Analingus 101: The Only Ass Eating Guide You Need Right Now

Don’t let fear, stigma, and misinformation get in the way of your pleasure. Put your tongue to good use with this analingus guide we prepared for you.

It comes in many names.

Analingus. Rimming. Cracker Snacker. Butt licking. Tossing salad. Ass eating. Whatever you call it, it’s yummy—both for the giver and the receiver.

Curious? (Because why wouldn’t you?)

That curiosity might be interest, concern, questions, or comments (hopefully, not disgust). And that’s okay. It’s not entirely a novel thing, but surely one that would make you pause for a bit—licking the butthole?!

Analingus is usually not a topic you can bring up casually in a conversation. So we’ve compiled all the important things you need to know about it—from A to Z.

Now, let’s put that tongue to good use.

What is analingus?

Analingus sounds really close to cunnilingus, which is a more familiar term. So, yep, you’ve guessed that right:

it’s licking the butt or oral sex of the anus or oral-to-anal play.

As we said, it comes in many names. But one of the more popular terms people refer to it is rimming. It involves all types of stimulating the anus using the mouth like licking, kissing, and sucking.

In case you don’t know, you don’t have to penetrate the butt for anal play to be pleasurable.

The anal opening itself is a dense area of nerve endings. So stimulating just the area can already bring loads of anal-centric pleasure. 

Are you gay if you enjoy or try analingus?

Of course not!

Everyone has a butt. So why should anal play be stereotyped only for gay people?

The butt has a lot of nerve endings—gay or straight. Male, female, queers—everyone can enjoy analingus.

For men, there are more pleasure centers in your body aside from your penis. It’s time to explore them to unlock a full range of sensations. You’re missing out if you don’t. Swear.

Women can enjoy it as well. It goes well when you stimulate a woman’s vagina and anus—it leaves her with a filling sensation as both zones are pleasured with. 

Is analingus safe?

And by “safe,” I guess you mean clean or hygienic. Some people have apprehension about doing it because it’s the anus. It feels dirty. Or even smelly.

But don’t worry. We’ll discuss those concerns.


Poop exits on your anus.

Anal play could transmit digestive bacteria and parasites like E. coli and Salmonella from the butt to other body parts. In addition, parasites like Giardia, a microscopic parasite passed through feces, can be transmitted. Yikes.

Thankfully, these are easily preventable

The most important thing to do? Wash the anus with antibacterial soap. 

If the rimmie is experiencing any stomach bug like diarrhea or ingestion stomach pains, it’s a sign to postpone the anal session. 

Something to note

It’s also important to NEVER double dip.

It means when you use your finger, sex toy, penis, or, in this case, mouth to your anus, don’t use them on other body parts without washing.

What’s for the butt is for the butt. What’s for the vag is for the vag.

Don’t crossover, especially as the vagina is a very sensitive body part. It could easily get UTI or urinary tract information from bacteria, so being careful is a must.


STIs, or sexually transmitted infections, can be transferred via analingus like other types of sexual plays without protection.

If there are condoms for the penis, there are also dental dams for the mouth.

A dental dam is a barrier that protects users from mouth-to-anus contact during oral sex. It’s a thin and flexible material usually made from latex or nitrile.

It helps protect you from STIs such as herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital warts, and hepatitis A or B. Great, huh?

Another thing to note is keeping an eye out for cuts or abrasions on the tongue, lips, gums, and rectum. These tears are entry points for infections, so if you spot any on you or your partner, skip the analingus until they’re healed.

How to bring up analingus to your partner

If you bring it up

You’re curious about butt licking, but you don’t want to scare your partner away.

It’s always scary to bring up some sexual stuff, especially when it’s something considered more “taboo” or unconventional, like rimming.

The best time and place to open up about it is outside of the bedroom.

You shouldn’t make this conversation while you’re making out or having sex. Being in the moment muddles up judgment. Instead, you’d want to talk about it when you’re sober and clear-headed.

And, it’s not cute to put your partner on the spot.

Be as honest as you can, like by saying, “I’m quite curious to try analingus with you.”

Let that sink in, and don’t rush your partner to decide. They might need a BIT MORE time to process it or research it. 

If they have questions, try your best to answer them. Being able to communicate can help ease their minds if they feel anxious about it or have no idea about what the act is or what to do with it.

And be ready if they say no. Avoid forcing your partner to agree or change their mind.

Honest conversations about what turns you on and what turns your partner on can deepen and strengthen your sexual relationship with your partner, making you more connected with each other. 

If they bring it up

Well, it might be surprising for you. But, on the other hand, you may have heard about it before or have entirely no idea about it, and that’s why you’re reading this anal guide.

First, be open with your partner regardless of how you feel about ass licking. As they say, never say no to things when you haven’t tried them at least once.

But (!) It’s also important to remember that if you’re not comfortable about it, that’s okay too. Never be afraid of saying no to things you don’t want to do.

Something to note

The most important thing about any sexual activity is consent.

You’re both consenting adults who get an equal say about things you want to explore.

Be clear of who’s doing who

Part of the conversation is clarifying who will do the licking and who will be licked on.

Stating this right from the get-go is crucial when getting each other’s consent to avoid miscommunication. That would be… AWKWARD.

If your partner isn’t into it

It’s not the end of the world. You can incorporate sex toys. 

Some toys replicate the sensation of rimming. One example is the B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2. So that’s something you might want to try.

b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2

This way, you can still meet halfway—the person who wants to get into analingus is satisfied, while the person who’s not into it can join in and see for themselves what the act really is.

How to prepare for analingus

A thing about hairy butts

Butt hair is COMPLETELY normal. Some people have hair on their butt cheeks or anus, or both. It doesn’t have to be Hashtag Butt Hair On Fleek, but it’s up to you to keep it, or nah.

  • First, decide what your preference is. To remove them or keep them?
  • Next, ask what your partner likes. You don’t have to go with what they like, but putting their opinion into consideration is essential. Of course, you would want your partner to enjoy rimming as much as you do. But at the end of the day, what you do to your body is 100% up to you.
  • Finally, weigh the pros and cons.

There are people who like them to be natural and earthy. They enjoy the texture, scent, and sight of body hair.

Meanwhile, others want the bushes cleared. A clear ass playing field helps avoid dingleberries or poop flakes that get stuck in the butt hair.

Of course, washing the ass before anal play could also help prevent these.

Another benefit of landscaping is you get ALL THE FEELS. The stimulation is more intense with nothing in between the giver’s tongue and the receiver’s butt.

At the same time, one thing to consider when you’re waxing or shaving butt hair is microabrasions.

These are tiny tears in the skin that might not be visible to the naked eye. But, while small, they could contract STIs, which is something to consider.

With any hair removal method, there’s a risk of irritating the skin as the skin surrounding the anus is quite delicate. So when you shave it with a razor or wax, give your skin some time to heal before doing analingus.

Ingrown hairs can also be a pain in the butt—literally. You’ll experience some prickling and itching as the hair grows back. It’s just temporary, though. But, yeah, something you might want to note.

Doing some anal hygiene

Anal hygiene is even more important for analingus than any other type of anal play. It’s literally mouth-to-anus, so you’d want that area completely clean before doing some ass-eating.

Douching is not a requirement. But you can do so if you prefer.

Enema clears your canal cavity from bacteria and fecal matter. This could boost your confidence and help you enjoy rimming more without worrying about your bum situation. Furthermore, some people can find erotic pleasure from it.

But avoid doing it a lot of times. Every now and then, a simple 30-minute washing and bowel movement is enough for prep. 

Frequent enemas could impact your rectum, digestive tract, and bowels. It might also interfere with your rhythm. Another downside is the risk of tears and, eventually, infection.

How to douche/enema:

  • Rinse your douche and enema by washing the nozzle.
  • Fill the bulb with water, preferably warm.
  • Screw the nozzle back to the bulb.
  • Put some lube on the nozzle.
  • Get into position. You can lie on your side or go on all fours.
  • Insert the nozzle into your anus, then squeeze the bulb.
  • Hold the water for 10 to 15 seconds before releasing it.
  • Repeat the steps a few more times if you want.

Make sure to clean your nozzle and bulb with a mild soap before putting it away.

When should you douche? It’s good to do this a couple of hours before engaging in anal play. Some water might take more time to flow outside as they get trapped in the crevices of the rectum. Staying in or near the bathroom during these times is essential to prevent any wet mess in your bedroom.

Lubes Should Be Handy

Now, something essential for ass play is lubes. While there is no penetration going on, it’s still nice to use lube. It makes sliding the tongue easier, which is something the rimmie and the rimmer would enjoy better.

So, why not try flavored lubes for analingus?

Ass eating might be yummy for the sexy vibes, but the territory comes with its own taste. And it’s not necessarily “delicious.” And that’s okay!

There are flavored lubes available, and they make butt licking more fun and flavorful for the giver. It also makes the experience last longer because there’s actual TASTE!

Not being in the right condition

Ass eating is on tonight’s menu. However, there’s something abnormal, medical, or—sorry—gross down there at the moment. It could be an open sore, bleeding, upset stomach, or diarrhea.

That’s totally okay. Sometimes you’re into it, but sometimes your body is just not in the right condition.

If any of these things come up, be open to your partner. Put that info out beforehand to not surprise your partner when they’re eating your ass. We don’t want ‘em to have PTSD, don’t we?

Again, honesty is key to a healthy, respectful, and pleasure-filled anal session.

Best positions for analingus

Positions for analingus should not just be sexy but also comfortable, especially for the giver. You don’t want them smothered while eating your ass, don’t you?

Lying down: The good ol’ oral sex position. The receiver lays down on their back while the giver goes between their legs and dives to their bits. But this time: at the backdoor.

To make the receiver’s ass more accessible to the giving partner, the receiver should bring their legs up—like very high up, knees touching their chest. The receiver can prop a pillow under their hips to raise their bottoms up.

On all fours: Like the doggy style. It’s the easiest and most straightforward to execute. The receiver goes on all fours while the giver kneels down behind them. The receiver can raise their butt up to make it easier for the giving partner to access the anus.

Facesitting: The giver lays down on his back while the receiver sits down on the giver’s face. Of course, not totally, as that will smother the giver. It’s more accessible for the giver if the receiver faces the opposite way, their butt right on the giver’s face. As the receiver is squatting here, it can be uncomfortable for them to support their weight.

Pro Tip

Using a sex stool or queening stool is helpful for this position.

Analingus tips and techniques

1. Tongue Tricks

With analingus, your tongue is your most important asset. *wink*

Building anticipation is a good trick. Don’t go for the kill immediately. Instead, start slow and work your way up to the B-side.

Pay attention to the ENTIRE area as well. Trail soft and light kisses and licks on the rimmie’s inner thighs. Include the perineum as well, which is the patch of skin between the anus and the rimmie’s genitals. This area is just as packed with many nerve endings that are often untouched.

What to do with your tongue in the anus territory:

  • Circles: Swirl the tip of your tongue around the anal opening. It’s one of the best go-to moves in rimming for a reason.
  • Up and down: Flick the tip of your tongue at the anal opening.
  • Half circles: Imagine you’re doing a semi-circle on your tongue on the anus. Do it on each side of the anus.
  • Push: Push the tip of your tongue into the opening of the anus.
  • Ice cream: Imagine you’re licking ice cream. Make your tongue soft, then lick across the entire anus.
  • Tongue the folds: The anus has some “crinkles” around it, especially when the rimmie is more aroused. Licking it in circles can feel really good.

2. Variations

Experiment with pressure and explore different variations. Go soft or hard, depending on what feels best. You can gather more data by evaluating from 1 to 5, for example, for more information than a simple “Yes” or “No.”

Another technique you can try is switching using the tip of the tongue or keeping it flat. Just the tip gives a more targeted pressure. Meanwhile, licking with a flat tongue covers more area. The receiver can also feel the subtle texture of the tongue when you keep it flat.

You can observe physical cues when the receiver likes a particular sensation or not. 

For example, you might notice the anus relax or expand a bit when the receiver gets more aroused. It can also be a telltale sign that they liked a particular move.

3. Teeth Or Nah?

Aside from your tongue, you can also make the most of your entire mouth by using your teeth.

Is it a good idea? That depends—if you know what you’re doing.

You’d want to nibble lightly, NOT chomp down on the butthole.

This area is very sensitive. Plus, the skin is more tender and thin. Doing it with too much pressure could break the skin, which is not good as infection could enter such wounds.

So if you want to add some biting action, you can go for the buttcheeks instead of the anus. They’re meatier and could handle more vigorous playing.

4. Booty breath

Okay, what’s a booty breath?

Licking and eating ass results in your breath smelling like ass. Naturally.

What can you do? Wash your mouth and gargle some mouthwash.

Now, how can you use your breath to enhance your oral? First, it can be a turn-on to feel hot breath against the skin, especially in the inner thighs.

So blow slow hot breaths on your partner’s erogenous zones. You can tease them by getting in too close that your lips barely touch the skin, just enough to feel your breath.

5. Hand action

Just because it’s “oral” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your other body parts.

For example, you can use your hands to spread the buttcheeks and make it easier for you to hit the target: the anus. It also gives you more control—holding the hips to move it closer or further from you.

Of course, using your fingers is also fun to add more stimulation in the backdoor.

Another way to use your hands? Reach over to play with your partner’s genitals, whether the penis or vagina. It doesn’t stop there as there are many things you can do:

If your partner is a vagina owner:

  • Rub her clitoris
  • Penetrate her vagina with your fingers or sex toy like a dildo

If your partner is a penis owner:

  • Stroke his penis
  • Squeeze or caress his balls gently

Regardless of gender:

  • Play with their nipples
  • Caress their neck, back, and inner thighs
  • Squeeze and spank their buttcheeks—lightly

The multiple stimulations could make them orgasm faster.

If you’re a beginner, it might be confusing for you to focus on so many things all at once. So focusing on your task at hand can help. You can always multitask later when you’re more pro.

7. Anal sex is not rimming

You agreed to rimming (or your partner did). However, it’s important to note that agreeing to rimming isn’t giving consent to anal sex, aka penetration.

Rimming can be a standalone sexual activity. It may also be foreplay to another sexual act you’re going to do.

Something to note

A separate discussion or agreement is needed for anal sex. Don’t make moves you disagree with.

8. Be open to trial and error

If you get all things right the first time, you’re one lucky creature. Not all of us are as lucky, though.

It’s totally normal for things not to go perfectly during the first few times. So if it didn’t go that well, don’t stress out.

There are still several techniques and positions you can mix and match until you figure out what’s best for you and your partner. Regardless, each step can be a learning lesson, so it’s not a waste of time at all.

9. Add sex toys

Butt licking could make your jaw feel slack after some time. If you want to take a break, you can add some sex toys to your B-side escapade. Or, just add more sensations in general. ‘Cause, why not?

Now, what sex toys should you add? There is a lot that goes well with analingus. Some examples are:

Massager: Massagers like Magic Wand and Le Wand are simple toys you can add to your session. They are not the most inconspicuous toys as they’re pretty big, but their form makes them easy to hold.

Magic Wand

le Wand

You or your partner can hold it during the analingus sesh. In addition, you can use it on the genitals, nipples, and other erogenous zones.

Vibrator: Vibrators rarely fail you. They come in various sizes with varied settings and intensities. If you want to add more spice, try the Womanizer Duo Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator and G-spot Vibrator. It’s a two-in-one toy that helps women reach a blended orgasm.

One end pumps air into the clitoris, which stimulates the sensation of getting sucked (!) while the other end vibrates and stimulates the G-spot. Cool, cool toy.

Womanizer Duo Rechargeable G-spot and Clitoral Stimulator

Anal beads: The rimmie can wear anal beads while they’re getting rimmed! It adds a fuller feeling and heightens the sensations while you stimulate their anus. Some examples of good anal beads are the CalExotics Silicone Booty Beads Anal Probe and the B-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads if you want one that vibrates.

CalExotics Silicone Booty Beads Anal Probe

B-Vibe Triplet Vibrating Anal Beads

FAQs about analingus

What does analingus feel like?

It feels different from person to person, of course. But in general, GOOD. Orgasmic. Pleasurable.

The anus has A LOT of nerve endings, so it pretty much feels the same as when your other erogenous zones are stimulated—just in a different spot. It’s warm, wet, and tingly.

Another factor that makes rimming really pleasurable is its more taboo nature. And so, it feels more raw, exotic, and hot.

What does analingus taste like?

This might be something you’re curious about a lot. It’s only natural as WE KNOW what the anus is used for on a daily basis, and it’s not that pleasant.

But, worry not, it will NOT taste as bad as you might think. As long as the rimmie had a good wash before the act, it would feel like other parts of the skin.

Something to note

It’s also essential to note that there CAN be a particular natural scent or taste as, well, that’s what the body does.

It’s natural to feel self-conscious about it. So if you’re worried or want to make the experience more palatable for the rimmer, you can try flavored lubes.

What’s the point of analingus?

Sexual pleasure, mainly.

Well, it feels good because of the erotic nerve endings in the anus. With the right stimulations FOR YOU, you can definitely experience orgasm from analingus.

It can also be more arousing to be explored in body parts that aren’t usually explored. And the anus is definitely one of those areas.

You shouldn’t shy away from exploring sexual acts like rimming, as they can be very pleasurable.

It’s possible to orgasm from analingus WITHOUT PENETRATION. But it doesn’t even have to be orgasm-centric! Rimming is also fun to incorporate into the overall experience.

Another reason why people do it? It’s arousing PSYCHOLOGICALLY. The taboo nature is sexy and activates a sort of “forbidden” part of our brains.


Analingus is something worth adding to your sexual repertoire. If it’s not your thing, then that’s okay, of course. 

It’s totally okay to enjoy anal stimulation and totally okay if you don’t. But if you’re curious to try and fear, stigma, and lack of knowledge are what’s stopping you, then take the leap, my friend.

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