Are Sex Dolls Worth It In 2024? An Honest Answer

You might take a step back from buying a life-size sex doll because of its price. Don’t worry. We’re here to answer all your questions so you can decide… are sex dolls worth it?

You’re thinking of getting your very first sex doll. 

But… one thing is stopping you: the hefty price tag.

Life-size sex dolls cost AT LEAST thousands of dollars. Really good and realistic ones, especially when you customize them, easily rack higher prices.

And you don’t even know if you’d actually like it when it arrives!

When I ordered my first sex doll, I had the same worries. But I’ve grown my collection since then. 

So from one sex doll enthusiast to another, I’ll share with you my thoughts, experience, and tips on these “love” dolls.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Sex Doll

One of the first things you need to know is your WHY. Determine if you’re looking for companionship or realistic sex in a sex doll.

And it’s not just fun and games, so you need to think real hard if you can commit to cleaning and maintaining it for the years to come.

Finally, ask yourself if you deserve this splurge and if it makes you happy and excited. Because if it does, then what’s stopping you?

It depends on how much you will use them

The frequency of how often you use sex dolls is a double-edged sword.

To get the most out of your money, of course, you should use it as much as you can. Why spend thousands of dollars if you’ll only leave her collecting dust in the corner of your room?

Sex dolls don’t say no. Flowers, courting, or foreplay are unnecessary. 

She’s ready whenever you are.

In fact, most guys admit to using their sex dolls several times a week (at least according to this Reddit thread).


Sex dolls don’t clean after themselves. That will be YOUR job.

And you have to clean it after every use (for hygienic purposes).

If you don’t have the time, energy, and space for bathing and douching your doll each time you use it, then plan out when you’ll spend some sexy time with her.

Know exactly what to expect from the doll

…and what not to.

Most people get a sex doll to enhance masturbation—others for companionship. 

Regardless of which team you fall under (or both), you must set your expectations.

A doll will be cold, lifeless, and unresponsive. Its blank eyes staring into nothingness might even creep you out.

Once you get past that weirdness, you’ll start appreciating it for what it is: a sex toy.

It’s like having a woman you can do as you please.

Explore your deepest, kinkiest fantasies. 

Like to try impact play? Experiment with flogging, caning, and spanking with no need for safe words.

Have a furry fetish? Dress her up with a catgirl costume.

You won’t have to worry about a police officer knocking on your door at 2 in the morning and getting you in handcuffs.

Don’t start with a life-sized doll; choose torso instead

If you can’t stretch your budget to buy a life-sized sex doll, you don’t have to push it. 

Get a sex doll torso instead.

It gives you almost all of the perks of a full-sized sex doll, but at a fraction of the price. 

Since it’s lighter and smaller, it’s easier to clean, store, and maneuver to different sex positions.

With a sex doll torso like this Britney doll, you will get to experience the bounce of realistic TPE breasts and an almost true-to-life vagina not just on the external look but also in the internal textures.

It only weighs 35 lbs. and costs only a little over $300 – a fifth of the price of a full-sized sex doll that usually starts at around $1,500. Great deal!

Benefits of Owning a Sex Doll

You’ve checked out your shopping cart and swiped your card. The gigantic box is right at your doorstep.

You’re excited. (Who wouldn’t be?)

It left a dent in your wallet, but it’s ultimately a good investment.

Why? Let’s discuss the benefits of owning a sex doll.

Fulfilling Sex Life

The most obvious reason: SEX.

In the real world, partnered sex can be complicated.

Sometimes, your partner may not be in the mood. 

You also have to woo them. You can’t just pin her down and thrust your peen because you feel like it.

But with sex dolls, you can have sex anytime you want in any sex position you like. She’ll never decline or say, “Not right now.

You can literally fulfill any sexual fantasy you have. She’ll always be up for it, and there are just sooo many sexventures you can perform.

Realistic Experience

Having sex with a sex doll can be super LIFELIKE.

She looks and feels super realistic.

Her eyes are so dreamy. And she’s super beautiful

But you don’t just feast on the visuals. You can relish your sense of physical touch as well.

Run your fingers through her face, the curve of her breasts, her hips… She’s soft but firm, just like a real woman.

We’ve gone so far in the quality of today’s sex dolls.

Best Destressing Exercise

Your sex doll could be a good destresser, especially if physical touch is your love language.

How? Simply by hugging!

I know that sounds weird, but hear me out.

Hugging shows signs of reduced activity in the part of the brain1 associated with stress. It also releases the chemical “cuddle hormone,” aka oxytocin, which lessens stress and makes you happier.

Cuddling with your sex doll after a long, tiring day is a great destressing activity.

Fetish and Kinks

A sex doll could be your dream girl come to life. Okay, maybe not “life,” but existence.

Everyone has an ideal type, and with a sex doll, you can literally choose a doll that fits those boxes.

Plus, you can customize her to most details that matter to you.

For example, if you have a boob fetish—huge or small—you can modify that to your love doll. You can carry out your fetishes and kinks to a lady doll who’s ready and waiting for you.

A Long-Term Companionship

Some people like solitude, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel lonely. A sex doll serves as a companion, so you don’t feel so alone even when you don’t want to interact with other people.

You can trust that your sex doll will always be there for you. She won’t leave you for another person or priorities as you’ll only be her entire world. 

Plus, you can say goodbye to complicated, drama-filled relationships if you don’t have the energy to maintain those.

May Help Attract Women’s Attention

Sex dolls can also be your practice companion. You can experiment with it without worrying if you make a mistake or you’re not good at something like, maybe, fingering.

It could also give you a better understanding of the psyche of women, especially as you’ll be one dressing up and taking care of your sex doll.

This experience alone could help you build your confidence and overcome some self-esteem issues.

Women could sense this, which may help women find you more attractive.

Enhancing Photography Skills

Into portrait photography?

Your sex dolls can hold their poses for a looong time, unlike us mere humans. She can stay in a certain position, and you can play around with different angles to practice how to best capture such poses.

Plus, you can dress her up in any theme you like, and rest assured she’ll look good.

It’s a really great way to practice photography and refine your talent. 


Sex dolls are HEAVY. I mean, that’s the size of a full-sized human being. And because they don’t carry their weight at all, that means you’ll have to hold their entire weight on your own.

There’s a lot of carrying to do. You have to change her position, bathe her, clothe her, and store her.

With all those lifting, you’ll get to know muscles you’ve never been introduced to before.

It’s a free workout at home. You might even gain some biceps and look fitter.

Other Benefits

But wait, there’s more. Here’s a summary:

  • Sex dolls are safe and clean. You don’t have to wear condoms and worry about contracting STIs.
  • You can use it with a partner for a threesome.
  • Better sexual health due to orgasms. In turn, you can boost your immune system, lower the risks of prostate cancer, and boost heart health.

Factors That Can Affect a Sex Doll’s Price

Sex dolls have different price points. Before we get into the usual upgrades and customizations of sex dolls, let’s discuss the common factors that affect the price of your sex doll.

Custom Body Parts

Some sex dolls are molded in one single piece. They tend to be more affordable, but they’re also not as realistic because the parts aren’t movable.

For some sex dolls, their body parts like the head, hands, feet, breasts, and genitals are created separately. This gives more realism and more detail, but they’re also expectedly pricier because of the extra work.

Skin Color

Most sex dolls have a default skin color. And oftentimes, it’s the cheaper route because they can just quickly manufacture the doll.

If there are more skin color options, it could take extra time and work. Hence, sex dolls with different colorations come with a higher price tag.

But many prioritize this option because it affects the overall look of the sex doll that matches their preference.

Hair and Makeup

Sex dolls come in a mold, and their heads may be premade and simply attached to the body.

For others, you can customize the makeup and hair as well. Some have premade looks as well, while others let you mix and match.

You can modify it down to the lipstick color, eye color, eye makeup, nose size or look, and hairstyles and hair colors.

Extra Features

With sex dolls, there’s a large spectrum of features you can customize. 

Of course, it’s not always the case for each sex doll. It still matters from one manufacturer to another.

In fact, some could let you add the tiniest details like scars, blemishes, and freckles. 

Other brands also add varying levels of artificial intelligence to the dolls, making them a bit more interactive. And as you can expect, that’s a pricey feature.

Thinking of customizing the doll? Which upgrades are worth it?

With a sex doll, you can bring the girl of your dreams to life – at a price. 

So which upgrades are actually worth the additional $$$?

TPE or silicone?

TPE Sex Doll
Silicone Sex Doll

Totes up to you. (By the way, these pics are clickable. Tap away to see the prices.)

TPE and silicone both feel good to touch. Choosing which one is better reeeeally boils down to personal preference.

Some like silicone’s smooth and realistic appearance, while others prefer TPE’s softness.

I’ll give it to TPE for being more “lifelike” as it’s soft, squishy, and flexible (translation: breasts and butts jiggle and bounce).

Silicone is firmer, but that also means it holds shape better. Great if you’re into rough, super-duper vigorous sex.

With silicone dolls being more expensive, is it worth it? Well, silicone is more durable than TPE (TPE lasts between 2-5 years while silicone, on average, can last at least 10 years), it’s non-porous, and it’s heat resistant. So if those are important to you, then go for it!

Or, you may peruse through hybrid dolls – sex dolls with a silicone head and TPE body – to get the best of both worlds.

Standing feet option?

Yes, toe-tally!

Enabling your doll to stand upright makes it convenient for standing sex positions, dressing or cleaning it up, and taking photos.

When should you not opt for it? If you have a foot fetish.

Small metal bolt heads will protrude at the bottom of the standing doll’s feet – NOT sexy to look at.

Gel breasts?

Yes, yes, yes!

Gel breasts (also called gel implants) are the perfect balance between standard and hollow breasts. They’re squishy, bouncy, and perky – all boxes checked for a boob man’s wishlist.

VERDICT: The most realistic and lifelike breasts on a doll!

Standard breasts (also referred to as solid breasts) come with the doll for free. They look perky, but they can be too firm to squeeze. And if you go for larger breasts, they will weigh A TON.

Hollow breasts are ideal for larger melons as they’re very bouncy and squishy – almost like real breasts! However, it lessens the bewbs’ perkiness. This option may be free, while other toymakers charge a fee.

Fixed or removable vagina?

Depends if you want variety or nah.

Removable vagina lets you do the switcheroo to experience and experiment with different masturbators – like onaholes. As long as they’re compatible.

Perk? They’re easier to clean. Downside? Some inserts can be hard to put back.

It can move around with some vigorous thrusting. But it’s always easier to replace it if something happens.

The built-in vagina feels more realistic because it’s, well, attached to the body. Some dolls also let you choose the vagina’s internal textures.

Unfortunately, they’re a bit harder to clean and dry thoroughly. 

Remember – you have to get to all its nooks and crannies! And drying it completely is important to avoid molds and foul odor.

Heating systems?

You can skip it.

Internal heating systems are high-maintenance. If it breaks, you can’t DIY replacing, repairing, or modifying the system (unless you have a professional sex doll technician on your contact list?).

A cheaper option is external heating systems or “wands.” Downside? It only heats a specific area (vaginal or anal cavity). The rest of your doll’s body will still feel cold.

None of these sound good to you? Worry not.

You can always try warm blankets, warming lubricants, and a warm bath – with caution! Spooning and cuddling also help transfer your body heat to the doll.

Shrugging shoulders?

Erm… I guess you can just shrug this off.

TBH, in terms of sexual activities and positions, this upgrade doesn’t really do much.

Why do people get it? It adds a little more “realism” to the doll’s pose, especially if you like the “shy” look. Many of my friends like how it makes the doll look cuter and more vulnerable, so that’s something you can consider.

Enhanced mouth?

Yeah, if you’re into oral.

Standard mouths only have a hole.

With an enhanced mouth, you get an artificial tongue and teeth. They simulate blowjobs, but they don’t feel that realistic.

IMO, vaginal and anal orifices feel closer to the real thing.

Resin tongue and teeth?

Not really.

These kits are just for photography purposes. Doesn’t bring much to the table in sexual experience. You’d actually have to take them out if you want to thrust into the doll’s mouth.

Moaning system?


They can be wonky, and the sound is usually not that great.

If you’re into auditory stimulation while doin’ the deed with your doll, you can put your phone behind the doll’s head.

Or, get a small Bluetooth speaker and insert it in the doll’s mouth for a more realistic experience.

Soft Skin?

You may find “Soft” and sometimes even “Ultra Soft” skin options in some sex dolls. 

These selections are available for those who like their sex doll’s skin squishy and bouncy soft. 

While it does feel good, they come with their own downsides too. For one, they are very prone to tearing and small abrasions.

That said, TPE—which is the most common material for sex dolls—is always evolving. So it’s highly likely we’ll develop more durable skin materials over time.

Articulated Fingers?

Hold hands with your sex dolls that actually feel like she’s gripping your hand too.

Articulated fingers are built with sturdy metal joins and rounded tips. They make your sex dolls more realistic by mimicking hand gestures. Plus, they’re less likely to puncture the finger’s skin by the inner metal wire.

That said, they could also be the most fragile part of your sex doll, and you’d have to be extra careful with your doll’s hands.

Confessions from real users: What do they think of sex dolls?

If “just sex” is what you’re after, sex dolls are as close as you can get to the real thing. *sans the emotional baggage*

To be between their legs with enough lube is so similar to the real thing for me that I seriously have no motivation to pursue a real girl again. That’s a good thing for me because that constant pursuit was destroying me.


Reddit user

“Close” is the keyword here as it still doesn’t replicate sex with a real woman.

Why so? 

You’re doing all the “work,” so to speak. So it’s pretty different. That being said, with a good doll, it can still be very enjoyable provided that it’s not too heavy.

Of course, if you just want a doll with all the necessary “features” minus the exorbitant cost (and other body parts), you can get a sex doll torso. 

Considering the price, it’s definitely an aspect to consider. You might be better off with an ass toy if you just want something that feels great without the hassle of a full-sized, heavy doll that requires a bit of effort and mandatory maintenance.


Reddit user

Got questions on sex dolls? Here are the answers

What is a sex doll, exactly?

Also referred to as love dolls, a sex doll is essentially a sex toy. It’s built to resemble women and men in all aspects. Basically, it works like a human-sized masturbator.

The highest of qualities get most, if not all, the details right – from anatomically-correct holes to bouncy breasts and butts. 

Some even have movable eyes. They can be so realistic that they can sometimes be scary. Ha!

Sex dolls can come in different types. You can find one in different sizes, genders, and ethnicities.

While usually full-sized, there are also options for sex doll torsos and mini sex dolls that are cheaper and more compact.

Is a high-end sex doll worth it?

Quick answer: Y-E-S!

With a sex doll, you really get what you pay for.

You can see the craftsmanship behind a high-end sex doll in its details, materials, and build.

They are very realistic – like they’re just one breath away from coming to life.

The skin feels so soft. Breasts and butts jiggle. Its face will look just like a human girl. And it gives that ‘girlfriend’ experience.

How do sex dolls work?

There are two ways I can describe it.

First, in the “physical” aspect, a sex doll is almost like being with a real woman.

It has a body you can hug, breasts you can grope, ass you can slap, holes you can penetrate… you get the picture.

As a sex toy, it works like a masturbator. Only in the form of an artificial human being.

Hence, its main functionality is in its orifices – vagina, anus, and/or mouth.

When you thrust your penis inside it, these orifices create a vacuum. As a result, the sucking sensation feels great and pretty realistic.

Meanwhile, there is also an “emotional” side of owning sex dolls.

Some guys form a deeper connection with their sex dolls. In fact, there are those who buy a sex doll to curb their loneliness – and that’s totally okay too.

Whether you’re tired of pursuing women and relationships not working out or you have physical limitations that stop you from getting into a real relationship, you can find constant companionship with a doll.

Plus, they won’t ever leave you.

Do sex dolls feel real?

Sorry to break it to you, but having sex with a doll is not like having sex with a real woman.

Does it feel great? Yes.

Does it feel exactly the same? Nope.

But it’s actually pretty close. When you warm the vaginal hole enough, put a good amount of lube, and close your eyes, it can be pretty hard to tell it isn’t real.

This is especially true for anal and vaginal orifices. F*cking the sex doll’s mouth isn’t the same as getting a blowjob but feels great too (thanks to its vacuum-like suction) for what it is.

Should I buy a sex doll?

Definitely! There’s really no reason not to – aside from your budget, of course.

Sex feels really good. So much, in fact, that you might no longer feel the need to be with a real woman.

THAT can be a good or a bad thing.

Final Thoughts

Unless you have a finite wallet, price will be the deciding factor when buying a sex doll. But once you get over that hurdle and finally get one yourself, a sex doll will add *spice* to your sex life.

Not only will she be exactly YOUR type, but she’ll also be game to explore any of your kinkiest fantasies. 

Doesn’t that just make you excited?


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