Jessica Drake Fleshlight Heavenly Review [2023]: Is It Worth It?

In this Jessica Drake Fleshlight Heavenly review, you’ll find out if this sleeve has the variety, tightness, and intensity that you need in one toy. Read on:

Are you also a big Jessica Drake fan? I am — and I was so excited to give the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight a try (a bit too excited even).

After having this Fleshlight for over a year now, I can say this toy keeps me coming back for more — literally. 

I’ll give you my honest thoughts on Jessica Drake’s Heavenly Fleshlight, including the texture, tightness, and how realistic it felt. 

Ready? Let’s dive in. 

The Good

Jessica Drake’s Heavenly Fleshlight is one of the tightest FLs around. Its intensity is ideal for quickie masturbation sessions or edging play. 

This toy combines textures from many different Fleshlight sleeves so you can enjoy lots of variety. 

The Not So Good

This Fleshlight is hard to clean due to its tightness. Newbies might find themselves bored with other toys after experiencing this high stimulation.

Plus, men with larger penises may find the tightness a bit uncomfortable.

The Bottom Line

I recommend the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight for men tired of cheap, boring toys that feel nothing like the real thing. It’s not for those looking to buy their first FL. 

If you want a tight, intense Fleshlight, this is a great investment.

Heavenly is for you if: 

  • You love stimulation that’s tight but not too intense.
  • You enjoy different textures in your Fleshlights.
  • You want a toy that feels as realistic as it looks.
  • You’re a big Jessica Drake fan.

Heavenly might not be for you if: 

  • You have a thicker penis.
  • It’s your first Fleshlight.
  • You like easy-to-clean toys.

Heavenly First Impressions

We’ve all watched a porn video and pictured ourselves in the scene, right? When I first opened the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight, it felt like I was right there with her. 

Listen, I have my fair share of male masturbators.

Still, I’m impressed by how well they nailed this model. The toy’s entrance looks pretty much identical to Jessica’s vulva. 

I was aroused instantly. 

The toy’s box features a mostly naked Jessica and a see-through window to peek at the toy. Simple. You know what you’re getting. 

The actual toy has that classic Fleshlight look. A large torch-like appearance with a lid for easy storing and an adjustable cap for suction. 

Nothing too wild here! 

Jessica Drake Heavenly vs. Divinity Fleshlights: What’s the Difference? 

The Jessica Drake Fleshlight comes in two models: Heavenly and Divinity.

But it’s not just about which entrance you prefer. There are some technical differences between both versions. 

Material (internal/external)
SuperSkin/hard plastic
SuperSkin/hard plastic
Vagina (Lady)
Ring of bumps, ultra-tight, coiled, Lotus node, ribbed, bumps
Twisting bumps, net, twisting ribs
Lube requirements

How Do Jessica Drake Fleshlights Look and Feel?

Now to the actual details of each toy. 


Heavenly’s design is SPOT ON. It’s exactly like looking at Jessica Drake’s pussy — but if it wasn’t attached to her body. 

Okay, so maybe it isn’t fully lifelike.

But one of the more impressive details about Fleshlights is the material they use. SuperSkin has a shockingly realistic, soft texture. I mean, it still feels like a toy, but it’s pretty close. 

Now about the inner design…

The toy is pretty tight from the beginning. Plus, the line of oval-shaped bumps is a stimulating addition. Nothing too special, but not boring.

Pushing through to the second zone is more fun. You can feel the ultra-tight canal hug you in all the right places. 

I can imagine this being almost too tight if you’re well-hung — especially during longer sessions. 

Pro Tip

You also might wanna take it easy if you’ve never used a masturbator before. Toys this tight might cause desensitization. 

The winding, wavy section up next is much gentler and offers a bit of relief from all that pressure. After that, you’ll hit the famous Lotus node. Let me just say that the hype is worth it.

It feels like your penis is hitting a gentle wall, but you’ll feel toe-curling pleasure as you push through. Warning: it can get loud here if the suction cap is loose. Beware if you have roommates. 

The last two chambers are the ribs and bumps. It’s pretty hard to follow up that Lotus node, though. 

Keep in mind that you won’t hit the final bumps unless you’re over 6.5” long. 


Jessica Drake is famous for her double penetration scenes, so I have to mention Divinity too. 

This orifice is immediately welcoming. It doesn’t look like the asshole of an anal amateur. It’s also a huge turn-on that Jessica’s lips peek out at the bottom. Doggy-style fans will love this detail. 

Now to the inside. 

First up is a set of fairly large twisting bumps unpredictably placed to keep you on your toes. It reminds me of Fleshlight’s STU bumps but smaller and more spread out. It’s impressive how intense this section feels, considering how tight the small entrance is. 

Next up is the pressure-relieving netted section: the most unique texture of this FL. 

Smooth crisscrossed ribbing creates waves of sensation that constantly deliver surprise and excitement. 

And finally, the last section: twisting ribbing. If you reach this area, don’t expect too much. It’s loose and much less stimulating than the rest of the toy.

But if you were using this toy during an edging session, this canal could be a saving grace. 

How to Use the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight

We all know that awful friction of a dry handjob. *shudders*

That’s how this toy will feel if you don’t use enough water-based lube. 

Seriously, it dries up pretty fast. Unless you want to feel like the Sahara down there, make sure you have some on hand (pun not intended). 

Using too much can dull some sensations, so avoid going overboard.

Pro Tip

Remove the sleeve and run it under warm water before use. Heating the toy a bit goes a long way. 

I mean, no vagina is cool to the touch. 

You can also adjust the suction by twisting the cap at the top, giving you some say in the pressure. Keep in mind that it’s not a lightweight or small toy, though, so you might need to use two hands to pump Heavenly up and down. 

FL mounts are also an option for some hands-free play. Or, sticking it under the ol’ mattress is always a classic too. 

My Experience With Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight

Everyone raves about this toy being TIGHT. 

I was expecting it to feel like losing my virginity again. Spoiler: it didn’t. 

This Fleshlight was impressive and tight — tighter than most others. BUT it didn’t have that “I’m gonna finish in 30 seconds” effect as I expected. 

After breaking it in a bit, I started to enjoy it much more. 

My girlfriend likes to use this on me while we watch Jessica’s videos together. Hitting the Lotus node feels like the world’s best torture when she’s edging me. 

But dare I say a bit boring before the Lotus? The texture is there, but the tightness hides it. 

I was looking forward to feeling the last few sections of the sleeve. The thing is, I’m average-sized and didn’t reach. So that was a bit of a let-down. 

Another problem I’ve found is that you have to be rock hardor Heavenly will squeeze your dick out of the toy. Using a cock ring makes a big difference, though. So if softness is a concern for you, I recommend having one around. 

Overall, was it mind-blowing? I probably wouldn’t go that far. But would it have been life-changing if this was the first Fleshlight I ever bought? Absolutely. 

I love having Heavenly in my collection, and the realism adds excitement, but it’s not an all-the-time toy. 

Taking Care of the Fleshlight 

Clean. Your. Fleshlight. 

Seriously, it’s a must-do to maintain your toy’s lifespan and, uh, because it’s pretty gross not to. 

All you have to do is remove the sleeve, run it through warm water, and spray some FleshWash cleaner in the toy. Then rinse it out and let it air dry. 

It takes some time since the sleeve is so tight, but don’t skimp out. 

Once it’s totally dry, add some Renewing Powder to keep the SuperSkin nice and soft. 

Then, place the sleeve back into the case, and you’re ready to go again. As long as you’re properly caring for your Fleshlight, it should last years. 

Where Can You Get Your Own?

You can buy the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight directly from the FL website. Either pay $86.70 upfront or in four $21.68 installments.

What Do Others Have to Say?

I am very happy with the purchase overall and I am not looking for another vaginal sleeve at the moment. I was looking for tight and somewhat realistic. Heavenly definitely checks those boxes.


Reddit user

It’s essentially a turbo charged Lotus. They took the Lotus and ramped up each individual section to produce a much more intense and wild experience. It’s tighter and more stimulating than the Lotus yet still manages to retain some of that sleeve’s iconic realism.


Reddit user

Is There Anything Similar? 

Stoya Destroya is hands down the most intense Fleshlight around. If Heavenly isn’t tight or stimulating enough for you, this is the next toy I’d recommend. 

Save a few dollars and try the Pink Lady Heavenly if you don’t care about your toy looking realistic. 

You’ll experience similar sensations minus the skin-toned coloring and pornstar sculpted vagina. This is the best shot for those, who already have other Fleshlights, as this sleeve does not come with the case.

Final Thoughts

Jessica Drake fans and general sex toy lovers alike can agree that Heavenly lives up to its name. 

Its tight grip, textured sleeve, and lifelike resemblance make Heavenly a great addition to any established collection.

There may not be a one-size-fits-all toy, but this definitely has a place on my nightstand. 

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