Riley Reid Fleshlight Review: A Pocket Pussy For Beginners (2024)

In this Riley Reid Fleshlight review I share my experience with Utopia & Euphoria sex toys – pros, cons, what to expect, some usage tips and the best alternatives to consider:

riley reid fleshlight

I’ve been a fan of Riley Reid for years, and when I heard she launched two body-accurate Fleshlights, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

Riley’s namesake Fleshlights are popular bestsellers, but is that because of the porn star’s fame or because they’re awesome toys on their own?

After using Utopia and Euphoria for three months, here’s my complete review. I cover the feel, durability, and all other features you’ll want to know about, including the unique four-chambered design of her flagship model (the Utopia).

Are these toys the next-best option to the porn legend herself? Let’s check it out.

The Good

Riley Reid Fleshlight provides satisfying stimulation and various sensations, especially with the Utopia, which features four distinct pleasure chambers.

It’s not super-intense, making it a good choice for anyone who prefers to stay away from the more extreme types of Fleshlights. It’s also great for beginners who want something well-rounded but relatively simple (and easy to clean).

The Not So Good

If you’re an experienced FLyer, you’ll likely find the Utopia a bit “been there, done that.” It doesn’t have any huge flaws, but it also doesn’t have any wildly unique features and doesn’t do much to stand out from the crowd. Also, if you’re on the large side, this FL’s tightness might feel uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line

Riley Reid Fleshlights are a winning choice for any beginner who wants something that feels great but isn’t as intense as, say, the Stoya Destroya. However, experienced collectors might want to stay away as the Utopia and Euphoria probably don’t offer anything much different from what you already own.

Riley Reid Utopia is for you if:

  • You want a Fleshlight that’s not too intense but offers enough stimulation and variety
  • You’re a first-time Fleshlight user
  • You want a Fleshlight that’s easier to clean than other Fleshlights
  • You’re an avid fan of Riley Reid

Riley Reid Utopia might not be for you if:

  • You’re looking for a super intense Fleshlight experience
  • You’re an experienced FLyer looking for unique features and texture
  • You have a bigger than average penis

Who Is Riley Reid?

Riley Reid (real name: Ashley Matthews) is a legend in the adult entertainment industry and is known for her amazing body and her ability to take on any scene.

She started her career as a stripper when she was 19 and worked her way up to become a top-notch starlet. Well, now, she’s a bona fide pornstar and has starred in over 300 adult films.

In 2016, she got the HIGHEST award for a female performer at the AVN Awards, A.K.A. the “Oscars of Porn.”

She’s also very active on social media, where she interacts with her fans and followers. 

In fact, her Instagram account @letrileylive has over 1.8 million followers and is a great place to find out more about her personal life.

And lastly, her OnlyFans account @rileyreidx3 features over 13,800 photos and 677 videos.

So now that you know all these things about this gorgeous gal, let’s get right into the product that was named after her!

Riley Reid Fleshlight First Impressions/Packaging

I tested the Riley Reid Ultimate Pack, which includes both the vagina (Utopia) and butt (Euphoria) Fleshlights.

The Utopia fleshlight is Riley’s flagship product and the more popular option. So I’ll focus on that for my review, but I’ll also drop in bonus info on the Euphoria fleshlight when relevant.

Let’s start with the packaging.

riley reid fleshlight

Each Fleshlight sex toy is boxed separately. Now, both boxes were discreetly packaged in a plain box for shipping, but once I opened that box, it was immediately apparent what was inside.

Each box is adorned with a stunning photo of Riley along with a full-size illustration of the Fleshlight. Definitely don’t open the shipping box in public!

The products themselves immediately struck me as well-made. The outer shell, constructed from ABS plastic, is durable with enough give to help you keep a steady, comfortable grip.

Riley Reid Fleshlight Specs Comparison

Here’s a look at the toys by the numbers:

Sleeve Length
Case Length
Utopia (lady)
Euphoria (butt)
Sleeve Length
9.5 inches
8.75 inches
Case Length
10 inches
10 inches
0.2″ at the narrowest point
0.8″ at the narrowest point

riley reid fleshlight

How Does the Riley Reid Fleshlight Look & Feel?

Both the Utopia and Euphoria look sexy and feel good in your hand, but I wish they weren’t so heavy. They can wind up hard to hold if you’re the type of guy who enjoys long FL sessions. 

Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight

The initial entry is definitely inviting. About half an inch from the entrance, you’ll connect with the first chamber. It’s 1.2″ long with three gentle ridges, ranging in width from 0.8″ to 1″ to 1.2″.

Chamber two is 2″ long with four ridges. They’re smaller than the ridges in chamber one, providing an awesome tickling feeling as you thrust forward into chamber three.

Three is where the Utopia shines! It’s 3” long with dual spirals consisting of bumps and then ribs. Every movement delivers shifting sensations.

Chamber three gets progressively tighter, starting with a 1″ diameter but constricting to 0.2″ when it connects to chamber four.

You’ll need to be packing more than 6″ to reach chamber four, which is lined with ribs and measures a tight 0.6″ in diameter.

Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight

As expected from a Riley Reid anal Fleshlight sleeve, the Riley Reid Euphoria fleshlight is much TIGHTER and NARROWER.

It features three chambers.

Each starts with a narrow entry that expands for an inch or three before constricting tighter again when connecting to the next chamber.

The interior contains a GRID of bumps and ribs. Twelve ribs form a large grid that delivers a mix of pleasurable sensations throughout the entire sleeve.

Additionally, every second rib is adorned with large, rectangular bumps. There is 12 total, spaced between ribs one and two, three and four, and five and six.

For other great options, see our best Fleshlight sleeve guide.

riley reid pocket pussy

How To Use Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight?

Using the Utopia fleshlight is pretty instinctual, but there are a FEW TIPS YOU SHOULD TRY for the best experience.


Warming up your Riley Reid Fleshlights makes them feel way more lifelike! Many guys skip this step, but it’s worth the wait.

First, fill your sink with hot water. Then drop your fleshlight. Some guys wait about 10 minutes, while others will let them soak for an hour.

Generally, the longer and warmer, the better — just don’t let the water grow cold.

You want to dry thoroughly, as lube works better when the inside of the sleeve isn’t filled with water.

Alternatively, you could use a sleeve warmer. It’s an electronic cylinder powered by a USB cable that fits into your sex toy. You don’t have to deal with water, and it’s much faster.

You’ll Definitely Want Lube

Any water-based lube will likely work fine, although personally, I look for lube explicitly made for Fleshlights. This is because they stay slicker longer and don’t clump up.

I found that Riley’s FL worked well with varying amounts of lube. So it’s a good choice if you like using lots of lube or if you like using just a bit.

Solo Use — By Hand or with a Mount

The traditional way to use a Fleshlight will never go out of style!

Use your hands to move the Fleshlight up and down your penis. You control the depth and speed. It’s the easiest, most versatile method.

The potential problem is that you might have to use both hands to hold the case. Because it’s 2” wide, some folks might not be able to use it easily with just one hand.

Try placing the Fleshlight between your bed frame and mattress. I do this, and it works well — I place a pillow on the floor and then kneel on it.

Mounts specifically made for Fleshlights are another option. You can attach your FL to the side of the shower, walls, or other vertical surfaces.

Using with a Partner

My partner and I had loads of fun with both the Riley Reid Utopia and Euphoria! *WOW*

Just so we’re clear, there’s no right or wrong way to use Fleshlights as a couple, as long as both of you are having fun! That said, the most popular technique is for the man to give the woman oral while she uses the Fleshlight on him.

The Euphoria is also a fun couple’s sex toy if the woman doesn’t enjoy anal sex. The guy can feel the tight sensations while the lady stays pain-free!

riley reid flesh light

My Experience with Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight

Using the Utopia is a wild ride! While it’s far from the most extreme or intricate FL I own, it does a great job delivering new sensations with every inch.

As always, I lubed up with a water-based lube. Even though the Super Soft skin feels great, you’ll want to use at least a small amount of lube because the ridges can feel irritating otherwise.

From the moment you enter the first chamber, the Utopia promises a good time. Moving forward creates a 360-degree gripping sensation.

Between each chamber, the interiors tighten. You have to push forward to move from chamber to chamber, which creates pleasurable resistance, but pulling out and re-entering remain easy and comfortable.

After using the Utopia for the first time, my first thought was, “How many Fleshlights did I buy?” It feels like four Fleshlights in one!

The four chambers have four distinct feels. Plus, because of the (light) resistance between chambers, you can easily control your position in the Fleshlight even if you’re moving fast.

riley reid fleshlight reviews

How To Clean A Riley Reid Fleshlight

If you’re a Fleshlight newbie, let me give you the #1 tip for ownership: KEEP IT CLEAN.

Otherwise, the material can break down, and mold can even form.

When cleaning out chamber four and the tight end of chamber three, I used the spray nozzle on my sink because I needed more water pressure than the tap could provide. It worked out fine, but needing the sprayer is still a bit outside the norm.

You’ll want to clean your sex toy after every use — no exceptions.

Wash with warm water only. Don’t use soap or detergent, as they can damage the material. You can either let it air dry (which I find easiest), dry it with a towel, or use a blow dryer.

IMPORTANT: Only dry with the cold setting on the blow dryer. Never blow warm air from a dryer inside a Fleshlight; it’ll damage the material.

If you really want to ensure hygiene (and who doesn’t), use Fleshlight renewal powder and “Fleshwash” antibacterial cleaner.

riley reid fleshlight review


To lengthen the durability and life of your Fleshlight, you should always store it in a cool and dry location out of direct sunlight. Also, make sure that it is completely dry before storage.

Otherwise, the material can break down, or even worse, mold may form inside your favorite Riley Fleshlight. 

Storing Riley Reid Fleshlights

The first thing you’ll want to do after using and cleaning your Fleshlight is to let it air dry for a few hours to ensure that no moisture gets trapped inside the sleeve.

You can also pat dry your Fleshlight using tissue paper to hasten the process.

FYI, moisture can lead to mold and bacterial growth.

After drying the Fleshlight, you put on its screw cap and store it out of sight in a cool dark place where it will stay nice and dry.

Make sure to store it in an area free of dust, dirt, or other objects that may damage its surface.

Price and Where to Buy

Unfortunately, Riley won’t personally deliver your purchase. But you can find the Utopia and Euphoria, sold separately and in a combo pack, at practically any major sex toy retailer, including:

Fleshlight – Buy all of Riley’s products right from the manufacturer. The Ultimate Pack is $193.35, with the Utopia priced at $79.95 when sold individually. The Euphoria is also available in the same link (just toggle between the options).

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

Lovehoney – If you’re not familiar with Lovehoney, they’re basically “Amazon” for sex toys. They sell the Utopia and the Euphoria too.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Redditors weighed in:

As to Utopia, It started out as a tighter entry for me. After those rings loosened up, I found it to be a nice smoother stroker. I bought Utopia because I thought the flaps at 3″ would be more noticeable and more of a barrier than they are. Utopia is on my favorites list.


Reddit user

sheesh…. Since I got this thing, I have used it every day. I want to get another one probably an anal one.


Reddit user

I have Utopia – I’m 7.5″x5″. It was a bit tighter for me at first, but after breaking it in, it feels much better. You’re a bit thicker than me, but if I had to guess, you should be able to make yourself comfortable in that one, lmao.


Reddit user


Of course, Riley’s not the only porn star in the world, and her Fleshlights aren’t the only option. Here are a few fleshlight alternatives you’ll want to know more about:

Stoya Destroya

The Stoya Destroya fleshlight is one of the greatest selling male sex toys of all time. It’s a classic that continues to sell millions each year.

riley ried fleshlight review

Stoya Destroya

It’s tight, and I mean TIGHT. It’s also frequently described as intense.

If the Utopia feels a bit too loose for your enjoyment, the increased pressure of the Destroya is the better choice.

But watch out — lube use can get messy. As I mentioned above, Riley’s fleshlight works well with varying amounts of lube.

The Destroya fleshlight needs the exact right amount, and finding that can feel frustrating. If you use too much, sleeve sensation decreases. If you use too little, the extra-tight sleeve can feel uncomfortable.

Elsa Jean Tasty

With about six years of experience in porn, Elsa Jean is another new face on a line of adult sex toys.

Elsa Jean Tasty

Her Elsa Jean Tasty Fleshlight is similar to Riley’s, although TIGHTER. But note: It’s not as intense as the Destroya.

If the Utopia fleshlight is too loose and the Destoya fleshlight is too tight, try the Tasty fleshlight — it could be a happy spot in the middle.

You may also want to consider checking out our best pocket pussy guide for more options.

Final Thoughts

Compared to an industry leader like the Stoya fleshlight, Riley Reid is a relative newcomer to the world of Fleshlights, and while she’s off to a great start, I don’t recommend her sex toys to everyone.

If you’re an experienced fleshlight collector, you probably won’t find much here besides the Riley name. For those guys, I usually steer them towards the Destroya fleshlight, which delivers a more extreme experience.

However, both the Utopia and Euphoria offer a robust range of sensations. I recommend them to first-timers, Riley fans, and anyone who wants stimulation without overwhelming intensity. 

Read more about Riley Reid Utopia and Euphoria, along with the experiences of other users, here:

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