature makes Billy 2 less intimidating to use than longer and thicker prostate massagers.

That said, it is long enough to reach and stimulate your P-spot.

The small size also means that this toy is travel-friendly. It won’t take up as much room in your luggage as some other models of P-spot stimulators.



For its size, I must admit that the Lelo Billy 2’s vibrating motor is more powerful compared to that of other mini prostate massagers.


Lelo Billy 2 produces rumbly vibrations that provide very satisfying sensations to the prostate gland.


It comes with 8 built-in vibration patterns, and you can change them at will anytime while in play.

Prostate Pressure

Lelo Billy 2 has a handle that gives you complete control over the toy and allows you to precisely apply pressure to your prostate.

Since you can grip the toy, it will be easy to angle it forward and apply targeted pressure on your P-spot.

You don’t get that same pressure from prostate plugs primarily designed for hands-free play.


One of the best things about the Lelo Billy 2 is how comfortable it is to insert, use and remove.

First off, its silicone shaft is sleek, allowing for comfortable insertion, especially when lubricated. It also has a nice, gradual taper at the tip, allowing easier insertion.

It feels like second nature to have inside you since it’s slim. It is not as curved as other prostate massagers and does not have ribs or ridges that can be quite uncomfortable for some.

As you glide it in and out of your body, you won’t get a sudden jolt of sensation due to rough textures.

Lastly, the Lelo Billy 2 is very easy to remove, and its non-bulbous head helps with that.

Ease of Use

The Lelo Billy 2 is easy enough, even for beginners, to use right out of the box. 

You simply turn it on and select a stimulation mode from one of the 8 patterns.

However, I would have to say that its short handle makes it more difficult to maneuver inside your anal cavity.

It’s always easier to control a toy and target your P-spot with a longer handle than with a shorter one. Especially true if you’re using it while lying down.

In addition, the spaces between the buttons on its dial are smaller than those on a bigger model, which means that they are prone to accidental pressing.

However, this shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t intend to change patterns frequently.

Noise Level

On average, the Lelo Billy 2 is quieter than most vibrators.

At the highest settings, it only produces up to 50 decibels.

Most people can comfortably listen to music or TV while using the Lelo Billy 2 without worrying about it being too loud.

You can enjoy it even if you live in close quarters or share a home with others.

Charging and Battery Life

The Lelo Billy 2 has long battery life, and it’s not difficult to charge either.

It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the Lelo Billy 2, and you can expect up to 4 hours of continuous use.

That should be plenty of time for most P-spot pleasure seekers.

However, the use time might be shorter if you plan on using the toy at higher vibration settings.

Lelo Billy vs Billy 2 – What Changed?

Okay, I’m going to be real honest with you here, the Lelo Billy’s waterproof qualities were nothing short of dismal.

Thankfully, this has changed with the Lelo Billy 2. Now I can confidently take it to the shower or put it in my bag without worrying about water ruining my hefty investment.

Aside from that, the Lelo Billy 2 comes with two more settings. Not really significant, but two more vibration settings mean more options for those not satisfied with just 6 or 4.

Other than that, it’s the same old, same old: great look, easy shape, comfortable size, and excellent battery life. So you didn’t miss out much, really. Well, the waterproof’s kind of a big deal.

In summary, Lelo Billy 2 is:

  • Waterproof, making it viable for shower play and easier to clean up
  • 2 vibration settings more than the original

How to Use Lelo Billy 2

One thing I love about the Lelo Billy 2 is how easy it is to use. It’s one of the press-and-plays in a rocket science world. 

Still, there are some basic rules to follow so you get the best experience right from the start. Here goes:

  • Charge the toy for about two hours before using it the first time.
  • Press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ for three seconds to unlock the device. (You’ll see the light come on.)
  • Press the ‘+’ to turn on the massager. This button also functions to increase the vibration intensity. Likewise, the ‘-‘ button decreases the intensity and also shuts off the device.
  • The ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons are used to switch between the eight vibration settings.
  • Use a generous amount of water-based lube (don’t skimp on this) and keep away from silicone- or cream-based lubricants, which may damage the surface permanently.
  • RELAX. Lelo, meet asshole. Seriously, you need to relax, or it might not work out. I recommend you get on all fours and position your upper body at a 90-degree angle to your legs.
  • Experiment! Try out the different vibration settings. Test the intensities. Enjoy the orgasm.
  • Clean up, charge the Lelo Billy 2, and store it in the satin bag. 

My Experience With Lelo Billy 2

My gripe with most anal toys is the warm-up needed before I can comfortably insert them in. That’s not the case with the Lelo Billy 2. 

This is why I believe it’s good for beginners who can’t take bigger toys in. Its 1.1-inch diameter size falls small when it comes to anal toys.

All you need is some good old water-based lube with the Lelo Billy 2, and you’re in for a ride. The first time I used it, I charged it for about 2 hours for an uninterrupted prostate sesh. 

As I laid down in bed, eager to treat myself, I turned the Lelo Billy 2 on. I felt the hum of the toy but only subtle hints of the noise

I pressed the ‘up’ button to get to the random setting, toggling the ‘+’ until I got to a mid-level speed. After lubing it up, the toy slipped right in without trouble or much resistance.

The vibration was surprisingly powerful for a small toy, and I could feel my hips tightening against the pleasure. However, I have to say that I’ve tried other Lelo toys that are a bit more powerful.

While the Lelo Billy 2 might look tiny to most, you have to realize that size doesn’t matter much here. TRIVIA time: The average male’s prostate or P-spot is two inches up the anus belly-side. 

With the Billy 2’s 3.9-inch shaft, finding the prostate was relatively straightforward.

I’d either credit it to my overenthusiasm or some design fault, but I failed to achieve a prostate orgasm until my third session.

That doesn’t mean the first two were any less pleasurable! My penile orgasms were indeed 5x more potent, but nothing compared to the third time!

I’m an average-built guy, so the device quickly reaches my anus. However, for users with larger cheeks, you might need to push harder to get to town.

That said, the Lelo Billy 2’s curved end plays a big part in targeting your spot. With the handle, I was able to add more pressure and quickly reposition the device. 

Pro Tip

Use the handle to rub your P-spot repeatedly instead of leaving it to vibrate in one position. Trust me; it’ll feel 10x more climactic. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re edging from start to finish.

While the handle has a nice grip, the Lelo Billy 2 is not a hands-free toy. This means you won’t be able to sit on it or have a spontaneous trip through the park. If you’re keen on those things, I’d just look elsewhere (check our awesome alternatives!)

Of course, you can use the Billy 2 as a foreplay toy with your partner for more intense sex.

I love the feeling of jacking off while my girl uses the massager on me. Since I want her to take control of my pleasure from time to time, this method helps me achieve that. The intimacy bonus is a nice touch.

For guys who can’t seem to get a hold of prostate orgasm, don’t underestimate the feeling of ejaculating while your partner thrusts the massager. Best. Ending. Period.

Unlike other prostate massagers, the Lelo Billy 2 is part of the rechargeable ones. Yes, that means no need to stock on batteries and no sudden power-offs during butt play (unless you forgot to charge beforehand!). 

The battery life on these things is fantastic. On a full charge, I could use it for three hours straight (intermittent use!) without it dying on me. I heard others say 4 hours (what sicko goes for four hours?).

How to Clean Lelo Billy 2

With only the insertable tip and handle to speak of, cleaning the Lelo Billy 2 doesn’t take much. To clean it effectively before and after use, a mild soap solution and warm water should suffice. 

Still, with buttholes in the equation, I’d recommend wiping it with 10% bleach to sterilize the device completely. Lelo also offers antibacterial toy cleaners, but I’d stick with DIY methods to save on costs.

Tap-dry it with a lint-free towel and keep it safe inside the satin bag that comes with the package. Store it away from direct sunlight or anywhere extremely hot to avoid frying up the electronics. 

Pro Tip

The massager tip is highly rigid and thus more prone to damage, so make sure to keep the bag someplace no one can sit on.

Price, Where To Buy

I bagged mine from the official Lelo online store for $139.00. It’s also available at Lovehoney for $139.99 with the option to pay a 4-month installment.

If this is your first sex toy, I’d recommend only buying from Lovehoney or the brand’s official website for many reasons.

First of all, these official channels usually offer a 1-year guarantee, a 10-year warranty, and discreet and free shipping anywhere within the US. Plus, it’s the only way to make 100% sure you’re not getting a counterfeit. 

As much as possible, I’d recommend against buying on other channels like eBay or Amazon. While these websites may have some authentic deals at a nice discount, there have been some cases of unresponsive sellers or counterfeit products in the past. So overall, I wouldn’t risk it. 

What Do Other People Think About It?

Hey, don’t just take my word for it! Let’s see what the online community has to say about the Lelo Billy 2. 

Here’s what one Lelo fan from Reddit had to say about the new Lelo Billy 2 (plus some hot tips!):

This new power is much better than billy 1! My favorite position is legs over head solo or doggy style with a buddy using it in me – try the pulse muse first and then go full blast and blast one out! 


Reddit user

Another satisfied buyer shares how the Lelo Billy 2 made bedroom games a lot more exciting:

This is one of my favorite prostate toys ever, and I have more than a few. Small enough to not require a warm-up and powerful enough to get the job done. The shape is ergonomic for one and puts a partner in a great position to really have some fun and amp up the pleasure. I absolutely love it; spend the extra money on a Lelo. It’s 100% worth it.


Reddit user

Last of all, anon shares the glorious feeling of discovering your P-spot for the first time:

I’ve never tried any p spot messaged until now. Boy, am I glad I did. The experience has been fantastic. This is a wonderful product for those looking to explore the p spot for the first time! Highly recommend!


Reddit user


Okay, here’s what we know so far: The Lelo Billy 2’s size and ergonomic shape are perfect for rookie buttholes. It’s also a suitable foreplay device for couples who want to do “butt stuff.” 

Well, if you’ve read that and still think it’s vanilla, you’re probably right. 

Yes, it’s an exciting and powerful toy, but next to Lelo’s higher models and other high-end massagers on the market, it’s more like a starter pokemon. 

If you think you’d want something else, we’ve got you. Here are some excellent alternatives to the Lelo Billy 2:

Lelo Loki (For Those Who Like The Lelo Billy 2, But Bigger)

The Loki is a viable alternative for those who want a more “filling experience.” The Loki is the same length (3.9 inches) as the Lelo Billy 2 but girthier by 0.4 inches (1.5″).

In butt society, that’s a significant difference, and you’ll know it when you try it. For rookies, it might take some getting used to or “warming-up” before you can use it comfortably. Otherwise, if you’re impatient, it might kill the mood.

For more details, go ahead and check out our in-depth Lelo Loki review.

Nexus Revo Stealth (upgrade pick)

Remember when I told you about hands-free massagers? I was talking about the Nexus Revo Stealth. The beauty of the Revo lies in its remote-controlled dual perineum-prostate stimulation that delivers a MINDBLOWING orgasm, prostate or not. 

Imagine the possibilities, doing your groceries, having a dinner date, a sex toy up your ass with nobody the wiser. 

Well, that’s me talking. I’m hooked on the adrenaline of not knowing when my date will make the thing buzz. With the Nexus Revo Stealth’s 10-hour battery life, you’re in for a whole night out.

Designed with intense stimulation settings and a friendly girth (1.50 inches), the Revo Stealth’s got something for everyone, from beginners to black belts. 

Check out our Nexus Revo review if you want to know more about this beast and its models.

Final Thoughts

If you’re taking your first steps into the prostate massager community, the Lelo Billy 2 is a good starter toy with its ergonomic shape, smooth texture, and body-safe materials.

Even for seasoned toy veterans like me who don’t like something too big, the Lelo Billy 2 still has exciting features to give.

Overall, I wouldn’t think twice about getting the Lelo Billy 2. Hey, it’s another Lelo on my shelf collection. 

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