Kiiroo Keon Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This

Kiiroo Keon is attempting to fill the void and become the most reliable and satisfying interactive automated masturbator for men in 2020 ….and they are doing a DAMN good job.

kiiroo keon automatic male masturbator product

The Good | Interactive mode worked without hiccups and after a few tries were able to enjoy a very realistic auto blowjob session (try it hands-free too with pillow support, it’s incredible). Adjusting the speed and depth was easy, and the connection was stable.

The Bad | Some interactive videos weren’t perfectly synced, but switching to manual mode and adjusting the stroke and speed on the fly was very easy. (I prefer the manual).

The Bottom Line | It’s a great device that happily retires Fleshlight Launch and finally gives us an interactive blowjob machine THAT actually works.

introduction: the first impressions

This is how the package looked like.

From the time I picked up the package from the delivery man, I felt that something big is about to arrive.

This Kiiroo Keon review is one of the rare ones I actually feel excited to dive into. Reminded me of the time I got my first and best pocket pussy.

Kiiroo Keon weighs 2.4 lbs + the stroker is 1.7lbs + in the package there was a toy cleaner, water-based lube, and warming lube. But with good weight, comes a good power.

It was exciting to unpack this bad boy.

First impression: It felt like a solidly made quality toy that might actually become a long-term part of my toy collection.

To get a better feel of the Kiiroo Keon, check this video I made for you guys:

Tech Specs Overview

First, we’ll discuss all the raw numbers, and later we’ll talk about the interactive mode and how it feels during use. One step at the time 🙂

MaterialsABS, PC, Silicone
Size Dimensions220x130x146 mm
Total weight4.2 lbs (keon + stroker)
Charging time4 hours
Use time0.5h – 2h depending on usage
SpeedFrom 6 to 230 strokes per minute
Stroke length0.8 – 2.56 inch

I just wanted to quickly mention that I absolutely love the stroke length and speed adjustments. I am averagely sized (5.1 inches) man and the longest stroke at the slowest speed felt great.

But even for smaller guys, you have 4 depth modes to adjust the stroke. And for bigger guys… 2.56″ feels just the right stroke length.

I was surprised it’s only 2.56″ – as it felt a lot deeper than that.

Real Feel Stroker

realfeel stroker sleeve out of case

Alright… I’m sure a lot of you have this question in mind:

Since Kiiroo is no longer in partnership with Fleshlight…

Will Keon work with Fleshlight sleeves?

Now, while the outer casing has a bit different dimensions than Fleshlight and Fleshlight sleeve isn’t a perfect fit…. It fits just good enough.

I mean, Fleshlight case is a tiny bit bigger, the same as sleeve, but when inserted you won’t notice any issues about it not holding in place.

So, while Kiiroo might not advertise it – if you have tons of Fleshlight Girls you will be able to enjoy all these delicious textures with a proper automatic masturbator!

Now, a little more about Real Feel Stroker:

Outer Casing MaterialABS + PC
Sleeve MaterialTPE
Size dimensions200×84 mm
Weight1.8 lbs

While for now there is only one classic texture sleeve – it feels very good. There are those little bumps on the inside that rub the penis in a very realistic way.

It’s not too tight, not too intense – it felt like receiving a real blowjob or relaxing while the girl is riding you.

I wouldn’t even want anything more intense – I was able only to handle a 2/4 speed setting with the longest stroke. All the faster speed settings with long stroke would get me over the edge in just 10-15 seconds.

Price & Where To Buy Kiiroo Keon?

Right now you can only order Keon from Kiiroo’s official website, but if you want to have a warranty, support, and not a potential knockoff that’s where I would recommend you buy it.

It costs $249.

Oh, but by using my code SEXUALALPHA on checkout, you’ll get 10% off (went ahead and negotiated it exclusively for you guys). So $25 off 😉

What’s included is the machine itself, the RealFeel stroker (casing + sleeve), 2 small packages of lube, and toy cleaner:

  • 60 ml water-based lube
  • 60 ml water-based warming lube
  • 120 ml toy cleaner

Oh, and on the app store (Android or Apple) you can download the FeelConnect app that is the bridge for interactivity.

Functionality: What Can You Expect from The Keon’s Interactive Mode?

There are two modes available: manual and interactive.

Manual is simple – there are 2 modes (speed and stroke depth) and 4 buttons (up/down).

You simply press buttons up and down and be in full control of just the way you want the masturbator to stroke you.

This is my favorite mode just because of the full control I have (I guess, I am a control freak), but more about that later…

kiiroo keon feelconnect interactive app

Now… What about the Interactive mode?

First of all, the connection is really easy.

You download the Feel Connect 3.0 app and it connected right away.

From there you get 3 options you can go for:

  1. Partner – If you have a partner with other Kiiroo or FeelTechnology enabled toys you can connect and use them in sync with the partner. Additionally, your partner can connect to your device over the phone and control it from afar. In the app, there is also a chat and video call support you can use while the partner is controlling the toy at the same time. Great for long-distance relationships.
  2. Website – Connect with 2D and VR interactive adult content, and even interactive webcams. I tested it with FeelXVideos (Kiiroo interactive content) and connecting it was easy. Just scan the QR code and you’re set.
  3. Control the device from the app – you get extra controls and touch control over the device. In the future, you’ll be able to make the device move based on sound/music and create your own pattern.

I’ll explain more of this in the video.

How good is the interactive mode?

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty good. Technology is getting better, but it depends on the video. Some videos were in nice sync, some felt a little off.

That’s how it works: the more high tech is involved, the more little hiccups you’ll experience.

While it’s fun to play with it and have a completely hands off experience, at least to me, I preferred the manual mode.

I felt like I could replicate whatever is going in the video faster and easier with manual controls. A lot of times in interactive mode I felt like action on the video and device was going too fast.

But I don’t want a quick release – I want to enjoy a longer session. This is what manual mode gives to you – full control.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Connect and you’re ready to play.

After the first usage, my girlfriend was asking curiously…

How does Kiiroo Keon fare against other toys, actual intercourse?

First of all: using Kiiroo Keon feels great. It’s a different kind of experience.

You cannot compare it against manual stroker. You also cannot compare it with actual intercourse.

I wouldn’t choose one or another. Why choose – if all the different flavors feel incredible?

Right now, admittedly all the other toys are gathering dust since Kiiroo Keon is here, but it’s early to tell if it’s just the excitement of a new toy or other toys don’t even come close.

Oh, and my favorite way was actually using it in the couch hands-free – you just prop pillows on the side and can watch anything and imagine that someone is really doing it all for you.

I used app control to adjust the speed and thrust, so no need to ever touch the Keon again. Works like charm.

Some ninja usage tips

To get the most pleasure out of Keon you’ll need to prepare.

Initially, I was surprised about included warming lube but later I learned why it’s there.

So if you don’t want to spend extra time to warm up the sleeve or stroke the cold one, you should apply warming lube to the sleeve and then water-based lube to your penis.

Somehow I found that if I apply warming lube to the tip of the penis it creates a bit of an uncomfortable feelings. However, mixed with water-based lube – it’s perfect.

Warming lube warms up during friction (stroking) and feels great after a few strokes.

Prepare some paper towels if you want to watch some videos during the session.

It can get a bit messy, especially the first times when you are just learning how to use Keon and don’t know how much lube is perfect for you.

Other than that, just enjoy the session.

Kiiroo Keon is compact and even though it packs some weight it’s handy to hold onto. If you want a completely hands-free experience you can place the masturbation against pillows, but I liked to hold onto it and then simply keep adjusting the speed and intensity till the session end.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Kiiroo Keon looks very durable. When holding it, it feels like you’re having a quality device in your hands, a luxury experience.

While about it’s long-term durability is early to tell, the device comes with 1-year warranty.

As for the cleaning, it’s basically the same as cleaning a Fleshlight sleeve.

The biggest challenge is to dry it. After you wash it, you should hang it somewhere with air circulation to make sure it properly dries.

I use a simple hanger for drying and rinse it as well as I can before with a towel.

Cleaning is not perfect but doesn’t take a lot of time either.

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

realfeel kiiroo keon stroker

I think that Kiiroo Keon is the best interactive automatic male masturbator created YET. It has improved a lot since the Fleshlight Launch version.

The usage feels intuitive – a great sign for any technology.

Who is it for?:

  • If you want a high-quality automatic masturbator, blowjob machine that simply works and does the work for you. You just sit back and enjoy it.
  • For a person who wants to be ahead of sex tech advancements. Kiiroo Keon features the best that technology has to offer yet.

Who is it not for?:

  • If you’re on the budget and simply cannot justify spending $250 on a device. Stick with a manual masturbator till you can then.
  • If you want something light for travel. While the toy itself is discreet and silent, it is quite heavy to have around while traveling.

What Do Other People Think About It?

While it’s early I’ll be updating this section as more people get their hands on it. But from the few early reviewers – the sentiment has been positive.

While Fleshlight Launch was very annoying, big, and poorly designed – Kiiroo Keon feels intuitive and a joy to use and hold onto.

KEON is much easier to hold (than Fleshlight Launch). It does have some weight to it (almost 2000g), but I mean all that power comes with some weight. I’m really happy that Kiiroo made a toy like this, it turned out really amazing!


Are There Any Good Alternatives?

Honestly, before Kiiroo Keon the best interactive auto masturbator was Fleshlight Launch (and it wasn’t that great).

Now, if you’re looking for a high-quality blowjob machine my only recommendation would be Keon Kiiroo.

Other than that, if you want to fool around you can get cheaper blowjob machines that will be OKAY, but nothing mind-blowing or simply go for a manual masturbator and do your own stroking or learn how to precum… Till you can afford to Kiiroo Keon.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Kiiroo Keon has pushed the technology of interactive automatic male masturbators further than anyone else just YET.

It’s a high quality toy that I can whole-heartedly recommend.

Kiiroo Keon Review

Dainis Graveris

kiiroo keon product box
Value for price


It’s a high quality interactive male masturbator THAT WORKS. It’s a joy to use, intuitive buttons, good connection. In short, a well made high-quality male sex toy, that will satisfy even the biggest skeptics.


Got Questions? Ping me on Twitter.