3 Steps On How To Clean Onahole Like A PRO [2024]: Onahole Cleaning & Onaholes Care!!

how to clean onahole

Now, as we’re all aware… The best male masturbator toys are mostly made from fine and high-quality silicone. The material does a great work of simulating real skin and is easy to clean.

And while that is true, there is also a great number made from lesser materials. 

In my case, for example, the famous onaholes. These masturbating aids originated from Japan and are a great hit with guys across the globe.

Cleaning these toys is what matters the most, as they’re not as durable… But if you do it right, these pocket pussies will serve you well and give you pleasure for a long time.

Just as with a Fleshlight, onahole maintenance also requires that you pay attention not to leave any moisture within after use. To get this done, you may use warm water, soap, or a recommended antibacterial. This will help avoid deterioration in the material quality and the growth of any unwanted mold.

No matter what kind of fake pussies you use, they are most fun when they are clean and ready to use whenever the mood strikes. Imagine that you feel the urge to stroke a quick one out but then realize that your onahole wasn’t cleaned after your last session.

Do you go ahead and use it anyway, or set about cleaning it before you get down to business? Either way, it’s going to be a mood killer.

Won’t it be a HUGE relief when you walk up to your drawer and find it there – spotless and ready to serve?

Well, today, I’ll show you how to clean onahole practice and what you’ll need to keep your toy squeaky clean.

Let’s begin.. 🙂

How To Prepare For Onahole Cleaning?

Before I set the ball rolling… It’s important that you have the following in your cleaning checklist:

Use a mild, unscented one of your choice. Antibacterial for some.
Warm water
The best recommended temperature for washing. Hot water may degrade some onaholes’ material.
Drying agents
Take off excess moisture once you’re done rinsing. May include microfiber towels, cotton swabs, tissue paper, etc.
To safely keep your toy from dirt and other contaminants.


Avoid using alcohol as it dissolves and degrades TPE materials. This will make them unusable faster. Instead, you may use cleaners with benzalkonium chloride.  You can also use these tips for cleaning Fleshlights.

STEP 1: Onahole Cleaning & Washing

Onahole Cleaning & Washing

Now, after you’re done making yourself happy with your toy, it’s imperative that you clean it before storing it.

You may use normal unscented soap and warm water or one that’s equivalent to your body temperature.

Just open the toy’s mouth with your fingers and let the water flush all your by-products down. Do this in your sink or in the shower.

Once you’ve lathered up properly, rub its internals with your fingers to clear out anything still left inside. Rinse well afterward. 

If the toy’s material is not hard, you may turn it inside out to get more thorough. Just be careful the toy does not tear.

And if you have trust issues with the effectiveness of regular soap, then you can also get an antibacterial toy cleaner.

Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner

This gentle water-based sex toy cleaner is great for onaholes because you can spray it on before and after using your onahole to make it fresh again quickly. The spray nozzle makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach spots, giving you a clean onahole that’s ready for a new adventure with you.



This anti-bacterial toy cleaner was originally made to be used with Fleshlights but can also be used with onaholes. It is gentle, won’t irritate your skin, and is still powerful enough to remove bacteria and keep your onahole clean and ready for use.


You may also use a wine bottle’s tapered neck for flushing water (either soapy or pure for the wash and rinse cycles) inside your toy’s deeper ends.

STEP 2: Dry Thoroughly

Dry Thoroughly

Once you’re through with rinsing, it’s only right that we dry it before storing it to prevent any kind of bacteria/fungal build-up.

And for this step you may:

  1. Use a microfiber towel to dry off the excess water on its body. Also, you can wrap it around your finger and use it to poke dry the inside of your toy. That’ll dry off moisture and any residue still hidden in between the sleeve’s ribbed walls and ridges.
  2. Leave it upside down on a towel if you don’t have time to do “1” above. This may be because you’re in a rush to get somewhere/do other things. It’s much slower and will not take out the moisture inside the toy.
  3. Put in front of a fan if your towels are indispensable at the moment. It is way faster than the “2” and will do better work at eliminating the hidden moisture inside the toy.
  4. Dab with cotton swabs/tissue to check if there’s any business still stuck inside. While this method is more precise, it will take a longer time to achieve the goal here. But – great things come to those who wait – right?

Now, if you want to take particular care of your sex toy and make sure it dries quickly and securely, these accessories can help.

Fast-Drying Sponge Stick

Use a fast-drying sponge stick to suck moisture out of the innards of your Onahole. So far, it’s one of the best methods. Its PVA material absorbs moisture relatively fast and effectively. Also, did I mention this is reusable? 😉

PVA Onahole Drying Stick

This is a slightly cheaper version of the sponge stick I mentioned above, but it works just as well. Simply insert it into the onahole and gently squeeze your sex toy, and the stick will absorb all the excess moisture. Onahole drying sticks are one of the most useful and pocket-friendly cleaning accessories you can get for your stroker, and you can check more of them out here.

Fleshlight Hang Dry

Fleshlight Hang Dry

The Fleshlight Hang Dry allows you to hang your Fleshlight’s inner sleeve or stroker conveniently. It will also work with most onaholes and let you hang your sex toy after you wash it.

STEP 3: Powdering and Storing: Onahole Maintenance

Powdering and Storing: Onahole Maintenance

Well, storing is the last and equally important stage of how to clean an onahole.

So, after drying… you can:

  1. Wrap it in a cloth or towel for long-term storage and keep it dry, away from plain sight.
  2. Keep it in a breathable bag that supports airflow. This is very important in keeping it away from direct sunlight, which would otherwise make it more prone to tear. Some onaholes come with this included in the package.
  3. Use storage cases included in some to conceal their identity. Most look like nice little cocoons and are very handy in preventing dust and dirt from accumulating on the toy’s surface.
  4. Use an improvised clean box if your onahole doesn’t come with either 2 or 3 above. Just ensure that you poke air holes on its sides to allow airflow.

You can also pick up some ideas from my helpful guide on how to store sex toys.

One of the best things you can do for your onahole (or any other skin-feel sex toy) is use a maintenance powder. This helps keep the texture of your toy feeling soft and realistic for a long time. Check out Kanojo Toys Onahole Powders to find the right powder for your onahole.

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

Fleshlight Renewing Powder

Fleshlight renewing powder helps prevent the soft material of your onahole’s inner sleeve from losing its realistic texture. Simply dust it with this powder after washing and drying, and you will not see any cracks on your onahole for long.

And if you’re using yours for a long time, you can apply cornstarch to prevent your onahole from getting moldy. This is vital if you keep it for long periods, but regular users may not have to do this. 

Lastly, as an alternative, you may also use regular baby powder.

Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag

Sugar Sak Antibacterial Toy Bag

This is one of the best ways to store your onahole and other sex toys, especially if you plan to keep them for extended periods. The specially treated surface of this bag prevents the growth of any bacteria, ensuring that your toys are safe and ready to use whenever you pull them out.

If It Gets Moldy

If you find some dark patches on the inside of your onahole, it might be a sign of mold, which can start growing even if your toy stays moist for a few hours. You might also notice an unpleasant smell, which is a sign of mold. 

Fortunately, you can still save your onahole by cleaning it thoroughly with an anti-bacterial spray (like the ones I suggested above) and washing it as usual. 

Pro Tip

You can also use vinegar to remove mold by filling up the onahole orifice with the liquid and keeping it propped up so the vinegar remains inside. Leave it for an hour, then wash it as you usually would. Your onahole should now be mold-free and good to go.

Other People Maintenance & Care Tips

Check out these other onahole care and tips from Reddit by people who’ve had experience with them.

Here’s what Skillex99 said:

“Do not turn hard onaholes inside out, or they will tear sooner or later. Antibacterial soap is perfect for cleaning them. After cleaning you need to dry them. The outside can easily be done with a towel, but on the inside will get tricky. I use a cloth stick in order to dry the inside.

Another maintenance problem… could be powdering. Because after some months Onaholes will get a sticky surface, that picks ups dirt insanely easy and just feels terrible. You won’t notice it on the inside thanks to lube though. So I don’t always do something about it… But you can use corn starch or talcum powder to keep them feeling smooth”


Reddit user

From LadyBombus:

“If your toy is mouldy, throw it out and get a new one… Ideally, one that is silicone and you can clean properly to void any mould growing in the first place.”


Reddit user

From Mike in CO said:

Instead of dry sticks, I cut my micro-fiber cloths into 4 strips of about 2.75″ in width. (11″ / 4) I shove them into the toy, let it sit for 5-10 min, shove another one in for 5-10 min, and call it good. The strips are much easier to get into a toy than trying to use the whole cloth. Plus they do not unravel when run with the Laundry.”

Mike in CO

Reddit User


What to do if my onahole tears?

There are several reasons why an onahole can tear. You might be too big for it, or the onahole you’re using may be too small. Often, onaholes also tear once they get old, and their material becomes brittle. 

If there is a small tear, you can usually buy a maintenance kit from the manufacturer to repair your sex toy. However, if the tear is too large and affects your experience, purchasing a new onahole toy is best. 

When To Replace Your Onahole?

Onaholes can last for months of regular use, and good quality ones will last for years if you provide them with careful maintenance. However, if you find the onahole getting too loose or the material flaking or cracking, then it’s time to replace your onahole with a new one. You can always find some exciting new onaholes at Kanojo Toys.

How to Dispose or Throw Away Your Onahole?

Throwing away your onahole can be tricky since you don’t want someone to find it, or worse, use it! Also, remember not to put it into the recycling bins. Generally, the best way to throw away your onahole toy is to wrap it in newspaper and dispose of it with your non-biodegradable garbage. You can even cut it into pieces so nobody can use it again.


You now have the best onahole maintenance tips from professionals. Learning how to clean sex toys is an essential part of enjoying your pleasure tools safely. The more you love your sex toys, the more they’ll love you back.

Remember, these toys aren’t built to last very long. So, how you clean and maintain them will either increase or shorten the time you two will spend together.

The TPE material is highly porous. It will always hide something, no matter how thorough you are with cleaning.

But one thing’s for sure, though… When an onahole starts giving you the moldy business, it’s best just to chuck it. Get a silicone model if you can and enjoy an easier cleaning process with better sensations in the long run.

That’s it from me today, folks!

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Happy Stroking, everyone 🙂

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