14 Types Of Orgasms: A Fun Variety Of Female Orgasms (2023)

In this article, we will teach you 14 different types of orgasms, how to achieve them, and how you can experience them with your partner. Read on:

14 types of orgasms

You’ve hit the JACKPOT once you’re able to reach climax!

But, in truth, not many women have experienced this kind of ecstasy in their lives.

You need the right man by your side. You need someone that understands your body as much as you do. You need a partner that’s willing to explore. 

Remember, we women can orgasm in several ways. And it’s on you (and your partner) to know which ones can satisfy your bodies the best. 

So pay close attention. This article will list 14 types of orgasms a woman can have. And how you could experience it with your man in the bedroom.

How To Achieve Female Orgasm?

Achieving orgasm is more of a personal experience for women. Some have it easy. And some like to take their time going there. 

The most common methods women do to reach their breaking point include doing more foreplay, simultaneously stimulating other sensitive regions in the body, and doing all kinds of wild and kinky sex positions.

What Happens During A Female Orgasm?

When a woman experiences arousal, her genitals become much more sensitive due to the increased blood flow in her system.

As more build-up happens, the woman’s blood pressure, breathing rate, and heart rate also increase. 

Then, as she heads towards her peak, the woman’s muscles would then start twitching. And eventually, after the resolution, her vitals would begin returning to their normal state.

The Basic Types of Orgasms

For several women, climaxing after sex can be difficult. Not many can achieve it. And not many have experienced it. 

There are a lot of factors that come into play. 

However, don’t get too discouraged. There are many ways to pleasure yourself. If one thing doesn’t work, you could always move on to another.  

You can stimulate an orgasm from several parts of your body.

But before diving into all that, here are some basic things you need to know about female orgasms. 

First, the orgasms women experience derives from three types:

  • clitoral orgasm
  • vaginal orgasm
  • cervico-uterine orgasm

Clitoral orgasms are short but exciting. Vaginal orgasms are long but are softer and deeper compared to the former. And cervico-uterine orgasms dive more into the tantric sensations. 

All three serve as your starting point. The base model, if you will. You can’t just go to the others without getting familiar with the basics. 

They’re your segue to the other kinds of pleasures you get to experience, which brings us to the next topic. 

The 14 Different Types of Female Orgasms

Climaxing is an expression of pleasure. It is a form of sexual gratification. However, there’s a hint of mystery to it as well.

Not many women seem to agree on how to describe it. And there’s a whole variety of them to keep in mind. 

There are different kinds of stimulation in the human body. And as diverse as it is, you can easily get lost. 

Achieving mind-breaking orgasms can be easy. But the road to it can be a journey. It comes down to just trial and error.

Your man might hit the wrong spots the first few times. But that doesn’t make them automatically awful in bed.

They just need MORE practice.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of experience. And a dose of guidance coming from you. 

So get yourself familiar with your body right now. Test the waters. Take in as much knowledge as you can muster.

There are more types of orgasms to try out. And luckily for you, a breakdown of a handful of them is listed here. 

So without further ado. Here are the 14 different types of orgasms a woman can have behind closed doors: 

1. Vaginal Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm is a type of orgasm that happens through intentional stimulation of only the vagina.

Yes, you may have touched the clitoris and other surrounding parts in the process. But you had no intention to do so in the first place. 

With that said, it’s vital to know that NOT MANY women orgasm from their vaginas without clitoral stimulation. 

Having to orgasm from vaginal penetration may be related to the G-spot. But that could be up for debate. Not many people have an understanding of how the G-spot works. Some find it too complicated. And some argue that it doesn’t exist at all. 

Regardless of where you stand, vaginal orgasms aren’t superior to the other types of orgasms there is. Some find clitoral stimulation to be better. It all depends on the person.

It either works for you, or it doesn’t.

How To Try A Vaginal Orgasm:

  • After lubricating, try inserting a finger or toy into your vaginal canal. You can try a slim, smooth dildo like this for easy insertion. Or you can choose from various fantasy and realistic dildos for more texture (see our guide here). Then, of course, there’s always your man’s penis.
  • Now, angle the body part or object toward your belly button. Then, make proper adjustments when penetrating. For example, if you’re using a finger, curve it slightly upward when inside. That could help stimulate the G-spot for some women. 
  • Then explore using different pressures. Adjust accordingly to what makes you feel comfortable. 
  • And afterward, you can just repeat the motions. Let the sensation build up inside of you. 

2. Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral stimulation is a common form of female masturbation. It is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to reach orgasm. It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or with a partner. 

Every time women have sex, they use more or less the same technique.

Some alternate between a few favorites. And others go for something spontaneous by having variety. Some women enjoy light and gentle stimulation, while others prefer it to be more intense.

Many women like the stimulation to become harder, more consistent, and rhythmical the closer they get to climax. 

Another form of variety is fast and slow movements. 

During sex, some women like to have frequent variations. But others enjoy one form of stimulation increasing in intensity.

Though a piece of advice, don’t give up on one form of stimulation too quickly.

Sensations can intensify. And after a while, it could start feeling good for you sooner or later.  

How To Try A Clitoral Orgasm:

  • Try applying harder and faster pressure on your clitoris once the vulva begins to get wet. Do it in a repetitive motion. Add lube if you have a hard time getting yourself wet down there.
  • Then, apply heavier pressure as you start to feel yourself orgasm. If your clit is too sensitive, back down a little. Then intensify again.
  • Repeat the process until you climax.

If you want to explore more sensations on your clit, we have a clitoral vibrator guide to get you started.

3. Anal Orgasm

An anal orgasm occurs from stimulation of the nerves in and around the anus. 

It doesn’t have to be penetration. It could also come from touching, fingering, and even licking. As long as it feels good, then anything goes. 

Yes, it’s common to have minor discomforts the first couple of times. But all it needs is for you or your partner to get used to it. 

A little communication wouldn’t hurt.

Something to note

Just make sure you get that lube all ready. Remember, the anus doesn’t lubricate itself like the vagina.

So, you need all the help you can get in that department. 

How To Try An Anal Orgasm:

  • Rub the outside area of your anal opening with a toy or finger while you stimulate your vagina or clitoris. And if your partner wants, you can even have them perform oral on your anus.
  • Then, gently penetrate it using an object or penis. Don’t forget to use as much lube as you can. The anal canal is very delicate. Therefore, it is much more prone to tearing. And as a result, it can lead to discomfort, or even worse, an infection.
  • After you get yourself comfortable, don’t be afraid to experiment. Let your partner spank your butt cheeks. Let them go deeper. Stimulate your other erogenous zones to make yourself climax. 

4. Combined Stimulations

A blended orgasm comes from the combined orgasm stimulated through the vagina and the clitoris. So it’s technically two simultaneous orgasms that lead to a more intense and out-of-this-world experience.

Since the vagina and clitoris are both stimulated, a blended orgasm may trigger involuntary movements from the body. In some cases, it could even let the woman ejaculate. 

So, familiarize yourself with the sensations. Know what triggers a vaginal and clitoral orgasm in your body. To put it simply:

  • Vaginal orgasms are deeper in the body. You get to feel your partner penetrating you. 
  • Clitoral orgasms, on the other hand, are often felt on the surface. It’s like a tingly feeling in your brain. It’s a whole different ball game. 

Remember, no orgasm is the same.

How your body reacts can range from a soft moan to a vigorous movement of the hips.

So if you intend to orgasm, don’t focus only on the sex. Know your bodily functions. Take a feel of your surroundings. Focus on maximizing the use of your senses. 

So how can you achieve a blended orgasm in the first place? Here are a few tips you could do with your partner.

How To Try A Blended Orgasm:

  • First, let your partner use their hands to reach your G-spot. Then, let them mimic the “come hither” motion toward your belly button.
  • Then, have him use his mouth and tongue to stimulate the clitoris. Next, he can start kissing the area. And then have them use the tongue’s tip to lick you out. Start slow and gradually have them increase the pressure and speed at their own pace. They could also change movements if they like. For example, they could go in circles. Or, they could go up and down. It all depends on your preference.
  • Then for penetration, lie on your back. Angle the penis making their upper shaft rub against your clitoris as they thrust. Each thrust should slide your hood up and down. Therefore, providing enough pressure over the hood to stimulate your clitoris. 

5. Multiple Orgasms

Multiple orgasms occur when a person climaxes more than once during sex. They are common in women. But not all women have experienced it. 

Most of the time, the second or third round is less intense than the first orgasm. But that doesn’t mean that it’s less pleasurable or satisfying. 

Something to note

If you want to experience multiple orgasms, try achieving them on your own first and then with a partner.

Some women find it easier to achieve multiple orgasms with someone else’s help. After having to climax once, it can be challenging for some to continue stimulating their bodies. So having someone there by your side can be a boon. 

If you’re on your own, it may be the easiest to use sex toys to help maintain a high enough level of stimulation to cause multiple orgasms. It may take you several sessions. But that’s okay.

You just need to have a little bit of patience with yourself.

Try the We-Vibe Rave.

We-Vibe Rave

It offers powerful vibration modes and customizable speeds. And it can help hit your G-spot faster – it can even stimulate your external clit. For more recommendations, try checking out this guide for the best vibrators used for squirting

6. G-Spot Orgasm

Speaking of G-spots, there’s also what we call the G-spot orgasm.

Now finding the G-spot can be a challenge. There’s no map to it in the body. But, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You just need to learn to explore your body more. Get more hands-on, LITERALLY.

Let yourself explore the possibilities. You could start by relaxing. And as you begin to explore your body, do what feels best to you. 

Begin by massaging the opening to your vagina before inserting a G-spot toy or a finger. Then, lift it upward toward your belly button in a “come hither” motion. 

Remember, you’re not trying to hit a specific area. But you’re doing what feels best for you in that general part of your body.

As the sensation builds, repeat the motion. And eventually, you’ll find your “weak spot” sooner or later. 

If you’re hoping to experience G-spot stimulation during sex, there are certain positions you could try out. Go for sex positions that allow you more control over your movements. For example:

  • the classic doggy style
  • the cowgirl
  • the closed missionary position

7. Cervix Orgasm

While it is not as well-known as vaginal or clitoral orgasms, the cervix or the C-spot can also be sensitive to orgasms.

Some women report having intense orgasms that begin in the cervix. And then have it spread throughout the entire abdomen or the whole body. 

But just as every person has different preferences, it is vital to recognize that not every woman will enjoy the pleasures of having their cervix stimulated.

Some women are just not into it. And that’s perfectly fine. 

People’s bodies all react differently to different stimulations. And that’s normal. 

However, if you intend to go through with cervical stimulations, a few things do need to be kept in mind: 

  • Always start slow.
  • Communicate with your partner frequently.
  • Go for the front. 
  • And don’t forget to have fun.

8. A-Spot Orgasm

The A-spot is an area deep within the vagina, located on the inner wall. It’s just next to or underneath the cervix.

Apply pressure to the top wall of the vagina to stimulate it. It can be helpful to start in the middle and slowly move up to find the spot.

Your partner can attempt to use their fingers or penis to reach and stimulate this area. They can experiment with different intensities and movements. And they can go as hard as they want to help you experience the ULTIMATE pleasure you’ve always wanted. 

Keep in mind that there’s a possibility that your man can stimulate your A-spot area but not have it be noticeable. 

Sensitivity levels vary for each individual. So not getting enough satisfaction from your A-spot is understandable.

If that’s the case, try exploring other options. Your body is full of sensitive areas.

Don’t be afraid to embark on an adventure on some of those while you’re at it. 

9. U-Spot Orgasm

The U-spot stands for the urethra. In other words, a u-spot orgasm is a urethral orgasm. 

For women, the urethral opening is on the vulva between the vaginal opening and the clitoris. 

But what makes it great for orgasm? 

Well, the U-spot feels best when it’s wet and touched gently. There’s no need to put a lot of pressure on it. 

Women have discovered this spot just by having their partner simulate their labia. Some found it by accident. Some, on purpose. But the intention is all the same. It’s about trying to get to the end goal. 

You can also stimulate the U-spot using your fingers.

Something to note

Although, it’s all about making sure you do gentle strokes. Pushing on it too hard may get uncomfortable. 

And to some, it can even cause pain. 

So take your time. Let the wave of sensations take you to what makes you feel good. 

Do you want to do combined stimulations of both your clitoris and U-spot? Then, you could do that as well. 

But just like the A-spot, the U-spot can be sensitive. So not everyone gets the same amount of pleasure from stimulating that part of their body. 

The best thing you can do is to keep your expectations at bay. If it doesn’t work for you, then always move on to the next. 

Continue experimenting and exploring

10. Nipple Orgasm

Every person has a different experience when they climax. A nipple orgasm can feel similar to a vaginal orgasm. But it could also be different.

To some, nipple orgasms have a slow and steady build-up. Then, it creates a sudden wave of sensations that spreads throughout the entire body. 

What’s great about this type of orgasm is that almost everyone can experience them. 

Some people may have more sensitive nipples than others. And it may be easier for them to reach orgasm through doing nipple stimulation alone. 

But for others, getting used to getting themselves going may take some time.  

11. Tantric Orgasm

Tantric sex encourages couples to be more in tune with their bodies. As a result, you’ll be able to understand more about the desires your partner has for you.

And in turn, you can incorporate that feeling of lust and wantedness during sex. As a result, there’s more sexual fulfillment. And it can help you unlock better and more intense orgasms.

But before engaging in all that, you could try some tantric self-love first. 

Embrace your body first by yourself.

Learn to love your body. Get comfortable in your skin. Don’t be shy to masturbate by yourself while you touch your erogenous zones. 

Having emotional blocks around self-touch is NEVER a good thing. It prevents you from being more intimate and personal with yourself. 

And as an extension, it can prevent you from being open and more intimate with your partner in the bedroom. 

So if you want to have a satisfying sexual experience, explore your body. Embrace those pleasure zones. Let tantric love consume you. 

12. Skin Orgasm

Partners can also consider giving their significant others slow, full-body massages. A massage can help stimulate orgasms. And it can also help awaken sexual energy.

Getting a massage from your man is all about intimacy. It’s about being sensual. It’s about showing the desire for one’s skin. 

Simply having their hands pampering you can get you all hot and bothered. And that feeling is all-natural. 

You can even ejaculate without the need for penetration. It’s all about the triggers. It’s all about the little teases on your body. 

13. Dream Orgasm

You’ve heard the saying: “Men are visual creatures.”

But for us women, several things come into play to get ourselves horny. First, there’s a need for us to have our minds get the stimulation it desires. 

A fantasy, if you will. 

That’s why some women can get powerful orgasms from erotic dreams alone. It’s all about playing with the imagination. 

It’s about making the mind think you’re getting what you want. And as a result, the body reacts accordingly. 

14. Exercise-Induced Orgasm

Women can also experience orgasms by simply working out. 

Of course, doing your exercise routine doesn’t necessarily make you feel aroused. But doing continuous strenuous movements can help increase sensitivity and muscle stimulation as a result. 

Production of chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins would increase. Thus, having you experience that feel-good sensation.

For some, it could even help them push past their breaking point the more sets and reps they do during their session. 

Nowadays, the most infamous way women have workout-induced orgasms is to have them do Kegel exercises.

Is Orgasm The Main Goal Of Sex?

The short answer is no. Orgasm should not be the be-all and end-all of sex. 

Sex can mean a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people.

It can be an experience in itself. It can be a form of intimacy. 

Some individuals see it as a stress reliever or confidence booster. And to some, it could simply be a method to procreate. 

So no. Sex is not all about reaching your limits. Instead, think of orgasms as a byproduct of the whole experience.

Final Thoughts

Getting your first orgasm is always a memorable experience. 

All you have to do is to be more aware of your body. Get to know it more. Then, don’t be afraid to get adventurous.

Trying out new things is always a good thing. And sometimes, you may end up with better outcomes.

So get yourself on the move! Enjoy the wonders of having a great and satisfying sex life.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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