Aneros Vice 2 Review: Is This Vibrating Aneros Any Good?

Aneros Vice 2 is a great improvement from its predecessor and comes with very new vibration features. If you are a lover of the rumbles up your chambers then you’re going to fall hard for this new vibrating Aneros.

It’s fitted with a better power source and dual motors making it a bigger size… if you love size.

aneros vice 2 review cover

The Good | It has 4 different speed levels with 18 varying vibration patterns for better stimulations. As with all Aneros, it also provides the experience of a hands-free orgasm. It has an improved power source (in-built rechargeable batteries) that has the magnetic function for connection. There’s also a ‘Joy’ button that lets you create your own vibration patterns.

The Bad | The Vice 2 is very large. This may be very rough for first-timers and even experienced prostate players who love more discreet toys. Some vibration settings could kill your prostate nerves from prolonged use and make you numb. Also, it’s fitted with porous silicone that could hold bacteria and other unpleasantries if not sanitized well.

The Bottom Line | The Aneros Vice 2 is an amazing toy with greatly improved vibrations features compared to its first edition. The functioning of the dual motors is very great at massaging both your prostate and perineum areas. The size is way bulkier and the vibrations could turn out to be a pleasure-kill rather than a Super O.

Aneros has always been at the forefront of innovative male vibrator development. 

With the first Vice vibrator release giving them massive following from prostate play dudes, they even went ahead and won the ‘Outstanding Product Design for Men’ award a few years back.

Now, they are back again and this time they gave us the Aneros Vice 2 p-spot massager that comes out as a larger version of the first Vice model.

The Vice 2 is a scaled-up design that’s bulkier but still provides a hands-free orgasm experience.

In this Aneros Vice review, we’ll get to learn more about its speeds, vibration patterns, and its power as compared to the Vice. We’ll also look at its upgraded charging system and see how it all functions to make this toy worthy of being one of the best Aneros toys.


Aneros Vice 2 Specs and Tech Overview

Aneros Vice 2 overview


Now, to make things clear… The Vice 2 is not your ordinary plug. 

It’s bulkier and pokes way deeper than the Helix Syn and the first Vice that were much skinnier with about 4” of insertable length. So, it’s shouldn’t be presented as a newb’s toy!

In measurements, it has dimensions of 1.30” across its tip-width and 1.30” again for the mid-ridge.

Going down, it has a 1.68” length from the stem to the p-tab with an insertable depth of 4.4”. That’s pretty deep, Bro.


The primary material used here is silicone. Aneros have also maintained the custom of keeping their toys phthalates and latex-free.

Just a slight difference this time though. They have made the toy’s silicone cover porous for softness and comfort. 

Well, I’m sure they had the best intention when designing it like that but it becomes a real bummer during cleaning.

Also, the Vice 2 is not entirely as soft as the Helix Syn or Syn Trident prostate massagers. It’s a bit more ‘hard’ if I can say that, but that’s probably because of the internal motors pushing against the silicone covering.

Price, where to buy

Now like all other silicone toys, the Aneros Vice 2 also doesn’t come cheap ($149.95). Yes, you’ve read that right!

But in this case, you can also consider the fact that they have improved the battery life and added extra vibration features with it.

Though for that price range, I can think of 3 other better options right at the top of my head.

Anyways… If you want to get your Aneros Vice 2 p-spot massager, then you can check out the official Aneros Site to place your order.

Oh, and if you use code SexualAlpha10 on Aneros site you’ll get 10% off. You’re welcome.

They offer FREE SHIPPING within the US for purchases worth over $75.00 dollars and also give you a warranty in case your toy breaks down.

The other trusted store selling the Vice 2 is Lovehoney and is currently retailing at $149.99.

Lovehoney also offers FREE SHIPMENT for orders made above $60.00 and delivers through DHL within 3-7 days in the US. They also issue you with a warranty in case of product failure.

Both stores mentioned above also provide international shipping if you are making your order from outside the US continent. All at an additional cost of course.

WARNING: DO NOT buy these products from eBay or Amazon as the distributors there are known to sell knock-offs made from generic materials that can potentially harm your health.

Be advised!

A Comparison Table

So, as always, I have taken some time to prepare for you a small table to help compare between the Aneros Vice 2 and the first Vice edition.

In the table this time around, we have placed a sole focus on the first Vice p-massager highlighting its specs. 

Hopefully, this will help you with your buying decision if you find yourself looking for one.

Check it out below!

(Tip-width, p-tab
insertable length)
Aneros ViceSiliconeHands-free2 vibrators. One in
silicone plug,
the other an Insertable
Vibrating Bullet
1.30”, 1.60”,

Design & Functionality

Aneros Vice 2 Design and Functionality

Here, we get to finally see what the upgraded features really are and how they influence this toy’s overall functionality.

To begin with, the most notable is that this male vibrator is configured with 4 varying speed levels with 18 different vibration patterns.

This means that from these settings, you can experience up to 72 different vibrating combinations.

The Vice 2 is also fitted with 2 motors powering the vibrations and unlike the Vice, all of them are internally fitted within the sleeve and share the same power source for extended plays.

The bonus here is that this upgrade comes with a separate remote control to enhance your hands-free experience. The remote has a connection reach of up to 30 feet.

Along its shaft, it is detailed with two sets of ridges receding downwards for additional pleasure. These ‘bumps’ actually are covering the dual motors.

The silicone touch is great for transferring the vibrating stimulation from the motors to your prostate and anal walls in real-time. 

Its Multi-Axial Motion Architecture (MAMA) feature allows movement in all-directional motions once you’ve anchored the toy.

This means that you can move it up or down, left or right, in and out, or even round circular motions to massage all around your anal walls.

Finally, it has a magnetic charging ability that enhances its waterproof capability. This is a big step-up from the Vice’s battery bullet vibrator. (I can’t help but laugh here) 

I know… What time can do, right?

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Always ensure that you ONLY use water-based lubricants with silicone toys.

Using a silicone-based lube reacts with the toy’s silicone surface and degrades its quality in the process, making it unfit for use.

Moving on… I found the best experience with p-spot toys is when using them while on your sides (feel free to explore other positions). 

Vice 2 is the largest toy I’ve ever used on myself. And, oh! You’ll definitely feel this licker up your bum… He’s the dramatic-entrance kinda guy.

The two motors do an amazing job. As one nicely massages your p-spot, the other vibrator gently cuddles your perineum regions and you get a ball-licking sensation from this.

I loved how the K and P-tabs pivoted against my seam and held in steady despite the size and let me explore more kegel motions with the vibrations.

I also did a run with the ‘Joy’ pleasure button though it sort of glitched a couple of times when using. It sent in varying vibrating intensities depending on how hard or light I pressed against it.

For me, this was very pleasant as I could get frequent light shudders from focusing on that pleasure release alone. (The size was kind of a hazard for me)

With prostate play, individual experiences are very different but you’ll get your jig once you’ve had a couple of runs.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning this toy is easy, but I wouldn’t call it a breeze. Like all other Aneros toys, it’s just a matter of rubbing it clean with warm water and soap as everything is external. 

On the other hand, because of it’s porous silicone material, you’ll find that getting all the dirt and scent from the spongy pores will give you quite the hassle.

And for that, you might end up giving it multiple washes before you’re satisfied.

The silver lining is that it is waterproof because of its magnetic charging sealing.

Combine this with its improved power source and battery life, it’s more durable in the long run.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I think I’d recommend the Aneros Vice 2 prostate massager toy for use. It may come out as a mighty ass-whooper but I personally know guys who’d give a leg to have this stiff lick up there cracks.

For those who’re still interning at the prostate orgasm play, then this will come off a little bit too strong and rough for your experience.

Even in some lower settings, the vibrations could still prove to be too intense for most guys. 

But as a consideration, the silicone touch, as always, is something worth throwing in a few bucks for.

So in a nutshell:

Who is it for?

  • Guys who prefer vibrating p-spot toys.
  • Guys who love ‘em big.
  • Guys who love a not-so-soft touch.
  • If you’re looking for longer sessions without needing to recharge. 

Who is it not for?

  • Guys who don’t like vibrating prostate toys.
  • If you prefer smaller toys.
  • If you prefer softer prostate massaging.
  • Definitely not for newbies.

What Do Other People Think About It?

As always, we’ve gathered other reviews from users who’ve posted their feedback on Reddit.

Here’s what one user, Joeboful had to say about the Vice 2:

“I have mixed feelings on this toy, to be honest. It comes with 18 vibe patterns at 4 different strengths, making for a total of 72 different sensations that can be explored. That’s great and all, but I think the most powerful prostate milking orgasms come from non-motorized toys like Helix Syn or the Maximus Trident.

Still, a single charge gets you 90 minutes of continuous play at the highest speed, so there’s a lot of potential fun to be had. The magnetic USB charging system is a stroke of genius. And because there are no electrical ports exposed on the toy, you can wash it with soap and water easily.”


Another user, Clintodon apparently also found some issues with the remote control:

My own contribution is that the vibrations feel good and strong on max setting. (Though my experience there doesn’t have many points of comparison), but the remote has connection issues. I can’t find a way to turn the vibration intensity down instead of up.

And the controller keeps losing connection so Vice 2 stops responding to the connection changes. Not too bad if I just settle on a pattern and strength, but frustrating when experimenting. Trying to decide whether to contact Aneros for repair/replacement.”



Aneros Vice 2 alternatives

Well, the Vice 2 is definitely a favorite, especially amongst vibration lovers.

But it’s unanimous that the size is… quite a butt-full. I think they might have overdone it with this one because the vibrations aren’t as uniquely pleasant as I had hoped for.

With that said… from my butt’s instincts, I’d still strongly suggest the Nexus Revo Stealth over this somewhat trial-and-error p-toy as #1 alternative.

It’s a lot smaller with even better vibration stimulations.

But, hey… If you are a sucker of Aneros products then maybe the Aneros Helix Syn might offer you some comfort or check out our Aneros Progasm review.

Especially if you want a smaller size and have a few tricks up your sleeve in prostate play.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Putting a cap on this Aneros Vice 2 review:

I’d say it’s a weighty guest and you’ll have to make peace with that before inviting him in.

It’s strong and has very powerful vibrations with the different settings and patterns, making it larger than the Vice 1 and Helix models. 

Again, the price is fair for the material rather than the service provided. But it’s just not everyone’s darling as its size, well… I personally dread stitches, so…

I CANNOT recommend this for a newbie or anyone who prefers gentler sessions.

Instead, I’d refer you to the guide above for top-ranking p-spot massagers that’ll give you a better deal and amazing experiences!

I hope this helps you with your butt-plug hunting!

Feel free to share and drop any questions in the Comment Section below.

I’m out!

Aneros Vice 2 Review

Dainis Graveris

aneros vice 2 massager


This is definitely not a newbie toy and while it might work for you, there are better, safer starter prostate massagers.


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