Finding the C-Spot: How to Have a Cervical Orgasm

The cervix or C-spot is a great source of full-body orgasms. If you didn’t know that, I’ll share some tips on how to have a cervical orgasm with the right techniques and types of stimulation.

The cervix serves a lot of functions. For one, it’s the gateway to your uterus. It also keeps things that should not be inside, outside…

But did you know that your cervix can also be a source of full-body orgasms? Me neither.

Well, that was me before. But I know now. And it’s time for you to know about it too.

We women are spoiled with the many orgasm options we have. As it should! Not many women experience orgasm, so having these options can help us get off with what REALLY feels good to US. Yey!

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what it is, is it safe, and, most importantly, how do you do it? Read on.

What is a cervical orgasm, exactly?

Cervical orgasm is a type of orgasm a woman or a person with a vagina achieves from stimulating the cervix.

This orgasm is one of the least known and most complex to master. And it’s also often misunderstood.

With this type of stimulation, you would need deep penetration.

But this orgasm doesn’t just occur from cervical stimulation alone. When you stimulate it, you also stimulate the walls of the vagina, triggering the clitoral bulbs hugging around it.

So when you stimulate the cervix, you also light up your other internal hotspots. That’s why many see cervical orgasm as a form of blended orgasm.

Either way, it feels good. And it’s an opportunity for you to get to know your body better.


When talking about female orgasms, you’ll also hear about the G-spot and, of course, the tiny pleasure nub that is the clitoris. But a new pleasure zone is starting to steal the spotlight: the C-spot!

Okay, now what’s a C-spot?

The C-spot is the area in your cervix. It’s deep in your vagina, and it acts as a wall (or doorway) to the uterus. It’s a narrow canal located at the very back of the vagina connecting the vagina and the uterus.

You can think of it as a ring made of tissue connecting these two parts to each other.

How deep it is could depend on your phase of the menstrual cycle. It’s at its lowest when you’re near your period, so it’s easier to reach then. When you do reach it, many say it feels like a rounded bump.

“Cervix” often associates “pain” for women because we remember periods, childbirth, and IUD insertion (yikes!) from it. But, don’t worry, that’s not the case here.

You can achieve cervical orgasm by trying different sex positions, particularly deep thrusting. Aside from the penis, you can use your sex toy or finger to rub or push up against your C-spot. 

How To Have A Cervical Orgasm

1. Relax

One of the first things you should do is relax your mind and body. It might sound simple or even unnecessary, but doing so goes a long way.

If you’re relaxed, your pelvic muscles are relaxed as well. This is crucial as cervix stimulation needs a deep penetration, which can be hard to do when you feel tense.

2. Explore alone first

Explore cervical stimulation on your own first before doing it with a partner. 

I understand that you trust your partner with your life and your vulva.

But it’s essential to scope your own limits on your own first. You know your body best, so you can always do what feels good to you or stop when you need to.

Also, you can get a better sense of what’s pleasurable for you when you’re in total control of the variables.

After getting more familiar with it, you can have your partner join in the fun. 

3. Take your time

No rush.

Treat it like a meditation session. Give yourself a quiet space and distraction-free environment so you can truly relax. Nothing’s worse than when you’re on the verge of orgasm and someone knocks on the door. 

Plus, you can’t fully be into the moment if you keep worrying that someone will walk in on you in the back of your head.

So take your time to feel aroused. There’s NO set time limit. Each body has a different timeline.

4. Be aroused

You can’t get into your cervix without vaginal penetration. So you should do your ‘usual’—which means making sure you’re aroused and wet—before poking around your cervix.

Something to note

Stimulating the cervix can feel unpleasant when you charge on it like a raging bull.

The cervix is SENSITIVE, and this organ is believed to relay messages to the brain through the vagus, pelvic, and hypogastric nerves.

Direct stimulation of the cervix is only pleasurable the more aroused you are. Proper buildup is necessary.

When you’re turned on, your vag gladly makes room for penetration, and the vaginal canal lengthens. Sweet!

The average penis is around 4.7 inches or longer. So P-in-V penetration lets you reach your cervix successfully, especially during certain sex positions.

If your partner is shorter or you have a longer cervix, using sex toys is always a good idea.

5. Get familiar with your cervix

Before you stimulate your cervix (and before you can orgasm from it), you must familiarize your cervix:

  • You should know where your cervix is.
  • You should know how to reach it.
  • You should know what it feels like when it’s touched.

Start by using your own fingers to reach into your vaginal canal. It’s located towards the apex or top of the vaginal canal. You’ll feel something like the tip of a nose or a round bump with a small divot.

Out of reach? Use a sex toy. If you’re ready for your partner to participate, he can penetrate you vaginally as well (more on that later).

Pro Tip

Time it right. The best time to explore your cervix is a few days before your period because it’s at its lowest. This way, your cervix is easier to reach and stimulate.

Also, note that the vagina gets longer when aroused (to make room for penetration), so you may still really need something long for deeper penetration.

6. Do not penetrate the cervix

Stimulating the cervix can be referred to by many as “cervical penetration.”

In sex, penetration is INSERTING a penis or a dildo into the vagina or rectum. With cervical orgasms, you don’t “penetrate” it in that sense. Instead, you stimulate it.

In fact, the cervix can’t be penetrated at all.

The opening of the cervix (or the external os) is too narrow. It’s no bigger than your thumb, so a penis or a dildo can’t possibly enter.

Of course, childbirth is a whole different story as a baby is coming out, not in.

So why “cervical penetration”? Well, it’s a misnomer somehow. You can feel like your cervix is penetrated because you will feel pressure on your cervix when a penis or dildo rubs or pushes against it. But, in reality, it doesn’t go in or out.

7. Be gentle

Don’t forget to be gentle. Being too rough can bruise the cervix.

It’s even more important for you to be extra careful if you have an IUD or intrauterine device. It has a string that comes out of the cervix and poking it can feel unpleasant.

Plus, if your partner has a penis, playing deep could move the device, which can be quite painful.

8. Explore types of stimulation

Poking the cervix isn’t the only way to stimulate it. It doesn’t even sound pleasurable.

Usually, you can rhythmically stimulate it during intercourse with your partner’s penis or dildo. But there are also other types you might want to try:

  • Massaging the sides of the cervix
  • Moving the cervix in a round motion
  • Touching the os (that small opening at the center of the cervix)
  • Vibrationssss
  • And, of course, a rhythmic touch

Experimenting and exploring is the best way to go for you to figure out your personal sexual road map. That’s why it’s good to start with fingers (whether yours or your partner’s), as it gives good control of the “touching.”

9. Communicate with your partner

As I said, cervical orgasm is quite challenging to master on your own. Adding your partner to the mix might make it even more complex. But it doesn’t have to be.

Talk openly with your partner about it. And when you’re actually exploring it, give your partner feedback while experimenting with different sensations.

It’s important to be on the same page so you will know what to expect, and your partner will be aware of what to do and what not to do.

10. Try your timing

Like all other body parts, the “depth” of a vagina varies from person to person. But the average depth of the vagina is around 3 inches long from the vaginal entrance to the cervix. 

But a woman’s body changes depending on different factors. For one, the height of the cervix changes depending on various factors, such as how aroused you are, whether you are pregnant or not, and where you are in your menstrual cycle.

The cervix position fluctuates, and it is higher, softer, and wetter during ovulation.

Some points of your cycle may also feel uncomfortable when stimulating the cervix. So find a specific time of the month when exploring cervical-based pleasure.

11. Don’t Skip Lube

There are many reasons to use lube, even when your vag has natural juices.

For one, it helps you feel comfortable when you’re exploring the sensations. It feels good. Plus, it prevents vaginal tearing from friction and pain.

It’s also normal for some women to enjoy the feeling of something probing their cervix.

However, they might not enjoy the poking sensation. Lube helps in this case as it (your finger, toy, or partner’s penis) will just guide, not poke your cervix.

So add in your favorite lube in your session, and make sure to use the best lube depending on what’s penetrating you.

For example, if you’re using sex toys, you might be careful using silicone lubricants as it’s not friendly for all types of sex toys, especially if they’re made of silicone.

12. Use Sex Toys

We’ve mentioned it a couple of times, but cervical stimulation needs a deep—probably one of the DEEPEST—penetration. It could be more challenging to reach it with your fingers or your partner’s penis.

You may need to use a sex toy – and one that is LARGER and LONGER at that.

A dildo is a good sex toy you can start using when experimenting with depth and pressure. 

Look for one that is long and straight. Curved dildos do a great job at stimulating the G-spot, but since the cervix is what you’re going for, opt for the straight one. 

Something to note

If you don’t know where to start, opt for a dildo with a softer density made in silicone as you want to be gentle when applying pressure to the cervix.

But if you have a slightly C-shaped dildo in your collection, you may also use it to apply vibrations and pressure to the cervix through the vaginal canal. If it vibrates, that is.

Lightly stimulate the cervix when you’re in deep to see how it feels.

13. Try some sex positions

Some positions are more apt for hitting the cervix than others. So, experiment!

You might want to try positions that allow you to angle the penetration that makes the cervix more accessible. The position you’re in will totally affect the angle of the penetration. And this is among one of the factors that can make intercourse more pleasurable if handled in a certain way. 

Doggy-style (and its variations) is generally considered the best bet for stimulating the cervix.

Still, many other positions also work reasonably well, too—it just comes down to what works for each couple.

It’s also good to be on top, as these sex positions allow deep penetration while giving you control over the depth, rhythm, speed, and angle.

Here’s more:

  • Child’s pose – This type of doggy style gives your partner full access to your vagina. While doing the doggy pose, lean forward and sit on your heels. Then, extend your hand forward and keep your back straight. Doing so will really reach deep into your cervix.
  • Flatiron – Another variation of doggy, you’re fully laying down on your front. Your partner enters you from behind, using his arms to prop off his weight. Using a pillow on your hips also enhances this angle.
  • Legs on shoulders – Lay down on your back and raise your hips up. Your legs should drape on his shoulders (yep, it requires some flexibility), and your body should be at a 90-degree angle.
  • Spooning – Of course, spooning works because it’s just like doggy, but you’re just lying sideways. The good thing about this pose is it’s not difficult to do. It’s comfortable, and you can easily reposition your bodies to angle yourselves into a deep penetration. Simply lie on both your sides—facing the same way—then he enters you from behind.

14. Allow yourself to make sounds

MOAN! That might sound weird, but I’ll tell you why.

Your throat and your cervix have a direct connection through the vagus nerve. So it could be a reason why you might feel the urge to open your mouth wide and make guttural sounds during cervical stimulation.

Feel free to let go and let out a sound. This releases the tension in your throat, plus making sounds during sex is sexy.

Moaning can enhance your own arousal as you’re so immersed in pleasure.

15. Practice

Like many things, practice makes perfect.

Didn’t achieve orgasm on your first try? No worries.

It takes a lot of practice to orgasm, regardless of which type it is. And cervical orgasm, in itself, isn’t the easiest to master.

Not climaxing on your first try is okay because it could take a while for you to learn what works for your body. Gaining experience is a must here.

Be patient and don’t pressure yourself. Remember that you’re doing it for pleasure and for yourself, not anyone else.

Enjoy the sessions, especially if it feels good to you, even when you don’t orgasm from it. Again—if you want to.

16. Kegel exercises

Strengthening your pelvic floor can help you achieve cervical orgasm. To do so, try some kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises are simple exercises you can do by clenching and releasing your muscles to make your pelvic floor stronger.

How to locate your pelvic floor muscles

Try inserting a finger inside your vagina and then tighten your muscles. Feel the vaginal muscles closing around your finger? That’s it.

You can also familiarize these muscles as you’ll feel them when you’re controlling or trying to stop your urine.

From there, you can perfect your technique. The exercise is pretty simple:

  • Clench your pelvic muscles and hold for three seconds.
  • Release and relax for a count of three.
  • You can do at least three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions every day.

No one will know you’re doing kegel exercises, and you don’t need any equipment to do it. You can do this anytime and anywhere.

FAQs About Cervical Orgasm

What does a cervical orgasm feel like?

It feels different for everybody. But usually, it feels more intense than other types of orgasms, and it’s a more full-body experience.

One reason is that it requires a deep penetration to reach the cervix. Hence, it needs vaginal penetration that gives you a really full feeling. In turn, it lights up A LOT of nerves in your internal hotspots.

Will it hurt? What if it hurts?

Stimulating the cervix shouldn’t hurt. However, it could feel unpleasant when not done right, or putting pressure on the cervix might make you feel a bit of discomfort.

That’s why you should listen and take note of what your body is feeling.

It’s pretty common to experience slight discomfort during vaginal penetration, especially when hitting the cervix.

Meanwhile, some people might find it too intense, even if they’re into rougher stimulation.

Something to note

It’s essential not to be TOO INTENSE when you’re doing it, as it could lead to a bruised cervix or even bleeding.

Bleeding or spotting after sex is pretty common. But regularly bleeding after penetration, especially when you experience ongoing pain, might signify bigger health problems like infections or cervical cancer.

Can anyone have a cervical orgasm?

Anyone can try to have a cervical orgasm. But, like many sexual acts, it might not be for everyone.

Some women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. For them, penetration might not be what makes them climax.

You can just try and see if it feels good for you.

Is it safe?

Yup, totally safe. As long as you do it safely.

It’s also important for you to be into it. After all, it requires deep penetration. If you are anxious or tense, it would be harder to orgasm for cervical stimulation or feel any pleasure at all.

Are cervical orgasms real?

Yes, they’re real.

It seems quite “controversial,” as some might debate that the orgasm came from the stimulation of the vagina, not on the cervix itself.

However, there is a study where three women out of five participants orgasmed from stimulating their cervix. This study was done on people with spinal cord injuries.

While undergoing an MRI, they used a device to put pressure on the cervix. And some of these women experienced an orgasm from it.

Separate research from 2012 indicates that stimulating the vagina and cervix activates different regions of the somatosensory cortex. That means cervical orgasm is a subtype of vaginal orgasm. The other is clitoral orgasm.

So, nope. Cervical and vaginal orgasms are different. A cervical orgasm is real. And what’s important is if you feel something nice from it, great!


Cervical orgasm is one you might want to add to your repertoire of orgasms.

But if it doesn’t work for you, no biggie. There are many more options you can try.

What truly matters is what you enjoy and what feels great to you!

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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