Ass Worshiping: What Is It and How to Do It?

There’s not a lot of valuable info out there about ass worshiping. So what is it? A type of anal play? A kink? We’ll answer all those questions for you here. Read on:

ASS WORSHIPING? What’s that?

Is that some type of anal play? Anal sex? So many questions, but there aren’t a lot of answers on the internet.

Anal play and ass worship are two acts that may overlap in some ways, but they’re not entirely the same. 

Derriere devotion can be quite a niche sexual activity. Not a lot of people do it, much less know about it, so hearing about ass worship can be quite confusing for a regular kinky folk.

With that, let’s shed some light on this sacred booty space for worship so you can understand what exactly it is. And if it’s something you find yourself into, how can you do it?

What is ass worshiping?

Ass worship or booty worship is, as the name suggests, the act of worshiping the ass. Simple as that.

You are really only worshiping the booty. You don’t take pleasure from another person as you do in anal play. And with that alone, you can separate ass worship and anal play because of the difference in INTENTION.

It doesn’t have to involve anal play, analingus (oral sex on the anus), or any kind of penetration. Likewise, the ass doesn’t have to be treated as an orifice for a person to experience orgasm.

Instead, it’s a body part to worship for all its glory. In fact, you can SIMPLY look at your partner’s ass. Period.

This is often done by people with an ass fetish or a type of submissive worship in a Dom/sub relationship, which is more common.

The worshiping can be done in any way the couple sees fit. For example, a Dom can make their sub worship their ass by doing an act of honor such as giving gifts and tributes and getting sex toys specifically for the ass.

What makes ass worshiping oh so alluring?

Inherently, it’s the power dynamics between partners during sex. It’s a kinky act of service.

One worships. The other is worshiped. It’s sexy and hot for the people involved—the person being worshiped, in most cases, the Dom, demonstrates they are a king or queen. And they think their derriere deserves to be worshiped.

In their world, there are many reasons for the ass to be devoted to. Its shape, bounce, softness, strength… the list could go on. And it’s a vessel to reveal a Dom’s power over their submissive partner.

With that, subs love and are honored to be used as a throne by their Dom. It is ONLY RIGHT for their Dom’s divine ass to sit on them. 

How to ass worship

1. Talk about ass worshiping with your partner

So, you realize that ass worshiping is something you’re into. It might be that you want to be worshiped, or you want to worship your partner’s ass.

If you want your ass to be worshiped

Now how do you bring that up to the table without sounding like a creep or a weirdo?

That’s natural. It could be quite a peculiar kink, but nothing that can’t be solved by open and straightforward communication.

For one, don’t be too worried about it. The topic itself is quite sexy AF. And before you know it, your partner might be into it as well!

It’s essential to time the conversation well. Don’t bring it up during the heat of the moment, like when you’re making out. Your partner might feel like they are being persuaded into doing something they didn’t agree to be a part of. So do the talk out of the bedroom—with clothes on and everything.

Explain to your partner what turns you on about it and why you’d want to try it out with them. It should be a “We” conversation, not an “I” one. Both of you are involved in it, so you should be clear about including them and their opinion about the matter.

Once the subject is out in the open, don’t rush your partner. Instead, let them form an opinion about it, even give them enough space and time to think and research about it.

Don’t force them if they’re not into it. Ass worshiping is only fun and sexy when it’s real. And you’ll know when it’s fake or for show.

If your partner brings it up

Well, you might be surprised about what it is exactly and what it implies. One of the things you might want to ask is who will be doing the worshiping and who will be worshiped?

From there, try to form an opinion on what YOU might want if you get into it.

Take your time to figure out if it’s something you are interested in or not. Of course, it’s totally okay to say no if you feel uncomfortable about it. But if you want to try it out, communicate your expectations and limits with your partner.

Something to note

After all, consent is the most important aspect of any sexual activity and relationship.

2. Prep for anal play

The level of preparation you’ll get into depends from one couple to another.

Anal hygiene is pretty subjective, TBH.

Some people get turned on from the natural musky smell of ass—when it’s sweaty and everything. Others prefer the clean scent of freshly washed butt. 

Discuss with your partner what you both prefer and come to an agreement.

For example, if part of your ass worship is anal sex with a penis or sex toys, douching might be on the table. Note that it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be done each time. But it’s one you can do to clean out the anal channel thoroughly.

At times, regular washing with mild antibacterial soap and water can get the job done. In fact, others just use baby wipes, and then they’re good to go.

Another anal play prep you might consider is to landscape the anus or not. Butt hair is NORMAL, and might even be attractive to others.

There are definitely pros and cons about it, though.

For one, a clean shaved anus feels more intense because nothing is standing it with the anus’ nerve endings and the external stimulation. 

At the same time, there are always risks to shaving or waxing with microabrasions. These tiny tears could be entryways for bacterial infections and STIs, so that’s definitely something to consider.

And finally, an important, non-negotiable prep is LUBE.

Lube, lube, lube. You can never use too much lube in all things anal. If you’re going to do any type of anal stuff, then lube should always be within reach.

The type of lube you might want to use depends. If you use toys, it’s always safe to go with water-based lubes. However, if you’re going to use your hands or your penis, you can go for silicone-based or oil-based lubes that are thicker and more long-lasting.

3. Create the right environment

Your environment should be a suitable space for worship for any type of devotion.

The play feels more natural when the mood of the room is right.

You don’t want any distractions as it takes you away from the moment. There should be no TV noise blaring the news in the background, no pets running around, and no stinky smell in the air from the trash bins you forgot to put out.

To know more, here are some tips:

  • Set your intentions. The mood when you’re going for rough headboard slamming sex is different from when you’re ass worshiping. You’d want something more solemn, sensual, and quiet.
  • Dim the lights. Lighting is such an impactful aspect of a sexy mood. For example, everything looks sexier in candlelight. And it truly gives off the devotion vibes.
  • Remove visual distractions. Remove any trash lying around. Set away any piles of clothes on the floor. Having a thoughtful space puts you and your partner at ease and in a more worshiping mood.
  • Waterproof the area. If you’re thinking of incorporating toys or anal play, it’s best to waterproof the area with towels and whatnot. This saves you from the worry about the cleanup after so you can enjoy the act better.
  • Use your senses. Engage all your senses to set the mood more effectively. It can be visual, like incorporating erotic media. If it’s the sense of smell, a sexy perfume or scented candle can do the trick. Of course, with touch, adding vibrations into your sesh could heighten each other’s senses. 

4. Explore various ass worshiping positions

Here are some positions for your ass worshiping sessions:

Bury me down

This is one of the most effective acts of enforcing power structure. Burying the face into the ass is so carnal.

Basically, the face of the submissive is inserted into the space between the Dom/Domme’s butt cheeks.

One way to do it is by having the submissive partner sit on their knees, a very submissive and worshiping pose. Then, the dominant partner leans their body back and positions their butt right into the submissive’s face.

This act is literally like “praying” into the ass.

look and love

The dominant partner lies on their side. The dominant partner can lie flat for comfort. Or, they can push their ass up in the air to give their submissive more access to their ass for worshiping.

Propping themselves with a cushy pillow gives a more goddess aesthetic, and it adds comfort as well. 

Ass worshiping is not just using the face to worship the derriere, of course. Another way to devote and admire the ass is by massaging it with oil and reveling in its wonder.

Face Sitting

A truly queening position for a Domme. 

The submissive lies on their back. The Domme squats over the submissive’s face, burying the submissive’s face into their ass.

This is a move that FULLY gives the Domme control. And that also means one step to smothering, so be careful.

There are couples that engage in ass smothering, though. Any type of breath play is quite extreme and should be done with caution, preparation, and trust between couples.

5. Eat ass

Going all-in-with-the-face analingus is a kinky ass worshiping act you can do.

Use flavored lubes

Eating ass is one of the best ways to show devotion to the ass. To make this act more palatable, using flavored lubes adds taste to the butt, of course.

Tongue and teeth techniques

  • When you use your tongue, go all out. Use your nose and chin as well, especially when your mouth and tongue start to feel slack.
  • Create circles around the folds or crinkles of the anus, which has lots of nerve endings and gets more pronounced as the receiver is more aroused.
  • Vary and experiment with pressure, speed, and direction. Get the dominant’s feedback and pleasure them rightfully so.
  • Add variation by making the tongue flat. It covers a larger real estate on their anus and wets the area more in each lick.
  • You may use teeth—but ONLY gently. Lightly nibbling the anus can be sensual and arousing.

6. Worship with the penis

If the Domme feels generous, they can allow the submissive the ultimate stage of ass worship: with their penis.

There are various sex positions for this, but the doggy style is one of the most effective. The Domme can go on all fours while the submissive waits for the Domme’s go signal to enter thy kingdom.

You can act out the butt worshiping more by declaring to deposit and offer the submissive to cum right inside.

And when all is said and done, the submissive can say his prayer of thanks to the higher power that is the Domme’s ass. 


Treat that ass as a portal of worship—and derriere devotion might just be the next thing you need to incorporate into your sexual repertoire.

It’s not for everyone, of course, but it could be a source of satisfying kink for people with ass fetish and D/s relationships. Or, it might just be a sexy roleplay—even for vanilla sexplorers!

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