How to Make a Girl Wet and Ready for You

Learn how to make a girl wet by understanding why and how she gets wet and what you can do about it. We have all the best tips and tricks for you right here, right now. Read on:

There was this old joke about foreplay, “turn the taps, check the water.” “Turn the taps” refers to groping breasts and “check the water”… Well, I think you already guessed what it means. 

It’s actually one of my favorite jokes… although honestly, it works better with some pantomime.

But let’s get real for a second. The joke is funny because just squeezing some boobs won’t really turn your girl’s water on. There is a bit more to it than that.

If you want to learn HOW to make your partner wet, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve prepared a short explanation of why and how girls get wet, and I also have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve I would LOVE to share with you. 

Ready to become the new king of the slip and slide? 

What do we mean by “making her wet”?

The vagina is naturally moist, and most females regularly have some amount of vaginal discharge. The function of this discharge is to lubricate and clean the vagina.

The amount of vaginal discharge varies from person to person and is slightly different in appearance, depending on the female monthly cycle. It can even be slightly acidic – enough that it might bleach dark panties over time. 

Vaginal discharge is healthy and absolutely normal (as long there are no strong smells or itching).

When a woman gets aroused, she secretes MORE fluids to make penetration smoother. They protect the sensitive and delicate tissue of the vagina from friction.

The fluid comes from glands in the vagina and may come from the walls of the vaginal canal. It’s most commonly clear. But depending on your partner’s cycle and other factors, it can also be milky

When we talk about getting your girl wet, we talk about getting her AROUSED to the point her body starts producing natural lubrication.

This is a sign that she is ready for sex.

It will also make the actual penetration part much MORE PLEASURABLE for both of you. 

Note that the wetness we’re talking about is different from female ejaculation, which comes from glands in the urethra, and it’s very water-like (unlike the thicker lubrication).

Not Getting Wet

Not every vagina owner can get wet when horny! 

First of all – everyone’s body is different, so the quantity of natural lubrication will vary from person to person. 

Not every girl will be like a river down there, even if she’s SUPER into you. There are many reasons for this.

For example, people with lower estrogen levels may have trouble producing natural lubrication. This may include people with certain medical conditions, women experiencing menopause, or transfolk. Stress and diet can also have an effect on vaginal fluids.  

If you and your partner have a problem like this, you can always turn to synthetic lubrication. 

If you need a do-it-all product, go for a water-based lube. It’s compatible with condoms and all types of sex toys. It’s also widely available and easy to find. Unfortunately, it dries out rather quickly, but that problem is easily resolved by adding more of it.

Other options you should consider are silicone-based and oil-based lubes.

They feel smoother and last longer but have some serious drawbacks like not being compatible with certain types of condoms and sex toys. The lube will damage them.

ALWAYS read the box carefully to see if your lube is compatible with condoms or toys to avoid mishaps.

You can also get a lube that has an effect like a cooling one, a warming one, a tingling one, or one with a scent. They add another layer of pleasure to your playtime. 

You can (and should) have some lube on hand even if your girl produces plenty of her natural lubrication. You never know when you’ll need something extra.

If genitals are not lubricated adequately before sex, penetration can cause tiny tears in the vaginal canal. This makes it easier for you to get an STI or bacterial infection.

I’ve heard RIDICULOUS myths along the lines of “if you’re good at sex and your partner is into you, you won’t need lube, and using lube means you failed at sex.” None of that can be further from the truth!

If you’re in doubt, just read again all the reasons for not getting wet I listed. Lube is your friend and will make things more pleasurable – it would be silly not to use it! 

Also, your partner having trouble with natural lubrication doesn’t mean the tips I’m about to share are not valuable for you! Even if the physical reaction of “getting wet” isn’t there, you will be building arousal. Speaking of which…

Want to check out more lube? Head over to our best sex lubricant guide.

Is Getting Wet Enough? 

Not every girl that’s “wet” is ready for sex

We already talked about regular vaginal discharge. Some women have naturally more of it – that doesn’t mean they’re horny all the time. Sometimes, the vagina just produces more for a plethora of reasons not linked to arousal. 

Furthermore, the body may PHYSICALLY react to stimulation without the person being mentally into it.

Keep in mind that wetness alone does not equal consent.

Other Signs Of Arousal

Getting wet isn’t the only thing that indicates your girl is aroused – there are a whole bunch of things going on. It might do you some good to know about and understand the entire process. After all, good sex begins with understanding each other’s bodies.  

Blood rushes over her whole body, making your lady seem a bit flushed. She might even feel a bit warmer. The genitals also get filled with blood, just like guys.

The vagina and vulva become engorged and might appear swollen. The clitoris also becomes erect. The genitals (as well as nipples and other erogenous zones) become more sensitive. Her heart will beat faster, and she might even start breathing more quickly.  

Of course, signs are not only physical.

Pay attention to your girl’s actions and body language. If she is actively and enthusiastically participating in foreplay, initiates getting to the next level, moans, or otherwise indicates she’s having a good time, that’s a pretty clear sign she’s turned on.

How To Make A Girl Wet

It’s FINALLY time for the tips and tricks part of the article! 

Before we begin, I want to remind you that not everyone gets turned on by the same stuff, so be patient and mindful of individual differences.

Remember that good communication is key for good sexual experiences… which goes for both nonverbal and verbal communication.

If you’re unsure about something – talk it through before getting it on or even during playtime. (You can turn your questions into dirty talking, which is a massive turn-on for a lot of people).  

Now, onto the tips! 

Responsive Desire

Some women have what is known as responsive desire. That means that desire has to be triggered in some way for them.

For example, instead of desire triggering sexual activity, sexual activity may trigger desire. Some of these women use masturbation as a trigger. They touch themselves before feeling horny, but the act of self-stimulation MAKES them aroused. 

But what can YOU do? Sticking your hand down the pants of someone who isn’t horny is not a good move (or a good look, for that matter).

Well, there are other ways to explore responsive desire.

Pro Tip

First, find out what your partner’s triggers are. It may be reading erotica, watching a certain scene from an otherwise not erotic movie, sexting, etc. It may even be a specific smell or food. 

But how do I know what my girl’s triggers are? 

It’s quite simple – you just need to PAY ATTENTION to what was happening in the past when she was in the mood for sex and wet.

Take Your Time

Don’t rush things!

Maybe your partner doesn’t have problems with self-lubrication, but she needs time to get the juices flowing. So take your time with her. Pay special attention to foreplay. 

Don’t be in a hurry to check if she is already wet – wanting to skip this step and go ahead with penetration would be a major turn-off for most women.

Just take your time and make her feel sexy and desired – kiss, massage, caress. 

Something small – like just an extra 20 minutes than your routine – will go a long way!

It’s always a good idea to start things off with kissing. Kissing does not only feel AMAZING, but it can create a strong emotional bond between you and your partner. 

Try giving your girl a massage. A massage is not only relaxing but also a great turn-on for many people – a perfect combo. 

Caressing is also very important – run your fingers through her hair, along her spine, over her breasts, or wherever else she likes to be touched. 

If you’re not in a rush to stick your hand down her pants, you’ll give her enough time to get adequately aroused. Then, she might grab your hand and stick it in her pants herself when she’s ready.

Help Your Girl Relieve Stress

As I mentioned, stress can cause damage to your girl’s ability to get wet. Actually, it causes stress to the libido and sexual gratification, in general – never mind all other parts of life. 

That’s why you should try and relieve your girlfriend of stress.

Set the mood. Give her a nice bubble bath, light some aromatherapy candles, give her a relaxing massage… 

Of course, if you want to relieve your partner of stress, there are more important things you can do outside the bedroom. You should support her during tough times, listen to her, and help her out with chores.

Of course, stress can’t be beaten sometimes. Then you need to help your girlfriend find healthy coping mechanisms, whether that is going to therapy, quitting bad habits, working out, or whatever else. 

Consider checking out our best sex tips for men guide to take your game to a new level.  

Healthy Lifestyle And Hydration

As I previously mentioned, diet and water intake can affect a woman’s ability to get wet. In fact, unhealthy lifestyle choices have an effect on almost everything in our lives. 

So what can YOU do about it? First, encourage your girlfriend to begin a healthy lifestyle and DO IT WITH HER. This will make your bodies healthier and your sex life better (including getting her wetter when aroused). It may also be a great bonding experience.

You can do small things like cook her nice meals or fill her a glass of water whenever she doesn’t have a full one. Smoking is known to dehydrate, so both of you can keep from smoking AT LEAST before sex.

Actually, switching to a healthy lifestyle is one of the things you should do because of the benefits to your life as a whole. Your girlfriend getting wetter when aroused is just one benefit.

DON’T be preachy or overstep boundaries when proposing lifestyle changes, even if you mean well.

Instead, respecting your partner’s body and choices should be your number one priority. 

Add Something Kinky

If you want to get your girl extremely aroused (and extremely wet), focus on her kinks or fetishes that make her head spin. Kinks are fun, and it’s healthy to explore them, and they definitely will kick things up several notches in the bedroom. 

Both of you can even explore new fetishes together!

Use Sex Toys

As you’ve probably guessed by looking at this site, I’m a HUGE fan of sex toys. They enhance the sexual experience in a way nothing else can. They provide a different and much more intense feeling than regular sexual activities.

So why not use them and have a blast?

If your girl already has a sex toy she uses, don’t be afraid to join in on the fun and use it on her. 

You’re already in the right place if you’re both newbies to the sex toy game. We have reviews and recommendations for virtually every toy you can think of.

Whether your girl is sensual or likes it rough, delicate, or a size queen, no matter what kind of stimulation you’re looking for or what your budget is – we have already found the suitable sex toy to make her wet again and again! 

Just keep in mind NOT to buy sex toys from Amazon – there is a very high chance you’ll get a dangerous knock-off without even realizing it. These knock-offs are very dangerous l. Instead, stick to trusted vendors like SheVibe, Lovehoney, or Peepshow Toys



Peepshow Toys

If you and your girl are new to sex toys, start with something simple, small, and cheap.

If possible, buy a silicone toy because it can be thoroughly disinfected. Rechargeable toys are better because they are query and can be ready for you in a jiffy. 

Teasing and Edging

If you want to make your girl dripping wet, teasing and edging are great ways to achieve that. 

What is teasing, and what is edging? 

Teasing is when you build up sexual tension but don’t get to the “main event” for quite a while.

Good examples are caressing or licking her really close to her private parts without touching them. Maybe brush against them as if by accident and then continue to stay close but out of reach.

Edging is when you build up sexual tension almost to the point of climax before backing off and letting your partner calm down. Then, you can repeat it multiple times. This will keep your partner on edge (get it?) of orgasm.

Edging often leads to stronger orgasms. But before that, it leads to a dripping wet partner because of the sexual tension build-up. 

Use Your Hands

Playing with your girl manually has a lot of benefits. Working with your hands gives you A LOT OF control over the sensations your partner experiences.

You can stimulate her externally or internally. You can also experiment with speed and pressure. Because your hands are more flexible and controllable than your penis, you can use specific movements to achieve a particular type of stimulation (that you just know your partner will adore). 

Try starting with your girl’s underwear as a barrier between you and her privates for a more gentle and feathery sensation. Begin at the top of the vulva and rub gently up and down. Pay special attention to the clit but don’t be too rough unless you’re asked to. 

After a while, you may remove the panties and stimulate the genitals directly. Again, pay attention to her body language – you want to be certain she feels good.

Use lube on your fingers. Then, try different techniques for stimulating the clit – circling, swiping, tapping, etc.

Start slow and gentle, and build up speed and pressure as you go.

Something to note

Be careful about stimulating the clit directly. A lot of girls find that painful. 

You can even penetrate her with your fingers from time to time. This will help you figure out how wet she has gotten. (Remember that “check the water” joke?)

You can also stimulate her G – spot to get her even wetter.

Don’t forget to use your hands ALL OVER her body – not just her pussy. 

Use Your Mouth

Some girls are very sensitive down there and prefer an extra gentle touch. Using your lips and tongue is perfect for such a partner.  

Your mouth can provide just the right amount of pressure. Also, oral sex is just a very pleasurable and unique sensation. 

There is also a BONUS – your tongue is already moist. So not only will you make things wet with your saliva, but introducing moisture to the area may help your partner produce more of her natural lubricant. 

Try out different oral sex techniques and see how she reacts. If she already has a favorite, it’ll be your best bet for making her extra wet. 

Don’t forget to use your mouth on other parts of her body as well – nibble on her ears and neck, lick her nipples, belly button, inner thighs, and of course, KISS her.

Use Your Words

I’ve already mentioned – not just in this article but in a bunch of others as well – that dirty talking is a HUGE turn-on for many people.

After all, the brain has been referred to as the BIGGEST erogenous zone. Imagining sexual scenarios can be as much of a turn-on as being touched. 

Dirty talking also lets you learn a lot about your partners’ sexual preferences, kinks, fantasies, and so on. It also enables you to share your own.

Dirty talking makes communication during sex easier. Last but not least, it comes in handy in long-distance relationships.  So not only is dirty talking extremely arousing, but it’s also very useful. 

Talk to your partner about what you’d like to do with them, describe your favorite parts of their body… the only limit is your imagination. 

Be careful what type of slang you use when talking in the bedroom.

Some people might find the word “pussy” (for example)  sexy, but others might find it gross. It’s best to talk to your partner beforehand and share what words turn you off and what turn you on. 

Keep in mind not everyone likes dirty talking, and those that do have their preferences on how things should happen. So talk it out with your partner beforehand to avoid a cringe situation. 

Combine Your Techniques 

Rubbing and licking your girl are all stuff that will make your girl wet. But your best bet would be combining the two.

Dual stimulation is an absolute favorite of many women.

The combination of external and internal stimulation hits all the sweet spots and really is a pleasure cocktail. Just place your lips on your girl’s clit and insert one (lubricated) finger in her. Bonus points if you find and stimulate the G-spot

Medical Aids

As we already mentioned, some people can’t get wet due to age or a health problem. Those kinds of issues are mostly connected to estrogen production – if there isn’t much estrogen, the vagina won’t be as moist. 

However, there are things women can take to solve their problems, like vaginal moisturizers or estrogen supplements. There are even some plant-based supplements and even herbs for those who prefer a more natural solution.

That said, you or your partner should NEVER SELF MEDICATE. 

Estrogen is a hormone, after all, and cannot be taken willy-nilly. 

If your partner has a genuine medical issue, discourage her from self-medicating. Instead, support her by going to doctor’s appointments with her.

Do your best to make her feel safe and not judged. Problems connected to the reproductive organs can lower some people’s self-esteem. 

Remember, this is not just about the pleasure of sex – it’s about your partner’s health.

Final Thoughts

All in all, that’s about it. 

Making your girl wet has as much to do with you as it does with her. You have to try your best to arouse her, take your time while doing so, and not pressure her.

On the other hand, she has to make healthy lifestyle choices, reduce her stress, and drink plenty of water.

As you see, there is nothing complicated about it. You just have to want to make her feel good and have some patience. None of that “turn the taps, check the water,” okay? 

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