7 Best Sex Toys For Virgins (Dildos & Vibrators) in 2021

We have compiled the best sex toys for virgins and answered the most asked questions when it comes to virginity.

best sex toys for virgin

Are you a virgin, but still curious about sex toys? Maybe you’re afraid they might pop your cherry?

Well, the good news is that there are sex toys for virgins that almost certainly won’t “deflower” you.

How To Choose The Right One

Before we get into the best vibrators for virgins, I want to give you a few quick tips on how to choose the best vibrator for you.

Know What You Want

There are all kinds of toys out there (as you’ll see below). They do different things, so it’s best to know what you want your toy to accomplish.

Are you after something that shakes up the entire vulva or something more clit-centric? Do you want different patterns? What about the intensity of the vibrations?

Unfortunately, the best way to know what suits you is to experiment. This means taking a few risks. But with experience, you’ll better understand what you want from your sex toys.

Good And Bad Materials

Some sex toy materials can trigger bad reactions in your body or harbor bacteria.

Silicone is generally considered the best, so choose that whenever you can. ABS plastic is another good, although firmer, option.

Definitely avoid stuff like jelly, rubber, or cheap plastics. They can lead to infections and other bad reactions.

Top Sex Toys For Virgins

satisfyer pro 2 vibrator

Satisfyer Pro 2


Price: $
Material: Silicone, ABS, PCB
Length: 6.5″
Vibrates?: Yes
Waterproof?: Not advisable

Magic Wand Cordless

Magic Wand Cordless


Price: $$$
Material: Silicone, plastic
Length: 12.5″
Vibrates?: Yes
Waterproof?: No

lovehoney curved 5.5-inch

Lovehoney Curved 5.5″


Price: $
Material: Silicone
Insertable Length: 5.5″
Vibrates?: No
Waterproof?: Submersible

Top Vibrators for Virgins (Non-Penetrative Sex Toys)

1. Magic Wand Cordless

Best overall

Material: Silicone, plastic | Ease of use: 8/10 | Intensity: 10/10 | Number of speeds: 4 | Number of patterns: 5

  • Really powerful
  • Nice selection of speeds and patterns
  • Easy to reach what you want with it
  • No need to plug it in
  • Re-e-e-e-ally powerful!
  • Not waterproof
  • A little loud
cordless magic wand vibrator product shot

Interested in something that packs a real punch? It hardly gets any stronger than the Hitachi Magic Wands.

I’m just saying – you should be ready for when it starts rumbling. Be ready for a bit of noise, too – nothing deafening, though.

This Wand offers great mobility seeing that you aren’t bound to a charger and cord.

Just don’t drench it in water because it isn’t waterproof.

Being so intense, it’s a great option if you’ve already messed around with other vibrators and want something stronger.

Not only is it tremendously powerful and rumbly, but it also has a great diversity of settings. The 4 speeds and 5 patterns give you more than enough to play around with.

2. Satisfyer Pro 2

Best budget option

Material: Silicone | Ease of use: 10/10 | Intensity: 10/10 | Number of speeds: 11

  • Easy to control
  • Vibration/suction combo for extra pleasure
  • Fast, reliable orgasms
  • Wide range of speed settings
  • Not usable in water
  • Some may find too intense

satisfyer pro 2 vibrator product shot

This toy works by creating suction around the clit. It manipulates the air pressure inside the silicone cup at the top, giving you a sensation no vibrating toy can really replicate.

The result? A toy so powerful that it can push you over the edge in a few minutes, if not seconds.

It can be so intense, in fact, that some find it off-putting on higher settings. But don’t worry: the toy has 11 different speeds with a wide range of intensities.

As far as using the SP2 goes, it’s pretty straightforward. You use the plus and a minus button to adjust the intensity. Not much else to worry about.

I wouldn’t use it in water, though. I’ve seen that some people have reported malfunctions after taking the toy into the bathtub or shower.

3. We-Vibe Touch

Best first vibrator

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic | Ease of use: 7/10 | Intensity: 8/10 | Number of speeds: 4 | Number of patterns: 4

  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable to use
  • Fairly quiet
  • Finicky charger
  • Slightly clunky controls
we-vibe touch product shot

WeVibe Touch has 4 speeds and 4 patterns, giving you plenty of options. 

There’s only one control button so you have to wade through all the vibrations with it.

It has a little spoon at the top which wraps around the clitoris, and it feels amazing. Meanwhile, the material is high-quality silicone. 

It’s smooth with a little flexibility to it. Moreover, it doesn’t harbor any unsafe chemicals. 

Just don’t combine it with silicone lube since that can damage the toy.

The material and shape work together to make this vibrator really comfortable to use (it’s waterproof, too!). As a nice bonus, it’s relatively quiet. Odds are nobody outside your room will hear it once it’s on.

4. Zumio

Material: Silicone, ABS plastic | Ease of use: 6/10 | Intensity: 9/10 | Number of speeds: 8

  • Great if you love precise stimulation
  • Handy for exploring sensitive spots
  • Waterproof
  • Not ideal for use with a partner
  • Button placement is a little awkward
  • Long charge time
zumio x clitoris vibrator

Unlike other vibrators, Zumio’s tip is super thin (like an electric whisk but without the top bit). The design wants to give you powerful, pinpoint pleasure.

It’s certainly strong, and you can put it wherever you need it.

All the same, it has the power and variety in its 8 speeds. It’s also waterproof, so feel free to take it to the shower with you.

It’s made of silicone and ABS plastic, meaning it has a great combo of smoothness and pliability. The bit where the plastic meets the silicone can store bacteria, so clean it well after use (here’s a guide on how to clean sex toys).

Zumio is mostly awesome because it can help you learn where you like being stimulated the most. Once you’ve found that special place, it will have you cumming like never before. You just have to find that right spot.

In that regard, it’s more of a solo toy. So make sure you’ve gotten used to it before using it with someone else.

Favorite Dildos for Virgins (Penetrative Sex Toys)

Again, I’d like to lay out a few tips on how to find the right dildo for you.

Know Your Ideal Girth

Before you start looking for a dildo, make sure it’s a good fit for your vagina.

The most important factor here is the girth. So play with your fingers to find out how many you can comfortably and enjoyably insert. 

Then, simply measure the circumference of those fingers, and you’ve got a good estimation of what girth you need.

Use Lube

Lube will make your dildo play so much easier and more enjoyable. So get a good one and apply a lot of it.

Water-based lube is your safest option since it doesn’t degrade any sex toy material. My personal recommendation would be Sliquid H2O.

Silicone Is The Best Material

Silicone is the best sex toy material you’ll find. It’s nonporous (it doesn’t have any cracks for bacteria to hide in), it doesn’t have any nasty ingredients, and it’s the right blend of firm and soft. 

ABS plastic is similar, but a little firmer.

Just steer clear of anything jellylike or rubbery.

5. Lovehoney Curved 5.5″

Best budget dildo

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 5.5” | Circumference: 3.5” 

  • Affordable
  • Quality, body-safe silicone
  • Can be stuck to surfaces
  • A bit too short for hands-free play
  • Doesn’t stick to the wall so well
lovehoney curved 5.5-inch

One of the best dildos for virgins for sure. 

It’s a great size, and it’s smooth (apart from the head). It has a smaller girth than the average penis and comes with a suction cup.

The suction cup makes the dildo stick to the wall or floor, allowing you to play with it hands-free. Make sure to choose smoother surfaces, like the door of a closet or hardwood floors.

6. Avant Pride P3

Best overall

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 5” | Circumference: 3.9” 

  • Awesome suction cup
  • Realistic texture for a more authentic feeling
  • Looks adorable with those colors
  • The color choice is actually a little confusing
avant pride P3 dildo product shot

Avant Pride P3 has a much stronger suction cup than the previous dildo, and it can cling to various surfaces with ease.

There’s more to this toy than the bottom, though. All of it is really cute, especially with those bright colors.

The realism is great (texture-wise, of course). The veins and head look/feel pretty convincing and yet the girth is a tad smaller than the average real thing.

7. Greedy Girl G-Spot

Best multipurpose

Material: Silicone | Insertable Length: 5.5” | Circumference: 4.75”

  • Vibrator/dildo combo
  • Extra clit stimulation
  • A lot of different vibration settings
  • May not suit your anatomy
  • No variation in the “rabbit” bit settings
greedy girl g-spot product shot

Jet black and jutting in all sorts of directions, the Greedy Girl looks surprisingly solemn. 

It has two independent motors, a delightful dildo+vibrator combo, and a rabbit extension for clitoral pleasure. It’s also got plenty of speeds and patterns for you to enjoy.

With all of these trick up its sleeve, the Greedy Girl is great if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for in sex toys.

That said, the proportions of the toy might not exactly align with your anatomy. That’s a problem inherent to all rabbit vibrators, so it’s always a bit of a gamble.

But if it matches your “measurements,” you’ll be in for an incredible ride.

Other People’s Tips & Experiences

Odds are that you’re curious about exploring yourself while being a virgin. 

Here are some people’s experiences with this situation so you don’t have to talk about it with anyone in person. 

“Just because my sex ed was fucked and I wish someone would have told me. I feel a need to say that self-penetration doesn’t take away one’s virginity. I also had the misconception that it would make me looser for my first time. Also a negative.

If I could go back, I honestly would have experimented with penetration before losing my virginity, if only, at least with my fingers. Maybe I would have had a more comfortable time during my first or could have known my body and my wants a little better.

That being said, the Hitachi wand works wonders for clitoral stimulation only”

Source: Reddit user, mirakeleigh

“Your fingers. You don’t need anything else if you’re new to sex. Learn to understand your body and what feels nice without using electric-powered plastic.

I have had many a toy over the years and honestly, nothing feels as good as it says it will on the box.”

Source: Reddit user, TheKSug

“I would also suggest getting a dildo to help get accustomed to penetration, it would make the first time less scary (or it did for me anyway because I knew my body better).

The vibrator is more helpful for getting off, though for me I get off quicker if I also have something inside me.”

Source: Reddit user, K80_k


Can You Lose Your Virginity To A Dildo?

That depends on your definition of virginity. If for you it’s just penetrating the hymen, then it’s possible. If it has to be done as a sexual act with another person, then you won’t lose your virginity with a dildo if you use it on your own.

Are You Still Considered A Virgin If You Got Fingered?

Again, it depends on your definition (or the cultural views of where you live). In some people’s opinion, if the hymen breaks, that’s all it takes. So odds are fingering won’t remove your V-card. 

Can You Take Your Own Virginity?

If you’re of the opinion that breaking the hymen equals losing one’s virginity, then it’s possible. If you believe it’s something done with a partner, then not really.


Hopefully, I shed some light on the topic of sex toys for virgins. You even got to learn a little bit about exploring your sexuality as a virgin.

Have fun, explore yourself, and don’t give a shit what anyone says you should do. It’s your body, and you’ll get others involved in it when you feel like it.

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