Beginner’s Guide: How to Use a Butt Plug [2024]

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to use a butt plug, you’ll definitely find this step-by-step guide helpful. From getting prepped to using, removing, and cleaning your butt plug, it’s all here.

how to use a butt plug

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After buying your very first butt plug, you want to know how to use it, remove it, clean it… And everything in between.

Butt play isn’t something that you do on a whim. You have to prep and take the plug a quarter of an inch at a time — all within the realm of safety.

I’m all for going down and dirty… But you really don’t want to get that dirty. TRUST ME.

Well, enough with the *crap*. Let’s kickstart this guide before you go down the (rabbit) hole.

How To Use a Butt Plug

Using a butt plug for the first time can be intimidating.

But don’t worry. Here are a few pointers to get you prepped and ready:

  • Anal pleasure takes time — don’t rush it. Even with plenty of lube, it will take time, depending on the size of the plug you’ve chosen. Start with rubbing around the hole with fingers, breathe.
  • It should never be painful — if it’s painful, you’re doing something wrong. The usual suspects: not enough lube, going too fast, being stressed, or too big of a butt plug. If you can’t get the plug inside, try squeezing the Kegel muscles out in short bursts — it will help with relaxation.
  • Play by yourself first — even if you want to play with your partner. Experiment by yourself first so you can relax and enjoy the anal play together.
  • Arouse yourself first — You will heighten the anal experience 10x if you masturbate a bit beforehand. Or have sex…and introduce the butt plug later.
  • Start small and size up in 0.25″ increments — Never go from zero to penis size. Start with one finger, then the smallest butt-plug, then a bigger butt plug. Till you’re ready to even for anal sex if that’s your cup of tea.
  • What goes in the butt CANNOT go in the vagina — The butt has bacteria, and the vagina is a sensitive ecosystem. Don’t use fingers on the butt and then on the vagina. Watch out for butt liquids getting into the vagina. Use towels. Use a condom on the finger. Stay safe.

If you’re worried about cleanliness, you can simply poop before the action, take a shower, and play with your finger in there.

It will be both good for cleaning and warming up your butt.

Of course, you can always do anal douching. Make sure to do it with the best anal douche. But it’s really not required.

What To Do After The Butt Plug Is Inserted?

Working your way to getting a butt plug inserted is tons of fun if you allow it to be.

Pushing the plug inside, then relaxing a bit. Afterward, releasing, breathing, lubricating, and going deeper while still gently masturbating.

For one, you could surprise your partner by wearing one. Then it’s especially sexy to have one of those jeweled butt plugs or a tail plug.

The ones with a rounded base aren’t best for walking around, but it’s fine for a little bit.

Sex feels incredible with a butt plug in. It’s my personal favorite.

During vaginal penetration, both of you will feel extra intense sensations. And tightness while feeling very naughty.

If you get a powerful vibrating butt plug, like Lovense Hush. You’ll both feel those rumbling vibrations during sex. It will feel like his penis is vibrating too.

Lovense Hush

The best positions with a butt plug?

  • Doggy style: (Not talking about using a dog dildo.) It’s great for visual pleasure, plus his abdomen will push a bit on the plug when thrusting.
  • Missionary: it’s always heavenly. Also, if she has a butt plug and she’s lying on her stomach. Then the partner’s whole body weight will push against the plug and feel incredible.

In short, try everything you normally do without a butt plug and notice how all the sensations change.

Use a blindfold, restraints, massage, give oral, or even incorporate bondage furniture 😉

How to Remove It

SLOWLY. Similar to removing anal beads, you have to remove it slowly.

What might happen is that eventually, lube dries up. And if you’re overexcited, you will pull the plug out too fast, which will be painful.

In preparation, work your way by doing little rimming. And lube it up as much around butthole and inside as possible.

Don’t yank it out with brute force.

It also helps to push the plug out with your sphincter as if you were about to poop while pulling the plug at the same time.

Squatting on the ground or doggy positions are the easiest ones to get a plug out.

If it’s still painful, then maybe you’ve bought a bad plug that doesn’t have a smooth increase and a decrease in bulb size.

If that’s the case, reread the anatomy of a great butt plug section on our beginner’s guide to choosing a butt plug.

Once the widest part is out, it’s easy sailing. Till then, take your time.

How to Clean It

While you can definitely boil non-vibrating silicone toys and stainless steel, usually it’s enough to clean with antibacterial soap and warm water.

Keep in mind that no matter what you’ll do, silicone will retain some odor. But it goes away after some time. 

Stainless steel plugs are easy to clean, and glass plugs don’t retain odor. So, pick those if that bothers you a lot.


My Butt Plugs Keep Falling Out, What To Do?

Usually, this happens because a butt plug has a short neck — not allowing sphincters to relax, naturally pushing the plug out.

Go for at least 1–2″ long neck to avoid this problem. Then also look at the bulb and neck ratio.

For example, Tristan stretching butt plug will want to fall out because of its thick width.

Tristan Stretching Butt Plug

Pro Tip

Alternatively, you can also get an anal plug harness giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

How Long Can You Leave A Butt Plug In?

For comfortable long-term wear, you want a T-base plug with a long, thin neck. With such a plug, you could easily go with it for a whole day at work.

Softer silicone plugs are more comfortable, while steel nJoy plug gives more sensations.

NJoy Pure Plug

Also, keep in mind that you need to keep the lube with you and reapply it as your ass doesn’t naturally lubricate.

Besides b-Vibe snug plugs, SquarePeg plugs are soft, squishy, and very comfortable. They are the most loved plugs between experienced long-term plug wearers.

B-Vibe Snug Plug 1

SquarePegToys Anal Stretching Plugs

Can I Sleep With A Butt Plug In?

Yes, plenty of people have done it. But it is highly recommended to wear a plug for an extended period while you are awake first.

Prepare that you might not sleep well with plug in.

Wear tight-fitting underwear to prevent the plug from popping out during the night. Make sure it’s a comfortably sized plug — not too big, not too small. And be prepared to reapply the lube during the night.

Silicone is best for overnight wear.

Can A Butt Plug Be Sucked And Get Stuck In The Butt?

Yes, it can if you choose a plug with a small base.

But even if it happens, here’s a PRO tip: squatting is the best position to push the plug out.

And for ladies, you can insert two fingers inside the vagina. And lock the plug in place while your partner works on your butt to rescue it from the plug.

But you can prevent all of this from happening if you choose a safe, big base (watch out for small princess plug bases).


Now, you’re all set for some backdoor action.

Even with the right butt plug + information, it’ll still take some trial and error.

But that’s all part of the fun, eh? 😉

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