Cobra Libre 2 Review: Is This Fun Factory Vibrator Any Good?

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre II is a vibrating penis massager specifically built to stimulate your penile tips. It has a snug entry that hugs the glans and will give your frenulum some very intense sensations.

This vibrator only needs you to stick in your head, and it does the rest for you.

Cobra Libre 2 Review

The Good | The Cobra Libre 2 produces great stimulation on the glans and frenulum areas. Using the Cobra Libre 2 requires no thrusting as you only need to put in the head of your penis and it handles everything else from there.

The Bad | Like some penis vibrators in the market, the Cobra Libre 2 might give a bit of numbness when you use it for prolonged hours. This may vary with each user’s experience. Also, the toy’s diameter is rather small and might not be accommodative to men with extra length and girth.

The Bottom Line | The Cobra Libre 2 penis is a great ‘guybrator’ in a discreet design that comes with a powerful 2-motor performance. The size may be a problem as it’s not a one-size-for-all kind of toy. It comes at a reasonable price and offers quality features that deliver wonderful orgasms.

In this Cobra Libre review, we are going to talk about the Cobra Libre 2 men’s vibrator in my possession. We’ll check out the advancements it has made from the original Cobra Libre model.

Most agreeable is that the Cobra Libre 2 is ergonomic and discreet in the way that it looks like the Tron toy car.

The toy in itself is not long and is mainly designed to give you only a head stimulation.

Like the older Cobra Libre model, this version too comes with two motors that chain up their vibrations to give you a variety of modes and sensations. 

If you’re looking for more of a masturbator type toy, check out our guide here.

So tighten up your seat belt and let us take a closer look at the specs, usability, and where you can get yourself one.

Cobra Libre 2 Tech and Specs Overview

Cobra Libre 2


Well, as the pictures you have seen suggest, the Libre 2 is surprisingly small. But that does not mean that it compromises on functionality.

As a matter of fact, this fairly small body was built on intention. Since the toy wasn’t a stroker, it only had to make the right size for a head-fit stimulation.

The Cobra Libre 2 has a dimension of 1.69” across the diameter. This is not large but will hold most of the penises well. 

For the insertion depth, the sleeve goes in at about 3.15” approximately. We can’t really complain about this because again, not everything should be in.

Externally, the total length of the Cobra Libre 2 is about 5.79”.

Material: What Is It Made off?

The Cobra Libre 2 is sturdy, well-made, and is pleasant to the eyes and skin through touch.

Fun Factory combined the use of again, 3 basic elements to build the Libre’s final product. These are medical-grade silicone, ABS body-safe plastic, and some miniaturemetal-works.

Now, the medical-grade silicone has gone into the creation of the Libre 2’s opening. It is very soft and proven safe to use on the body.

This has different colors that give the models different color versions available for selection.

The ABS plastic is also body-safe and used to make pretty much the rest of the toy’s body and casing. It has a nice finish that is odorless and it’s more durable.

The metal-works, of course, are in the vibrator’s internal circuit found inside (we don’t have to go there). 

Another intriguing aspect I noticed is that like the Cobra Libre version, it also has a magnetic charging system. This locks and pops that toy up with a fast electric charge.


Obviously, Cobra Libre II is a vast improvement from its predecessor. The outer appearance may not look different but a keener look will reveal the secrets beneath.

To begin with. It has retained the dual motor vibrations for intense experiences.

The mouth made from silicone is also cupped and gives the penis’ tip quite a grip. So you don’t have to worry about your dick slipping off all the time.

Another clearly visible change on the Cobra Libre 2 is that instead of the touch-sensitive control system seen in the Cobra Libre, it uses a simple 3-button control panel.

This makes it easier to shift through the different modes, and at will, during use. The touchpad in the Cobra Libre could make you change the settings accidentally, killing the fun in the process. 

On the same note, the Libre 2 has a new toy lock function that prevents any unintended switching on when, let’s say, you travel. You must agree that is very thoughtful of the Krauts! 

To turn on this feature, you need to press the (+) and (-) buttons together for 3 seconds. To unlock the toy, you press (+) plus the (Fun) button together and you are good to go again!

Another improvement is that this model comes included with 11 different vibration settings as compared to the Cobra Libre’s, at most, 9 settings.

This a bonus feature because now you have an extra 2 modes of pulse vibrations to experiment with.

For recharging, it has a magnetic charging system that makes it easy to connect.

There’s a matching USB charger included that you can use in laptops, power banks, or any other compatible charging plugs.

A full charge can give you a 2-hour run and 3 hours if you’re using the lower settings.

I also do love the fact that they have retained the water-proof capability!

Price, where to buy?

Well, this is where we slow down our gears a bit. And as a rule of thumb, we know that anything that delivers quality surely comes with a hefty price on its tag.

And to hold that motion, the Cobra Libre 2 is not an exception.

So if you want to get your hands on this handsome gadget then you can head over to Lovehoney and get a deal worth your greens.

The toy retails at $129.99 but they have an amazing option of letting you pay through 4 installments of $32.50!

What’s more, they’ll give you a one year warranty and you’ll get free shipping if you’re within the USA. They also provide shipping options out of US at a slightly higher overall cost.

You can also check out the store at FunFactory to ensure you get the real item and maybe get lucky for a sale they’re running.

…just KEEP OFF eBay and Amazon if you want the warranty and actually receive the real item.

Switching gears:

Let’s take a little time to see the comparisons between the Cobra Libre and the Cobra Libre 2 male vibrators.

We’ve done this through the use of a simple table that makes it easy to see the different specs and tech of the two models.


Cobra Libre 23-Button System2 options availableMagnetic Charging11 Mode Settings
Cobra LibreIntegrated
Touchpad system
4 options availableMagnetic Charging9 Mode Settings
A table comparing the different model specs between the Cobra Libre and Cobra Libre 2.

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Cobra Libre 2 Design and Features

To put it in light, the engineers of Libre 2 did not take any chance with this model’s design.

They’ve maintained the simple outlook that doesn’t give it away as a sex toy but retained its sleekness at the same time.

As I pointed out earlier, the Libre 2’s insertion point is made of pure silicone safe for body use. It gives a pleasantly soft texture around the glans and provides lots of comfort to the penis’ head. 

The top side of the toy’s mouth is also expandable, so adjusting your tip into the right position isn’t a struggle.

As the body is small and the casing sturdy, you’ll also realize that the opening is quite snug and this combined provides a nice hold for users.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

After charging mine, I poured my water-based lube inside the entry and a bit on myself just around the head and crown before going in.

The Libre 2 vibrator starts at medium vibrations but you can decrease these by pressing the (-) button and increase them slowly as you go up.

I really enjoyed how it cupped my penis well at the tip as it delivered intense vibrations back up the rest of my shaft.

Further, the 11 modes are grouped into vibration modes that include steady vibrations, rhythmic pulses, revving pulses, and a random mode (that gives spontaneous vibrations during play).

One thing I again loved from the toy’s small size, is that I can hold it with one hand, and use the other hand to massage my abs or whatever else that heighten the thrill!

The lower vibrations are smooth and relaxing, while the higher levels are more powerful and fierce (a tad loud too).

After my 9 or so minutes of use, I got an amazing build-up to a very great climax at the end.

Now, this pecker vibrator may spill out some seed when you ejaculate. To control this, you might want to withdraw back a bit before shooting out. 

As a tip, you can use this toy while standing, lying, or sitting down.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

The cleaning process is very easy as there are no sleeves removed.

You first unload the semen holder by tipping it upside-down in a sink. Then, using mild soap and water, you can wash out the innards then rinse and leave it to dry. 

The cleaning is also made easier as the Cobra Libre 2 is 100% water-proof! So, hopefully, we’re not looking at damages any time soon.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I’d recommend it to guys who like the idea of a nice vibrator tickling their fancy.

It’s a great toy despite the price and will serve you well for a long time.

Who is it for?

  • Guys who want a good head stimulation.
  • Guys who travel a lot.
  • If you like keeping things discreet.

Who is it not for?

  • Guys with bigger penises.
  • Guys on a low budget.
  • Guys who prefer strokers to vibrators.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Here are a few reviews of the Cobra Libre and the Cobra Libre 2 vibrators from other users.

From Reddit, this is what some had to say about the Cobra Libre models:

“It really depends on your expectations IMO. I recently bought an Octopuss III and like it a lot, but it’s not mind-blowing by any measure. If you have the means, definitely pick one up but if you’re going to regret spending that amount skip it.

It’s a totally different masturbatory experience than the ol’ hand but not revolutionary. I’d recommend it, just not if you think you’ll regret spending that much money on a toy.”


Here’s another user who had something to say about the Cobre Libre edition:

“Pros: Very powerful vibrations. I’ve used massagers for years and always try to rig up good masturbators from them with limited success. The best I’ve had previous to this is a 2-headed home dicks massager from the early 90’s that I wrapped surgical tubing around to squeeze the heads closer together on my penis.

It was a sad day when that broke… But this compares nicely to a Hitachi magic wand. I’ve also tried some female toys, and this is much more powerful than any of those I’ve found.

Cons: The buttons. You have to have perfect aim, no lube on your finger or the button, and hold the button for the right amount of time. If you brush against the on/off button the unit instantly drops to its idle buzz — which may be on purpose since you’d want that just after you cum.

Biggest con: No lockout for the buttons. Some other vibes (Lelo for example) have modes & buttons similar to this, but you hold the + & – keys for a few seconds and the unit “locks” until you do it again. This thing would be hard to pack for travel — it is liable to go off at any time.

It might be possible to connect the magnetic power plug (even w/out power) to keep it from accidentally going off, but that’s less than ideal.”



Cobra libre 2 alternatives

If maybe you want to check out other alternatives for, let’s say, a different shape or a cheaper deal, check out our Kiiroo Titan review or Hot Octopuss review.

This will give you a comprehensive picture of other vibrator models competing with the Cobra Libre 2.

But if you can afford the Libre 2, you might as well go for it!

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

It’s effective if you like vibrators over strokers and cleaning it is also very easy.

This toy can also be handy for foreplay with your partner and can operate for long hours before needing a charge.

There you go!

I hope this Cobra libre review was helpful to you. Feel free to share and leave any questions and feedback on the Comments Section below!


So, if you’re in the market for a new fleshlight, it might be worth checking it out. 

Cobra Libre 2 Review

Dainis Graveris

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Cobra Libre 2 is an awesome penis vibrator that offers great value. It is more discreet yet stronger than the original Cobra Libre. Overall if you like penis vibrations, you’ll enjoy this sex toy.


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