7 Best Anal Hooks Of 2023 (How To Use It For Bondage Play)

Here are our top picks for the best anal hook; whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’ll find the best stainless metal anal hook that fits you.

best anal hook

If you’ve been hooked into buying an anal hook, knowing where to start with these BDSM toys can be a little intimidating if you aren’t familiar with them.

Anal hooks are popular for lovers of BDSM or bondage toy users looking to try out anal pleasure and add some more kinky time in the bedroom.

And if you’re looking for the best BDSM Stores online, you can check out here.

Anyway, here are our top picks for the best anal hook. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, you’ll find the best stainless metal anal hooks that fit you.

But first, let’s begin with the TOP 3. 

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Master Series Hooked Stainless Steel Anal Hook has everything you’re looking for in an anal hook. It’s pleasurable, restricting, convenient to work with, and LOOK HOW PRETTY!

Budget Pick

Oxy Stainless Steel Anal Hook is perfect for those on a budget. It’s simple, works perfectly as one solid piece of steel, feels good, and won’t break the bank.

Best Anal Hook Collar For Posture Training

The Oxy Collar to Anal Hook is our best all-in-one anal hook, excellent for posture training since you can put the collar on your partner. Then, add the rod and the anal hook for some full-on BDSM fun. 

With five different ball sizes, you will be satisfied here. Plus, both men and women can use it, thanks to the different collar sizes.

The Best Anal Hooks in 2023

Budget Pick

Oxy Stainless Steel Anal Hook

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Master Series Hooked Stainless Steel Anal Hook


Oxy Collar To Anal Hook

7 in
10 in
22 in – 26 in
Ball Diameter:
0.8 in
1.5 in
0.5 in – 1.5 in
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Master Series Hooked Stainless Steel Anal Hook

10 in
Ball Diameter:
1.5 in
Stainless Steel
  • Removable ball 
  • Great sensation 
  • Very pretty
  • Pricey

Hooked from Master series is the prettiest, most functional anal hook I think I’ve seen. 

It does everything perfectly – the ball is the right diameter to feel intrusive and impossible to ignore, but it’s not so big that it hurts – there’s a sweet spot that it nails just right. 

You can unscrew the ball and replace it with another one if you want something a bit more powerful, but the one they give you is perfect, in my opinion. 

And it looks SO GOOD!

There’s an elegance about it that makes it a joy to work with. Sex toys should always consider aesthetics as well as function, and the Master Hooked pulls off both with aplomb. 

There’s a weight to it that makes it feel restricting and exhilarating WITHOUT being painful. When inserted, you can feel the quality. 

It has a nice 10 inches of length that’s easy for the dominant partner to work with and tie off to other things without having to fiddle around awkwardly. 

Basically, if there’s a gold standard for anal hooks, this is it.

Budget Pick

2. Oxy Stainless Steel Anal Hook

7 in
Ball Diameter:
0.8 in
Stainless Steel
  • Simple and highly effective
  • Great price for the quality
  • Can wear for a long time comfortably
  • Not that pretty

This Oxy Stainless Steel Anal Hook does everything you need it to with NO bells and whistles. 

It’s all ONE PIECE: a single ball and a part of the hook, making up for the 5” insertable length. Meanwhile, the larger part of the rod connects to a simple shibari ring that’s perfect for tying off to something for restraining or posture play. 

This device is comfortable enough to wear even for extended periods, even walking around the house. Public play might be a step too far, though, like with any anal hook. 

And it’s CHEAP!

Stainless steel is an expensive material, but this manages to be high quality and affordable for any budget. It’s not the prettiest anal hook you’ll find, but it does the job perfectly without any problems.

A great choice for kinksters on a budget.


3. Oxy Collar To Anal Hook

22 in – 26 in
Ball Diameter:
0.5 in – 1.5 in
Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable to most body types 
  • Collar and hook in one piece is convenient
  • Doesn’t transfer heat that well

Anal hooks are hot. Collars are hot. 

But you know what’s REALLY HOT? Combining both into this beautiful contraption. It comes in three pieces – collar, rod, and anal hook.

Stick them all together, and you get a good time. The collar snaps on easily and can be locked to secure your sub, allowing you to slide the ball into their ass. 

You can choose from 5 different ball sizes. Actually, 4 – one option is to have NO BALL at all, just a smooth rounded end to the hook. The largest size is 1.5 inches, perfect for someone who wants to really feel the movement. 

The whole thing is highly adjustable, so you’ll get a good fit however tall you or your partner is. And the collar comes in two sizes, one for men and one for women. 

It might not have the same infinite possibilities as a shibari ring on the end of a hook, but for sheer convenience, combined with the rigidity and weight of stainless steel is a lot of fun for any kinky couple.

UberKinky Cock Ring With Anal Ball Lock


4. UberKinky Cock Ring With Anal Ball Lock

4 in
Ball Diameter:
1.6 in
Stainless Steel
  • Different sizes of cock ring available
  • Hands-free prostate massage during sex
  • Not much use for bondage

If you happen to own a penis and a prostate, you’ll want one of these. 

The UberKinky Cock Ring With Anal Ball Lock does exactly what it suggests. It’s a 1.6-inch anal ball with a J-shaped rod jutting out and curving round to make a cock ring to use while the ball is inside him. 

The feeling is INCREDIBLE – you get contact with your prostate from the ball, which moves whenever you do. And the cock ring keeps everything nice and hard – not that that would be a problem! 

The ball is removable by screwing it for easier cleaning, and you can choose from 4 sizes –  4 cm (1.57 inches), 4.5 cm (1.77 inches), 5 cm (1.96 inches), and 5.5 cm (2.16 inches). That covers MOST penis sizes, so you’re sure to get a tight but not dangerous fit. 

It’s great for solo play, femdom scenes, or just to add something extra spicy to otherwise ordinary sex. 

And while you could turn the rod the other way and use it as a regular anal hook, there are other items on this list that will do that job better. So choose the right tool for the job.

Uberkinky Anal Hook With Two Balls


5. Uberkinky Anal Hook With Two Balls

11 in
Ball Diameter:
1.2 in, 1 in
Stainless Steel
  • Two balls for double the fun
  • Impossible to get out of
  • Can’t switch the balls out

What’s better than an anal hook with a ball on the end? 

How about one with TWO BALLS on the end? 

It looks like the good folks at Uberkinky had the same idea because they’ve come out with this intriguing piece. 

There are two balls on the end of the hook, measuring 1 inch and 1.2 inches in diameter. They only work with the small one first, making it a warm-up for the larger ball.

There’s really no escaping this simple yet effective design – if you squirm and wriggle around, you’ll only succeed in making it penetrate deeper. So it’s an ideal choice for posture training that everyone can enjoy.   

It’s kind of a shame that you can’t switch the balls out.

If you only want a single ball sometimes, you shouldn’t get this, as you have to use both balls in the correct order for them to work properly. 

Still, if you enjoy the sensation of two for the price of one, why would you need anything else?

Best Unisex Anal Hook

6. The Anal Intruder, Bondage Lock for Anal Chastity

About 7 in
Ball Diameter:
2 in
Stainless Steel
  • Highly versatile
  • Unisex design
  • Very affordable
  • Ball might be too wide for some users

The typical anal hook is probably designed with shibari in mind, a sexy lady on her knees forced to keep her back straight with her arms and legs tied up with enough rope to moor a ship. 

And that’s a major fun time, but what about the boys? Man butts deserve hooks too. #feminism. 

If you and your partner like to switch things up and alternate roles, you’re in luck. 

The Anal Intruder is a unisex anal hook with a T-bar design ending in two rings instead of one. 

You can use one of these rings as a cock ring while the ball goes in your man’s butt, leaving another ring free for all sorts of interesting bondage positions. 

Or, if the lady’s the one getting hooked, there are two rings to play around with, making this an exceptionally versatile toy that can be used in so many different ways. 

The ball is BIG – about 2 inches in diameter, so it’s NOT for butt stuff beginners. But with some practice, you’ll be able to take it, and then the possibilities are endless.

DOMINIX Deluxe Small Anal Hook

7. DOMINIX Deluxe Small Anal Hook

5 inches
3.8 inch
  • Great for anal and vaginal insertion
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for bondage play
  • The ball can get loose, so remember to tighten!

If you’re experienced with anal play and want to spice things up in the bedroom further, this small yet powerful DOMINIX deluxe small anal hook is perfect.

With a 3.8-inch circumference and a 5-inch insertable length, the anal hook is suitable for vaginal insertion too. The 1-diameter ring is for attaching your choice of restraint. Thanks to its shape, you can hit the G-spot and P-spot easily.

The aluminum material of the hook makes it nice and easy to clean. Just make sure to tighten the ball before each use. If you find the DOMINIX ball too small, they also have a medium option you can progress to with a length of six inches.

What is an anal hook?

An anal hook is, well, exactly what you would think. It’s a ball on a hook in the shape of the letter J, where the short end with the ball goes in your butt. Once inside, your partner can tie the other end to something to provide tension and restriction. 

For more anal toy options and content, consider checking out our guide here.

Why Use An Anal Hook?

Anal hooks aren’t the most popular sex toy in comparison to dildos, but they can bring a lot of fun to the bedroom, not just for BDSM lovers.

Below are some reasons why you should try out an anal hook in the bedroom.

  • Great for predicament play – With anal hooks, you have to choose pain or pleasure on either end. For example, attaching a rope to their hair on one end with the hook in the anus makes them select which end to increase tension.
  • Perfect for subs and doms – As a dom, making your sub wear an anal hook during the day with restraint is an extraordinary sexual experience.
  • Explore new stimulation – Most sex toys aren’t made of stainless steel or metal, so this material provides a new feeling and is perfect for temperature play.

When To Use An Anal Hook?

If you’ve decided to purchase an anal hook, you might be wondering the best times to use them during sex.

We’ve listed a few ways to try your anal hook below, but always ensure you’re in the mood and lubed up first!

  • Domination – If you play the dom in your relationship, making your sub wear an anal hook daily can be an incredible turn-on while you tie them up to something else.
  • Solo fun – Anal hooks are great for solo play. Holding the hook on one end, you can give yourself an internal massage, stimulating both the G-spot and P-spot.
  • Rope bondage – Thanks to the hook, you can use a rope with your anal hook to restrain your partner and combine this with suspension bondage.
  • Temperature play – Since anal hook material is cold, it’s fantastic for temperature play. You can heat or make it colder for extra stimulation.
  • Hair pulling – If your partner has a long ponytail, you can tie the rope end of your anal hook to their hair. This is a predicament play. Just make sure the ropes are not too tight; otherwise, it can cause harm to the muscle tissue.

How do you use an anal hook safely?

Insertion is easy – just use plenty of lube and take it slow. If it hurts, you’re doing something wrong. 

Once it’s in, talk to your partner while they’re tying up the restraints so that it’s not painful. It should cause discomfort if you move around, but it should feel fine if you keep still. That’s the purpose! They’re often used to keep subs from moving or for posture training. 

Anal Hooks Safety Tips & Tricks

Besides enough lube and communication, we recommend following a few other tips and tricks when using anal hooks to ensure everything stays safe.

  • Heat it – Anal hooks can be cold due to the metal material. To make them more pleasant, warm under hot water first -unless temperature play is not your thing!
  • Make sure you are aroused – These toys will be more fun if you’re aroused first. Choose a position where you or your partner is relaxed and comfortable to make insertion easy.
  • Keep it clean – Always clean your anal hook after using it. You can use sex toy cleaner and warm water or boil water to sterilize it.
  • Take it slow – Never push an anal hook inside too deep or make sudden movements when using one. The key to a good time with this toy is patience.
  • Ensure the ball is tight – Some balls on anal hooks are removable, always give them an extra tighten each time you’re about to use one.
  • Start with butt plugs – We would not suggest jumping straight into anal hooks as a beginner. Instead, warm yourself or your partner up with butt plugs first to make it easier.

The Best Anal Hook Buying Guide


Stainless steel. That’s what you want. Anything else is a bad idea for an anal hook. Too flexible, too weak, too toxic… so it’s stainless steel or nothing. 

And watch out because there are a fair few unscrupulous vendors who will happily sell you a cheap hook made out of god-knows-what metal, which will rust and maybe even poison you. 

So make sure you trust your vendor and remember steel is heavy. If your hook is light, it might not be what you think it’s made of. 

Ball Size

Most anal hook balls aren’t very big – that’s for good reason.

When you added tension to the inside of the wearer using rope or some alternative, you’re creating a lot of pressure. Having a stretched-out anal cavity with hard pressure applied to it is a recipe for problems such as anal fissures.

That’s one reason why it’s important that the anal hook shouldn’t be painful by default. 

There are variants with no ball at all, but those will slip right out unless tension is maintained at all times. Ball sizes typically go from about 1 inch to 2 inches in diameter.

That’s a decent amount of range for you to get the stimulation you’re looking for without hurting yourself. 

And if you’re new to using steel for anal play, remember – you’ll want a metal toy that’s smaller than any silicone or flesh you can fit in your butt. Penises compress, as does silicone, so metal will make you feel much more full even when it’s the same size. 

Ball Shape

Most balls are more or less spherical, which is less comfortable to insert and leave in. That’s considered a feature, not a bug for most anal hook buyers – it’s not supposed to be all comfort and pleasure. 

But there are also ergonomic shapes available. Some anal hooks have butt plug-style teardrop shapes, making them easier to insert and more pleasant for the wearer. 

And others have bumps or double balls that are meant to increase stimulation when tension is added. 

Rod Angle

The angle of the rod is an important consideration when you’re planning scenes.

Anal hooks usually come in two styles of rod angle – where the rod bends up in a full semicircle to come parallel with the longer rod or where it sticks out. 

A parallel rod angle is good for posture training and might be a bit more awkward to use, but it will stay in no matter what you’re doing. 

Whereas one that sticks out will be more noticeable as time goes on and a bit more versatile. 


A good anal hook is made of stainless steel, with what’s called “medical-grade” stainless steel being the top choice. 

It’s an ideal material as it’s smooth, hard, easy to clean, and doesn’t rust. 

While most anal hooks are NOT CHEAP, some can be as low as $20-$30 for a basic one.


How do you clean and care for your anal hooks?

Since anal hooks are usually made of steel, they’re super easy to clean. 

First, you take the hook out, obviously. If the ball part is detachable, you should take it off the rest of the hook for cleaning.

Remove any rope it might be attached to as well – getting rope wet can have negative consequences. 

Wash every part of the toy thoroughly with soap and water, or just put it in the dishwasher if you’re feeling lazy. Then just wait for it to dry and put it away. 

Where can I buy anal hooks online?

You can buy anal hooks from reputable sellers, such as the ones on this list. Anything from there is going to be well-made from high-quality materials and reliable. 

Other shops may vary.

As a general rule, be suspicious of anything cheap that claims to be stainless steel, as it might not be. You should do your own research before buying anything that goes inside you to see if you trust the toy and the manufacturer it came from. 

How does it feel to use an anal hook?

The ball part, once inserted, feels more or less like a butt plug. There’s likely to be some challenge or mild discomfort at first, then once you relax around it, it feels good if you’re doing it right.

If the hook is then attached to something else, it’s a different story.

The gentle pressure will still be there, but if the rope or attachment is tight, then you’ll experience discomfort whenever you move from the proper position, whatever it might be. There’s a lot of tension on your butt, which ranges from very pleasurable to bordering on painful, depending on your tolerance and the tightness of the rope. 

How long can you use an anal hook?

You can use an anal hook as long as it’s not painful, so as long as the hook doesn’t hurt, then it’s safe to keep it in for the duration of a scene. 

Bear in mind that these aren’t toys for wearing in public or all-day use, and they should be removed at the end of any scene. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ll want a butt plug instead. 


If you’re ready to get into some predicament play or posture training, a quality anal hook is pretty much a necessity. So grab one now! The first time you use one, you’ll be… addicted.

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