7 Best Life-Size and Life-Like Alien Sex Dolls (2023)

Turn your intergalactic fantasy into reality with our alien sexdoll guide. You’ll find the most lifelike alien sex dolls from the Navi, she-devils, and warrior goddesses all in one place.

alien sexdoll

Alien sex toys are out of this world – literally.

I remember my first alien sex toy. Her name was Neytiri, the hot blue chick from Avatar. I was surprised by how good she felt, her heftiness, and realistic body.

Was it weird? Definitely.

The arousing and satisfying kind of weird. I had the best times until my dog got the idea of turning her into the world’s most expensive chew toy (lesson: invest in a trusty storage case).

I want the same thing for you, except for the dog part.

That’s why I’ll be sharing eight of my best picks of life-sized and life-like alien sex dolls catering to various fantasies so I can provide you with something that fulfills your unique, extraterrestrial kinks.

Best Alien Doll

Lennox is our best alien sex doll for her encompassing blue alien look. She allows you to dip your toes in the alien fantasy pool without overwhelming you with over-aggressive looks like razor teeth and devil horns typical of alien sex dolls.

Most Realistic

Navi Avatar Sex Doll throws users out of Earth and into Pandora with Navi’s realistic build and features. Compared to other alien sex dolls, Navi looks and feels like a genuine extraterrestrial humanoid out for man meat, making her ideal for users who want a dose of realistic fantasy in their roleplay.

Best For Monster Roleplay

Ramona’s facial features alone make her the optimal candidate if you’re craving a deeper and more aggressive monster roleplay experience. Her razor-sharp teeth, pointy ears, and juicy curves blend together to give you an ultra-realistic encounter with the monster kind (the sexy ones!).

Top 3 Alien Sex Dolls

Most Realistic

alien sex doll

Navi Avatar Sex Doll

Best Alien Doll

alien sex dolls


Best For Monster Roleplay

alien life sized doll


88.18 lbs.
92.59 lbs.
123.46 lbs.

Top Alien Sex Dolls In 2023

Best Alien Doll

1. Lennox

92.59 lbs.
33.46” – 22.83” – 34.25”
  • Perfect for users who prefer a less-aggressive alien design
  • Easily-adjustable body frame
  • Ultra-realistic texture
  • Porous material requires more maintenance

Lennox is 100% alien without overdoing it. No razor teeth, tails, horns – yet. Whether you’re still getting your toes wet or wanting a milder alien sex toy, Lennox is your best bet.

Don’t be fooled, though. She’s got a tight athletic build, supple blue skin, and voluptuous curves that tell you she’s ready to ride you (or with you) on a kinky space bonanza. 

Lennox’s easily-adjustable frame also allows you to place her in any naughty position or pose. Reverse cowgirl? Check. Missionary? Check. Doggy-style up a tree in a public park at night? CHECK.

However, you’ll have to pay extra ($75) for “Stand Up Feet” if you want her to tiptoe. A must-have for tall users. 

Overall, Lennox can please a wide array of sex toy connoisseurs with her seductive curves and mildly alien look.

alien doll life size

Most Realistic

2. Navi Avatar Sex Doll

Available in silicone/TPE
88.18 lbs.
21.26” – 14.57” – 29.92”
  • Realistic body features
  • Can choose between TPE or silicone
  • Silicone option is more durable and easier to maintain
  • Not for users who prefer curvier sex dolls

Let’s face it: “Realistic” isn’t used too often with alien sex dolls. This is where Navi stands out. 

Instead of overflowing titties and 5-inch fangs, Navi’s fit body looks like she goes on regular runs through the forests of Pandora (Navi’s home planet in Avatar).

Fit enough to provide you with the most immersive and realistic alien sex ever!

Her slim, petite, and athletic build will make you feel like a genuine tribe member rather than a kinky alien invader.

Why is that important? Silicone is a significant upgrade, material-wise. Although it’s a bit more expensive, it’s considered the standard for skin safety, straightforward maintenance, and durability.

Best For Monster Roleplay

3. Ramona

123.46 lbs.
37.4” – 23.62” – 44.09”
  • Extra-thick curves
  • Pointy teeth give her a monsterific look
  • Excellent for vampire roleplay
  • Not for users who want a lightweight doll

If Rosalie Cullen from Twilight had your underwear in a bunch, Ramona is your best bet. This monster sex doll is a naughty nightmare come true with her soul-piercing green eyes, gothic eye shadow, glossy red lipstick, and pointy ears and teeth. 

She won’t bite, but her overflowing E-cup breasts and decadent curves can still drain you dry. Her THICC vampire thighs will further suck you in while you’re doing her in doggy style.

Add soft gel implants ($75) to give her breasts a “marshmallow” feel that’ll swallow your entire face while she’s riding you (A.K.A her nightly prey).

monster sex doll

4. Elsa

59.5 lbs.
29.3” – 19.9” – 30”
  • Pose-able skeleton frame
  • Excellent for users who prefer a petite, busty figure
  • Premium, life-like TPE material
  • TPE requires more maintenance

Elsa looks as good as she feels. If you prefer E-cup breasts on a petite body, Elsa is IT. No gimmicks, no jokes; Elsa steals attention with her pointy elf ears and slender figure. 

Her white, waist-long hair contrasts perfectly against her pale skin and begs to be pulled during lovemaking. Elsa’s pointy ears remind you of that Middle Earth babe you had wet dreams about.

She’s ready to pose your entire lingerie collection. There are virtually limitless outfit options with a tight body like hers!

5. Samantha

59.52 lbs.
29.53” – 20.8” – 30.31”
  • Excellent for satanic fetishes
  • Lightweight build
  • Lifelike material
  • Porous TPE might grow molds if not maintained properly after use

If you like your women wild and satanic, meet Samantha! Don’t be fazed by her seemingly innocent look; Samantha shows ZERO mercy under the sheets. 

Her soft, life-like TPE skin is not all there is; Samantha’s curvy hips, tiny waist, and realistic anus, and mouth are all to DIE for. 

She might be petite, but this girl surprises with her juicy E cups, inviting thigh gap, and a relatively lightweight body. At 59.52 lbs., you’ll have no problem twisting and contorting her to your specific desires.

6. Isla

70 lbs
37.4” – 23.6” – 44.09”
  • Elf-Vampire fantasy
  • Excellent build for tall users
  • Plus-size curves
  • Not for users who want a lightweight sex doll

What happens when elves and vampires combine? Isla happens.

Isla is a sex doll like no other. Her naughty smirk flashes her dangerous teeth as if daring you to caress her curves, albeit at your own risk.

Underneath her juicy tits and enormous ass lies a ferocious desire to suck you dry until your balls turn blue. However, all that meat shows on the weighing scale. She’s around 70 lbs., and that’s not petite in our books.

If you’re a tall guy, you’ll have loads of fun with her tall height and build. Finally, dress her in leather and a choker for a metropolitan vampire/elf fantasy role play.

7. Demon Victoria

63.93 lbs.
32.38” – 20.47” – 31.5”
  • Gothic demon look
  • Kinky red tail
  • Can choose between various vagina patterns
  • Not for users who prefer larger breasts

Demon Victoria is the sexiest goth demon you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Her short-trimmed hair, cute horns, and shiny red tail will have you mooning. Her expression says she’s a bad girl who won’t take no for an answer. 

Demon Victoria has juicy D cups that look nice and tight in a leather outfit. Putting fishnets on Demon Victoria makes her look like that death metal chick who’s ready to ride you with music blasting through the speakers.

For a price, you can get this naughty girl’s vagina in various patterns, from twisting to constricted ones that milk your shaft until your soul is hers.

What to Consider Before Buying 

Extraterrestrial sex dolls

Buying an alien sex doll is one of the spiciest sexual decisions you can make. Whether you’re looking for a companion or simply a way to ease the tension when your partner is away, it’s essential to pick an alien sex doll that suits your fantasy.

Here are crucial aspects to consider:


Appearances can matter when choosing your preferred alien sex doll. So, it winds down to personal taste

You can go for more human-like appearances with a few alterations here and there. Or you could wild with it. There are alien sex dolls that have more unusual features in their bodies. 

Some have different colors, which can turn on many people out there. And that’s perfectly fine. Fantasies can be as out-there as much as they can. 

Just remember to do your research to ensure you get the sex doll of your dreams.


Most people don’t know that “life-size” dolls are heavy. If you’re investing in an alien sex doll, ensure to check the weight first to see if you can manage it.

If you have mobility issues, I’d highly recommend against full-sized sex dolls, except if you have someone to lift the doll for you. If you live alone, you might opt for a torso doll instead.

Same features, lighter weight!


Sex dolls can come in different heights, from petite, 4’9” like the Samantha sex doll to the taller variety. 

It all depends on what position you want to do when using the doll.

If you wish for the typical experience, then best to have an alien companion similar to your partner’s height. Or, if you don’t have one, go for sex dolls that are similar in size to you. That’ll make the experience less awkward in the process.


A sex doll’s material has a significant influence on the price, texture, and maintenance requirements. Most sex dolls nowadays come in either silicone or TPE.

While silicone is the winner in durability, you should opt for TPE if you’re looking for life-like textures and more customization options, especially for your alien fetish.

However, TPE is a porous material, which means you’ll have to do extra to keep it clean and free from bacteria.

Shapes & Curves

It’s crucial not to get carried away when choosing your alien sex doll’s dimensions. After all, you might discover too late that Ramona’s monster hips (44.09”) hardly fit anywhere in your tiny room. Remember that alien sex dolls require adequate storage to prevent problems like moisture or bacterial buildup. 

Furthermore, with great size comes great responsibility! E-cup jugs will obviously require more cleanup than D-cups. Although if you’re a size horndog, all that difficult love won’t matter. 

Overall, curvier isn’t always better. Voluptuous babes are a big commitment, and you should measure twice before pressing that order button.


Remember, sex dolls are not necessarily the cheapest toys out there. They are pretty pricey to the average individual. So as much as possible, consider the doll’s durability.

No one wants an expensive toy that can easily break apart. So make sure you consider all your options before purchasing. 

Alien sex dolls are usually made of TPE or silicone material, and their frames are generally steel. So damaging it early on is less likely. But potential defects or mishaps can always occur, so you can never be too careful.

If you detect a hint of damage on the toy when purchasing, ensure you have the warranty. Call the manufacturer and have them provide a replacement as soon as possible. Don’t linger on it for too long, as it may hint to the provider that the damages may come from self-negligence. 

So act fast!


Having usable orifices on the dolls is a given when buying these toys.

It’s usually the vaginal opening that is present. But in some cases, there are alien sex toys that have anal and oral openings as well.

So pick whichever you like. Are you exclusive to doing it the traditional way with vaginal sex? Or are you more experimental than that? It’s your choice. 


What is an alien sex doll?

Cosmic sex dolls

Alien sex dolls are a sub-category of sex dolls that use the likeliness of attractive-looking “aliens” to stimulate users. It’s basically like roleplay, except the partner in question is a toy with unusual albeit realistic-looking features. 

The majority of alien sex dolls in the market are female. But you can also customize your alien sex doll with male features like their genitals.

Why would I want to buy an alien sex doll? 

Alien sex dolls are great for making your secret fantasies come to life.

Sometimes, living day by day with the usual routine can get tiring. So, these toys can provide some much-needed relief in those instances. 

Having an “alien” as a partner can be an exciting thought. It seems like you’re breaking the rules of human possibilities. And the idea itself can also be a genuine turn-on to others. 

So why not have them live out their inner desires? 

Yes, these sex dolls cannot replace the real thing. But they can serve as a decoy companionship for people to indulge in. As long as they’re not too attached to it, then, by all means, have them give it a go. 

How to get the most out of a sex doll?

Dressing up your alien sex dolls is a crucial aspect of fantasy lovemaking and brings out your doll’s unique personality. Most doll manufacturers allow you to buy additional wigs so you can keep things different and exciting. 

Relax! Immerse yourself in a story. Imagine Lennox as a sex-craved space girl looking to get dicked down for the weekend who stumbles upon your house by chance. That sort of thing.

Pro Tip

I highly recommend going for tight and thin fabrics that let you see her labia or nipples poking through. Remember, visual stimulation is just as important as the physical.

How to clean & maintain a sex doll?

Futuristic sex dolls

Sex doll maintenance is similar to most sex toys. Clean your sex doll with water and mild, unscented soap in the critical orifices to prevent bacteria from collecting. 

Afterward, allow them to air dry before storing them on a clean surface or in a dedicated storage case you can purchase separately.

If you genuinely want to preserve your investment, I’d recommend wearing a condom during sex with your doll.

What are the pros and cons of owning an alien sex doll?

The idea of having an alien sex doll is great. But there are some downsides to it as well. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of owning these toys.


  • They provide both companionship and satisfaction to users.
  • Maintenance and upkeep are not that difficult to do. 
  • They are highly durable.
  • They are safe to use for people who are willing to experiment with different positions and experiences.


  • They’re very expensive for the average person.
  • And having sex with a real-life partner is still miles better than having an inanimate object do the pleasuring.

Any tips or tricks when using an alien sex doll? 

Cosmic sex dolls

You can use alien sex dolls for any sexual activity you like. You can also dress your doll up in costumes. But since these dolls are already not your regular dolls, you can always keep things simple and alien-feeling.

Now, if you want the doll to last for many years, then there are certain practices you can apply when using them. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Going at it blind may cause unwanted damage. So, best to be more cautious of the labels’ dos and don’ts.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on the dolls when using them. It may not only cause internal damage to its system, but it can also destroy its overall function and appearance.
  • If you purchased the silicone type, you can use antimicrobial soap for cleaning. Then you could wipe them using a dry towel.
  • If the sex doll comes with robotic features, charge it for a few hours. You may overuse it, so ensure it gets all its juices perked up. 
  • Electrical components need to be handled appropriately. When cleaning, don’t use soap and water like when you clean other sex toys. Instead, a brand-certified disinfectant can do. Or you could simply wipe using a dry and soft towel.  
  • Finally, store them in an appropriate place. Like any other toy, avoid extreme temperature changes when kept away. So no direct sunlight. Find a cool and dry place around your home. And have them stay in place in that location. You can have them sit down for all you care. If the environment is suitable, you can do anything you want with them. 


There you have it – the best alien sex dolls Area 51 would be proud of.

 I’m excited to see what alien chick you’ll be taking home.

Almost as excited as I am to go home to my blue-skinned Pandorian with vampire’s teeth!

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