I’ve Found The Best Penis Pump That Works in 2020

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If you want to find all the best penis pumps in one place, then you’ll LOVE this complete guide.

I personally tested 3 of the best penis pumps. Then crowdsourced hundreds of enthusiast experiences.

Then I picked 7 of the best penis pumps and put them on a handy side-by-side comparison chart. (with varying cylinder width)

You’ll also understand what works, what doesn’t and learn some natural tricks how to get harder and bigger.

After you’re done reading you’ll know exactly what you can expect and which best penis pump is right for you!

Let’s jump in:

best penis pumps reviewed cover

If you’re in a hurry here are the best erection pumps suggestions based on our research:

Bathmate Hydromax7 (⭐ Our Pick)

Bathmate offers the most sizes and comfort. From protecting against getting balls sucked in up to padding for pelvic area. And it is 35% stronger pumping than it’s Hercules predecessor. It uses bellows system to quickly reach desired pressure.

The regular HydroMax7 pump accommodates a penis girth of maximum 6.5 inches.

It’s gonna be the best pick for most guys with average penis size. Perfect if you want to fix your erectile dysfunction issues. Also if you want a short-term fun penis enlargement. Plus, their 60 day “no-questions-asked” refund policy was unbeatable.

Try a quality penis pump, and if it’s not your cup of tea, get a refund. 

Penomet Standard (⭐ Runner Up)

Penomet is the most loved between medical professionals. It is the ONLY medically certified penis pump.

It’s fool-proof, easy to use, easy to release, and made from the highest quality materials. It uses a revolutionary gaiter system. This helps in gradually raising the chamber’s pressure.

Penomet is Bathmate’s biggest competitor. Even though their gaiter system is unique (those silicone pads on bottom).

In the end they are both very similar.

The choice will end up on your personal preference. Both of them work.

But let’s dive deeper in the research, huh?

Devil is in the details after all:

penis pump with  ring sizing adapters helps with erectile dysfunction with results you can expect review

What Results Can You Expect From A Penis Pump?

Penis pumps (also called vacuum constriction devices) are mostly associated with penis enlargement. But penis pumps are most effective as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.

And even to help some people with their self-esteem. And the ability to regain erectile function after prostate surgery or radiotherapy. (As most of the time their self-esteem drops after surgery.)

Erectile dysfunction affects approx 40% of men at age 40, and nearly 70% at age 70 according to 2018 study. Said cause of erectile problems is poor blood circulation in their circulatory system

But nobody wants to give in to age and give up sex! Pills work but damage the body. Penis pumps work and if used safely, there are no bad side effects.

Try penis pump + cock ring (or a constriction band) combo. This will give guys with Erectile dysfunction 30 minutes of rock hard penis. Just make sure you have the perfect penis ring size.

Make sure not to wear a constriction band or ring for more than 30 minutes. To avoid any injuries or accidents.

The penis pump prices range between $20 and $500 . And some pump sets come with different ring sizes in the package.

As soon as the penis pump makes the penis bulge. Either a constriction ring or a penis ring inside the pump is attached.

It goes to the base around the penis to maintain the erection. The Osbon Comfort Ring is one brand you can check out.

That’s what you can expect with these sex toys.

What about the size?

I’ve been this industry for years and I’ve yet to find a reliable source that actually increased the size. 

Patrick Moote shared his penis enlargement learnings on the documentary Unhung Hero.

He ended up accepting his size and didn’t find a reliable way to grow his penis.

But…there is a BUT.

I am 30+ years old and I love fooling around with penis pump sex toys. 

While you cannot rely too much on long-term gains, short-term gains are definitely a thing.

After using quality penis pumps like Bathmate or Penomet. You’ll get a girthier and fuller penis for the next 6–8 hours…

When I was single, I used a penis pump a few hours before I know sexy times are about to happen. It pleasantly surprised her with extra size.

taking bath with penis pump

Nowadays I use a penis pump to guarantee marathon fucking sessions.

I actively edge during sex until eventually, my penis will get tired. It lost stiffness after about 30 mins. That’s when I go down on my girl while I use my penis pump beforehand. (very comfy if at the edge of the bed). 

After 10 minutes I put the penis rings on. Then re-emerge even bigger with extreme hardness for another 30 minutes. 

If the first session gave her 2–3 orgasms, an extra 30 minutes give 3 more. Pretty epic. 

The penis pump usually adds around 1″ to girth and a little bit to length. Penis just becomes a lot veinier.

To avoid damage obviously it’s not smart to do it for more than a week, and the penis rings should be on for max 30 minutes.

But it’s tons of fun and adds variety to our love life.

As for penis enlargement… 

Many men online swear on it. Pegym forum is where people discuss the best jelqing and pumping session techniques. 

pegym Penis_Enlargement_Forum.jpg

Penis pumps will increase size (and penis length) are temporarily guaranteed. But long-term effects are still up to discussion. Though there are hopeful studies.

Absolutely obsessed over size gains? Able to stick to daily pumping sessions routine and instructions?

Then you can give these sex toys a shot.

When I was more committed and stuck to the routine, yes I noticed gains. 

But after a month of not doing anything — it went back to normal.

It seems like with your penis size it’s — use it or lose it. 

That’s what actually a biohacker Dave Asprey from Bulletproof discovered.

When he had regular sex or did regular kegel exercises his penis increased 15–20% in size. Which I can attest too (I was big on Kegels for a few months).

However, once you stop actively using the penis and in a few weeks it will return back to normal. It’ll even shrink to a little smaller than normal.

The best tip I can give: If you genuinely want to increase size, you must be consistent. Like daily consistent. And follow the instructions. Like carefully.

Either commit or use it for ED fixing and short-term giant fun gains 🙂

What You Should Know About Penis Pumps?

penis pumps real results

The first thing everyone wonders is — does a penis pump work?

If yes, then how?

Here’s an easy test you can do. 

Put your mouth on your arm and suck as hard as you can. You’ll quickly notice that you’ll have a red bruise there. 

And I’m sure at some time you’ve walked around with kiss-mark on the neck from a jealous girlfriend you had 😉

The reason bruises happen is because of blood pools underneath the surface of the skin. 

In this case, suction drew blood away from other parts of your arm to the area where your mouth was.

This is the same thing a penis pump does.

Penis pump can also help persons who had just prostate surgery. It helps with maintenance of penis size after prostate surgery. And generally, for continued enjoyment of their sex life.

Get a clear penis pump so you can see what’s going on inside

There are pumps in all the colors which look cool but don’t help you. 

Seeing exactly the state of your penis will help overpumping.

On top of that, make sure you measure your penis girth. And the length of your erect penis (this guide will help).

clear penis pump recommendation

Permanent gains are a myth, but permanent damage isn’t

Use it for fun, use it for ED, and if anything feels weird… stop using it.

Many men use penis pumps mostly for temporary girth and fun pre-sex.

Want a stronger erection and better ejaculatory control?

Instead of quick hacks (like a penis pump or pills) try doing daily Kegels instead.

Plus pumps have no side effects compared to pills.

An easy way to include it in routine is to do it while peeing. Stop the peeing 5–6x, hold for a few seconds, release. Last time hold it for 5 secs.

Do this every time you pee, and in a few weeks, you’ll notice your buddy is a lot fitter 😉

Use the penis pump to help yourself mentally

You’re insecure about the size? Realize that okay, there are no incredible long-term gains possible.

But still, you’re insecure. Tons of guys reported that after pumping sessions they felt MENTALLY more confident.

Mainly because they feel like they are doing something about the size.

A penis pump might help you to stop obsessing about the size. Stop day-dreaming. You do what you can and get over it. Your brain can work on other things.

It’s a weird mental trick, but it does work. 

It did help me just to accept my buddy more, even though I am average size myself.

What Are The Best Penis Pumps Out There In 2020? (Side-by-Side Comparison Chart)

Check out the Best Penis Pumps chart below:

best penis pump comparison chart

#1 — First of all, make sure you know the length and girth of your erect penis. 

Most penis pumps are made for average size 5–7″ guys.

Are you a bit out of ordinary with girthier, shorter or longer penis?

Then you must look at Bathmate Hydromax different models.

If you’re perfectly average then all of these penis pump models will fit you well.

#2 — The second big choice is whether you go for an air vacuum pump or water pumps.

water pump vs vacuum pump to create a vacuum seal

Across pro “pumpers” hydro pump is a clear winner as you can simply use it in shower or bath. No warming up needed since warm water is the warmup.

Hydro pumps are:

  • easier to use (no warmup).
  • safer to use (water is gentler to the penis and promotes easier blood flow).
  • easier to clean and maintain — you’re already in the shower, no lube necessary (as is the case with an air pump).

For most men, the hydro pump will be a better choice for their pumping sessions. 

However, air vacuum pumps are simpler and cheaper. 

They still work, but much require you to be a lot more careful to not overpump and follow instructions. (Ruptured blood vessels can be a risk of over-pumping.)

The one thing that hydro penis pump doesn’t have is automatic pumping and vibrations. 

And what if you really, really want to use it in the bedroom, and outside of the bathroom? Then you still will find air vacuum penis pumps a better decision.

Note: Penomet penis pump can be used both as an air vacuum and a hydro penis pump. But the base model does cost a few dollars (more than other air vacuum pumps).

#3 — Finally, you must look at the warranty and refund policy.

Bathmate has the best 60-day “no questions asked” refund policy and 2-year warranty.

Yeah, it means you could get a high-quality HydroMax penis pump and test it out.

Then if it’s not for you for long time use simply return it within 60 days.

All the other penis pumps have refund policies with lots of hoops to keep in mind of. 

Penomet penis pump gets close, but still, you must be aware of terms upfront (60 days, but they do ask some questions).

Okay, now let’s do a quick rundown of all the penis pumps options and the reason why they are in the chart:

  • Hydromax7 (Our Pick) . Hydromax is the most popular Bathmate penis pump. It is made of quality materials. And the most loved pump across many men period. The quality + their 60 days “no questions asked” refund policy is unbeatable. You have zero risks to try it (only time invested). Also, if you’re not average — Hydromax has five different lengths and wideness pumps.
  • Penomet Standard (Runner Up) . Bathmate was dominating the penis pump market for years. In 2012 Penomet showed up and showed a serious competition. To most guys, their basic model is the best quality, yet a budget friendly one option. The silicone gaiter adds to comfort. Polycarbonate plastic allows to clean it in the dishwasher. Its the most fool-proof, beginner-friendly pump. It’s hard to abuse it or mess things up (though still, I recommend you follow instructions carefully).
  • Basics Textured Pump (The Cheapest) . Wanna experience a pumped penis and short-term ED fix? This will do the job on a budget. It’s ribbed texture, hand-held penis pump valve with release button gets the job done. 
  • Vibrating Pump . it’s a love/hate relationship. For guys who want to use it more like a toy, vibrations might just be a powerful combo that’s needed. Another basic choice with a little vibrating twist added. This. battery pump device has an even smaller diameter, so make sure to measure if you’ll fit.
  • Automatic Pump . These penis pumps add to the ease of use. And safety recommendations as well. Since it’s automatic there is no air wire that can disconnect. You can control pressure closely and the clear bulb lets you see exactly the stage of your member.
  • Worx Max Precision . Want to be in close control of exactly how much pressure there is inside? This precision penis pump will let you do just that. Also, some couples often use it like a pussy pump too. It’s a manual, yet very comfortable tool.
  • Hydromax Xtreme (Upgrade Pick) . If you want the best luxury and most powerful pump in the market then this is the one. It’s most recommended for guys who really pump regularly. As well as those who are committed to increasing their penis size. You get lots of goodies, you get a hand-held valve for more control, shower strap, etc.

Finally keep in mind that if you choose an air vacuum penis pumps. You must use and apply lubricating gel at the base of the shaft and pump to avoid bruising.

A lesser known alternative is the Encore ImpoAid Battery Vacuum Erection Penis Pump. Also the Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Erection Penile Pump.

Take note: A penis pump might not be safe if you have sickle cell anemia, prone to blood clots or other blood disorder.

I recommend Sliquid Sassy water-based lube. It’s the most popular lube across the board. You’ll be able to use it for everything. Whether its intercourse, pumping sessions, masturbating, or anal.

sliquid sassy lube

You simply cannot go wrong with it.

Alright, now you can dive deeper into the chart, and let’s discuss each selection in more detail:

best penis pumps compared

Check the original best penis pump spreadsheet here.

Best Bathmate Hydro Penis Pump Review

Bathmate is pretty much a synonym to a quality penis pump nowadays. This also leads to more complicated choices. 

Which penis pump model should you pick?

best bathmate hydro pump models to create a vacuum seal

There are three series made by them with varying cylinder length. And it can be at first confusing which is the best for who.

Bathmate Hydro7 (Hercules in past) 

Bathmate Hydro7 is the most basic, oldest and cheapest model of their penis pumps.

It was created to substantially accelerate pumping gains

bathmate hydro7 hercules pump results

In the past, Bathmate Hydro7 hydro pumps were called Bathmate Hercules. This is what Bathmate Brand started with years ago (in 2006).

It comes in one size for average guy penises 5–7″ when erect (3 colors) and it pumps to medium intensity.

It’s a good choice if you are on a budget yet want a quality water-based penis pump and you’re average penis size person. 

This penis pump is easy to use. Just place the constriction ring around the base of the penis.

hercules bathmate pump specs

But if you’re looking for the cheapest quality option (just to get that few hours bigger penis). I would instead recommend Penomet Standard penis pump.

It will cost a few more dollars, and in the future, if you’ll want to still upgrade you can buy more intense gaiters later. Plus, their silicone gaiter is more comfortable than Hydro7 paddings.

Hydromax and Xtreme have different sizes and girth pumps. These are for smaller or bigger than average.

Finally, Hydro7 is simply less comfortable, for example:

  • putting the penis pump is more challenging, requires two hands as it is easy for water pressure to escape. The newer model allows closing the valve making it more convenient to use it even one-handed.
  • the plastic is quite rough for the pelvic bone
  • you might accidentally get your balls sucked it since it has no comfort pad that newer models have

The only thing that Hydro7 has going for it is their 60 day no questions asked refund policy. In fact, all the Bathmates erection pump have it. 

Penomet has a bit more complicated policy, it’s still good, but “no questions asked” is hard to beat.

Bathmate HydroMax Review (Our Pick) 

This is a newer, most popular Bathmate penis pump.

bathmate hydromax pump results and specs can create a vacuum inside the tube

You can choose between 5 penis pumps sizes. Plus benefit from all their latest technology improvements. 

For some extra payment, you get a lot of upgrades, which makes me call it the best bang for the buck. 

different hydromax pumps compared

Hydromax penis pumps improved the comfort of using the device. Like padding for pelvic bone & comfort insert to stop balls from being sucked in. Also adding the 35% more pressure increase for stronger pumping.

The cylinder and pump are used to create a vacuum to help maintain the penis’ erection.

Bathmate’s innovative bellows system to create a vacuum is one of its essential feature.

This penis pump comes with a comfortable long-insert sleeve. This fits securely around the base of the penis.

hydromax7 pump detailed view

Finally, there is also a pressure lock switch that allows you to free your hands. 

Hydro7 didn’t lock decreasing the pressure over time. Requiring additional pumping, no biggie, but less comfort.

Hydromax is a high-quality option.

Bathmate 60 day no questions asked refund policy makes it a good testing option if you’re not sure if you gonna keep it.

It is important that you remember to follow safety tips when using vacuum devices.

Watch this video for tips on how to use it…and see how the HydroMax penis pumps look like:

Oh, and Bath-mate is mostly designed to use in the bath.

But if you want to use it comfortably in the shower, you might wanna get their shower strap.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Advanced Penis Pumps (Upgrade Pick)

HydroXtreme penis pumps are for the most-advanced “pumpers” who will pump every day.

Also to track their growth and follow the routine over an extended time.

hydroxtreme bathmate most powerful penis pump

The biggest difference is the (hand pump) hand-held quality valve. It has a vacuum pressure release button on it.

The HydroXtreme7 has a handball unit that you can use to pump water out or to generate pressure.

Xtreme penis pumps provides the most powerful vacuum.

The valve gives you real control over how much suction is added with each pump. Just put this baby around the base of your erect penis. And enjoy your pumping sessions!

On top of that, you can pick between 6 sizes, there is even HydroXtreme11 — the world’s largest penis pump (up to 11″)!!!

hydroxtreme bathmate pump specs

Then you get lots of goodies like measuring ruler, shower strap, and comfort insert pad. There’s also a cleaning kit, carry case with lock, penis rings, etc.

They all add extra comfort and ease of maintenance. It’s nice, but not necessary for most casual pumpers.

Especially those who just wanna get short-term results and play with this thing.

Plus, you gotta be careful and know what you’re doing.

With great power, it’s easy to overpump and get a bruised penis. So remember to follow safety tips when using vacuum devices.

And yeah, this involves a serious investment, but also a luxury upgrade if you’ve got the money.

Penomet Penis Pump Review (Runner Up)

Penomet has quickly become the biggest competitor to Bathmate and for a good reason — it works.

Penomet is the industry’s first and only medically certified penis pump.

penomet medical penis pump review

Hence its favored by medical professionals a lot more than Bathmate.

There are both very similar and in the end, the choice should be your own personal preference.

During your pumping session, you can use both water and a vacuum penis pump.

Watch this helpful demo video to see how exactly these water pumps work and look like:

Penomet’s design is minimalistic and easy release valve on top makes it fool-proof. But also some guys complain, that it’s too easy to accidentally release water unwanted.

Bathmate Hydromax release valve is right in the middle — easy to release, not too easy to be accidental.

And yes, their gaiter is silicone. The loading cone is made from polycarbonate plastic.

This ensures long lasting, soft feeling and easy cleaning.

penomet standard pump specs

If Bathmate has many sizes and intensity models, then Penomet has only one standard size.

It is made for average penis size guys. But has those silicone gaiters that you can change on tube to adjust pumping intensity.

The upside to this way is that with Bathmate if you want more powerful pumping, you’ll need to buy another penis pump. With Penomet, you simply change the gaiter.

There are:

  • Penomet Standard (the one in screenshot) — which comes with Force 70 gaiter.
  • Penomet Extra — that comes with three (65,70, 75) force gaiters.
  • Penomet Premium — comes with five force gaiters (60–80) and shower strap.

You can always buy extra gaiters, but the standard model will be more than enough for most guys.

Yes, you cannot do as advanced pumping if you’re looking to enlarge penis in long term.

But you’ll be able to get quick short term results.

Like, you know the girl is coming over or you’ll have sexy time in the evening…

You just pump this thing and get girthier, fuller penis for next 6–8 hours.

Pretty fun tool for your sex life, eh?

Heres helpful video how to use it during your pumping session:

Are you sure that you want to pump and enter the jelqing/penis enlargement game?

You can buy more gaiters or even upgrade to Hydromax Xtreme.

Basics Textured Penis Pump (The Cheapest)

While this air vacuum pump has no bells or whistles, it does the job.

basics cheap textured penis pump screens

This simple penis pump is not so much focused on making the penis bigger. But it has helped many guys with ED (in combination with the best cock ring).

If you’ve got trouble and want to see if it works without spending much, try this penis pump.

You won’t get much comfort. And you must be very careful not to overpump as the air vacuum is a lot more forceful than hydropump.

Once you get the airtight vacuum seal, it pumps well and works fast.

basics textured penis pump specs

Few extra tips is to make sure it’s extremely well lubed, that you shave all the pubic hair, and don’t pump for long.

Get the effect, put the penis rings on, and enjoying 30 mins of rock-hard performance. You can always upgrade later.

Vibrating Lovehoney Penis Pump

If you want a basic penis pump with a slight twist, you might be looking for vibrating thing 😉

vibrating penis pump screenshot and pumping session results

It’s very similar to the basic model. Only differences that the internal diameter is way smaller and might be a tight squeeze.

vibrating pump specifications

On top of that there is a vibrator with 7 modes, that you can use to have more fun while waiting for your penis to get pumped up.

It’s rather noisy though, especially when attached to the plastic tube.

As always, make sure you follow instructions and don’t pump too much during your pumping session. It’s easy to mess things up with these basic penis pumps and overpump.

Get Hard Automatic Penis Pump

Want an automatic penis pump that does the pumping process with a press of a button? You’re in luck.

automatic penis pump get hard screens

It doesn’t change much practically, just a personal preference.

It requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included and is simple to use .

Lower button to control the suction intensity, top button to release the suction.

However the biggest complaint about men come that the internal diameter is small. Which means that it’s sometimes tough to remove erect penis.

automatic pump specs and results

To rectify this issue make sure it’s very well lubed up (+it helps with air-tight suction). Some guys simply cut the sleeve a bit to make removal easier.

Worx Max Precision Penis Pump

Looking for something well made and has a handy grip? This also has exact measurements of the pressure inside the tube. This penis pump is what you need.

pipedream precision penis pump with valve

I don’t think the precision is that important and worth paying extra. But the good thing is once you know the pressure that is good for you, it’s easy to keep sticking to it.

Helps to avoid overpumping, as with all the other penis pumps you rely only on feelings. With this you can rely on numbers.

Make sure you lube it well, and if you’re over 7.5″ when erect, this penis pump may be too small for you.

pipedream precion pump specs and results

A little benefit is that there is also a cock ring included. And it’s made by Pipedream, a reliable adult toy manufacturer.

How To Use A Penis Pump

Okay, you’ve got yourself a penis pump, but now you wanna hear some ninja tips on using it?

First you MUST, absolutely follow the instructions in the manual. It always comes with penis pumps.

Bathmate and Penomet have comprehensive user guidelines. It takes ALL the guesswork out of the thing.

But here are the best tips:

  • #1 — Get grooming — the shorter your pubic hair, the better. Since seals use vacuum then any hair caught in between will create leaks of air. No bueno. Either trim the hair short or go clean shaven. Plus, having clean shaven penis creates a perception of it appearing bigger. Otherwise it just disappears in bush.
  • #2 — Lube it up — ignore this if you’re using quality water pumps. If you use air vacuum-pumps than there is a danger of bruises and trapped penis after pumping. Lube helps with comfort and safety.
  • #3 — Watch out for the balls — Hydromax newer models have protection against this. Most other penis pumps don’t. So watch out and pull the balls down when pumping to avoid accidental ball suckage. It can become a very painful experience.
  • #4 — Don’t overpump — to avoid damaging your penis, start slow and always release the vacuum if it feels weird to you. These are powerful devices and like fire, can be both used for good and bad.

Finally, if in doubt just search on Youtube for actionable videos. Search how to use your penis pump for your pumping sessions.

There’s plenty:

Also helpful to join the communities. They may help you accept your perfectly imperfect penis better.

Reddit Average Penis (NSFW) is awesome forum. Guys post photos of their average erect penises. It helped me accept mine.

Make sure the penis pump you use has a vacuum limiter – which keeps pressure from getting too high.

What Are The Other Natural Options For Male Enhancement (that ACTUALLY work)?

A penis pump is a more forceful ED fixing and temporary girth increase option.

How about something more long-term?

What are viable alternative paths you could take?

Let’s start with the way you probably didn’t think about… 😉

#1 — Use A Penis Sleeve To Help With ED or Get Hung Overnight

Yep, you can cheat…

Make use of penis sleeve on top of your penis and suddenly get a well-hung member 🙂

penis sleeve in place of penis pump

LoveHoney Mega Mighty extender is my #1 recommendation. For most cases as cheap option to test things out.

It’s something you attach on top of your penis and become well-hung immediately.

Also, there are sleeves that you can use together with a flaccid penis.

Definitely beats using the dildo…since it’s you driving that thing.

#2— Super Safe: Have Lots of Sex & Practice Kegel Exercises

What Dave Asprey (Bulletproof) found was that when you actively use your penis. Be it regular sex or regular Kegel exercises…

Your penis actually increase in size for 15–20%!

There is no scientific evidence behind this, but I can attest.

If you use your penis you’ll get an increased size for a while…

Don’t use it, however — the penis will shrink to a little smaller than it’s a normal state.

Kegels are overall amazing exercise to keep your penis healthy.

It is like a gym for your penis.

When you strengthen the penis muscle. Which is just a big blood vessel and spongy tissue. You’ll have stronger, longer erections. And increase the control that actually helps you last longer in bed.

If you get stronger erections… it kinda means your penis gets bigger… and also feels bigger.

Just ask any woman, they will attest that they love rock-hard penis vs bigger but barely erect one.

man exercising to improve penis health

Maybe this is all you need?

You practice Kegels by contracting your PC muscles. PC muscles are the ones you use to stop peeing.

It’s a lifelong exercise like gym. If you practice clenching PC muscles. Holding and releasing for around 2 weeks regularly, you’ll notice positive effects.

Stop doing it and penis will weaken.

Kinda the same as all penis enlargement practices — use it or lose it.

The easiest way to practice is to use going to the toilet as a trigger reminder to your brain.

Every time you pee, clench your PC muscles for 5secs and release. Stop and start for up to 5x. Once you finish urinating hold it for the final time for 10 secs.

You do it and you’ll notice awesome results.

#3 — Jelqing: Make Your Penis Bigger Just Using Your Hands

man stretching like jelqing exercise

I wrote an in-depth guide of jelqing before.

This is a quick version.

Jelqing works by stretching your half erect penis with a number of exercises.

For specific technique check the article.

But note that like with penis pumps you must be EXTREMELY careful!

Read everything on Pegym. The best community and information online on penis enlargement techniques.

Then read everything on this Jelqing subreddit.

After reading all the positive and negative experiences. Proceed with caution. And do so from an informed point of view.

Because it DOES WORK. You’ll get a bigger penis.

But if you overdo it you can also break it and have permanent consequences.

#4— Learn The Deep Penetration Sex Positions To Make it FEEL Bigger

man learning deep penetration sex positions to regain erectile function

You may notice that I’m a big fan of smart techniques to increase the perception of my penis size.

Frankly, I love them.

Results are immediate and permanent.

If you have a small penis by average standards you still have some advantages.

For example, a small penis is the most anal friendly. You can also hit her G-spot easier. This will give her incredible pleasure when you angle yourself correctly.

But here are the best deep penetration sex positions for you to cherry pick from:

  • Doggy style — it’s very easy to stimulate her G-spot from here.
  • Missionary positions with a man on top — upgrade it by putting a pillow under her butt. spreading her legs up in the air or behind her legs. angle your penis to hit her G-spot and she’ll be screaming with pleasure!
  • Experiment — frankly you need to experiment to find the best ways to please your woman. Every penis owner is different. You might have crooked, angled, thick, long penis… You gotta find how to use what you have to the most advantage. Just try everything and see what sticks.

Additionally… guys over obsess around their penises. (penis length and size gains)

Patience is the key during the penis enlargement process.

But even if you have a small dick, you can still please your woman.

And give her soul-shaking orgasms that she will overlook your penis size. Even find ways to return the favor.

Like learn how to eat her pussy, make her squirt, finger her…

I’ve written a ton of guides about that.

#5 — Use These Perception Tricks To Make Penis LOOK Bigger

man utilising perception tricks to appear bigger

These might be obvious…

But maybe they are so obvious that you never thought of them.

If you are overweight simply by losing weight will give a big effect

Yeah, big belly, flappy legs make your penis actually look smaller.

Plus, overweight hurts your blood flow, erection…

blah blah blah… all that stuff.

You know it already. Just get fit.

Shave the pubic hair

Yep, if you have a huge bush your penis simply disappears there.

Have you noticed that pornstars have nicely shaved penises? They have just a little hair left on the top of their pubic bone.

Chances are you love shaved girl’s pussy…

She loves shaved penis too, heck you’ll get more blowjobs that way.

Perception is reality, my friend.

Bringing It All Together

man looking forward to penis pump journey

Now you know it all.

Pumps are not just for men who wants to increase the size of their member.

The best penis pumps, how to use them and exactly how they work.

Let the penis pumps become your best friends in battle against ED and boredom.

They are truly fun toys, if you use them the right way.

But I would really recommend not to only rely on a penis pump to get rock-hard erection.

Yes, fool around with them. Use in conjunction with constriction ring or cock ring..

But also look at long term solutions. All these devices are safe and have no side effects.

Get the blood flow going. Kegel exercises do wonders.

Get yourself in shape, be active, and you will soon find yourself not needing the crutch.

Oh, and don’t forget about penis sleeves. They are very safe to use. No one should be afraid of it.

Mix things up!

Wishing you luck and a safe journey!