How To Put On A Chastity Cage: Cock Cages & Rings [2023]

It’s easy to put on a chastity cage. Here’s exactly how you do it:

chastity cage examples

You might’ve clicked this article out of pure curiosity or been looking for some surefire tips on how to lock up your cock. Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to use the best male chastity cage safely and effectively.

But first, let’s define our topic.

What Is A Male Chastity Cage?

Male chastity cages are sex toys whose purpose is to lock your penis to prevent you from getting an erection, masturbating, and having sex.

These cages are usually metal, plastic, or silicone devices and come with a few standard parts. Most have some locking pins, guide pins, a ring, a cage, a lock, and a key.

You need a lubricant if you’re going to use one. That’s non-negotiable for comfort and good health. We’ll talk about what to do with these parts later on. 

There are a hundred reasons for a penis owner to use one. It could be to show your unending devotion to your master or mistress, keep your horniest impulses in check, or try something new to spice up your sexuality. 

Sometimes, a guy just needs a break from random boners or sexual impulses. Some research even suggests that delaying orgasms or arousal can improve sexual satisfaction later on. 

Whatever your reason may be, it’ll affect the type of male chastity cage you want to buy.

Types of Male Chastity Cages

No two penises are the same, and male chastity cages reflect that fact. Here are some of the most common types you’ll find.

Open End Male Chastity Cages

If you want your journey of sexual self-denial or orgasm denial to involve a little bit of teasing on the head (or you just want to be able to pee freely), an open end is right for you. 

Your entire shaft will be encased in the device. But it has an opening at the tip for easy urination and limited stimulation from yourself or your partner. 

Cage Or Ring Cock Cages

A cage or a ring lets your cock breathe freely without giving it room to grow. This type of cage is often made of a metal ring but can be another material as well.

Imagine a hard slinky toy over your dick – it’s like that. For those of us who value hygiene, this makes it easy to wash your penis and keep it from getting too sweaty if you’re planning on wearing your cage for days on end. 

These typically have a hole at the end so you can pee, too.

Partially Closed Male Chastity Cages

These ones are typically plastic and have solid walls around your penis with breaks at the tip and the base for ventilation. Like most types, this allows you to go to the bathroom easily. 

It also lets your penis air out a little bit, though not quite as much as devices like a cage or a ring.

Completely Closed Male Chastity Devices

Closed chastity cages are for experienced BDSM fetishists with a desire to participate in submissive play. These cages have no opening, leaving full use of your penis in the hands of your Dom/Domme (keyholder). 

You probably shouldn’t keep this one on for too long. But the thrill of being wholly unable to use – or even see – your penis can be sexually exhilarating.

Electro Stimulation Cock Cages

Yes, this is exactly what you’re imagining. And yes, it can actually be a lot of fun. 

Electro-stimulation cages let the keyholder deliver mild erotic electrical shocks to your penis and testicles
Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, you might just find out you like it.

Internet-Connected Chastity Devices for Men

We’ve connected our whole lives to the internet – why not our dicks too? That’s the rationale behind these cock cages, which are usually plastic and have a more high-tech, less medieval appearance than other models. 

With an internet-connected chastity cage, your partner can control the device remotely and set a digital time lock. However, these time locks won’t always unlock during emergencies, so be very careful if you set one. 
The internet, as always, comes with a certain level of risk. As hilarious as it sounds, some men have been terrorized by hackers who held their dicks for ransom until they paid a certain amount of money. Yikes!

Safety Precautions

The first three rules of locking up anyone’s penis are consent, consent, and CONSENT

Make sure this is something you and your partner both really want to do because there isn’t always an easy way out of a cock cage. 

So, the most important thing is to keep a spare key around, but it doesn’t have to ruin the fantasy. Try keeping the emergency key somewhere accessible but inconvenient, or have a third party hang onto it in case the original keyholder isn’t around. 

Oh, and you’ll need to have a completely flaccid penis and avoid getting an erection before you affix the male chastity device.

Hygiene and comfort go hand-in-hand when it comes to a chastity cage. You’ll want to shave a bit, so your pubic hairs don’t get caught in the device. 

However, if you shave completely you’ll get itchy and uncomfortable while your hair grows back. Trim your pubes, but don’t go bald-cocked. 

After shaving, wash your cock and testicles and dry them off completely. You may want to use a powder, moisturizer, or something else to take care of your skin while it’s locked up. 

Lubricate generously with a water-based lubricant you’ve tried and tested without skin irritation. Apply it all over your testicles and penis, but make sure there’s enough friction that your male chastity device won’t slip off the second you try to fit it on.

When it comes time to lock your penis in the male chastity device, there’s no rush. Adjust the device as much as you need to, and make sure that your penis can sit snugly inside but painless before you’re done. Mild discomfort might feel like no big deal in the beginning, but after hours of use, it can drive you NUTS. 

Consider practicing locking and unlocking the device before putting it on, especially if this is a solo sexual adventure. Once you’ve got these safety tips squared away, you’re ready to put on your chastity cage.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

If The Cock Cage Fits

If you already have a device that is a proper fit, then you’re ready – but if you don’t, we have an article about how to measure for a cock cage here.


To make it easier to insert your penis into the cage, you’ll want some lubricant. Use water-based lube – anything else is too difficult to clean.


If you don’t have lube or you’re worried you’ll get aroused, you can use a stocking instead. 

If your partner doesn’t have any knee-length stockings, ask her if she’ll sacrifice a pair of tights. Cut one leg off at the knee.

How To Put On A Chastity Cage (Step By Step)

Step 1: Shave

Make sure there’s nothing in the way of your cage by shaving. You don’t want pubic hair to get caught in the cage.

Step 2: Clean Up

Get nice and clean before you start. You don’t know how long you’ll be in the cage, and it’s difficult to thoroughly clean yourself once you’re inside.

Step 3: Wearing The Cock Ring

Here’s a refresher on putting a cock ring on if you need it:

Put your balls in one at a time. Then, bend your penis and push it through too. Pull the ring back, tight against your body.

Try to avoid lube here – it makes it harder to get through the ring.

Step 4: Shrink Yourself

Chastity cages are tight, so it may be hard to get on even with lube. It could also be uncomfortable because the head of your penis touches the end of the cage.

Use some ice to make yourself a bit smaller for a little while. When you warm up, the cage will be on – so you’ll grow to fit it.

Step 5: Wearing The Cage

Before putting the cage on, make sure you know what type of cage it is. Look at the locking pins, and see how it attaches to the rest of the cage.

Some have a locking pin on them already, but others are customizable and have spacers. Spacers let you determine what the most comfortable position for the lock is. Position them how it feels best for you.

Once the lock is placed it’s time to put on the rest.

With lube: Generously lube your entire penis, from the tip up to the cage’s ring. 

Carefully insert the head of your penis into the cage. Slowly push the cage up your penis towards the ring, until the parts touch and is in the correct position.

Make sure the cage and ring are in line with each other.

Step 6: Lock It Up

First, make sure you remember where the key is – or your partner does.

Now carefully secure the cage using the pins and lock it with the padlock.

If you did the stocking method, hold the cage in place and pull the stocking back out through the hole in the cage.

If you used lube, wash it off.

And now, you’re ready to wear it – but how do you do this painlessly?

How To Put On A Chastity Cage Using The Stocking Method

If the aforementioned method isn’t quite working out for you, you may want to try the stocking method. Many steps are the same, so we’ll keep it simple here. 

First, pick a soft, thin stocking and fold both ends to match up with each other (or just cut it at knee length). Then, slide the stocking over your dick, thread it through the chastity cage as well and pull the stocking.

Keep pulling until the stocking slides toward the base of your penis, and it’ll bring the chastity cage with it. Once the cage is in place, thread one end of the stocking back through the hole at the tip of the device.  After the device is locked, you can pull the stocking out through one of its ends. Too easy!

What You Should Know On Wearing A Chastity Cage

Pain and Discomfort

Here’s the first thing you need to know: a male chastity device should never cause pain. If it does, it’s the wrong size. Call this a bad experiment, re-take your measurements, and try again with a few different sizes.

Or just keep trying a larger size and continue sizing up until you find your perfect fit.

Since this type of device is safe for long-term use if something is uncomfortable, it’s a red flag.

Really, your chastity cage should feel like wearing a ring on your finger, but in a different location and slightly more uncomfortable at first.

Until you become erect. Then the discomfort begins, so you have to focus on not thinking erotic thoughts.

So, what else should you know?

Start slow

Your body isn’t used to being locked up all the time, so don’t rush into it. Wearing a chastity cage for longer each time, and eventually, you’ll be able to do it for indefinite lengths of time.


You should clean the cage in the shower daily, but take it off every few days for deeper cleaning. Use hot boiling water and soap and you should be fine.

Also, clean it after urinating to stay on top of hygiene! 

For enclosed chastity cages, use a cloth wrapped around a brush handle to clean all the way inside the device.

Now clean yourself deeply, too – your attempts while in the cage won’t have been perfect. Use unscented soap and a soft cloth.

Don’t put the cage back on until you’re both completely dry.

Skin care

Even though your cage is made of body-safe materials, anything can cause skin irritation – chafing is agony!

Use lotion every day to prevent it. Apply a moisturizer under the bars of the cage using a cotton swab. For enclosed cage devices, apply it as far inside as you can reach.

When you’re cage-free for a thorough cleaning, moisturize your whole groin area for extra care.. 

Have Free Time Without A Cage

You should take some cage-free time at least once a month and inspect your penis thoroughly to make sure there are no adverse effects from chastity.

Report any issues to a trusted doctor!

How To Fully Remove A Male Chastity Cage

Alright, so you might be justifiably worried that a cock cage will be difficult to remove. Don’t worry! You shouldn’t need bolt cutters or a blowtorch to free your peen. 

In most cases, removing a chastity cage is as simple as using the key to unlock it. If you locked it yourself, this should be no problem at all. If your master or mistress holds the key, you’ll need their approval first. 

SSimply follow the steps for putting it on in reverse. Unlock the device, remove any locking pins and the ring, and gently slide it off your penis.


How To Store A Chastity Cage?

Chastity cages are recommended to be stored in a cool dry place. It is also recommended to have its own container. A simple plastic bag can even make up for it, as this can prevent damage and cross-contamination.

Will a Chastity Cage Make My Penis Smaller?

This is a common worry for penis owners interested in locking up their penises, but there’s really nothing to fear. While using a cock cage for a long time might cause your dick to be a little shriveled at first, it will return to normal after it’s free. 

Chastity Cage For Long Term Wear?

Technically, you should be able to wear a cock cage for as long as you want. However, it’s best to build up to long stretches through practice. Your body needs time to get used to a chastity cage, so start small. 

Eventually, you’ll be able to wear your cage as long as you want to without discomfort. 

Wear It Well

Hopefully, this guide helped you learn a thing or two about how to put on a chastity cage, and wearing your male chastity device gives you no problem at all.

Remember, if it hurts when it shouldn’t, something is wrong. And if you can’t get the cage on, it may be too small for you, or maybe you just need some more lube.

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